In the Stacks Pt. 02

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Big Tits

I was in the ladies restroom, hands propped on the sink, staring at my reflection. Who was this stranger looking back at me? Someone who had just been thoroughly wrecked before lunch time, that’s who. I run some water and scoop it into my mouth, swish, then spit. Pussy tastes great in the moment but you don’t want that taste to linger. My skin is still flushed from my exertions but other than that I’m looking pretty good. My makeup is fixed and my hair is put back in place. I unbutton my shirt and examine the reflection of my breasts, there is a faint red circle around each pinkish nipple. I brush one finger over each mark, inhaling sharply from the ache it causes. It also sends a jolt down to my pussy. Oh yeah, the rest of this day will be awesome. One part of me hopes Yuna is walking bowl-legged the rest of the week, part of me wishes she was here right now.

After buttoning up, I wash my hands a fifth time, and give myself one last look in the mirror. Cassie, a mild mannered librarian who definitely didn’t just have hot lesbian sex in the aisle, looks back at me. I think she’s judging me, can your reflection slut-shame you?

Putting aside that deep philosophical question, I go and find my cart of books and get back to work. I’ve got to work twice as fast now, and since it is now later in the day there are more people to avoid. I’m dodging columns and shelves and morons who read while walking and even more who stare at their phones while trying to live. I finally clear everything off my cart and wheel it back to my desk.

It feels good to collapse into my chair. I’ve got one of those fake leather ones with the high curved backs so I can lean my head back and not sacrifice support of my lower back. The arm rests are also spaced far enough apart that my hips don’t scrape them as I sit. This chair fits me like a glove and I sigh as all the tension leaves me. I’m left in this comfortable haze, completely sated, no desire to move, and feeling at peace with the universe.

Email is checked and rechecked, books are processed for shipment, the schedule is made for the inventory, and all in time for lunch. Just goes to show what a good fingering can do for you.

“What should we do for lunch?” the voice of the head librarian snaps me to the present. Selena Gonzalez is leaning on the top of my cubicle wall. She is the opposite of Yuna in every way. I’m a big girl, tall and curvy with big tits and a great ass, and I’m dwarfed by Selena. She’s a true big beautiful woman. Selena is my height but comes in at over 250lbs, long curly raven dark hair, and the largest tits I’ve ever seen. At her size they don’t stand up, she just always lets them naturally hang down to rest on her big, round belly. I always thought Selena was pretty, but now that I’ve already had my libido kicked into overdrive I’m just thinking about all the things I could do to my boss.

“Are you okay Cassie? You’re looking a little piqued. Do you need to go home?” Selena asks with genuine concern in her voice.

“No…no, I’m okay. Just a stressful night. Why don’t we order from that deli down the street and have them deliver it?”

Her face brightens as she smiles, “Yes! Great idea. What do you want?”

“Just a turkey sandwich and soda.”

She gives me a concerned look again, “You sure? Okay, I’ll order, but I’m keeping my eye on you.”

Selena turns and walks away, I’m about to get back to work when my memory hits me like a ton of psychic bricks. I’m leaning against the shelves, a mouth on my clit, fingers in my pussy and ass, my nipples in my own hands and mouth, and that guy watching me. Oh my God, someone was there watching me! What if he says something? This is too much, you can’t go from depressed to euphoric to scared to death all in one morning. I’ve got a headache now and a sinking feeling that I’m going to be humiliated and fired.

The whole rest of my day is shot as I just obsess about this guy. Why didn’t I react before? How could I have forgotten that my time with Yuna had become a voyeur’s wet dream? Didn’t he even have a hand down his pants? Not that he would tell any body that part. It would all be my “unprofessional” behavior and not a word about how he creamed his jeans.

I tried to roam the library and see if I could find the pervert but Selena wouldn’t let me out of her sight. Not wanting anything to eat and looking sick with worry must have triggered some maternal instinct in her. She hovered around me, I caught her giving me these long concerned looks, finally had enough when she offered to send me home early. I had to tell her something so I told her about the breakup. I used it as an excuse for everything, even spun it into an excuse to stay late and close up. She said she was happy to do anything she could to help. I completely blame my sudden crying fit on my rollercoaster of a day. She pulled me to her in a hug and held my head to her heart as she tried to soothe me.

