In the Water

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The bottle spun around and landed on Kerrie to a loud cheer from all of us. She laughed and waved us away with one hand although I didn’t miss the way her eyes flicked to me. I prayed that she wouldn’t pick me out, trying to convey to her not to do something which would embarrass me, especially with what I had told her earlier in the day about my crush on Leo. I shuddered with the thought of Chris finding out.

“Lizzie”, Kerrie shouted out dramatically, theatrically pointing at me as though she was on her stage, picking out a doomed member of the audience to come up and be humiliated. My heart sank and I tried again to convey my warning through a fixed smile as the others looked over at me.

“You have to sit on Leon’s lap for the rest of the game.”

There was a loud laugh and applause at the dare. We were all sat the edge of our hot tub, the truth or dare game being suggested by someone as we finished up the barbeque and opted to sit in the hot water while the evening quickly fell away. I was suddenly very tired of the game and I realised suddenly that despite it being truth or dare, no one had actually been given the choice between them yet.

Leon smiled at me, not quite comfortable with the group of us yet to say anything outright. He had moved into the house next to us a few weeks previously and, wanting to be good neighbours, we had invited him around. Of course, Chris had wanted to be a good neighbour and if, in doing so, we saw more of the ripped black guy who had moved into our quiet cul-de-sac then who was I to complain about it?

I silently cursed the rest of the group as I stood up, self-consciously pulling down my bikini as I waded across the water. I could hear Chris being goaded by the other men in the pool, his loud, drunken laugh mixing in with theirs. Granted, I wasn’t really thinking about much else has Leo’s large black hands curled around my waist, guiding me down onto his lap.

I’d intended to perch myself at the very edge of his knee but he had guided me a little stronger than I had expected. I made a ridiculously exaggerated falling motion, even as I was being held up by the muscled young guy, drawing another bellowing chorus of laughter from the others. I felt myself blushing deeply with embarrassment and made extra sure not to move at all, even though I was nestled intimately in the curve of his crotch.

I leaned around. “You OK with this? I can move.”

Leo laughed. “No, I’m fine right there if you are?”

Mick’s brash voice boomed out from behind me. “No such an easy escape for you Liz haha!”

The rest laughed out again, the beer making even the lamest of comments seemingly hilarious. I tried not to meet Kerrie’s knowing look, why the hell had I even told her? I never looked forward to these get-togethers. Chris’ friends all worked with him at the office, loud and, most of the time, downright rude people who didn’t fit the quiet accountancy mould which I had assumed Chris was the exception to. Their partners seemed to be exactly the same.

It was about nine though I told myself, having another sip from my glass and taking a mental note not to have any more as a dizzy spell washed over me. I was about halfway through and I would be in the clear for another couple of months until the next one. Chris gave me a small smile and a wink, a sign that he appreciated me playing along. We’d had a blazing row about the barbeque this afternoon which he apparently had forgotten about.

There was a few gently chinks as they filled up their glasses with more of the wine I had bought, drinking greedily from glasses I would have to clean later and gushing over the food which I had bought and prepared. Chris of course got all of the glory for holding them over fire for a few minutes. I was sick of all of them and I sat back heavily, forgetting for a moment that I was sat on someone’s lap.

“I’m sorry!” I exclaimed, whipping around to see Leo rubbing his jaw. He laughed and told me not to worry, his hand resting comfortably on my back for just a beat longer than normal. I turned back around and tried not to give Kerrie the satisfaction manisa escort of seeing that I was out of breath.

The game continued around me and I sat and watched it all, on the outside of it all, watching them all becoming more drunk, my husband the worst culprit of all. I would have been embarrassed but his friends were wankers and I wished I could have been anywhere else.

Leo was also strangely quiet, somehow missing his turn as the game became increasing erractic, the dares being issued by those who spoke fastest and loudest. I watched as they ran around the garden naked (no reason to be jealous of Kerrie’s husband although he looked a little thicker than mine) and sang songs backwards. I felt a little sorry for him, being forgotten just like me as these people showed off to each other. It suddenly occurred to me that Chris might not have been so willing to invite him over and be a ‘good neighbour’ if we didn’t have such a nice house.

I turned around and raised an eyebrow at him which won be a bright smile from him. Clearly we both felt about them the same way and I felt a delicious tingle as I felt his hand on the small of my back. As I turned away though, his hand didn’t move. For several long moments I sat perfectly still, wondering what he was doing.

The wine had gone to my head but I was so annoyed at Chris, at being paraded out every couple of months and having to suffer his ignorant friends that I threw caution to the winds and allowed myself a tiny bit of excitement. I wondered how I would send a message to him without making it obvious to everyone in the pool.

