Interview With a Cougar

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I straightened my flowery tie in the mirror. “Matt Long, soon-to-be salesman extraordinaire,” I declared out loud to my reflection.

The suit I wore was reserved for weddings and funerals. Even the bright red tie was the only one I owned, last used about two years earlier at the marriage of a cousin — which, incidentally, had already ended.

I was a bricklayer by trade, but recent bad weather had made building work treacherous. Rain makes laying bricks impossible and the site gets ruined with all the heavy machines moving about.

I needed a career change.

My whole life I had wanted to sell cars. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, anything. If it was fast and sporty, I loved it.

The interview was at a Toyota dealership, but hey, we all have to start somewhere.

I was twenty-two, fit and toned, good looking (so I was told), confidence was high and I was ready to step up.

I drove the few miles to the dealership, parked my old car and reminded myself of the name I was to ask for. Vera Chadwick.

Vera Chadwick. She had a name that sounded to me like a formidable old spinster. I had an Aunt called Vera, or as my older brother called her, “Perma-scowl”. I don’t think I ever saw her smile even once. She had a face that looked like it could’ve been carved by a skilled stonemason and mounted to the wall of a gothic mansion to scare away unwanted visitors of this realm or any other.

Walking through the car park, my heart sunk slightly seeing the cars for sale. Sensible, economical, reliable. Nothing to quicken the pulse of an avid petrol-head such as myself.

The automatic doors opened and I was greeted by a receptionist in her late forties, possibly fifty, but with the body of one much younger and incredible tits. “I’ve a meeting with Vera Chadwick,” I announced, hoping that she would indeed be her.

“I’ll ring through now sir, take a seat.” She took my name, that’s when I saw Rita’s rather noticeable name badge. I needed my A-game and not to be distracted so easily by prominent breasts.

Behind me, I heard a door open and the sound of heels on the ceramic-tiled floor. I looked around, a magnificently elegant woman was walking toward me. In her late thirties or even forties, but as fit as can be. I was suddenly more enthusiastic to get the job once again, the place was full of sexy milfs.

In a business suit, dark blue with white blouse and skirt just above the knee, her brown hair was tied tightly in a ponytail and fell down to brush softly against her neck-line. She certainly had the appearance of a woman in charge, but didn’t look like a Vera. Still, she was walking in my direction with a fixed smile.

The woman shook my hand and confirmed she was the lady I was looking for, then led me to her office at the back of the showroom. It had that one-way glass that looked like a mirror from the outside and helped to give the showroom an air of space and light. She led me in through a door that displayed her name.

She asked questions about my non-existent sales experience, then told me about the job and what would be expected of me in regards to targets. There was a flirtatious twinkle in her eye. She reminded me of a girl from the lap dance club I visited once. It was a quiet night and she had time to get to know me before inviting me to the VIP area where, for half a week’s wages, she danced naked and then sucked me off. It was sensual, unhurried and worth every penny.

Ms Chadwick’s blue eyes were enticing me in the same way.

“You are a bricklayer it says here,” she said, referencing my resumé.

“Yes, I left school as an apprentice Porno six years ago, but now I’ve had enough of getting wet all the time.”

For a second I thought she blushed when I said the words “getting wet.” I stopped in my tracks and there was silence for a couple of seconds. “That explains the rough skin on your hands. Maybe you could come over and do some work for me at my house.”

“I have high rates, Ms Chadwick,” I said, without thinking.

She giggled naughtily and then stopped herself from saying something, just took a breath. Was I mis-reading this?

“Put some of this on your hands,” she said, pulling a tube of moisturiser from her drawer. She walked over to my side of the desk and squeezed out some cream on the cracked, dry skin on my bricklayer’s hands.

“Rub it in like this.” Her soft, manicured fingers with long red nails that matched her lips rubbed the cream into the skin. “I can tell a lot by looking at hands, Matt. Yours are lovely, big hands. You should make the most of your best features if you are to work for me.”

She acted like she wanted to mother me. It was good to get this attention from her, although, I suspected, not entirely professional at a job interview.

