In My World You’re Married Ch. 03

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Amy has been seeing me on the side for about a week or so now. I know one way or another, karma is going to come kick me in the ass, but until then I’ll suck in my guilt and enjoy as much of it as I can. I finally asked her to dinner; ironic how Amy and I always have dessert first. Anyways, hopefully all goes well. I’m crossing my fingers.


I can’t wait until I could leave, I thought. I decided to stay a few hours later to finish preparing for the Collins case in the next week. The judge is probably the most narrow-minded, sexist pig that I had ever met. Joy for me! The time was cutting close; I decided to pack things up to finish at home. I had about an hour to get ready before I picked up Amy for dinner.

I hopped in the shower without checking my messages, they can wait. As relaxing streams flowed down my body, I was debating about what I would wear. Since I made reservations to a fairy isolated, yet romantic restaurant, I think black would be my best bet. I dried off, and put on my silky black dress. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Mmm…very different from what I wore to work. I don’t think anyone has seen me outside of work before. Anyways, the dress has two slits down the sides almost up to my hips, practically showing my entire back, and just enough cleavage. I believe my dress should be called the Come Fuck Me Dress. Tee he. Just a little make-up, heels, and out the door I go.

I arrived at Amy’s apartment a few minutes early. I climbed a flight of stairs, and rang the doorbell.

“Just a minute!” she shouted at the door. A few seconds later, she stepped out and took my breath away.

“You look absolutely beautiful,” I said stunned by her beauty. She also wore a black dress, but she looked ten times better and sexier than me. Amy had her chocolate hair styled up, perfect make-up, and her dress was mid-thigh to show her creamy, sexy pair of legs. It’s been three minutes, and I could already feel wetness in between my legs. Damn Amy, you’re going to have me squirming in my seat all night, I thought.

“Thanks, you look nice too,” she said and gave me a hello kiss.

We hopped in my midnight blue Benz, and we were off into the night.


We glided through French doors of the restaurant, and were greeted by a smiling face of the hostess. We were seated in a secluded corner on the balcony. The night air was perfect for the humidity. The chairs were so nice and comfy; I think it made an imprint of my ass. Amy looked so flawless seating across from bursa escort bayan me; I think I might be falling real hard for her. I just soaked up her aura, and was interrupted by the waiter with our menus. Amy just looked at me and laughed.

“What would you lovely ladies be drinking tonight?” the waiter asked in an accent I couldn’t make out.

“Wine would be perfect. I’ll leave the recommendation up to you. A finer quality would be preferred. Thank you.” I replied giving him a smile. He nodded and went off to retrieve our drinks.

“So what did you tell Rick you were doing tonight? I asked Amy.

“Oh he’s out of town for the next six days.”

“Oh really, well, isn’t that just nice. So what are you planning to do for the next six whole days?”

“Hmm…I don’t know. What do you think I should do?” she replied with a sexy smile.

“Well, why don’t you surprise me,” I said as I glided a foot up her calf.

“I think that could be arranged,” she said, giving me I’m-undressing-you look. I just shook my head a little while chuckling.

“So what will you have tonight?” I asked her.

“Just you for dessert,” she replied sexily.

“Besides that silly,” I said.

Our waiter came back with our wine. I took a quick sip as Amy asked him what he recommended for dinner. The wine tasted exquisite. I told him that wine was wonderful and thank him after we ordered our meals.

Amy and I laughed, talked, and sipped wine as we waited for our food to arrive. Here and there our hands and feet would make contact with each other; she would send invisible and pleasurable waves of electricity when she touched me. I was about to just take her home and fuck the brains out of her when our food drifted in front of us. We thank the waiter, and were left in peace.

“You’re so lucky. You were saved,” I said with a matter-of-fact expression.

“I know I’m lucky, but why am I saved?” she said.

“Because I was just about to take you home, and fuck your brains out,” I replied and quickly stuffed my mouth with delicious pasta.

She almost choked as she started laughing. “I thought so. You’ve been giving me that look with those crystal blue eyes since you picked me up.”

I just nodded with an enthusiastic uh huh, and continued to finish my meal. She just laughed at my expression, and started eating again too.

By the time we finished our meals, we were both a little drunk. We finish almost two bottles of fine wine that went görükle escort nicely with our food.

