In Your Room Ch. 01

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“So, are we finally going to meet up?” I typed excitedly.

I had been chatting to this gorgeous woman online for over a year now and we got on really well. We seemed to be very similar in our likes and dislikes and both had developed a strong need to meet and take our relationship further.

“I think we finally are, yes” she typed back, “I’m so nervous, you will look after me won’t you?”

I could tell she was playing the innocent. She didn’t need looking after; in fact I was hoping she would take care of me.

“Of course” I replied “we are going to have an amazing time.”

We had arranged this meeting for months but things kept coming up and we had to cancel near the last minute on a few occasions but this time we had planned it for tomorrow evening and we had never been so close before.

We finished off the finer details whilst staring at each other through the web cams. I was to meet her in a restaurant I had picked especially for the occasion. I was able to get there earlier, so I was to check into the hotel and make the room nice.

I was sat in the entrance lounge to the restaurant when she walked in. WOW!!! She was more beautiful than I could imagine. We had sent each other photographs and chatted online with our web cams but in person, she was stunning. Thankfully she was tall as I was well over six foot and her body was wonderfully curvy. I stood and put my arm around her waist as I leant forward and kissed her passionately.

I arranged for her coat and overnight bag to be taken care of and we sat in a quiet alcove near the back of the place.

We had a great time. We acted like we met everyday and must have seemed like love struck teenagers the way we mooned at each other.

The meal was fantastic and the wine flowed as we sat laughing and holding each other in the darkening restaurant. I could tell that we both felt the urgency of our bodies. A primal urge to physically connect. I was in a permanent state of arousal and I knew that our first offerings to each other wouldn’t last long.

We had been so engrossed in each other that when we looked up we Escort bayan saw that we were the last there. As we were in a side booth and with a candle lighting us, we hadn’t notice that everyone else had eaten and left. A waiter stood politely to one side.

We left shamefully, giggling to each other and walked out into the cold winter night air

The hotel was only a couple of hundred yards away and we almost staggered in our woozy warm felt state.

At the hotel we made our way to the room and I locked the door behind us. No-one knew we were there.

The room was amazing. A marbled bathroom with a huge Jacuzzi bath and mirrored walls made it even more special.

The bed is was huge super king-size four-poster and it was decked out in gothic deep blues and silver, as is the rest of the room. We lit the church candles scattered around the room and we soon had it looking like a dark boudoir full of dark corners and mysterious flickerings.

But the best part about the room was the amazing windows. The hotel was situated on a cliff face and the full length floor to ceiling windows opened out to the sea. They spanned the width of the hotel room and I opened the thick curtains to reveal the sea lit brightly with the full moon.

The moon shone into the room and lit up all the sliver thread and metal work in the room. We blew out the candles and felt a real sense of calmness and relaxation.

I looked around to find the bottle of red wine that had been breathing on the side. I poured us both a glass and we sat on the edge of the bed looking out to the sea. Gulls swept past the window and in the distance we saw a tanker making its way to a more exotic place.

I turned to look into you eyes and reach to kiss your lips tenderly. I taste the wine and gently lick your lips to taste you more.

Your lips part and you edge your tongue out to flick at mine and withdraw it, teasing me to follow. I move my tongue further into your mouth as you pull it further inside. Then you close your lips around my tongue and gently suck on it as both of your hands come up Bayan Escort to hold my head.

We part gasping for air and stare at each other, both knowing that we are turning each other on so much.

You lie back on the bed and put your arms up above your head so you are fully stretched out in front of me. I look at you, devouring you with my eyes. You close your eyes and just say four words….”Make love to me”……..

I kneel on the bed above you and bend over your face and kiss you hard and passionately. Your chest rises and falls rapidly as you hold the back of my head, not wanting me to let go of your mouth with my lips. I pull away from you in order to see you in all your glory again before I undress you and take you. I notice your eyes are moist with tears.

I reach down with my finger and wipe a tear from your cheek and place it to my lips to kiss it then place it to your lips. You open your mouth and take the tip of my finger and suck it gently. The feeling sends bolts of lightning through my body and nestles between my legs, making me harden at the prospect of your lips round my hard cock.

You look deep into my eyes as you keep sucking my finger, flicking the tip with your tongue.

With my other hand I spread your hair out on the bed, slowly stroking your head. My hand moves down to your neck and my fingers carefully trace the contours of your smooth body down to your breasts. I can see your nipples through the cloth of your white blouse as if reaching out, eager to be touched.

I waste no time and undo your buttons and let the blouse fall open to reveal your pure white skin to me. Your bra is bursting to release your beautiful tits and your breath deepens as I trace lines around your nipples. You arch your back and reach behind you, unclasping your bra. It gives and allows your breasts relief to relax, waiting for my next touch. I lift the bra up, carefully letting it brush against your skin and nipples until they bounce back once released completely.

I can’t help myself. I bend forward and gently kiss one of your nipples. You moan and Escort arch your back slightly to push it into my mouth. I feel it extend further as I flick it with my tongue and clasp it so slightly between my teeth and pull back, tugging on it till it makes your breast stretch. I let go and watch as your tit bounces back.

God this is going to be so good. Devouring you bit by bit. I move to your other breast and trace around your nipple in long tongue strokes but leaving it standing alone untouched. But I can’t leave it there for long and I pounce on it, my whole mouth wide, I take it deep it and suck hard making your whole breast pull with it.

I pull back then and look down at you again. Your face is flushed and your breathing heavy. You reach up and unbutton my shirt, eager to feel my chest against your. To feel the warmth of our skin together.

You pull the last part of my shirt from my pants and put both arms around my back and pull me close to you. The hairs on my chest touch your breasts first and we both moan as my weight pins you down. But you keep pulling me tight to you, kissing my neck and whispering how much you want me inside you as you nibble my ear.

That’s it, we both seem to explode with urgency, both wanting the same thing.

I pull back and stand, letting my shirt fall to the floor and attack my trousers and shoes.

You tear at your blouse and bra, then lie back and slip your skirt and knickers off. I notice that they are wet from your juices and this spurs me on more. I nearly fall over in my haste to finish undressing. You lie back on the bed, completely naked and stroking your tits. You move your hand down to your pussy and run a finger from bottom to top, pushing your lips apart then put it in your mouth and suck it, all the time watching me intensely.

I realise that I have stopped completely, watching you turn me on so much. You look down at my rock hard cock and lick your lips as you use the same finger you’ve just sucked to beckon me to you, a slight smile on your face.

I step towards the bed and you reach out and grasp my cock.

This isn’t the time for more foreplay. We both know that it won’t take much for us both to cum and we don’t want to waste it. Besides, we have all night.

I am pulled towards you as you keep pulling and you lift your knees slightly as I start to kneel

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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