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I was at the beach one pleasant Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t swimming or surfing or anything, just taking it easy, lazing around and enjoying the sunshine. Getting a bit of a tan while I idled around.

I’d gone for a stroll and had come across this charming little nook at the side of the beach. It was a grassy area surrounded by bushes, the perfect spot for someone wanting a bit of alone time. Saying it was at the side of the beach is really a bit of a misnomer. The path that I’d been wandering along had taken a steep slant climbing up what was once a hill. I say once a hill because wave action had long ago eroded the seaward side of the hill, leaving it as an almost sheer cliff. It was an oddity, really, the only high bit of ground in the area.

I’d settled down on the grass and was just staring off into space. You know how it is when you sit and let your mind wander. You could be looking at a troop of unicorns prancing past but, with your mind not engaged, your eyes just don’t see. Which is why I got a little bit of a shock when someone spoke to me.

“Well,” this sweet sounding voice demanded, “have you seen enough yet?”

I blinked as both mind and eyes came into focus and I found I had been staring at this sweetly innocent young thing. There was a young blonde lass standing there. She had a heart shaped face, hair that was so fair that it seemed to glow in the sunlight, sparkling blue eyes, kissable red lips that were currently pouting slightly, and an amused expression on her face. She gave off a total aura of untouched innocence and naivety. Even the fact that was only wearing a rather brief bikini didn’t detract from the overall appearance of innocence.

“I suppose,” she said, standing there with her hands on her hips and looking exasperated, “that you’re thinking that you’d like to fuck me. Not going to happen, mister.”

I was taken aback just slightly at this pronouncement. Partly because she had the gall to say it and partly because the comment jarred with the way she looked. Lips as sweetly innocent as hers should never pass such a word as fuck, or even know what it referred to.

“Ah, no,” I said. “What I was initially thinking of was what would it be like to sail an Indian clipper around Cape Horn in the wild winter weather. What I’m thinking of now is how old is this young lady?”

I was genuinely curious, too. She was one of those girls who could have been anything from fifteen to twenty, or possibly even older. I had no doubt that she’d still pass for a girl in her twenties when she passed the forty mark. An ageless Aphrodite.

“Really?” she asked, sounding doubtful. “Well, I’m eighteen.”

Yes, I could see that she well could be. I probably would have accepted nineteen or twenty, as well.

“And your name is?”


“Angela. Fitting,” I said in a musing tone of voice, continuing to look at her.

“Would you like to know what I’m thinking about now?” I asked.

She gave me a rather scornful look.

“I can guess. You’re thinking that you’d like to fuck me. It’s just taking you a while to admit it. It’s not going to happen.”

“Wrong again,” I replied with a little put upon sigh. “What I was actually thinking is that you want to fuck me. Now I’m trying to decide if I’ll let you.”

“Me fuck you? Are you kidding? And what do you mean, let me?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want you to think I’m easy,” I pointed out.

I slowly rose to my Escort bayan feet, stretching as I did so. She blinked as she finally saw me standing. I suspect that I was a lot larger than she’d thought.

Now that I was standing Angela was in easy reach.

“Excuse me,” I said, reaching.

She looked at me puzzled, wondering what I was doing. Then my finger hooked into the waistband at the front of her bikini and I pulled it forward and down. She looked down at herself, seeing herself exposed, knowing that I was looking at her.

“What?” she said, finding I’d released her before she could pull away.

“Just checking,” I told her. “Did you know that they say a nicely shaved mons is the sign of a passionate nature? Ah, if you’ll excuse me again?”

This time I pulled one of the cups of her top off to the side, releasing her breast.

“Uh-huh. This, of course, is a sign that you’re already slightly aroused,” I informed her, my finger lightly caressing her peaked nipple.

She gasped, but she was woefully late in trying to slap my hand away. Blushing she pushed her top back into place.

“There, you see,” I said, as if that explained everything.

“See what?” she demanded.

“You raised the question of sex in the first place,” I pointed out. “In addition to that the lovely smoothness of your mons betrays your passionate nature and your nipples are showing that you’re aroused. You want to have sex with me but aren’t quite sure how to go about asking. Don’t worry, the message had got through. I’ll yield quite willingly.”

I put a hand on her back and turned and walked into the little nook, a little pressure on her back bringing her with me.

“Instead of just taking off your bikini, why don’t you drop my shorts and see what you’re getting,” I suggested.

“You’re kidding, aren’t you? You don’t really expect me to. . .”

Her voice dried away while I nodded gravely.

“Yes, I do expect you to. You need to be a bit more definite about going for what you want. Now why don’t you get started?”

OK. I’ll admit that I was guessing. I’d had a hunch that her initial comment was supposed to lead to a pick-me-up but just how far she’d intended things to go was anyone’s guess. At this point I was thinking that she’d back off and run a mile. Starting a mild flirtation was one thing. Being asked to undress someone was something else again.

Her appearance of total innocence was a lie. She flushed slightly, but then she reached out, undid my shorts and tugged them down. It only took her moments to have my underpants following my shorts. If you don’t think I had an erection by the time a sweet young thing started taking my shorts down you’re kidding yourself.

She stood there looking at me, face flushed, breathing harder.

“Are you going to take my bikini off now?” she asked, sounding nervous.

“Hey, don’t ask me. It’s your show,” I told her cheerfully. “You decide what happens next.”

Hesitantly she reached out and touched my cock. Started to jerk her hand back, stopped, swallowed, and took firm hold of me. She made a funny little sound deep in the back of her throat and started handling my cock properly, using both hands. She squeezed it and ran her hands back and forth along it. Exquisite torture at its finest.

“How about I lie on the grass before I fall down?”

