In Plain Sight Pt. 02

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I walked through school shaking slightly. No one knows. Yesterday I had one of the greatest experiences of my life and no one knows. I felt giddy inside, like I had a giant secret that could turn around this entire school’s hierarchy, and I wanted to shout it out in the middle of the hall and see what happens. But I’m not gonna do that, I’m not crazy.

—backstory starts here—skip to next divider for smut—

But anyway, some backstory (if you don’t care and just want to get to the sexy then skip this): Hi, my name is Isaac. Isaac Cox. Unfortunate name, I know, but fitting as you’ll know in a moment. I’m 18 years old and a senior in high school. And, as you maybe might’ve guessed from the last story, I’m gay. *gasp* I know. I enjoy the dick. I saac cox. Do you see it now? Anyway, I’ve known for a while. At my school, I’m out, but not like, out out. Like, if someone asks if I’m gay, I’ll say yes, but I don’t go around with a rainbow cape and vogueing going YASS KWEEN THE HAUS DOWN BOOTS FOR YOUR NERVES HALLELOO MAMA YES GAWD OKURRRRR *tongue pop*. But most people know I’m gay. Another thing about me is, I have a thing for “straight” jocks (that’s an emphasis on the quotation marks). Cliché, I know. I just like big sweaty muscular men who, in one situation, may call me a fag, but in another, may take me to poundtown. Like in a good way. And finally, I’m a virgin. Again, shocking, I know. And, up until yesterday, I had never sucked a dick. *gasp* again! Who knew I was so good at it? (I did. I watched a video and practiced on a cucumber I stole from the kitchen). But now I have, and now I’m in this weird state where I don’t hang out with this guy but we’re definitely gonna fuck again.

All of this started the day before yesterday at school. I got out of class to go to the bathroom and went to a stall. While I was in there someone else came in, and as I walked out of the stall he was standing in front of me. Bryce Miller. He’s an 18 year old senior who I’ve seen around the school. He’s also one of those aforementioned jocks I talked about, and he’s extremely buff and way bigger than me. Also very hot, but that’s beside the point. I bumped into his chest and looked up at him surprised. Quickly that surprise turned into fear. I started to say “sorry”, but he cut me off.

“You’re gay, right?” he says in a tone that makes me question whether I should lie to him or not. But a small flicker of hope — or desire, he was very hot and I’m an optimist — in me decided to tell him the truth.

“Uh, yeah?” I said questioningly. Am I about to get beat up in the school bathroom?

“Cool. Meet me tomorrow at 4 in the south bathroom on the second floor of the mall. Tap your foot twice under the stall. I’ll be there.” he said, and walked away.

“uuhhhh…what?” He left the bathroom. I’m standing here with a flabbergasted look on my face. I don’t know what just happened. Did I just get propositioned? In the school bathroom? Am I about to hook up? In the mall bathroom? Why are so many things happening in bathrooms?

I shook myself. It’s finally happening. I don’t know whether to say thank you to God or Satan because honestly I prayed to both and I have no idea which one did this. I’m nervous. Whatever. I’m shaking as I wash my hands. I’ve decided. I’ll go and see what happens.

So the next day I went, and you saw what happened. Pretty hot, right? I still can’t believe I did it! And he kissed me, too! My first kiss, actually. Not how I imagined it, but not complaining.

But I’ve been rambling. Here’s what happened the day after…

—backstory ends here—smut begins in a bit—

I walked through school, down the hall, to my locker. It felt so weird, having such a big thing happen in your life and then nobody knowing about it. I opened my locker and got my books out. I also got my phone out. I’d put his number almanbahis in my contacts, but I was too afraid to text him. I was about to close it when I got a message. It was Bryce! I swiped to read it. “Look up”. I looked, and there he was. Across the hallway at his locker, looking at me discreetly. He probably saw I was looking at my phone and took the opportunity. My phone vibrated. Another message. “Meet me at 4:30 in the gym locker room. It’s after practice ends. We won’t be seen. Lock the door behind you.”

The locker room?! I mean, I’d fantasized as much as the next gay guy about a fuck in the locker room, all the naked guys, the smell, the jockstraps… Okay, maybe I do want this. But still! At school? What if we were discovered? Although, that kind of did add a little more thrill to it…

I looked back up again, a panicked expression on my face, but he was gone. And so were most people. The tardy bell was about to ring and I couldn’t be late for class. I got my backpack and went to chemistry, my head reeling. To be honest, I don’t remember much of what we did at school that day. I mostly just zoned out thinking about yesterday and about what was about to happen. And I got hard that day. A lot. It became a problem.

