In The Shower

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You are driving me crazy. The things you keep emailing me, the little voice mails. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. But I can’t wait, I need the release tonight.

Walking into my room, I pick up my simple clothing for a girls night out: tank top, jeans, underwear. I’m not going out to impress anyone tonight, but still want to look cute in case you decide to surprise me. With you still on my mind, I stop next to my bed and grab my favorite dildo. It’s obscene, three inches wide and ten inches long.

I set my clothes on the bathroom counter and the dildo in the shower, then lean over and turn the water on nice and hot. While the steam builds in the bathroom I strip my skirt suit off, let my hair down, and glance in the mirror. My long blonde hair is falling in soft curls around my breasts, down the middle of my back. I enjoy the soft curls brushing against my smooth skin as I move Büyükçekmece escort bayan toward the shower.

The hot water causes a shiver to run through me when it hits my skin. I reach up and pinch my nipples, wishing you were here with your magic hands. I love what you do with those hands. I tip my head back and allow the water to soak my hair and run down my back, then turn and feel the heat of the water warming my chest.

I slide my hand between my legs and find my clit, already swollen and ready. My pussy is hot and aching for your touch. I glide my finger in and out of myself, very slowly, rubbing against my clit with each stroke and looking at the huge dildo that is stuck to the floor of the shower with a suction cup.

I grab the shower head and squat down and position the dildo at the entrance to my ready pussy. I feel a stretch Escort Çatalca as I ease myself onto the huge cock, and let out a quiet whimper. This feels so good.

The shower head is aimed at me, the hot water tapping against my pussy lips and tight asshole. I’m saving that ass for you though the temptation to slide my finger in is almost too strong. I push myself farther down onto the cock, it’s almost halfway in and already my cunt almost feels too full. I lift up for a moment and slide down a little farther. I feel the enormous cockhead pushing against my cervix, everything being stretched now to accommodate for the massive member inside my tight puss. I imagine you standing in front of me, telling me to take more, to impale myself on that cock so that you can watch.

In my imagination, you are standing in front of me stroking your beautiful cock. Esenler escort I can see your heavy balls hanging in front of my face, and feel the rough hairs when I rub my face against them. I can taste you on my tongue when I lick your balls and suck them into my mouth. I feel your hand against the back of my head when you feed your cock to me, sliding past my lips and over my tongue.

My fingers work my clit feverishly, the water beating hard against my clit. I am bouncing hard on the cock now, taking all but a couple of inches. In my mind you’re ramming your cock down my throat, telling me you’ll let me breathe again once I take the whole dildo into my pussy. I start rocking my hips, pressing my body down onto the cock hard. I imagine the feel of your balls against my chin as I start to come, the entire dick finally inside my pussy and the water pounding into me. I’m moaning your name as cum gushes from my pussy, my imagination running wild with your hands and cock all over me, you telling me how hard you’ll fuck my ass later.

Exhausted now, I turn off the water. It’s time now to get ready to go out with my friends. I hope you surprise me tonight… if you do, I’ll have a surprise for you, too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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