“Do it,” she said, her voice starting to sound commanding.

I sank Bayan Escort down onto the grass, first sitting, then lying flat on my back. I had to move slowly because her hand held tight all the way. Sitting curled up next to me she explored her new little toy, her touch making it bigger and harder by the second.

She finally let go and ran her hands over my chest and stomach, just familiarising herself with my body.

“Um, do you want me to. . .?” she started, but I held up a hand.

“Your choice, remember?”

She shut up and her hand captured my cock again. She moved it so it was standing upright, away from my body, then she bent down and her hot little mouth closed over me.

If her hands on me had been torture you can imagine what her mouth was like. I groaned. I couldn’t help myself, and she giggled and teased me some more. Fortunately for me she didn’t know exactly what she was doing to me and she fumbled just enough to prevent me losing my load. Alternatively, she did know what she was doing and very skilfully prevented me from losing my load. Either scenario might have applied. The end result was a very hard, very tight, cock, standing tall and proud and hurtful.

I swear, if Angela hadn’t chosen the next moment to stand up I’d have had her flat on her back, bikini ripped off, and rock hard cock placed just where it would do me the most good. Fortunately, she did stand up and take a step back, looking down at her handiwork with every evidence of gleeful satisfaction, still looking like a totally naïve innocent.

Her gaze switched to my face and she blushed slightly, just a tinge of red appearing in her cheeks. Reaching around behind herself she undid her bikini top and then hauled it up over her head, dropping it on the ground next to her. Still watching me closely she dropped the bottom half of that bikini and stood there, stark staring naked, trying to see what effect she had on me. What effect did she expect, I couldn’t help wondering. If my cock grew any larger it would break off.

Apparently satisfied with her results she sank back down onto the grass, moving over me at the same time so she was straddling me, my cock rearing up in front of her. She leaned forward until she was flush against me, her breasts rubbing against my chest, my cock sandwiched between us. Slowly she wriggled higher and I could feel her dragging against my cock. It didn’t take her long until she was high enough to release my cock, which promptly moved up away from my body, pressing up between her legs.

That was the point where she stopped wriggling forward and started wriggling back down. Her hand darted down between her legs, locating my cock and adjusting its position to her satisfaction. Another little wriggle and I could feel the mouth of her passage opening and pressing against the head of my cock. Seeing I wasn’t protesting this violation of my body she pressed a little harder, my cock sinking deeper in.

Now that she had her initial contact she stopped wriggling. Now she chose to sit upright, moving slowly so that she was able to sink more fully onto me. After a couple of careful adjustments she was sitting, straddling me, my cock fully sheathed within her silken passage.

She was looking incredible smug and pleased with herself. I’d noted on the way in that she wasn’t a virgin but I refused to believe that she’d had all that much experience. Now she was about to garner some more experience Escort on her own terms. At least, I assume that was what she was thought she was doing.

She started rocking back and forth. Not all that much movement but certainly enough to start my cock sliding back and forth inside her. Also enough movement and friction to start me sweating. Sweating blood, I think.

She kept that slow rocking motion going while I tried to hang on to my senses. Don’t interfere, I told myself. Let her have her fun. I could see she was enjoying the sensations she was feeling and I could also tell when she decided she wanted something more. The problem was she wasn’t quite sure what was the best way to get the more she wanted so she experimented, trying different ways to get a decent stroke going. Each way she tried was worse than the one before, in my opinion.

I was about to make a forcible suggestion followed by an even more forcible demonstration when she finally hit upon a method that seemed to suit her. She leaned forward until her breasts were brushing my chest and then used her hips to start sliding up and down my staff, slowly at first and then with more enthusiasm as she found it met her requirements.

Finally she was getting thoroughly fucked. Acting on the assumption that she wouldn’t object to a little subtle assistance I started my own hips flexing a little, driving up and into her with increased determination. At the same time my hands closed over her breasts, holding them, stroking them, loving them.

Not wanting to let loose and completely wreck her fun I was holding back a little, but just a little. She was gasping and hurrying now, wanting that little extra. Deciding that she deserved it I put that little extra in. (I knew damn well that I deserved it.)

She suddenly climaxed, bouncing into a sitting erect position and squeezing me for all she was worth. She drained me dry in nothing flat, gasping and shuddering as she did so. Then she slowly sank forward until she was lying on top of me, completely relaxed.

She suddenly sat up and scrambled off me, grabbing for her bikini.

“Oh my goodness,” she gasped as she scrambled to put it back on. “How could you? How could you do such a thing to me? Have you no shame, to use me when I was clearly so unwilling?”

My brain was scrambling to try to work out just where the hell she was coming from. I used her? She effectively knocked me down and jumped on board. Not quite the actions of a young lady being unwillingly seduced?

“What?” I said, probably sounding completely confused.

“I distinctly told you I wasn’t going to have sex with you,” she pointed out. “Twice. And you let it happen anyway. That’s almost rape. I trust you’ll at least try to act like a gentleman and not tell anyone how you took such unfair advantage of me.”

“Ah, yes, gentleman, that’s me. Not a word shall I say.” By this time I was putting my own shorts back on.

She had her bikini back on and was looking frighteningly demure even though it was only a bikini. Her air of naïve innocence had settled back over her. Sex? It was obvious that any suggestions or innuendos on that subject would float right past her, unnoticed.

She trotted off down the path, following the hill back down to the beach. I watched her go, feeling rather bemused. I did notice that my sweet little innocent deviated once she reached the beach, running into the water for a quick dip and refresh. Then she was off, scampering down the beach.

I did make one little promise to myself. If I ran into that young lady again I would blatantly invite her to step aside with me on the clear understanding that I would be fucking her, hot and hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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