Intimacy in the Age of Steam Pt. 07

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“I… I’ve brought your handkerchiefs back.” Four white, neatly ironed and folded white handkerchiefs in a little pile, tied with a ribbon.

“We wondered…” began Tom Headman

“Wondered what happened to them,” added James Marlston. “Wondered what you’d done with them?”

“They’ve been in my knicker drawer, tucked at the back. Why, what did you think I’d done with them?”

“We were a little worried,” began James Marlston, “the semen…”

The girl smiled. “I know,” she said, “I found it exciting. I find it exciting. So arousing! The thought of it! Having sexual conversations with you here on the train, baring myself to your eyes, wanking you one by one as a handkerchief gets more and more on it, until it’s heavy and wet from all that semen. Did I not want to rub that spongy, heavy material against my sex? Rub, rub, rub! Transfer all that semen onto myself, or at least try to! Press that handkerchief to my nose and mouth and lick, indeed put wet patches of it in my mouth to suck! But I didn’t touch myself — down there. Just thought about it, held the handkerchiefs in one hand and squeezed as I played with myself with the other late at night. Fingers curling over my hair — down there. I was careful, even though I didn’t want to be — I really didn’t – and then washed them in the morning as I built up my collection.”

She handed them back. For the moment anyway.

“Who is going to take my knickers down today?” What an almost innocent little question.

Along the corridor the call of ‘tickets please.’

The conductor peeked around the edge of the window to the compartment before fully appearing and entering. “Tickets please.” There was nothing amiss. Had he hoped there would be?

Season tickets were shown. A ritual. Stan knew they all had them. He did not need to check. Zephyrine produced her ticket.

“We were wondering,” said James Marlston, “who was to take Zephyrine’s knickers down today. She needs a spanking. Would you like to, Stan?”

The look of surprise on Stan’s face — indecision – but the way his eyes followed Zephyrine as she stood up and lifted her arms, a clear indication that he was free to place his hands under and in her skirt, rather suggested that was just what he would like to do.

“What might you spank me with, Stan?” The girl was reaching out as she spoke, touching and then undoing the railway employee’s fly. Out it came in her hand, the head all covered. Pink, wrinkled and soft but getting bigger. It was growing in her hand, curving upwards. Young Zephyrine knew what to do, with her fingers she pulled back the skin exposing the purple fringed, coalscuttle like ‘helmet’.

“Are you going to spank me with this, Stan?”

The man swallowed and stepped forward as the girl turned and bent herself forward and over Hector’s knee, her face in Frederick Trowse’s lap. His curving erection wobbled as he reached forward and lifted the girl’s grey pleated skirt, up and up, exposing where her blouse was tucked in and revealing grey, uniform knickers. A rather strange gurgle in his throat as he reached and began to slide the knickers down, pulling them by the elasticated top, bringing a smooth, young pair of rounded buttocks into view. Soft and nicely plump not like the hard, muscled behind of an errant schoolboy. Was Stan thinking of the teachers spanking naughty schoolgirls — male teachers, perhaps. It was certainly in Hector’s mind. He liked the thought. Spanking naughty sixth-formers with hand, ruler, slipper, cane or… yes… male truncheons, all flesh and hardness.

Down came the knickers, down they came all the way, over her white socks and even her sensible black lace up shoes. A schoolgirl’s bottom now with no covering at all, indeed nothing to stop legs being spread and, indeed, Stan’s rearing curving erection being pushed between those legs. Probably the gentlemen of the compartment would have stopped him, prevented the attempted insertion and the very real risk of impregnation, though they were, at the moment, otherwise occupied. Around him four mature escort bursa gentlemen were reaching for their own flies, unbuttoning and fishing within. Soon they were hauling swollen penises out into the electric light of the compartment. Five substantial erections revealed. More than enough for one schoolgirl. Far more than you would have thought she really needed. More than enough for a real impregnation!

“Go on, Stan, spank!”

And he did. One tentative slap with his hand and then another two more serious slaps. They made a sound and Stan looked towards the wall to the adjoining compartment and then back at the doorway to the corridor. It would not at all do for other passengers to come and see what was happening. Perhaps not so much of a problem if it was one or two similarly mature and lascivious gentlemen — perhaps more erect penises out in the compartment – but what if a couple of ladies looked around the corner?

“Spank her with it, go on.” James Marlston ever one to encourage.

There was no sound of compartment doors being slid back further along the corridor. Stan turned and slid shut the compartment door and then turned back, his long, curving penis swinging with his movement. He reached and took hold of his erection, pulling it further from his fly and then swung it to make contact with Zephyrine’s bottom. A nice little sound of flesh on flesh. He did it repeatedly getting the angle and approach right. Around him other penises were being stroked. Clear they all liked the idea. There was likely to be more spanking later.

