In The Mall…

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I was shopping at the mall, in my favourite department store, trying on some new skirt-and-blouse outfit combos for work. I tried on mostly classy stuff, but also a couple shorter skirts for wearing on a night out dancing. I collected 6 different outfits and went to the register to ask for use of the change room. I took notice of the handsome guy behind the counter, very chicly dressed as the guys at swanky stores always are, looking his best.

I ask for use of the room and he smiles warmly at me, making no attempt to hide his graze as it drifted down my shapely body. After only a slight pause he told me “absolutely” and led the way to the door, glancing back over his shoulder to smile at me. He unlocked it and stood aside to let me in, and as I passed him, I wondered if his approval of my body was showing in the lump that brushed my thigh as I squeezed by.

I thank him and smile as I close the door behind me. I start to try on the clothes and am surprised when I discover my panties are already damp from the short contact with what I could only assume was his penis. It had been so long since I had a nice hard cock to play with, and I was obviously very horny. I paused my trying on the outfits and sat in the chair, placing my legs up against the opposite wall and sliding my panties to one side. Nothing wrong with a quickie, I told myself.

As I stroked my pulsing wet clit, I started to moan slightly and close my eyes with delight. In doing so I didn’t notice that the door became unlatched and opened a crack while I pleasured myself. As I threw my head back, bit my lip, Escort bayan and stifled the screams inside me as my hips rocked in the ecstasy of my orgasm, I became suddenly aware of a presence near me.

As my pulsing subsided I dared to open my eyes, and discovered to my horror that the door to the change room was fully open,revealing my indiscretion to the world. The sexy cashier was standing just outside the door, smiling ear to ear and with his blood engorged member solidly rigid in his hand. He slyly winked at me and motioned towards the metal screen pulled across the front of the store.

“I decided to close up early…” he said, moving closer to me.

I began to recover from my shock as I stared longingly at his stiff meat, and was suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to make him cum in my mouth. I slid off the chair and began to crawl my way towards him on my hands and knees, dressed only in my frilly red bra and lacy red panties, still pulled to the side. As I crawled forward slowly I smiled up at his cock, admiring the smoothness and sexy sleekness of it. I remembered to make eye contact with him, even though there was only one part I was currently interested in. He stroked his cock softly and moaned… I could tell this wouldn’t take long.

I finally reached his feet and eagerly positioned myself on my knees in front of him, staring in awe as his member seemed to ‘jump’ with pulses from inside. I positioned my mouth centimetres from his cock and licked my full lips, watching him stroke his cock for me. He moaned and begged me to take him Bayan Escort in my mouth. I hesitated, teasing him with the nearness of my warmth and let my hand drift down to my swollen clitorous again. I stared up into his eyes and suddenly pushed my mouth forcefully onto his dick, taking it all the way to the hilt

in one deft motion.

I heard him groan as my nose pressed against his pubes and his cockhead slid into my throat, passing the barrier of my gag reflex. I held it there and felt his legs buckle and his whole body shake. He moaned loudly and held the back of my head, trying to force himself deeper inside me. My eyes started to water as he gyrated his hips into my face and held me on his pulsing rod. My nostrils flared as I tried in vain to get air around the shaft completely filling my airway. I pushed against his thighs, now needing a breath and desperate for oxygen. He held me a moment longer and then released my head and I pulled back and coughed a large amount of sticky saliva onto his cock as I gasped to air. He didn’t give me long to recuperate.

Within seconds I found myself once again with a cock down my throat, though now it was furiously pumping in and out of my mouth. I gagged slightly, a true testament to the girth of the cock pounding my throat, as I had long since developed deepthroating skills. I could hear his breath coming in laboured gasps now and knew he was getting very close to filling my mouth with his sweet nectar. I moaned with delight and gyrated my own hips, pressing my clit against my now sopping hand.

I felt Escort his balls tighten and his thrusts become less controlled and more primal. He grunted over me, and his sheer manliness, combined with the musky odour of his genitals pushed me over the edge; I began to climax on my own hand. I barely even heard his massive groan as he began to climax as well, thrusting deep into my throat and cupping his own balls tightly. Time seemed to slow then, and I was very aware of the saliva soaking the front of my chest, dripping from my chin. His hand roughly gripping my hair and pulling as his cock simultaneously pushed against the back of my throat. His first stream of cum rocketed into my stomach without a need to swallow, its warmth obvious all the way down. He backed his cock out and began what I can only describe as a primal yell as he stroked the base of his shaft, his hand hitting my lips with every up stroke. His second thick shot hammered into the roof of my mouth and gagged me with its size and intensity. I swallowed quickly but could not keep up as a third and fourth massive shot followed the second. My mouth quickly began to fill and I tasted the salty wad as it seeped into my cheeks and coated my tongue.

He continued to stroke himself into my mouth and the cum didn’t stop, coming in slow streams now, thick salty load filling my mouth faster that I could swallow, leaking out the corners of my mouth and down my chin in small rivulets. I moaned with pleasure and savoured the thick white cum that was my reward for all my hard work. His convulsions finally slowed and his cock ceased to leak cum into my mouth. I swallowed the last of it and licked my lips clean. I looked up at him and felt no attraction now that my lust was sated. Without a word I stood up and walked to my clothes, surely leaving him shaking his head in wonder…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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