Anyhow, the end of the day approached. I’d taken my bike to school, so I didn’t have to worry about getting home after. School ended at about 3:00 and football practice at like 4:00, so I had an hour and a half to kill. So, of course, I went to the school library. I ended up doing homework and reading for most of the time there, although I found it pretty hard to concentrate with what was approaching, and especially with my rock-hard boner. (Seriously, this thing just did not want to go down. Should I go to the doctor?) But 4:30 arrived, and I went to the locker room.

This locker room was sort of old-school. It had wide rows of lockers with benches between them and big open showers instead of stalls. It was simultaneously a dream and a nightmare being there. A dream because of all the hot naked guys, but a nightmare because I was also there, also naked, and they all could see me, which I hate, being seen is horrible. But I’d never been in one after football practice.

I walked through the door and was hit with hot air. All of the showers had left steam in the air, which made it hot and humid here (although things were about to get more hot and humid. And steamy). I was also hit with the manly aroma of hormonal teenage sweat, which was not so bad to be honest. Musk was always a plus. I looked around, making sure there was no one else but me, and shut and locked the door behind me. I walked through the lockers and saw a lot of towels on the floor and benches, but also a lot of underwear. And jockstraps. Lots of them, just laying on the benches or hanging from locker doors. I also found Bryce’s locker. It was wide open and the bag inside had his name on it. Laying there, in the locker, was his jock. I looked around. He was probably waiting for me somewhere here, maybe in the showers. He had football practice too and probably just stayed behind. But I couldn’t see him. And he probably wouldn’t mind, right? I mean, we just hooked up yesterday.

I grabbed it and put the yellowed pouch up to my nose and inhaled. The scent was strong. And ripe. I thought about how his dick had been in here for like an hour, just sweating and bouncing around, and that made me even harder somehow. I reached a hand down my pants and started slowly stroking my dick. I couldn’t get enough of this. His manly smell turned me on so much, I couldn’t wait to see the real thing again. Maybe he-

“Well, I didn’t know you were into that, but I guess I can work with it.” said a voice behind me.

I whirled around, terrified. I put the jock behind me and said, panicked, “Uh, I was…I-“.

But it was Bryce. And a very scantily almanbahis giriş clad version of him at that. He was standing with his leg up on the bench wearing only a towel wrapped around his…dick. The towel was hanging from his hard dick. I sighed with relief seeing it was him, but then got nervous again, for entirely different reasons. I felt myself blush.

“Oops,” he said, and dropped his towel. His dick was hard and bounced up and down and up and down when the towel fell. I followed it with my eyes, but he snapped his fingers.

“Hey, eyes up here,” he said, pointing to his face. He began to move towards me. I was still too nervous to do anything, so I just stood there. Then he got real close to my face. We were at kissing distance, and for a brief moment I debated whether to kiss him or not. As I decided he started talking again, this time in a low and husky yet commanding voice.

“See, here’s what’s gonna happen. We’re in this locker room, surrounded by underwear and teen sweat. I figured you’d like it here since you were into the understall thing. What’s gonna happen is that you’re gonna suck my dick, and then I’m gonna bend you over and fuck the living daylights out of you, right here in the locker room, where hundreds of naked teens have came and went. Understood?”

I nodded. “Yeah, but I’ve never…”

“Been fucked? Well, I brought lube, and there’s a bathroom right there. Oh, and about the musk thing? Lucky for you, I haven’t showered yet.”

This is gonna be fucking fantastic.

“Well, get to it then,” he said. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on my knees, getting me at perfect mouth-level with his cock, glistening with precum. I swallowed (practice for later heh) and licked my lips. He put his hips forwards and rubbed the head around my lips, smearing them with pre.

I parted my lips and licked the head. He moaned softly. I licked it more, and tried to scoop up his precum with my tongue. I put my mouth around the head and started to bob down on it, going slightly deeper. I ran my tongue around and along the underside of the head and he seemed to like that. He moaned again, slightly louder this time. I went faster. Up, down, up, down. I went in deeper. I know I could deepthroat him, I’d done it before, but I still had to warm up. I took him about halfway before gagging, but he put his hands on the back of my head, keeping me there.

“Oooh FUCK yeah,” he growled, “fucking choke on it.”