“I should… I should get back to my duties.”

“Oh, no. Not before you’ve…” the girl moved to wriggle to her feet, but not before she had given a really nice lick to Frederick Trowse’s cock. Her face had been in his lap. On her knees in a trice and Stan’s cockhead in her mouth, her hand reaching into his fly, searching for his balls. The others watching and stroking. No way that Stan could get back to his duties, he was restrained, his penis trapped in Zephyrine’s sucking mouth. He would only be released when he released. That was not long in coming! Very difficult for the poor man to hold back. The wet, softly rasping tongue on the taut membrane of his knob really just too much, especially when coupled with the delightful sight of the young schoolgirl beneath him and the way her fingers were kneading his scrotum. A gasp, almost a cry and it was quite clear it was happening. The movement of Zephyrine’s throat above her tie served as further confirmation.

“You naughty girl,” exclaimed James Marlston behind the girl, “whatever should we do with you?” Clearly he thought a further spanking in order — but seemingly not with his hand. On the other side of the girl, upon the other rounded bottom cheek Frederick Trowse began to do the same, his hard flesh joining in the slapping sound of flesh on flesh. Hard cocks on naked buttocks, all as the girl continued to suck, no doubt milking the last drops from Stan’s penis. She was still not letting go. Eventually the man had to really pull, his softening penis elongating as he pulled against her until, with a pop, out it came, to be tucked hurriedly away.

“Thank you,” smiled Zephyrine.

“Um, oh, thank you, miss.” He looked around at the gentlemen, two of them slapping the bent over girl’s buttocks, the other two stroking their exposed erections. “I don’t know what to say. This is so… pleasant… so… different. Thank you.” And he was gone. No doubt amazed at just what he had fallen into on his train.

Hector wondered quite why Stan had thanked them rather than Zephyrine. Did he think that they had some control, some proprietorial right over her? Surely he did not think she was one of their daughters. What an awful thought!

“Do you think,” asked Frederick Trowse, “that Zephyrine has had enough punishment for her naughtiness?” He gave another slap with his tumescent organ against a bottom cheek.

“Oh, I don’t think so!” exclaimed Tom Headman. “Turn around, girl. Your bottom to me.”

Zephyrine swivelled bursa merkez eskort in the space between the compartment seats, presenting her naked bottom to Hector and Tom Headman to slap. And slap they did, repeating what the other gentlemen had been doing. Slapping not with hands but fleshy, long penises. One to each buttock.

Perhaps it was the earlier masturbation, perhaps it was the novel way of masturbating not by stroking with or without foreskin but by slapping against smooth, warm skin — or perhaps it was just the eroticism of the schoolgirl with her grey pleated skirt up, no knickers and beautiful bottom on show. All of a sudden Tom Headman began to come, spurts of translucent fluid across her bottom and into her bottom crack as he continued to slap with even more enthusiasm. Hector had to move his own slapping to avoid being caught in the firing line. Gasps of pleasure from Tom Headman, and then there was no more to come.

“Oooh, golly, I felt that! Go on, somebody else do that again!”

It is not often a man, certainly not of Hector’s age, gets the opportunity not only to spank a mature schoolgirl’s bottom, still less without knickers to cover, and less still the opportunity to finish the spanking with a wank over the naked and nubile posterior. Hector grasped his rather thick erection and moved his foreskin. Facing the grinning James Maddison, Frederick Trowse and the glazed door and windows to the corridor beyond, there was the possibility though not probability of someone coming along and seeing — perhaps just at the point his semen left his penis. It was a risk, but too exciting not to continue. If only it could have been a corridor less train. The thought of his fellow commuters and Zephyrine private and undisturbed for nigh on half an hour. Trousers could be off as well as the girl’s uniform skirt. Indeed, they could all be naked together pressing against Zephyrine in the middle. Perhaps his erection upright in her bottom crack.

The naked bottom. The thoughts in his head. Hector came. Standing over the bent over girl, her naked bottom beneath, his ejaculation was different from Tom Headman’s. There was not contact between penis and bottom, rather the semen spurted out between his fast moving fingers down onto Zephyrine’s naked behind, falling and splashing across the bare skin, leaving yet more pools and streaks, somewhat criss-crossing what Tom Headman had done. A wonderful release. So intense. His own masturbation technique rather vividly demonstrated to his fellow commuters.

“I think there’s more to come isn’t there?” Zephyrine knew the answer very well. About the same amount again indeed! The girl swivelled so her bottom was again facing the door and, importantly, the two upright penises of James Maddison and Frederick Trowse.

