Initiation Ch. 01

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Madison stood at the door waiting for someone to answer it. She was nervous as hell and kept fixing her skirt, trying to pull it down lower. Her best friend, Maria, had picked her outfit. Otherwise, she would never wear such a short skirt, such high heels, and a low-cut shirt. She had tried to protest, but Maria wouldn’t listen. Now, she was standing outside Jasmine’s door waiting for her to answer.

Jasmine answered the door and was wearing a sexy little red dress that barely covered her ass. She was wearing 5-inch “fuck me” heels and was smiling nervously.



Madison walked in and followed Jasmine to her bedroom. It was a large house and she wondered if they were alone. Once they got to her room, she closed the door.

“So, want to start?”

Jasmine leaned over and kissed Madison softly. Her lips were warm and soft and tasted a bit like strawberries. Madison responded by kissing her back. She moved until they were both sitting on the bed and then leaned back so they were on their sides facing each other. Both were breathing hard as they explored each other’s bodies.

“I never wear anything like this normally.”

“Me either.”

Both of them laughed as they slowly undressed each other. Their hearts were beating so fast and both of them were very nervous. Once naked, bursa escort they stared at each other. Madison’s pussy was freshly shaved and her breasts were small, but perky. Jasmine’s pussy was waxed bare and her breasts, which were once spilling over her dress, hung down a bit with the nipples hard and pointy.

“I only wax because I’m a competitive swimmer and it’s easier to wear bathing suits that way.”

Jasmine blurted this piece of information out nervously, trying to justify how her pussy looked.

“It’s O.K. I usually never shave but Maria, my best friend, demanded it, saying something about hairs in the mouth.”

Jasmine giggled as she pushed Madison onto her back and settled between her legs. Spreading her wide she began to lick along the outside of her pussy lips. She could taste her juices and liked the taste. She continued to lick and then circled her tongue around Madison’s clit before sucking it into her mouth. Madison arched her back and dug her hands into Jasmine’s dark hair. She cried out and Jasmine could feel her getting wetter. She continued to lap at her juices as her lips wrapped tight around her clit. Jasmine looked up at Madison, realizing how turned on she was getting. She licked her index and middle finger and then slid it deep inside Madison. She immediately arched her back and grabbed bursa escort bayan at Jasmine’s hair. Taking this to be a good sign, she pushed up against her g-spot and rubbed hard and fast. She knew that when her past boyfriends did this to her it felt amazing and wondered if she could do the same for Madison.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck.” Madison cried out as her body shuttered from her orgasm. She pushed Jasmine’s fingers out of her pussy. She was so sensitive down there. Finally able to calm down, she sat up.

“My turn.”

Jasmine nodded and turned around so she was crouching above Madison’s mouth. Madison pulled her close and eagerly stuck her tongue into Madison’s pussy. She wiggled her tongue and then used her fingers to slide in and out. Jasmine was able to lean over and rub Madison’s clit harder and faster. Both girls where panting so hard and so fast. At one point, they rolled so Jasmine was on the bottom. Her hands wrapped tight around Madison’s hips as Madison fingered her with four fingers.

“Cum, baby. I know you want it.”

“You first.”

Both girls were desperate to cum, but wanted to make the other cum first. By this time Madison was kneading Jasmine’s cute ass and licking her smooth bare pussy.

“Let’s cum together.”

Madison and Jasmine sat up and wrapped their legs escort bursa around each other, their pussies grinding hard against each other. They kissed, tasting each other’s juices. As Madison came she gushed a bit, causing Jasmine to cum so hard she dug her nails into Madison’s back.


“Wow is right.”

Sitting up they were covered in a thin layer of sweat. The room smelled like sex and their clothes were all over the place.

“So I heard that most girls freak when they find out what they have to do as their last task.”

“Yeah I know. It’s a great sorority though and it will be so much better living there then in the residence next year.”

Jasmine got up first and grabbed a pink fluffy robe, wrapping it around her body. Madison stood up and slowly dressed. She was grinning at Jasmine.

“So do we get to do that again sometime or was that a one time thing?”

Jasmine didn’t answer. She led Madison to the front door and then pressed her against it and whispered against her lips.

“Of course, sweetie. Just call me anytime your boyfriend can’t make you cum.”

Madison blushed and kissed Jasmine softly before walking out the door and down the pathway.

Two weeks later they were both welcomed into the secret sorority. It was not a school approved organization and only certain women were chosen to pledge. Jasmine and Madison were welcomed with open arms and were excited to enjoy their first year of college. They also couldn’t wait until they got to be roommates in the sorority house next year.

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