Fuck this is so hot. I love dirty talk. I moaned around his dick and he let my head go. I pulled back, leaving a string of spit hanging between his dick and my mouth. Also very hot. I went down again, but on his balls instead. Fuck they were so big and heavy. I licked them and played with them, took them in my mouth, sucked on them. Meanwhile, he stroked his dick above me, moaning. He started to stroke a bit faster and slapped his cock on my face a few times before letting it lay on my forehead, covering me with spit and precum. I slowly licked all the way up from his taint, along his shaft and to the head before taking it in my mouth again.

Now I went in deeper. I relaxed my throat and took his seven inch dick down almost to the base, although I still had a bit left. He moaned louder. “FUCK dude. Damn,” he said, breathing heavily. While I was down, I reached my hand up, feeling his body. I ran my hand up his rock-hard abs (not the only thing rock-hard) and reached his pecs. FUCK they were so good. I kind of have a thing for pecs. I squeezed one, and it was slightly squishy, but hard. Like a good muscle. He moaned again. I ran my hand around to his back and back down. Suddenly I remembered to breathe. I went up for air again, leaving his thick cock glistening. I ran my hands down further and got to his ass. Damn he had a tight ass. I grabbed it and massaged it. So fucking delicious. almanbahis yeni giriş I pulled him towards me by way of his ass and took his cock down again. This time I got it. I relaxed my throat and before I knew it I had my nose buried in his pubes and his balls resting on my chin.

“OH FUCK,’ he moaned loudly, “FUCK YEAH.”

His moan echoed off the walls, but I didn’t care whether we were discovered or not. This was my fantasy coming true. I breathed in, enveloping myself in his full aroma. True to his word he hadn’t showered after practice, and his musk was strong. I moaned around his dick again. I was in heaven. He put his hands on my head. I knew what was coming and I was ready for it.

He pulled back and began fucking my face. Thrusting in and out, in and out. His hands were tightly gripping my head, keeping me in place. His balls slapped against my chin, the wet slurping and slapping noises reverberating around us. Drool dripped down my chin, tears welled up in my eyes, sweat dripped down my back. I felt like a human fleshlight made only for his use, and it turned me on so fucking much. I pulled down my pants and started stroking my own cock. I started feeling the beginnings of my own orgasm approaching when he suddenly pulled out. I started to protest when he interrupted me.

“Go take off your pants and lay down on the bench with your head hanging off the side. I wanna try something I think you’re gonna enjoy”, he said in a commanding tone.

I immediately understood the message and nodded. I took off my pants and lay down on the bench next to us, head hanging over the side as he instructed. He stepped up in front of my face and bent his knees so his dick was right above my face. He slapped me with his dick, smearing my already messy face with even more spit and precum. I took this as a sign and opened my mouth. Almost immediately he thrust his entire length in my throat and held it there.

“Oooohh yeah that’s it,” he said huskily.

His sweaty balls rested on my nose, and his musk was even better down here. I inhaled and moaned around his length. Then he began to fuck my face again. Compared to before, I think he was going even rougher this time, and I definitely enjoyed it more. I could even feel my throat getting stretched out, which made it all the more hot. But I also couldn’t breathe well, so I tapped him on his thigh. He understood and pulled out for a moment, allowing me to catch my breath. Drool began to drip up my face this time, going down to my nose. I nodded and took his thick cock in my mouth again.

This time he went faster, his balls slapping hard against my nose. His smell was so good, and every time his sweaty balls would slap on my nose I would get a whiff of it again. I grabbed my dick and began to stroke it, but he grabbed my hand and stopped me. When I was about to protest (even though I couldn’t speak with my mouth full of dick), he grabbed me and started to stroke me. I moaned, the feeling overcoming me. His fingers were rough yet soft. And as he began jacking me, I began approaching my own orgasm. And then he bent down, burying his dick in my throat and his balls on my nose, and began sucking my dick. It was all too much.

“OOH I’M GONNA-” I said, except it was muffled so it came out more like ‘MMFH OM GOMM-“

And I began to cum into his mouth, filling it. He pulled off and it began shooting on his face now all over my chest. Finally it stopped, but I was still under him. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved being there, but it had been more than two minutes and I unfortunately needed to breathe. I tapped him on the thigh and he pulled back.

I lay there, panting, covered in spit and pre, looking up at him. He had cum on his face and chest, and he was smiling at me. I tried to sit up, but my legs were wobbly and I couldn’t muster the strength to move, so I laid back down and started up at him.

“I’m guessing you liked that,” he said jokingly.

I laughed weakly. “Yeah,” I panted, “a lot.”

“Great, but I’m not done.” He flexed his dick, making it bounce. “You ready to go another round?”

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