After a moment to drunkenly convince myself to move, I slowly shifted back, pressing more of my body against his. I felt Leo’s hand disappear off my back and I was overcome with a feeling of embarrassment and dejection. I was about to stand up and make some excuse to go into the house when I felt his hand reappear against the underside of my leg.

I struggled to keep my face straight, sending Leo as tiny a sign as I could possibly manage by pressing myself a little harder against him. Slowly I felt his finger stroking my thigh, tracing a small line up and down and I felt a rush of arousal. For a brief moment, I allowed myself to imagine having sex with him. I imagined running my fingers down his chiselled chest and I shuddered, which Leo obviously felt as his stroke became a little more pronounced.

There were a lot of rumours about black guys and the size of their dicks and, as I sat pressed against Leo, feeling his gentlest touch sending shivers through my entire body, I wondered whether they were true. Me and Chris had gone to the same school so we were lifelong partners, I hadn’t had sex with anyone else and I doubted I would even be able to do it with someone else. I thought about it then though, and I couldn’t imagine that the quick, sweaty discomfort I knew well with Chris was how the experience would be with Leo.

I suddenly felt like we were being too obvious and sat back up properly. Not that anyone had noticed, Ali was drinking out of three beer glasses all at once and I tried not to wrinkle my nose in distaste as a lot of it ran down his hairy belly and into the water. I felt Leo’s hand slide up my leg, his dark fingers running over my thigh and onto my ass. I was breathless with excitement, the alcohol giving me more courage to allow him to secretly take in my body.

I took care of myself well. I had plenty of spare time around the house and Chris was always on at me for being ‘presentable’ so he could show me off at dinner parties. The more I thought about it the more of a pig I realised he was. The upside of course was that I was much more confident about myself and it gave me a little power to know I was more desirable than him. A small, secret indulgence which I allowed myself but it helped me get by. My body was toned and slim, my breasts weren’t huge by any standards but large enough to be a handful and pert enough to catch the eye of plenty of men. I deliberately died my hair blonde, bringing out my light blue eyes to get attention mavişehir escort when I needed it, something which Chris was never unwilling to work to his advantage.

Suddenly, I realised that I could feel him. A small pressure against my thigh as something grew harder underneath me. My eyes widened in disbelief, that he was getting an erection for his neighbour’s wife, as Chris was sat right in the pool with us. It was with another shock that I realised how far down the length of rock hard muscle was pressing against me. I suspected that the rumours may have weight after all.

I let my doubts slide away as I pushed back against it, thrilled by the unyielding strength of Leo’s cock. His hand slid back under my thigh and over my smooth skin, sending even more electricity shooting through me. His fingers ran towards my pussy and when they ran over the top of my bikini-covered pussy, I had to fight down a moan.

I relished in my own arousal, pulsing stronger than I ever remembered it to as I slid my hand under the water and ever so slowly ran it around until I could feel him. He was huge! The bulge of his cock pressed tightly against his swimming shorts. It was so thick I had to stretch to fit my fingers around even half of it. Trying not to disrupt the surface of the water was difficult but I eventually, gradually managed to slide my hand along the entire length of him, it went on for so long that I could have assumed it was some sort of practical joke. When I gave Chris the occasional handjob, he would mostly fit in the width of my palm, Leo was on another scale completely!

His fingers slid under my bikini and expertly massaged me into a new kind of arousal. Leo played with my clitoris, stimulating it even better than I could myself. I felt a strong wave of disappointment as I felt his hand disappear from between my legs, I tried to keep my face straight, staring vacantly at the idiots in front of me as they attempted even more bizarre dares.

After a few breathless seconds, I felt Leo shift underneath me and then, the delicious pressure as something pressed hard into my pussy. I looked down and saw the dark shape of his cock between my legs and hurriedly tried to close my legs together. There was a momentary slip and suddenly his cock, it’s unbelievable length was pressing out of the water before Leo could jerk his arm underneath me and pull it back against my leg. It ran a large part of the length of my thigh and I let out a gasp.

Luckily the water was already rocking around with the force of the bubbles and the rest of them thrashing around. Leo’s hand was suddenly between my legs again, pulling my bikini bottoms to the side, leaving nothing but water between my aching pussy and his monstrously big penis. I felt his hard chest pressing into my back as he leant forwards and whispered in my ear.

