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I reached down and pulled Annette up to me. Her body slid between my thighs as she pushed and I pulled. Her small breasts settled into the pillow of my larger breasts. I kissed her lightly on the lips; more of a peck than a kiss. She pulled away and looked down at our breasts touching. “I still love your breasts. They feel so good against mine,” she cooed. She moved her shoulders rubbing her breasts against mine. I moaned and pulled her to me again. We kissed. Her tongue started swabbing my lips. I opened my mouth a little. Her tongue started licking around the hole of my mouth. I touched her tongue with my own. She moaned. She lifted off of me again. She looked deeply into my eyes. I fell into her deep blue ones. “What are we doing?” she asked gently.

“I don’t know,” I said, “But it sure feels good.”

She smiled and kissed me again. “My turn now, you said?” she asked.

“Yeah, your turn,” I answered.

Annette smiled, “Let’s see who comes in the door, then. Okay?”

“Okay,” I said.

After our experience earlier in the evening, who knew what might happen?

Annette sat up and grabbed the remote. Gary Roddmann was still frozen on the DVD screen, his huge, hard cock in his hand and one finger up his asshole. He was in this position because someone had rung his doorbell and he was close to coming, real close. Annette had introduced me to this new experience of the interactive DVD. This DVD was titled, ‘A Day with Gary Roddmann’; a new purchase that Annette had order off the Internet. At certain points in the DVD, something would happen where we would get to decide what Gary would do next. Currently, on the screen, there was a menu that had popped up after the doorbell rang in the middle of Gary’s masturbation scene that said: 1) Gary finishes 2) Gary answers the door. “Number two it is!” said Annette and punched the remote.

Immediately, Gary stopped jacking his cock and looked at the door where a female silhouette beckoned there. “Gary? I know your home! I saw your mustang outside. Open the door!” said the voice. Gary looked back at his swollen cock and back at the door like a dog wanting more food in his bowl. He took his finger out of his lubed asshole and let go of his cock. He thought for a moment. “Gary! Wake up, you asshole!” yelled the voice. Gary stood up. His long cock bobbed right at the camera. I sat up and grabbed my robe and tied it back on. Annette was sprawled out on the other end of the couch. She was lazily stroking her breasts as she watched. She saw me look at her and said, “This guy has the most amazing cock!” I looked back at the screen, “Yeah, awesome…”

Gary ran into the bathroom and came out with a towel. He wrapped the towel around his waist and tucked it in. But his cock still pushed the towel out prominently. He looked at his cock. He reached under the towel and painfully straightened his cock straight up and tucked it under the edge of the towel at his waist. Now the plum-sized head stuck out at his waist and the pole was still plainly visible. “Gary!” yelled the voice. “Just a sec!” said Gary finally. He went back into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Then, Gary tiptoed into the kitchen where the door was and quietly unlocked the dead bolt. He tiptoed back into his bedroom and said, “Door’s open!” and quickly ran into the bathroom.

Gary closed the bathroom door hanging his towel on the knob as he did.

The kitchen door opened and in walked a gorgeous, young woman. She was wearing a white belly shirt, her navel pierced, a short skirt and high heels. She looked Italian like Gary with long curly black hair and almond-shaped eyes. She walked into the kitchen, closed the door and threw her sunglasses and purse on the kitchen table. “Gary? Where are you? What are you up to?” said the woman. She walked into his bedroom. Gary’s bedroom was a clutter of old clothes in a pile next to the closet. Papers and bills all over a desk/workstation and his king-sized bed, un-made, naturally, over in the corner.

“Pig!” said the woman. The shower was running and mist came out the door. She walked over the to the partially open door. “Gary?” she said.

“Yeah! Hey, Beth!” came Gary’s reply, “I just got in the shower. I’ll be out in a sec!”

Beth started to say something, but then turned around and looked at the room again. “What a mess. I can’t believe you’re really my brother, Jesus!” she said.

Beth walked over to the bed and started pulling pillows off of it and straightening the sheets. She fluffed up and put the pillows back on the head of the bed, then reached down to pull up the bedspread. But out from under the bedspread tumbled a porn mag! The mag that Gary had started jacking-off to in the beginning. Beth picked up the mag and looked at the bathroom door.

“Ohhhh, so this is why you didn’t answer the door,” Casibom she said and started flipping through the pages. Beth sat down on the edge of the bed. She flipped to a pictorial at the back of the mag that featured a blond, tanned man with a big cock next to a pool with two women. “Fuckin-A,” said Beth and uncrossed her legs. She flipped to the next page where the two women were trading licks on the big cock.