Despite my sobbing, I got a little turned on by Selena’s mothering. I’ve never put my head on a pair of escort breasts larger than my own. It was nice, like laying my head on two large pillows with a georgette fabric pillow cover. Instead of making a move, I just finally stopped crying into her blouse and thanked her for everything.

At seven o’clock I announced that the library was closing and for everyone to make their final selections and come to the counter. Six people meandered their way into a line to check out their books. My voyeur wasn’t among them. Maybe he had left right after and I was off the hook?

Feeling better I hurried through the patrons and followed the last one to the glass double doors and locked it behind him. I turned off the light in the entrance way and walked back onto the main floor. I had been ridiculous before. I had made that bastard’s day! Of course he wasn’t going to rat me out. The way his eyes had roamed all over me, the thrill of being watched came back and I felt a familiar dampness again. I had fantasized about being watched before but had never really considered it before. Not the way I would have planned it, but the memory of being watched would definitely help me get off with my vibrator tonight.

I just wandered about the library with my cart, collecting books to be put back on the shelves in the morning and turning out the lights. I had made it over to the study rooms, my nipples painfully stiff against my shirt and what felt like a lake forming between my thighs. All the study rooms were dark save one. I walked over and opened the door, prepared to just turn off the lights and be done with it, but stopped cold when I saw a figure still seated at the desk. There were several books around him while he was reading one in particular, holding the page down with his left one while writing in a notepad with his right. It was him.

Now that I wasn’t distracted I could get a good look at him. He seemed to be about my age, chestnut brown hair in a military crewcut, a days growth of beard and blue eyes behind the lenses of his wire-rimmed glasses. He was rocking the “dad bod” carrying around some weight but attractive all the same. He looked either like the safe boyfriend type or the one that your friends would tell Dateline that they never suspected he would be the one to murder me. He had earbuds in, it sounded like a podcast instead of music.

He must have felt me watching him because he finally looked up. “I’m sorry can I help…” his voice trailed off and he suddenly became very interested in the books on his desk. The man was as pale as I am but suddenly his cheeks and ears went red. Oh my God, he was blushing!

“So, I take it you remember me from earlier?” I asked, letting the frustration of my worrying into my voice. He just nods his head like a little kid in trouble with his mom. “I need to know that we aren’t going to have a problem. I don’t want you causing problems for me here at work. Your hand wasn’t exactly clean in all of this either.”

He looks up sheepishly and says something but his voice is so quiet that I can’t make it out.

“Speak up!” I snap.

“I wouldn’t do that. People in love should be allowed to express their love. I’m sorry for watching you and for what I was doing.”

I start laughing in spite of myself. Here I am trying to play the hard bitch and I just completely ruin it. “What do you mean in love?”

“Well I just thought that since you two…”

“Oh my poor boy, I loved what I was doing, but live had nothing to do with it.” maybe I’m being too honest with a complete stranger but the open and innocent look on his face seems to make me compulsively honest.

He blushes again and looks down at his books again, “Either way ma’am, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of ya’ll like that.”

There is a sincerity in his voice that I just believe and my anger at him just goes away. “It’s alright. I just wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be a problem. She and I just got a little carried away, I’m sure you understand. I’m Cassie by the way.”

He tells me his name is Michael and if anything he blushes even harder and his words come out in a mumble. “What? You’ve got to look at me and speak up. You jerked off to me, I’d think it’s the least you could do.”

“I said that I don’t understand.” he says slowly looking up at me. He doesn’t let his eyes wander up my body the way men normally do, just slowly goes from looking at his books to eye contact. There’s something sweet and a little weird about that.

“Don’t understand what?”

“The whole you and her thing.”

“Well surely you and your girl have gotten carried away before. Or guy, don’t want to assume.” he’s looking down again, he looks almost in pain. “Did I say something wrong?”

He takes a deep breath and then lets it out in a long sigh, “No. It’s just the whole relationship thing. I’ve never had one.”

My jaw drops open as I think I’m grasping the implication of what he’s saying. He’s got to be in his early thirties like I am. To not have bursa eve gelen escort been in a relationship, that’s just weird. “When you say relationship, you mean…”

He looks up at me, I can see him steel himself for what he says next, “I’m a virgin.”