I looked into her eyes. Our gazes fixed there for a few seconds, each reading the other’s thoughts. I’d fuck her right here in her office if she was up for it. The way she caressed my hands, it wasn’t a normal interview.

She pushed aside some papers and an empty shoe box then sat herself on the desk in front of me. Her skirt had hitched up a few inches and I could see plenty of thigh toward the top of her stockings, even though she crossed her legs. “So, what do you think about calling over some day to fix a wall? I have nobody at home who can do it for me.”

I had only just thought to look at her ring finger. All this time she’d caressed my hand, I didn’t even notice. To be a great salesman is to look for signs and interpret them. The big signal was her showing me her fingers and the lack of a wedding ring.

With my inexperience, it had been a surprise to be called for an interview in the first place. Her motive was starting to make more sense now.

“I was married, but he left a year ago today. It hasn’t been touched since.” I suspected she was no longer talking about her wall.

I stood up, there was a huge bulge in my pants and she noticed immediately. “Going somewhere, Matt?”

As far as I was concerned, the interview was over. The signs were clear. She wanted me there and then. I acted on gut instinct, stepping forward and holding her hips while she was seated on the desk. Her knees parted to allow me in closer. Her face was just inches from mine, I could smell her sweet perfume, feel the moistness of her breath. Instinct took over and I kissed her lips without resistance.

We kissed hard and I felt the passion that had built inside her over the past year. I unbuttoned her jacket and she shrugged her shoulders out of it. Her white blouse was sleeveless, my next target was the buttons to remove that too, but Ms Chadwick was one step ahead and she did it herself, never once releasing her lips from mine.

Her bra was black lace, I admired the way her nipples were slightly visible through the translucent fabric and the generous amount of breast flesh it showed.

I kissed her even harder and took a tight hold of her ponytail, wandering with my lips to her neck. Already she was tugging at the buttons that were the key to releasing my hard cock.

I obliged, feeling a relief to be released as it was so hard as to be painful.

I Altyazılı Porno saw that twinkle in her eye turn to a fire as Ms Vera Chadwick slipped down from the table and began to kiss my throbbing bell-end. “Oh, it’s been too long,” she moaned like she was greeting an old friend.

Running her tongue up and down the shaft, she savoured the moment before taking my cock fully in her mouth. I held her ponytail tightly as I stood there with Ms Chadwick crouching before me sucking hard on my boner.

I had chance to draw breath and take in the situation. I had first met this woman who was meant to be interviewing me for a job only ten minutes earlier, now she was sucking my dick. It was like one of those dreams from which waking is such a disappointment.

Occasionally, one of her employees would walk past the mirror window, it was a massive turn-on to think that, if they squinted hard enough through that glass, they’d witness what their boss was doing to me right now. The door had no lock, someone could walk in at any moment.

She sucked my cock furiously and caressed my balls. My flowery tie brushed the top of her head as it bobbed back and forth. I was desperate to blow a massive load inside her mouth, certain she’d swallow it happily. But also, I was dying to fuck her. Right there in her office.

With control of her head via that tight ponytail, I drew her up to me and kissed her lips once more, whilst reaching behind to unclip her bra.

It fell to the ground and her pert, perfectly sized tits greeted me. My lips kissed down to her bright red nipples that were standing to attention proudly like soldiers on parade.

They were sensitive too. As I kissed her nipples, ran my teeth over them and bit gently, she arched back and began to moan, “Mmm yeah.”

Simultaneously, I pulled down the zipper at the back of her dark blue skirt. It fell and she kicked it away.

Her black lace panties matched that discarded bra. I kissed my way down further, eager to taste what lay inside. Being the boss, Ms Vera Chadwick was a woman who, it was clear, gets exactly what she wants. Laying back on the desk, she gave me full access to her fine body.

I kissed down her flat tummy, ran my tongue around her thighs a little to build anticipation, her legs parted and with a finger I pulled aside the crotch of her panties.

Ms Chadwick’s shaven pussy was glistening invitingly in the lamplight, her prominent clit clear to see. My tongue touched her pussy lips and she took a tight hold of my hair as I did her ponytail earlier.