Beth leaned back on one elbow looking at the mag. She reached down with her other hand and raised her skirt revealing robins-egg blue lace panties. She ran her long manicured fingertips along the front of her pussy. She moaned, “Mmmmm, what I couldn’t do with a cock like that!” She looked up at the bathroom and then back at the magazine. She let her knees fall wide apart and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side. She turned the page. The blonde man’s cock was being jacked and sucked by one woman while the other sat on his face. His tongue was deep in the other woman’s pussy. Beth started to run her finger up and down her slippery lips.

The only other woman I had ever seen masturbate was Annette. This woman was very different from Annette. She was dark, Mediterranean, and had really huge, porn-star breasts. I pulled open my robe and started slowly running my hands over my breasts, down my stomach and back to my dripping pussy. I opened my lips with both hands and slowly stoked my clit. “Mmmmmmmm, yeah,” I thought to myself. Annette was already stroking her pussy. I could see it glisten as she ran her finger up-and-down the pink lips. “She’s hot,” I said. “Uhm-huh,” was all I heard back from Annette.

The scene on the screen changed to the shower. Gary was in the shower looking at his still-stiff cock. “What am I gonna do? I can’t let her see me like this,” cried Gary. Gary reached down and pushed his cock down. He held it there for a moment and then released. Boing! It sprang back up and slapped him on the stomach! The steam from the shower had covered the mirrors and glass walls around the shower stall. Gary thought for a moment, looked at the faucets on the wall in front of him and snapped his fingers. He reached for the hot water faucet and turned it off! Gary got blasted with ice-cold water! “Ahhhhh!” he yelled.

In the bedroom, Beth was rubbing her pussy vigorously, but sat up instantly straightening her skirt. She looked at the shower. “Gary? You okay?” she yelled. “Yeah!” came the reply, “I, uh, I dropped the soap…that’s all!”

Back in the shower, Gary had wrapped himself in his arms, obviously in pain from the cold shower. But the cold shower was having its traditional effect. His cock was losing its hardness and beginning to droop. Gary smiled in spite of the cold water.

Beth, on the other hand, was not finished. She leaned back on the bed and immediately went back to work on her pussy realizing that her time was running out with Gary’s shower. She threw the book open. One girl was now riding the blonde’s stiff cock and the other was sucking on the first one’s tits. Beth plunged two-fingers in her twat. “Yeah, ridem’ cowgirl!” she cried. Beth put the magazine down on the bed and used her free hand to pull her top up. Her breasts were exquisite. Perfectly, rounded cantaloupe-sized boobs with stiff little brown nipples poking up in the center of them. Beth reached down, cupped her breast towards her mouth and started sucking on her nipple. Her fingers plunging in-and-out of her wet pussy.

“Ohhh, yeahhh!” Annette said. I looked over at her. Her lust-filled gaze was directed right at Beth sucking her own nipples. She glanced over at me running my hands over my breasts. “I’ll bet you can do that? Can’t you?” Annette asked. I smiled at her. “Maybe we can find out later,” I said as I teasingly squeezed my breasts. I ran a hand down to my wet pussy and eased my finger inside. “Mmmmmm….yeah,” I said.

Gary stepped out of the shower even though it was still running. His cock hung limply between his legs. Gary grabbed the towel off the door and wrapped it around his shoulders this time for warmth. The door swung open from the towel being pulled off the handle. Gary was cold, his teeth were chattering. A chill ran through him as a draft came through the door. He reached over to push the door closed and he saw Beth on the bed. Beth was squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples looking at his porn mag. Not only that she had two fingers buried deep in her pussy fucking herself. “Oh, yeah! Fuck me! Yeah! Fuck me, stud! Yeah!” she said. Gary couldn’t believe it. He wiped his eyes with his hands. His sister was finger-fucking herself in his bed looking at his porn mag! “Holy shit,” Gary whispered. He reached down to touch his cock. It was stiff as a board again! Gary rolled his eyes and started jacking his cock watching his sister get herself off. Beth’s pussy Casibom Giriş lips were wide-open and glistening between her spread legs. Gary watched her fingers pistoning in-and-out of her pussy.

The sofa was rocking gently. I looked over at Annette. She was on her side facing away from me reaching for her robe. She pulled a 10-inch dildo out of the pocket! She rolled back over and looked at Gary on the screen. She brought the dildo to her mouth and stuck in in; sucking and lubing the cock getting it ready for her pussy. Annette looked so fucking sexy sucking on that monster. “Where did you get that?” I asked her. Annette rolled her head towards me, both hands on the dildo in her mouth; sucking on the head, pistoning it in-and-out of her mouth. She pulled it out with a “Pop!”