“Say the word and I stop.” His breath was hot against me and I felt only a split second hesitation before deciding to go ahead. We weren’t actually going to have sex, I reasoned to myself, not here in the pool so it wasn’t really cheating. Plus Chris had been a massive wanker all night and he wouldn’t ever find out so it was fine. We were just messing around, I told myself.

So, I said nothing as I felt his cock line up against me. I offered no resistance as the enormous head pressed itself against my pussy which welcomed it openly. As I imagined, I was far too tight for it and there was only a wave of disappointment as it pressed desperately against my entrance. After a few seconds, something gave way and I felt the tip of him push inside me.

The feeling was exquisite, his enormous girth pushed me open wider than I had ever felt before. As he slowly eased more of himself inside me, I felt more of me stretching wider to accommodate him. The fear of being so close to being caught only added to the incredible feeling of being taken by a young stallion. Leo quickly went past the point Chris usually reached and kept on going, reaching up deep inside and flooding my body with pleasure that I had never experienced.

The menderes escort desire to make him fuck me properly was almost too strong to overcome. I found myself moving against him, offering a better angle which Leo used to force more of his cock into my hungry pussy. I reached down and felt his huge tool sticking out of me, almost a third left and he was already deeper in me than I thought possible. His trunks were pulled down just enough to allow his cock and balls free, I played with them as he worked his way into me, each one huge, much bigger than Chris’ grape sized ones.

We were rocking the water dangerously now, small ripples which threatened to give us away but the desire to see if I could fit all of him inside me, coupled with my growing orgasm was making me act recklessly.

“You are so fucking tight” I felt Leo’s voice whisper next to me. “You need to slow down or I’m going lose it.”

Normally, that kind of porno talk wouldn’t interest me but I was so turned on, so happy at being naturally good at this that I felt electrified.

There was a deep pressure as Leo fed the last of his length inside me and I monitored his progress breathlessly, feeling as the last of his length pressed and seemed to push past my cervix. I felt like his cock would be pushing out of the front of my stomach but when I looked my flat stomach gave nothing away, but the disappearance of the black shape in the water underneath me spoke volumes.

The trouble was, we were stuck. I was desperate to fuck him, wanting to feel his powerful thrusts as he took me completely but we couldn’t really move without attracting attention from the others. I tensed my pussy against him, earning myself tiny twinges of pleasure but it was the sheer size of the cock in my tight pussy which meant my orgasm seemed to keep growing. The thought that I wasn’t on birth control at the moment flicked quickly across my mind, quickly chased out by the fact Leo wasn’t going to cum in me and that it was really unlikely I would get pregnant just from fooling around like this.

I kept tensing my pussy, my pleasure quickly overcoming my senses. I felt Leo’s hands grip into my sides hard and I felt my orgasm coming even closer.

“Slow down”, Leo’s voice whispered urgently again.

I couldn’t though, I was allowing myself tiny strokes against his cock, using the movement of the water to gently fuck, savouring the feeling of his massive cock stretching out my pussy. I just needed to touch that orgasm, just experience it. “Just hold on a minute, I’m nearly there”, I whispered back. His fingers dug in deeper, I was so close to it. I could feel how strong it was going to be, could feel the rhythm of my blood pounding in my ears as I felt his dick shift deep in me.

Leo’s hands were pushing against me now. Looking back I can admire the amount of self-control it must have taken him to try and get me off him but I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I didn’t even care when I looked over and saw Kerrie looking at me with a self-indulgent smile playing across her face. The others hadn’t seen so I didn’t care.

“No, just cum in me.” I whispered back at Leo. “Let me cum, I’m so close.”

Secretly, I think I wanted him to cum in me. As though that would seal the fact he had taken me and there had been no half-measures. There were no thoughts of pregnancy and I didn’t even try to justify to myself that it wasn’t cheating any more. There was a moment of hesitation before Leo’s grip relaxed and I rode him with gentle strokes until my orgasm exploded inside of me, taking every ounce of control I possessed not to cry out with the pleasure of it.

Leo tensed underneath me, pushing his cock as deep as it would go into my pussy and I felt it pulsing as he shot wave after wave of hot cum right into my tight, fertile, unprotected pussy. It heightened my pleasure even more and I gasped out as he filled me with his cum, I could feel it being pumped inside me with a raw power. I felt it rush into my body which accepted it gratefully, feeding my own orgasm to even greater heights I met Kerrie’s eye again and couldn’t even muster up the energy to acknowledge her, for that moment, I was grateful to her.

As I floated in my sexual satisfaction, I already started planning how to get Leo into the house. About how to have him fuck me over and over, each time pumping more of that hot, beautiful cum deep inside my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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