“Oh! Oh!” she moaned as I licked inside her. My tongue moved to her clit and she changed to a higher pitch, becoming more incoherent. With two fingers, I probed inside whilst licking her. She was muting her wails so the people in the showroom couldn’t hear her building to an orgasm while they worked.

Her back arched and pussy juices flowed, mixing with my saliva on her desk. “NNNNGH!!” she moaned mutedly as if straining to lift a heavy box. Forcing my face firmly into her, I licked hard, opening her pussy with both thumbs for perfect access to her clit.

“Oh my god yes!” she cried as she came, holding me in position as her taut body relaxed.

Releasing my hair from her iron grip, I kissed back up her body and she smiled naughtily as she removed her panties.

Ms Chadwick, naked apart from her stockings and high heels, kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, “I want your big, hard cock inside of me,” then turned away and bent over the desk.

If I’d known no better, I’d have guessed there was a woman in her mid Brazzers twenties bent before me. Her sexy ass was as firm and pert as those beautiful tits of which I’d had the pleasure for the first time only minutes before.

Ms Chadwick was clearly in a position she knew well. With her head and chest on the desk, her ass was the highest point, giving me perfect access to that soaking wet pussy that was bright red and wide open after the licking and fingering I had just given it.

I took a tight hold of her hips. My cock stood hard in anticipation of filling that hole before it. I offered the end against her wet folds and pushed gently, pleased but not surprised at how easily it slid in.

With the very first push, my cock was fully inside Ms Vera Chadwick, in the office of her Toyota dealership.

“Ooh yeah!” she sighed as I filled her completely.

There was the sound of high heels walking by the office. Rita, the receptionist I saw upon arrival looked into the glass straight at us. My heart skipped a beat, but she was merely checking her own reflection. She looked good. Ms Chadwick looked round at me, smiled and bit her bottom lip naughtily at what we were doing so close to everyone else.

With another push I seemed to probe even deeper, gripping tightly as I pumped my hips hard against her ass cheeks, which began to make a slapping noise as my flesh met hers time and again.

I took a hold of Ms Chadwick’s ponytail to bring her neck up within kissable reach. The desire to plant my teeth in was overwhelming, but kindly I opted for the shoulder so she could keep it out of sight. The pain of my teeth in her skin made her scream out in pleasure. I released my teeth and instinct took over as I gave her ass a good hard spank.

Her fit body was super flexible, allowing her to kiss my lips as I fucked her hard from behind. Her breathing was getting faster and I found myself fucking her to the time of her breaths. I could tell she was reaching another orgasm as her skin had tightened and was covered in goosebumps.

My hairs began to stand on end too. I noticed Ms Chadwick fingering her clit as I fucked her and imagined what an even wilder fuck she’d be if we were away from the office.

Her voice raised higher as I pumped harder, “Ohmygod, ohmygod,” she cried out as I grabbed tightly on her tits. She let out a loud squeal which the whole showroom heard as I saw them stop through the window then carry on.

That was the trigger for me, my balls tightened and I pushed her forward. Ms Chadwick did as instructed and I pulled out my cock to shoot the full contents of my balls over her back.

It was a horny sight to see the showroom boss bent over the desk in stockings and heels with a load of my cum over her back, but I had no time to take in the scene as someone was walking across to the office.

A silver-haired, black-suited salesman knocked and opened the door.

“Yes?” Ms Vera Chadwick glared at him from her manager’s chair, me seated at the desk opposite.

“I’m sorry, I thought I heard a scream or something, just checking if…”

“It’s okay Tom, Mr Long has just caught it.” She patted the shoe box on the table insinuating some kind of rodent may be inside.

If Tom had walked in fully instead of poking his head around the door, he’d have seen I was naked below the waist and his boss was bare-breasted inside her suit jacket. But he closed the door and left and Ms Chadwick and I burst into the muted laughter of relief.

I walked out with the empty shoe box and the promise that she’d be in touch, though I guessed it wasn’t for a sales job.

Shame, I thought, as I walked past reception patting the shoe box. I’d have quite enjoyed working there. Rita with the prominent tits gave me a smile and a come-hither wink.

I probably wouldn’t have sold much anyway, the horny ladies were way too distracting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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