Intimate Relations

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I have had intimate relations with my showerhead — I purchased a magnificent tool with multiple massage and pressure settings, I worked my way up to “pulsating.” setting after starting off with a gentle kiss from the “mist” mode, a soft, drizzle grazing over me ever so lightly like a crisp, fall breeze lapping across my soft skin. I ease myself into to play starting with “rain” mode, covering more territory, tenderly palming my body to the point my blue eyes begin to close as I lean further back into the comforts of of the tub legs up toes curling. As my wetness grows, I play and tease and prolong my satisfaction by flipping between the all-over steady spray of “waterfall” mode before attacking my breast, and clit, into the focused, propulsive rhythm of “power,” mode.

I like laying back taking a bath or sometimes lounging on the edge of the tub legs spread, working the head on my clit with my legs wide apart sitting knees bent, getting the angle just right. The showerhead mimics the feeling of a very large tongue that is constantly licking back and forth. The running water creates a blended sensation that’s a combination of texture, temperature, pressure and movement.

The Erzurum Escort water pressure is hitting me just about everywhere, not missing a spot, and because I can control the amount, temperature and angle it’s hitting me, it’s an incredibly malleable and improvisational lover. just having fun with myself in the shower. I can completely disappear into my thoughts in there. I’ve even named my showerhead, but that’s for me to know.

There’s nothing like a jet of water hitting me where I need it after a long day arguing in court. And there’s certainly something to be said about getting off just like I do with a lovers tongue, being just as effective if not a little better.

Sometimes I finger my tight ass while I use the showerhead or insert my princess butt plug adding another sensory pleasure. Sometimes my suction cup dildo as an added aid to the showerhead playing intimate games at bath time.

I know not everyone is gifted with a handheld showerhead in their bathroom, much less one with a generous set of settings I have. To pick up the slack, there are a few sex toys that you can use to adapt your faucet to feel like one. The WaterSlyde, an “aquatic Erzurum Escort Bayan stimulator” that can be attached to the faucet, and aimed directly at the vulva so there is no need to resort to any slippery acrobatics. There’s also the Femme Fountain, a suction toy that spouts water at multiple intensities and angles for a hot, hands-free set-up.

I have spent a long time in the pool, hot tub or even taking a shower, spending time with that lovely showerhead. There’s still nothing like that tickling sensation, like the water gushing over my clit, my gushing back and my legs going weak hips bucking. I want to go take a shower right now.

For so many woman, that first, memorable moment of sexual pleasure is provided by water, whether it’s in a swimming pool, the shower or some other aquatic locale. The discovery is almost always deliciously accidental, too, the shower is really the only place you get free rein, the sound of the rushing water hiding the screams and moans.

Masturbating in the shower is an excellent act of self-care. It’s the process of cleansing myself while enjoying the benefits of masturbation, such as reduced stress, improved Escort Erzurum sleep, and higher levels of self-esteem and body confidence.

Masturbating in the shower also allows me to experiment with different ways to pleasure myself without the hassle of a clean-up after. So, I can get as dirty as I want and have mind-blowing solo sex sessions whenever I feel like it.

Maybe you’ll want hot water at the start of your session, letting it spray over your vulva. Or maybe, you’ll see that while you enjoy hot showers, a cold stream feels co much better on your clitoris when you’re masturbating.

Also, you can try the temperature play technique by pressing your front against the cold wall and touching yourself sensually whilst the warm water runs over your body. This will give the clitoris the sensation of hot and cold simultaneously, creating a different kind of stimulation. I’ve tried them all.

Fantasy is an important part of my sexuality, as it actually serves a slew of psychological functions like meeting unfilled needs, providing comfort or distraction, and mentally processing sexual scenarios before trying them. And as researchers at the University of Granada discovered, the more sexual fantasies one has, the more sexual desire one experiences.

With that, I use my most powerful sexual organ, my brain, to conjure up some of my favorite fantasies whilst in the tub using my showerhead. Anything goes when it comes to my personal sexual fantasies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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