“Both together!” she giggled, looking back at the two men and their strong penises. Then she turned back to Hector and Tom Headman and opened her mouth. A clear indication to them that she would like to suck, even if their penises were wilting. Hector was closest. Lovely to just pop his penis into her mouth. Not yet flaccid by any means and still post ejaculation sensitive. Almost painful to feel her tongue and lips working with, perhaps, misplaced enthusiasm. He was not going to ejaculate again. Not that she wasn’t tasting semen. It was on the end of his knob and most likely her sucking was drawing the remnants of the ejaculation up and out into her mouth. Behind her two mature men doing just what they probably would not admit to doing — or would not have admitted to the others before the arrival of Zephyrine. They had rather fewer secrets between them now. They were both masturbating with long strokes of their foreskins. Two sizeable erections aimed at a schoolgirl’s bare bottom. A bottom, moreover, already with splashes of sticky cum in little pools and streaks all over her soft skin. A particular dollop — whether Hector’s or Tom Headman’s they did not know, seemed to be making its way slowly down and into the bursa sınırsız escort crack of her bottom. A slow progress but one that seemed to draw both eye and imagination. Both men’s particular attention was upon that. A strange fascination. There was, unlike other days, no need to hurry as Zephyrine’s station was still far off. In front of them the girl alternating between mouthing Hector Stubbs and Tom Headman’s now fully flaccid penises. She seemed very happy drawing the whole of the soft organs into her mouth.

“This is so good!” The girl said between sucks, “I like this just so much. You know, Mr Stubbs, your soft penis arouses me so much! Look how substantial it looks even when soft. Such thick manly flesh.” The girl was wobbling it in her hand before taking another suck. “And you too, Mr Headman, I like how I can slip my tongue under your foreskin.”

Behind her the two masturbating men. “Tell me when,” she said, looking around at them standing over her bare bottom. “I want to see.”

“Now,” came a gasp from one of them and Frederick Trowse’s penis began to spurt. And that seemed to set James Marlston’s off too.

“There you are, Zephyrine,” he said as he let fly.

“Oh goody! Two at once!” Her head craning around to see. They all saw. All the gentlemen saw yet more semen splashing onto her exposed bottom, very little spurting beyond and onto her upturned skirt or tail of her blouse. Sticky splashes of translucent, white or clear fluid raining down upon the girl, adding to that already there.

It fell upon Hector to mop up, his white handkerchief pulled from his pocket. A handkerchief with ‘HIS’ embroidered in green at the corner. Not because it was obviously a gentleman’s rather than lady’s handkerchief by its size but because they were his initials, Hector Innes Stubbs. Frederick Trowse and James Marlston were otherwise occupied. Their rather wet ended, shrinking penises were being given the Zephyrine post ejaculation treatment. They were being ‘tongue bathed,’ the girl had turned again to face them and presented her much abused bottom to Hector and Tom Headman whilst she sucked shrinking penises. Hector had reached into his pocket and extracted his handkerchief and was in the process of mopping up. There was a lot to mop!

A quiet scene in the compartment after that. Zephyrine notionally doing her homework. A book spread open on her lap whilst around her four city types, besuited with striped trousers, coats, waistcoats and watch trains sat with evening newspapers unfolded. A normal enough commuting scene, only the men’s flies were open and pink, soft penises lolled in plain sight. The girl had not wanted them ‘put away.’ And the men’s hands were not all holding newspapers. Some disappeared up under and into the schoolgirl’s uniform skirt. She may have been trying to concentrate on her homework but that was very difficult with male fingers so intimately fingering and stroking her, seeking to pull an orgasm from her body. And they succeeded. A lovely little cry with eyes wide and open mouth there in the railway compartment before she reached her station. Stubby male fingers doing what she might do again that night in bed but, in the compartment, her having to do nothing herself. Mature fingers, experienced fingers, were doing all that for her..

They watched the girl, after she left the compartment at her station, her grey skirt swishing above her white socks as she walked along the tarmac covered platform to be greeted by her father, clearly come to collect her. She turned and waved, and the man too raised his hand. He would have no knowledge that in his daughter’s satchel was a man’s handkerchief all rather soaked with no less than four mature gentleman’s semen. It could so easily have been five had that so pretty mouth, talking animatedly to her father, not accepted and swallowed the first load of the evening — Stan’s. He could not see four pink little knobs poking out of foreskins exposed in the carriage as he waved to the gentlemen or know they had ejaculated all over his daughter’s bottom and that she had had each of them in her mouth, sucking the last remnants of ejaculation from each of their little slits. Nor could he know or even, no doubt, suspect that his daughter was knickerless beneath her skirt. Her grey, uniform knickers safely in James Marlston’s pocket — for later…

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