Intergalactic Intimacy

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Lensman (aka. SF Shinseiki Lensman) is trademark of E.E. “doc” Smith, MK Productions Ltd. and Toho studios.


Worsel and Kim Kinnison were alone in the Galactic Patrol base, while all the other members left the base to do the duties assigned to them. Buscirk, Clarisse McDougal and the rest of Kim‘s comrades were busy with gathering information for the GP base. Kim didn’t have anything to do during the weekend so he decided to stay and give Lensman Worsel some company. Both of the Lensmen decided to stay on the base, to make sure that the Boskone invaders will not plan a surprise attack.

Worsel and Kim were both watching TV and channels from all over the galaxy to keep busy. Kim sat in a chair directly to the right of Worsel. While Kim was watching TV, he noticed that Worsel placed his right foot on his knee to become more comfortable. Kim continued to watch TV for a several more minutes. He look down again just as Worsel switched his left foot to be placed on his knee. Kim’s eyes were completely locked on the foot of Worsel as his sole was totally exposed for his own eyes to see. He suddenly felt a hardness between his legs.

Kim was totally surprised to get this kind of reaction. As Testosterone began following through his veins, he wanted to touch foot soles of Worsel to feel for his own pleasure.

Kim was totally sexually active like someone turned on a light switch inside of him. But suddenly it all stopped as it was interrupted as Worsel started to speak to him.

“Kim, I’m going to take a quick warm bath. It has been days since we bathed ” said Worsel.

“Alright. I see no objection!“ Kim replied . “Plus, it would feel great to wash off that space grime!“ It was about 10 o’clock at night just when they turned off the TV.

“Kim, Bomonti Escort in case you need to go to bed,I already set up a bed for you in my room.”

“Ok that’s fine with me”

They both walked out of the TV room. Worsel and Kim Kinnison turned left to head for the bathroom, to bathe with each other. It was quite a plesant experience for both of the Lensmen. Worsel started to take please in the Human Kim taking his clothing off, revealing his lean, slender body to the Reptilian Lensman from Planet Valencia. Worsel suddenly started to spread out Kim’s pale human legs and placed them on his reptilian thighs. All of the sudden, Kim felt Worsel’s thin green tail travel into his warm anus.

“Oh yes Worsel! This is so great!” Kim moaned telepathically through his lens.

“Indeed!” Worsel replied. “This is only the beginning!” Worsel’s slender green hands slid themselves into Kim’s red pubic hair, giving the young human an erection. Kim started to kiss and lick the great reptilian all over his sleek, scaly body.

“Yes, yes!” Kim moaned through the Lens. “I’m looking forward to more indeed.” Then, the two Lensmen started to wash each other, feeling up on their bodies in great ecstasy.

Ten minutes past. Worsel and Kim both walked in the bedroom with a towel around their waist line. Kim already slipped on a robe and slipped off the towel. Wosel walked to his dresser to put on a nightgown and pulled off the towel from his waist and threw it on the floor. Kim saw Worsel being completely naked, his green body shining greatly.

As the Lensmen were putting on their gowns, they turned just enough to see each other’s cloaca. Kim started to get rather turned on as he continued to watch Worsel expose himself like that. Then Worsel jumped in bed with Kim. When he pulled over the covers, his feet were exposed; Kim could completely see both of his soles.

Bomonti Escort Bayan “This is all have to be coincidence for this to happen.” Kim thought to himself in utter bliss.

As Worsel closed his crimson eyes, Kim crawled out of his bed very quietly. He walked toward Worsel’s exposed feet. His arm was extended to be able to touch the tough thick soles.

He then placed his hand completely flat on Worsel’s thin foot. Peter looked up and saw Worsel’s eyes were slightly open as he was watching him. He was very embarrassed on what he was doing to Worsel.

“Why did you stop?” Worsel asked telepathically. “It was starting to feel good.” Kim put a big grin on his face.

He forced his hand to touch every part of Worsel’s sole. His handed started from the heel and slowly worked its way up to the toes. He started to lick his lips as he wanted his tongue to taste the soles of Worsel’s feet. Kim quickly took off his robe to be more comfortable has he licks Worsel’s feet.

Worsel ripped the covers off of him. He then lifted up his nightgown to expose his cloaca fully for Kim to see. As Kim wetted Worsel’s feet with his saliva soaked tongue, Worsel’s grassy green and fleshy penis began to raise out of his body as it started grow and to become harder with every lick of Kim’s tongue.

Kim saw Worsel’s huge green penis that was fully covered with even more darker green veins. He started to press his tongue harder on Worsel’s foot, so he could fully taste and feel the thick sole that he is licking. Peter must have relicked some areas of the Valancian’s foot more than a dozen times.

“Kim, can you do me a favor?” Worsel asked calmly. “Could you lick my penis for me?”

“For you Worsel, anything!” Kim said to Worsel.

This was the right moment he was waiting for, he could finally taste Worsel’s genitalia for the first time. Escort Bomonti Kim got up onto Worsel’s torso. He grabbed the Valancian’s penis at mid section. Kim didn’t waste any time tasting the pre-cum that was all over the crotch of Worsel, his secret crush besides Clarisse. With his other hand he started to stroke his own so he could also feel his pleasure with Worsel.

While Kim licked at Worsel’s tip, the alien Lensman was stroking his penis really fast so he could get full pleasure has he prepares for his orgasm. He continued to squirt out pre-cum for Kim to taste. Worsel felt his orgasm coming inside of him finally. This was the moment he have been waiting for. He started to stroked his penis with smoother, longer strokes.

“Oh Kim, it’s coming,” Worsel chuckled.

The Valancian felt it enter into his rock hard penis and just about nearing to the end. He felt his entire part of his body getting ready for this moment. As Kim watched Worsel preparing the big moment, a big rush of white creamy fluids shot right out of Worsel’s penis and out onto his chest, his wings/arms and stomach.

“Ahhh, that felt good,” said Worsel with long deep breaths.

Just as Kim saw Worsel’s event happen, he start to feel his own coming to him as well. Kim walk over to Worsel’s feet as he prepared for his own big event. Grabbing the outer toes, he stroked his stiff penis with fast against the huge left sole and soon a sudden splash of his own white creamy fluids went all over on warm surface.

Worsel took his semen and spread it all around his body so that every cell on his skin could fell his pleasure. Also Kim rubbed with his hands his semen all over Worsel’s soles like it was wax. As he got up, he saw the Valancian’s penis enter back into his body.

“Kim that was great lets go get some sleep so we could do that all over again tomorrow night”, said Worsel.

“Okay….” Kim smiled. “….but don’t you dare tell Clarisse about this, m’kay? ” “I won’t.” Worsel laughed. “Why would I?”

Kim and Worsel got dressed and Kim jumped back into bed. He was so exhausted from his great moment with Worsel as he just closed his eyes and he was fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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