Interview Ch. 05

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We’re still at the conference. It’s the last day and we leave tomorrow morning. I see you less and less during the days. We lunch and occasionally dine apart, but you always call me up after dinner and ask me to come to your room. Of course, I always come and spend the night. When we’re at the office, we have the agreement that I have the option of fucking you each morning or whether you are to simply service me on your knees with your mouth as I sit in my desk chair. We also have another agreement for weekend mornings: you get to ride my morning wood whenever you want. In that sense, this morning is just like a weekend morning. As soon as my eyes open, I realize I’m lying on my back, you’re on top of my cock riding up and down, and I get to see your half ecstatic-half sleepy face. Your hair is curly and falling down around your shoulders, partially covering your face when you lean down, brace yourself with your hands on my chest, and just use your hips to slide up and down on my prick. Your hair showers into space as you lean back, your hands on my thighs, your pussy just grinding back and forth and in tight circles on my cock. When you kneel and hold yourself erect, bouncing up and down on me using your beautiful, strong thighs, your tits fly out of control and I’m mesmerized. I know you’re ready to cum when you get on the balls of your feet and pound my cock, riding it raw. I love weekend mornings.

I pass you in the hall during one of the session breaks at the conference and mention to you half kidding that, “I hardly see you anymore?”

“Miss me?” you sass back at me.

“I’m not giving you the satisfaction of admitting to that!”

“That’s okay, I was satisfied enough this morning. Plus, I know you miss me. Actually, I think you’re jealous.”


“I think you don’t like sharing me.”

“Maybe. Maybe not, but the break is ending. Enjoy your afternoon.”

“Whatever,” you giggle to me as you walk away.

I stay where I am for just a moment or two longer, watching your gorgeous ass wink at me again and again as you stroll away from me. You know I’m looking at you. You can feel my eyes on you, and your turn around and smile at me just as you enter your meeting room.

You call me in my hotel room late that afternoon. “I decided to grace you with my company tonight at dinner.”

“Oh, really,” I reply with mock astonishment. “How do you know I don’t already have plans?” “I don’t know, but I do know that you’ll change them for me. Or you can take me with you and whomever you have plans, or would you rather not share me.”

“Just you and me at dinner. I’ll see you in the lobby at 7:00. Let’s make it casual so don’t get all done up”

We meet as arranged. Your ass looks great in your jeans and I’m trying to decide if it looked better when you were walking away from me this afternoon in your long skirt or right at this moment. You ask me what I’m thinking of, and I answer honestly, “Your ass.” You don’t believe me, but I don’t feel the need to convince you. We get a cab in front of the hotel, and as soon as we turn the corner and are out of sight, you slide under my arm and against my shoulder, nuzzling your lips and porno nose against my neck. “How long is the taxi ride to the restaurant?” you ask.

“About 15 minutes.”

“Good. That’ll give me enough time,” you say as you unzip my jeans, take out my cock, bend over in my lap, and begin to suck my growing cock, satisfying your penchant for blowing me in semi-public places. The taxi driver seems oblivious to what you are doing. It’s raining out and the streets are empty. You pause as we stop at the first red light, sit up, and whisper in my ear, “I love when it gets hard in my mouth. That’s one of the reasons why I like sucking you in the morning before you wake up. I can feel it grow, and then when it’s hard, I can take it and do what I want with it…and I know you’ll feel great no matter what I do to it.”

The light changes and you go back down on me. I lean my head back and listen to you slurp my cock, my hand in your gorgeous long hair. What you had just said to me made me so horny I could cum right now. Thinking about how comfortable we both are in our lust for each other makes me cum down your throat as I hold your head in place. You continue to suck me until you pop your head up and say, “Got it all.”

I put my arm around you and pull back to my chest saying, “That’s my baby.”

Dinner is great, we return to the hotel early, and I ask in the empty elevator, “Should we just go to your room?”

“Yes. You got yours in the taxi, and now it’s my turn,” you say as you press my hand against your crotch. I can feel the warmth through your jeans.

You sit on the bed as I stand in front of you, lifting each leg in turn to take off your black boots and trouser socks. I push you back against the mattress so I can peel you out of your tight jeans, but I let you wear your thong as I take off your sweater and bra. I bend down and kiss your lips, bending a little more and kiss either of your perfect tits as I cup them in my hands. Now, I’m on my knees as you recline on your elbows. I slide off your thong and after my first lick at your already wet pussy I ask, “Is this what you mean by ‘yours’?” “Yep. Get me off,” and you lie flat on your back as my tongue works your pussy. I know you so well at this point that every lick, kiss, and flick of your pussy is perfectly calculated to bring you to the brink of ecstasy but not release you until the pressure has built up to the right level. When you’re ready, I let you cum as I lap your pussy and rub my face throughout your juices.

We stay silent for a few moments while you recover. I get up from my knees and scoot you forward in the bed until your head is just below the pillows. “Get undressed,” you say to me. “Not yet,” I reply. I get the necktie I was wearing today from my jacket on the couch and return to the bed. You present your wrists together to be tied. As I’m finishing the know, you ask me, “So it’s going to be like that, eh?”

I just smile and as I tie the loose end to the headboard I say, “Actually, you don’t know how it’s going to be.” I move to the dresser and open the drawers until I find what I’m looking for. I take out your silk scarf and tie it around your head as a blindfold. I lie down anime porno next to you in the bed and kiss your neck, cheeks, and lips as I whisper to you, “You know how we always talked about doing a threesome with another guy.”

