Internet Encounters

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Slowly she got dressed after her shower. He was finally coming to see her. After six months of chatting sharing and teasing online, Mike was finally going to visit and they could finally meet.

Ami, was wondering what to wear so she picked a soft pink set of panties with matching bra. A pair of shorts tight, but not to tight, and a low cut tee shirt.

On her way to the airport, she was a bit nervous, but still excited as she though of all they had shared. Stories, details of love affairs and hot sexual encounters. She had revealed her deep inter self to this man who she had not ever met. The anticipation and excitement made her squirm a bit in the back seat.

At the airport she waited at the gate, the passengers were unloading and about 20 people had walked out of the gate when she saw him. Not a dashing stud, but exactly what she had envisioned from the pictures they had exchanged. As their eyes met they both broke into big smiles.

He quickly ran over to her taking her into his arms. She felt his desire for her as he held her close. His lips met hers as they softly kissed in the center of the gate area oblivious to any activity going on around them.

Hand in hand they headed towards the luggage area and a cab for her apartment.

In the cab, he again leaned close pulling her near as he put his arm around her. A kiss again this time deeper and a bit longer lasting. A preview of his desire for her as his tongue softly played with hers. Strong arms massaged her back and shoulders as they kissed.

A bit of tour guide as Ami pointed out some landmarks as they headed out of town for her home.

She leaned her head on his shoulder smiling at the peace she felt in his arms. Her “sole mate” had come to life and she was resting in his embrace.

She talked of plans for clubbing, special dinners at her favorite restaurant, a quiet şişli escort bar she particularly enjoyed and a few of her friends that she wanted Mike to meet. This was going to be a special 4 days.

Once home, Mike quickly pulled her into his arms as the door closed and he dropped his suitcase on the floor.

His lips felt so warm and inviting as they engaged in a passionate long kiss. His hands roaming her back and teasing her bottom.. Arms pulling her pelvis to him. She felt his hardness through his jeans. His lips nibbled down her neck and shoulders, teasingly nipping at her ears tongue tickling as he went. His hands under her shirt caressing her nipples through her bra. feeling them swell for his fingers as they rubbed and stroked.

Lips and teeth nibbling lower he raised her shirt and his lips engulfed a nipple as he pulled it into his mouth. Sucking and nipping the swelling was good between his lips. His hands were rubbing and caressing her back hips and tummy as he alternately paid homage to both breasts causing the nipples to bloom in his mouth.

After an eternity his hands undid her shorts dropping then to the ground. On his knees he pulled her panties down as he spread her legs and pushed her bottom back against the hall way wall. Spreading her he inhaled her feminine musk, thumbs spreading her labia as his tongue dipped for the first sweet taste of her loving juices.

Pulling her clit into his mouth he teased it with tongue and teeth, wishing it to respond to his ministrations with a swelling and sensitivity. He could feel her push her hips towards his mouth and tongue indicating her desire for more. The entire time his hands were caressing her bottom and thighs, bringing thousands of goose bumps to her skin were the nails and hands had lingered.

He continued to lick and suck her swollen clit taksim escort as his hands reached up and played with her nipples. She for the first time, let out a moan and fell forward forcing him to grab her bottom to support her.

He looked lovingly up into her eyes. Both smiled as she looked at her Internet lover kneeling between her legs face covered with her wetness. Just like she had dreamed about so many times.

His licking became faster and she could feel herself tightening around his tongue as the first sign of her impending orgasm swelled her vagina’s lips. In her mind she could feel the powerful takeover of emotions that would sweep her into ecstasy as the powerful orgasmic forces began to take over her entire being.

Her eyes closed, she could feel her juices flowing and the powerful experience hit her sweeping all away from her mind but the thoughts of wonder as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her entire body.

Slowly Ami opened her eyes still shivering from the numerous aftershocks from the intense orgasm. She locked down to see Mike with his cheek against her pelvis, hands holding her hips against the wall to keep her from falling. She broke into a smile as she saw her juices shining on his face. He was looking up at her face with an adoring smile. ” Was that OK? ” he asked. “WOW!, OK it was terrific, it has been so long since I have experienced anything that intense.”

Mike slowly came to his feet, leaving slow wet traces of his tongue along her thighs, tummy, both nipples and neck. Ami shivered again as his strong arms pulled her to him. He leaned forward drawing her tongue deep into his mouth as the slowly kissed again. She tasted a mixture of her own juices mingled with a bit of peppermint from the mint Mike had obviously had just before he met her at the airport. She giggled, “you fatih escort taste good” she whispered into his mouth as the kiss lingered. Reaching down between his legs, her fingers caressed the obvious bulge that protruded through his jeans. “does that hurt? ” she inquired smiling at her new lover. He looked into her eyes and softly kissed both lids then placed another kiss on the tip of her nose. He broke into a big grin.

“Naw,” he said, but it would be much happier in a warm wet nest.

Mike picked her up and carried her into the bedroom depositing her on the bed. He started laughing as he looked at her. Hair all messed up, pink panties hanging from one ankle, shoes and socks still on and her own juices still glistening on her inner thighs. You sure are cute he giggled just as I imagined you many times as we chatted online. Mike slowly lifted his shirt above his head and leaned over removing his shoes and socks. Then he undid his belt and let his pants drop to the floor.

Walking slowly to the bed he climbed above and slipped his engorged penis into the warm wet nest that awaited between her spread legs. Gasping as he entered, Ami thrust her pelvis up to meet him as he slowly sank to the bottom of her wetness. Their lips again met as Mike slowly started long slow movements of his hips bringing himself almost totally out before plunging back into the warmth and wetness that felt so heavenly. He could feel the warmth that was being generated from his thrusts and the wetness increased again as his thrusts became more urgent.

His hands caressed her nipples as they continued to kiss. Movement and moans from both lovers soon filled the room as the intensity of there love making increased. Feeling her start to gush with wetness and a heat that was almost burning, he grabbed her hips and pulled himself into her as deeply as possible as he exploded…. She could feel the pulsing as wave after wave of his orgasm filled her and mingled with her own wetness. They both collapsed in a moment of complete peace.

Rolling over, he took her into his arms gazing into her eyes. Fingers softly caressing her back… they both fell into a deep restful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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