Gosh, I wish I didn’t drink so much. I will have to leave my car here. I’ll just have my sister drive me here tomorrow to pick up my baby Benz, or I could just walk; I don’t live that far away. After leaving a generous tip and asking the owner if it was alright to leave my car here since I was too drunk to drive, we decided to walk to my house. I only live five minutes driving distance from the restaurant, so it might just take longer walking since we couldn’t walk straight. I took off my heels, but Amy managed to walk alright with hers still on. With us leaning on each other and laughing hysterically, we stumbled down the street. Thank goodness, we weren’t in a bad part of town, or I would never have agreed to walk. It took us a good twenty to thirty minutes until we stepped into my cozy home.

It was humid and hot since the air died down, so I decided I would take a dip.

“Let’s go swimming,” I told Amy while pulling her towards the backyard.

I peeled away my dress and dove into the cool water. When I surfaced, I saw Amy laughing hard at me.

“What’s so funny?” I asked her.

“You look ridiculous!” she laughed. Damn it, my make-up. Crap. I swam to the edge for her to help pull me up so I could remove the rest of my make-up. I can’t believe she fell for the oldest trick in the book. With a tug and a big splash, she was in the pool. It was my turn to laugh hysterically. She was drenched and treading water with her dress slowly creeping up towards the surface. Amy gave me a you’ll-regret-that face and started splashing me. I ducked under, and swam towards the swallow end.

Standing in the swallow end, the water barely covered my breasts. With my back towards Amy, I could hear a big plop on the water. She probably took off her dress and tossed it. Then it was completely silent. I was about to turn around, but Amy’s warm naked body came into contact with mine. My nipples hardened instantly. I molded my body into hers. Her kisses on my neck and ear sent shivers down my spine. Her hands caressed my tits, and her fingers pinched my nipples. A little moan escaped from my lips. Her mound pressed into my ass as she grinded slowly. With one hand she traveled lower until she came into contact with my hard clit. I moaned as she began massaging and fingering my pussy. I steadied both hands on the edge of the pool. After a few more deep breaths and moans, I came bursa escort bayan on her sweet fingers. I turned around to kiss her deeply. I pushed Amy up against the pool wall, and she wrapped her sexy legs around my waist. I nibbled and sucked on her gorgeous breasts, and slipped two fingers into her hot pussy. I used my body weight to thrust my fingers into her. She moaned; music to my ears. With her arms now around my neck, I pounded her into the wall, and licked and bit her neck. Her breathing was in small gasps; I went faster and harder until she moaned in orgasm. I let her orgasm subside and kissed her. After our tongues danced their dance, I broke the kiss.

“Let’s go inside and take a nice long shower,” I said losing myself in her glossy eyes.


I stepped into the shower while Amy used the bathroom. I was in the middle of washing my hair when I felt soft hands running across my back. Her hands were gently caressing my body. I turned around. “Wow” was all that went through my mind. I finally got to soak up her richness; she was beautiful. Amy was the portrait of what every woman envied for; toned and curvy, yet not skinny. Amy was turning me on as she lusciously washed her body. Her hand movements were sensual; my eyes traveled right along with her skilled hands. She finally drags one hand painfully slow toward her sex. The other lingered over her creamy tits. Soon she was masturbating in front of me. I was getting really wet with her head rolled back, moans of pleasure seeping through her mouth, and her pose was beyond erotic. I didn’t realize that I was kneeling in front of her wet pussy until my foot fell asleep. Finally she moved her fingers so that I could lick and suck her delicious pussy. Amy steadied herself with one hand on the adjacent shower wall while her free hand was shoving my head harder into her hot pussy. I heard the shower floor squeak as her toes curled. Her moans and screams were hot and sexy; shortly after her orgasm peaked, my fingers sent me over the edge. The experience was incredible and hot. She pushed my head away to stop my assault on her sex. We were both breathing heavily in long gasps. The water still sprinkled down on us as we embraced and kissed.

After our fun, we took turns washing our bodies again. Soon we were fresh and clean, and chlorine free. I slipped into my silky white robe, while Amy wore my black one.

Why not end a perfect night with wine and chocolate? I went into the kitchen, while Amy waited for me in my bedroom. With a bottle of Merlot and two glasses in one hand, and a fresh box of Godiva in the other, I went to what awaited me in the bedroom.

I walked in to see Amy’s robe wide open, and holding a pair of handcuffs, with a sexy smug grin on her face. I could only imagine what naughty things we were going to do next.

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