“I see,” you reply, “Are we going to do it now?”

“Kind of. I’m going to leave for a few minutes, and I just want you to relax and trust me. OK?”

“Ummmm, I guess.”

“Come on, Jessica, trust me.”

You can hear the door shut. You decide that you should relax, so you breathe deeply. You’re not sure how long I’m gone for, but you hear the door open when I return. I lean over the bed and kiss your lips. “Feeling okay, Jessica?” You just nod and smile. I touch you between your legs and see you’re wet. You hear the sound of undressing in the room, and then you hear my voice. “You can touch her.”

Suddenly you feel your body being stroked. You can’t tell by how many hands. There are fingertips between your thighs, your tits being gently squeezed, your legs being lifted and stroked, a hand caresses your soft tummy, someone has gathered your hair and your throat is being brushed with the back of a hand. It feels like this is all being done simultaneously, but how is that possible? Maybe being blindfolded is playing tricks with your sense of time, but you need to know, so you ask, “Who’s with you?”

You hear my voice answer from across the room answer, so you know I’m not one of those feeling your beautiful body. “I’m not going to tell you, and I don’t want you to worry about that. Whoever is here has agreed to not speak while in this room and they’ve agreed never to speak to anyone else about this nor to talk to each other when it’s done. And they’ve agreed never to let you know that they were here.”

You can tell by my voice as I was speaking that I was moving toward you. You know that I’m straddling your face now, my cock is by your mouth and you crane your neck to put it inside your mouth. As you suck my cock, you hear me say, “Suck her tits.” Within a moment, a pair of hands is holding each of your breasts and your nipples are being sucked simultaneously. As you suck my cock, you hear me say, “Continue sucking on her nipples; nibble and bite them a little. She’ll cum soon just from this.”

Our guests redouble their efforts. I take my cock out of your mouth and sit back, resting against the headboard and watching your face as the pleasure increases and shows in your expression. “Touch her pussy and feel how wet she is.”

You feel your thighs being opened and a hand feeling your pussy. You count to yourself: “Two holding and sucking my tits, a third fingering my pussy,” but you don’t know if it’s a fourth or a fifth holding your legs open. You don’t know how many, but you know you’re cumming. You can hear heavy breathing around the otherwise silent room as we watch you cum.

I give you a few moments to regain yourself, and then I lean forward and grab your ankles, pulling your legs back so your knees are rubbing against your tits.

“Lick her pussy,” I tell someone, “and you can rim her.” Before you know it, you have a tongue on your pussy and another in your ass.

Again arap porno you hear me, “Take her ankles like this, and let her lick your cock and balls as you do it.” I hand you off to another guy. Your pussy and ass are being worked on furiously. You’re sucking on a strange cock. This one is slightly bigger than mine, which is already above average. You begin to cum from the tongue-lashing you are receiving. You feel the bodies move away and your legs return to the mattress when I grab your ankles again and flip you over on to your stomach. I smack your ass and tell you to get on all fours – knees and elbows. When you’re in position, you hear me say. “Fuck her doggy style. Remember, not in her ass. She doesn’t like that.”

You feel someone move into position behind you and shove his cock inside of you. This could have been the guy you were sucking because it feels big. Then again, you’re not sure. Maybe there are two guys in the room with cocks bigger than mine…or three, or four, or five.

“Fuck her hard. Ram it all the way in the way she likes it. Fuck her as hard and fast as you can. Do NOT slow down. If you’re going to slow down, let someone else fuck her for a while.”

The first guy starts to pound your pussy, drilling you hard and deep. Your ass is shaking back and forth with the incredible pace.

“Smack her ass and pull her hair; she likes it like that.” At this point, there’s someone else fucking you. You’ve not been given any respite. As soon as the first guy tired and pulled out, another guy was in position and fucking you just as hard and fast. How many guys are there, you don’t know. At first, you try to count how many switches there are, but you’ve lost count. You don’t know how long this has been going on and you’ve lost count of your orgasms. It seems you are in a perpetual state of cumming.

You hear me say, “stop,” as I step in, roll you on to your back and tell the guys to cum on you. You can hear them getting in position and kneeling on the bed all around you, and only a moment later, you feel the first splash of cum on you. It’s like the first drop in a summer rainstorm. Soon you’re feeling multiple gushes of cum on your tits, thighs, tummy, and toes. Like a summer squall, it’s soon over. I tell the guys they should leave and they dress and exit before I undo your tie and blindfold.

I turn the shower on in the bathroom, come back for you and guide you on your wobbling legs to the shower stall. Silently, you enter the shower. As you shower, I draw a bath in the tub, adding bubble bath. When it’s ready for you, I turn off the shower and take you to the bath. I sit on the edge of the bath and shampoo your hair, massaging your scalp.

I rinse you off and help you out of the tub. I’m on my knees in front of you, toweling you dry and kissing your body. I dry your hair, wrap it in a towel and lead you to the bed. We climb in to the bed next to each other. You curl up in my arms and whisper in my ear, “Do you want to fuck me?”

“Aren’t you a little sore?”

“I am, but I want you to fuck me good.” I roll over and slide my hard cock inside you. I’m fucking you deep and hard, but you keep on asking for it deeper and harder. I’m pushing it into you deeper until I’m ready to burst. You look up at me and say, “I want your cum inside of me.” You wrap your legs around my waist and pull me in as far as I can go when I explode and drain deep inside your warm pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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