Oh my, I mean I’d seen the Steve Carell movie but thought they only existed in myth. I had so many questions and the darker part of my psyche began to go to work, the fantasies playing in my head earlier reshaping around a new one.

He must have thought my slack-jawed staring was a question so he went into an obviously well used answer. He was the shy quiet type growing up, picked on by everyone in grade school for being overweight. In high school he’d asked a girl to the school dance, she’d said she wasn’t going but showed up with someone else. He thought it was about him so he threw himself into studying. No friends, no dating, he found himself out of college with a degree and no social skills to get a decent job. So now his life was just working his hourly job with crazy hours, tv at his apartment, and the library on his days off. It’s weird how you can only be perfectly honest with a complete stranger.

“Outside of work, you are the first person I’ve spoken to in months.” he finished his sad tale. He took a slightly defensive posture, hugging himself and turning a bit away from me.

My heart felt broken. How could a person fall so completely through societies cracks. One mean girl in high school and this guy just assumes everyone will reject him. Now I know how Selena must have felt with me earlier, a maternal part of me wants to just hold and soothe him. But another part has desires of her own. That’s the part that wins out.

“Seems to me like you just need some help. Would you like me to help you?” I ask. He looks up at me with a question on his face. “You just really need to have someone show you how it’s done, to break the ice with, then you can start living your life.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Would you like to have sex with me?”

He looks almost pained, after everything he’s told me I can almost hear the thoughts in his head. Wondering if I’m making fun of him or fixing to pull some weird prank.

“It’s okay. There isn’t anything wrong with being a virgin, as long as that is what you want. If you want to change though, I’d like to help.”

He’s breathing hard, anxiety written all over his face. For a moment I don’t know if he’s going to tell me to leave or have a heart attack. Finally, he looks up at me and nods his head yes.

“Good. Now stand up and take off your clothes.”

Apparently he is good at taking directions, he’s out of the chair in a moment. He kicks off his sneakers and pulls off his Doctor Who t-shirt which declared “You never forget your first doctor.” well Doctor Cassie was going to put that to the test.

He hooked his thumbs into the waist band of his black athletic pants. “I’m not sure about this.”

“About what?” I ask trying to keep the annoyance out of my voice.

“What if I don’t…you know…measure up?”

I give him my best smile, trying not to laugh. “Michael, size is great but it isn’t the whole thing. So to speak. Let me just see what we have to work with.”

He finally just shrugs and takes off his pants and underwear. He starts to cover himself but forces his hands to his sides. I don’t have a tape measure but it doesn’t look like Michael has anything to worry about as long as he doesn’t try for a career in porn. He starts to stiffen as I look at him. Average size, not that you can just tell a man that. Never met a man who didn’t want to think that his was the biggest cock on the walk.

I make a show of licking my lips and put my hand to my chest like his dick has taken my breath away. I walk up to him, stopping just before my still clothed breasts touch his bare chest but my billowing skirt brushes against the head of his cock. I look down for a moment and then into his eyes and in my best innocent girl voice, “Is that for me?”

He just nods and I genuinely smile. “Now I want you to just relax. I’m going to take care of something, make sure we have plenty of time to show you everything.”

I lean in and give him a peck on the cheek, then lower myself to my knees. I quickly spit into my right hand and grab his still strengthening dick. I give him a couple strokes, more spit, more stroking. He’s trembling and moaning, precum oozing out of his cock, which I collect on the upstroke and slide over his now fully erect shaft, getting him good and slippery.

“Now just remember, relax, just let everything go.” I say looking up at him. He’s looking deep into my eyes. I keep that eye contact as I slide him into my mouth. He’s not as salty as I expected, having cum this morning and stewing in his own juice, I was expecting something a bit more unpleasant. He must have cleaned himself off between then and now. Michael’s eyes close as half of his cock is in my mouth görükle escort and I play my tongue along his length. I can feel him start to convulse, getting ready to blow his load, but he stops himself with a degree of control I didn’t expect. It’s a little impressive but not what I told him to do. I inhale deeply through my nose and slide all the way down, taking him into my throat and burying my nose in his pubic hair. My eyes feel like they are going to bulge out of my head but I keep looking at him, I want him to watch me watch him. Then I start to hum. I’ve always loved the Rolling Stones and so I pick Paint It Black. I’m about to hit the chorus when he starts to cum. He’s trembling so much I have to grab a hold of his hips to keep him from throwing me as I swallow his seed. Once he’s finished and I can feel his dick begin to shrink, I pull away from him and stand up.