“Dan bought it for me. He got it in West Hollywood at a shop called Drakes,” she said. She held it out for me to look at. It was a perfect replica of a real, big cock; veins, swollen head. “Fuck,” I thought. “I wish I had one, I could use it right now,” I said. “You’ll have to wait your turn, girlfriend,” she said. She lifted one foot up onto the sofa and started sliding the dildo’s head along her lips. Then, she lifted her hips for a second and slipped the head inside her pussy. “Mmmmmmm….that’s the best. Mmmmmm…..” she moaned. I watched her for a moment. I put a second finger into my own pussy and pushed it in. “God, Annette, you’re a sex-goddess,” I thought as I ran my finger around my clit.

Gary grunted. As he pumped his cock, he started imagining his cock sliding between his sister’s pussy lips. He moaned deeply, almost a growl, “Yeah Beth. Go baby! Fuck my cock! Fuck me, Beth!” Almost as if Beth heard Gary, her hips rose off the bed, “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Yeah! Fuck me! Oh, yeah!” She plunged her fingers in her dripping hole. Her other hand stroked her clit. Her hips bucked in the air imagining the blonde boy’s big cock fucking her tight twat. Gary took all this in, not imagining his luck. Gary closed his eyes and started jacking his cock furiously seeing his sister spread-eagle before him asking, begging to be fucked by him. In his mind’s eye, she yelled,”Fuck me Gary! Give me your big pole. Stick it in my tight little pussy. I want you, big brother! Fuck me!” He rubbed his balls with his other hand, pretending they were bouncing against his sister’s ass.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me, Beth. Slide your cuntlips along my cock. Ooo, baby! Fuck it Fuck my cock good, baby!” Gary was close, real close. He felt his balls tightening and slide up into his body. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” asked the curious voice of his sister Beth. Gary stopped jacking his cock. The head of his cock was swollen purple. He opened his eyes. His sister Beth stood leaning against the door fully dressed looking at him, smiling. Gary’s eyes opened wide and the image froze. A menu came up: 1) Gary comes 2) Beth gets angry 3) Beth doesn’t get angry.

I was mimicking Beth’s motions throughout the scene. I stroked my two fingers fucking my pussy. I rubbed my hard nubbin of a clit in tight little circles. Gary’s cock was magnificent. Long, curved slightly upwards and so big! I wanted something in my pussy. I wanted to be filled up. I slipped a third finger into my pussy as I brought myself to the brink.

I looked over at Annette. She had both feet up on the edge of the sofa. Her legs spread wide. Her pink lips were held open by one hand as she plunged a 10-inch dildo in her pussy with the other. She was whispering, “Yeah, fuck me, cock-boy! Stick that hard pole in my cunt! Oh, mmmmm… Fuck me hard. Yeah!” Her nipples stuck out like two little thimbles. Her neck was flushed. Her eyes were closed tight as she worked towards her cum. “It’s her turn,” I thought to myself.

I stopped masturbating, slid down the sofa and curled up next to Annette. Her eyes were still screwed tight, her mind lost in getting off. She was fucking herself so firmly with the dildo that even her tiny breasts were shaking a little. I knew how she felt, she wanted to get fucked by that big cock, wanted to be filled up, wanted to come all over something hard. I leaned over her and closed my mouth over the nearest nipple and started running my tongue around it. “Oh!” cried Annette. Her eyes flew open and looked at me. “Oh yeah! Oh, that feels great! Oh!” She was so surprised that she had stopped stroking the dildo in-and-out. I kissed her mouth sensually running my tongue inside it when she opened her mouth for me. We did a little sensual tongue dance.

I slowly reached down and touched the dildo lodge in her pussy. I looked in those deep blue eyes, “Let me,” I said, “Pretend I’m Gary, Annette. Let me fuck you.” She looked back at me and released her grip on the dildo. I grasped it firmly and pulled it out gently. Her hands went to her breasts and cupped Casibom Yeni Giriş them. I pushed the dildo firmly back in. She closed her eyes and threw her head back. “Uhhhhh!” she moaned. I fucked the dildo in-and-out again. “Oh yeah!” she cried, “Fuck me, Gary! Give it to me, baby!” I started fucking her in earnest then. In-and-out I stroked the dildo in. I kissed her breasts, flicking her tall nipples with my tongue.