“That was amazing! Oh my God! I’ve never felt anything like that!” he keeps praising me like that for a while, his eyes even get a bit misty with his emotional release. I reach out and pull him to me, holding him in a tight embrace. I run my hands up and down his back and into his hair. Then, slowly, I guide him in for a kiss. It’s a very chaste first kiss. Our lips brush slightly, he seems stunned at first and pulls back, shock in his eyes, I pull him in again, connecting this time. At first he’s tense all over, not responding, but I keep going, pressing my breasts against his chest, one hand rubbing his back while my other hand plays with his hair. Finally, instinct takes over and he’s kissing back. Our tongues reach out, entwine and release. He’s really not bad at this.

I pull away. Michael has a question on his face but says nothing. “Now my darling boy, it’s time for your education to begin.” I say and slowly unbutton my blouse. His eyes shift from my face down to my increasingly revealed cleavage. Thanks to our sweat the fabric clings to me instead of falling away. There’s just a racing stripe of skin that I slowly trace up with my fingers. Starting at my waist, up my belly to the bottom of my giant breasts. I run my fingers between them, pulling them apart but leaving them covered. Once they are stretched as far as they can be, I let them go. They fall back together with a subtle slapping sound and bounce for a bit. Michael’s eyes don’t even blink. At last I peel the fabric away and discard it on the floor. He actually groans out loud when he sees my naked breasts. I never get tired of hearing that sound, or of seeing the affect that they have on men. His dick is starting to show signs of life again.

I reach up and cup my breasts, being gentle with the bite marks around my nipples, lifting them and lowering them, just some gentle playing and petting before my fingers trace their way down. I undo the button on my skirt and let it glide down my wide hips to the floor.

“What do you think?” I ask as I stand fully revealed before him. His mouth just gapes open as he slowly looks from the top of my head down to my toes. He caresses me with those eyes, I can feel them move over my shoulders, tits, stomach, thighs, and stopping at my fiery bush. Every guy does this, they are always surprised by a natural red.

“I think you outshine Venus herself, and I am the luckiest of men.” he says with a complete lack of self-consciousness. God I love people who read! You just don’t get classical allusions from random guys at a bar.

I walk to him and embrace him again, letting our flesh press together, our mutual heat countering the room’s air conditioning. This time he kisses me. We are locked full and deep when he finally gets the courage to let his hands go exploring. He keeps me pressed to him with one hand as the other slides fingers through my hair and traces down my neck. The skin back there is sensitive and it sends a bit of a jolt through me as I break out in goosebumps. His fingers keep going, tracing down my spine to my waist. There his hand stops.

“Something wrong?” I ask after breaking our kiss.

“I just wasn’t sure about going any further.” he says and I can’t help but laugh.

“You mean you’re afraid that the woman who sucked your dick, swallowed your cum, and is now kissing you completely naked, might get offended if you grab her ass?”

“Well when you put it that way…”

“Uh huh, put your hand on my ass Michael.” I say and kiss him again. He does finally slide his hand down to my ass, caressing the ample flesh. After about a minute of this, I feel something against my thigh, Michael is getting hard again.

I break away from him and push all the books and papers off the desk. I sit on the edge and hold a hand up for him to stop when he starts moving toward me.

“No, you just stay there for a moment. This is supposed to be educational remember? You’ve done pretty well so far but I want to go over some basics. This is my mouth,” I say as I pout my lips and point to them with my index finger. “You may remember it from your cock. Your mouth is one of the most versatile sex toys and you should apply it liberally to a woman’s body. Kiss her lips, neck, collar bone, every centimeter of skin. Over time there shouldn’t be a place on a woman’s body that your lips haven’t touched. Same goes for your tongue. You need moisture for sex and tongues are great for that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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