I rammed her pussy with the dildo. In a few strokes, my hand hit bottom a couple of times. She took all 10 inches in her tight little body. I looked down and watched her lower tummy bulge every time the ten-inch cock plunged home. “Ahhh, fuck yeah!” she wailed, “Fuck my pussy. Fuck me! Yeah!” I straddled her leg nearest me and half-laid on her, my pussy making wet contact her raised thigh. Mmmmmm, that felt wonderful as her muscular thigh rubbed my clit. I fucked her hard with the dildo, my arm starting to fatigue and cramp. My hips fucked up-and-down opposite to her bucking hips. My clit stoked along her thigh. My face felt hot. The room spun for a moment; filled with the scent of our wet pussys at work. Her face was thrown backwards almost to the pillows of the sofa behind her. Her back was arched. She twisted her nipples between her fingers, milking their length.

“No, no,” I thought, “It’s Annette’s turn. I can wait. Slowly, I slid off of her and got on the floor between her legs. I switched hands with the dildo pumping it in-and-out at a furious pace. “Fuck me, baby! Please fuck me hard! Oh, yeah!” she yelled. I looked at her swollen pussy. Her lips sucked in-and-out as I drove the dildo home. But just above the fake cock, her clit stuck out and curved up slightly just like Gary’s cock only in miniature. I was fascinated by the little pink organ, so wet and throbbing. I’d never seen one other than my own, and Annette’s stood up proud and tall, just like her long, hard nipples.

I stood on my knees watching my friend Annette lost in the throws of her imminent orgasm. She glowed. She looked so beautiful! I crouched lower smelling her sweet smell. Her sweet, musky scent filled my nose and my senses. I had to do it. I slowed the movement of the dildo in-and-out of her pussy. I opened my mouth, surrounded her clit and sucked. “Oh! Oh! My God!” said Annette as her eyes flew open looking at me, “Don’t do that! Stop! Oh fuck! We’re just supposed to masturbate! What are you doing? Oh my god! Fuck!” I looked up at the surprise on her face and continued to slowly pump the dildo in her musky pussy. Her hips didn’t stop bucking on the dildo for a second. I swirled my tongue over her slit and suck it with my lips just like a miniature prick. “Fuck! Fuck! Oh god! Yes! Oh Fuck! Suck my, clit, baby! Yeah, fuck me! Yeah!” she yelled. Her body broke into spasms. Her pubic bone bumped against my face. I tried to hand on for the ride, but it was too much of a rodeo ride for me. Her hips lifted off the sofa as she came and came and came! She bucked so much that she slid off the couch and into my lap knocking me over. She fell on top of me, straddling my hips. Her breath came in gasps. I could feel her heart banging against her ribs. I put my arms around her and stroked her hair for a few minutes while she settled down. I looked at the ceiling, looking at the top of her head and closed my eyes.

Some time later, I felt her move and roll her head to one side. Her arms settled around me on the floor. “That was incredible,” she sighed, “I’ve never come like that before.”

“Never?” I said. “No, never,” she said. “Did you like it?” I asked. “Are you kidding?” she laughed, “Of course I did.” She raised her head. I looked at her face. Her eyes were half-closed, almost like sleep. “But how did…? How could you…?” she started. “How could I suck your clit?” I finished for her. A little embarrassed, she nodded. I thought for a moment looking at the ceiling. “I don’t know, Annette. Sorry, I guess I’m a lesbian. I’ve never done it before now, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I liked it,” I confessed. “A lesbian?” she said loudly and laughed. “What’s so funny?” I asked. “You? A lesbian, that’s what’s funny! I know you better than that,” she chuckled, “Go ahead, tell me you don’t want a hard cock ever again.”

I had to smile now. She was right. “Ah, that’s what I thought!” she said wagging her finger in my face. “Then, what am I?” I asked honestly. “If you like both men and women for sex, you’re bisexual, honey. You’re bi!” she said.

“Then, I guess I’m bi, Annette. At least with you, I’m bi,” I said.

Annette smiled and asked me quietly, “How did I taste?”

I laughed. I put my hands on her head and lifted. She raised her face and looked at me. “Want to find out?” I said, and I kissed her deeply, running my tongue over her lips and into her mouth. “You taste great, Annette. Very sweet, I loved it,” I said.

Annette hugged me, kissed me gently, looked into my eyes and said, “Well, if you’re a lesbian. I guess I better become one, too.” I chuckled and laughed along with her, but I couldn’t wait for what would come next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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