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I’m an old lady, the gray haired granny worried about blood pressure, not boob size. I’m a prude, preferring a turtleneck to something slinky….most of the time. An old fashioned, conservative, boring product of the baby boom who fears technology even if I do write for Literotica now and then. I twirled the DVD in my hand one more time and knew this was stupid. I’ve got better sense than this. WTF, I popped the case open, slid it into the machine and sat back to watch my little brother fuck my best friend.

Not that I’ve got any problem with them doing the deed, not even here in my house. Ben’s my brother, ten years younger and still a most handsome man. Wendy is an absolute treasure as well as every straight man’s dream, 40 DD’s hanging on her chest. It’s not that they’re both cherries but they’re not sleep around types either. There has to be some attachment before they ball. Shit, I can’t believe I said that, ball. I shook my head of the thought and stared at the screen coming into focus. Showtime, boys and girls, our feature is about to begin.

It’s the guest bed, now Wendy’s room since she left that last loser she was married to. She’s been our houseguest for eight months and I hope forever, even if my idiot husband want so screw her so bad it hurts. I know it, she knows it and we both know that moron never will, Wendy has some decency after all. No woman in her right mind would want that lout. Nobody said I was sane, him banging me two nights ago, but that’s another story when I feel like writing about husbands who still get their wives drunk to take advantage of them after forty years. No matter, I’m just killing time, just like the video, the camera apparently set on a chair to the side of the bed. Just a bed, nobody in it and then footsteps. Here we go.

Two bodies locked in an embrace staggered past the camera. She wore the green pullover, nice choice. Black slacks, nice. They must have been necking in the living room as the pre-loving warm-up. Ben had on the plaid shirt I got him for Christmas. Good choice, even as the two of them slammed onto the bed, their lips still locked on each other’s. Getting warm in here, should turn up the air. Damn, that man knows how to kiss. He’s driving her wild.

Wendy is thrashing, her legs all over the place as Ben kisses her, her nipples busting through. Damn, I thought she had a bra on. The bitch is going wild and so is he, hungry kisses and now the licks. Drive her crazy, boy, make her moan. Moan, sweetheart, show your man you want and you want it bad. Hell, they’ve still got all their clothes on and it’s already too damn hot in here. I popped a button on my blouse to get some air and watched Ben pull her shirt off in one motion. Damn, she does porno 64 have a bra on, the little red one that barely covers anything. Double damn on those double D’s, that girl is begging.

“Strip me. Strip me, baby,” Wendy panted, her hands ripping open Ben’s shirt. So much for that present, have to get another one for his birthday. “Come on, babe. Make me naked. Now.”

He kissed her hard, almost brutally, his hands sliding behind her back as Wendy torn off his shirt. You could see him fumbling, clumsy boy even with a flimsy little two hooker. Made me wonder how he ever busted the cherry on that Episcopal priest’s daughter. The bra was open, her arms fell, waiting for him to bare her. Ben hovered over her and then, with an impish grin, tore her bra off her chest. God, that girl is huge.

Wendy arched her back, her nipples hard as diamonds, as she pressed her breasts into Ben’s chest. I undid another button on my shirt, the warmth damn nearly killing me and they hadn’t even really started yet. Hell, it’s my brother, it’s my best friend and they’re screwing while I get hot. Where’s damn justice when I need it. I stared at the television, watching him strip off her slacks and tear open his jeans. I glanced away as his pecker came bare, me not into my brother’s equipment. Not like that lucky little bitch of a Wendy.

With one twist she spun Ben around and onto his back, Wendy sinking down to worship his pecker. I tried to look away, it’s my damn brother, but the sight of his enraged member made me stare. My lover is better but this was nice, I hate to admit it. Hell, call it pseudo-incest, I don’t care, it was bleeping hot, watching her lips lock on and go to work. God, she knows how to blow.

It just wasn’t sucking, she was idolizing his penis with licks and kisses to the head and then down his shaft. She always claimed she gave the best blowjobs on earth but laughed as she said it. It made me take note, I know that, that little trick of the long, slow lick up a cock something I must try next time my man comes calling. I’m more of a sucker, not a licker, but I could change if it didn’t get too hot. Hot like my living room, me now down to just one button left closed on my shirt and Ben about to take charge.

Gently he guided her head away from his member, stroking her shoulders and then lifting her by the armpits, up and then around under him. Ben hovered over his conquest, Wendy raising her hands to cover her nipples. God, now she was playing the shy girl. If I hadn’t been busy undoing my last button and throwing my shirt open I would have laughed my ass off. Hell, that woman shy? She’d done almost everything but a gang bang and now she was playing the innocent? God, I do porno izle so love men.

Come on, that is what men want, to pop some cherry on us no matter if another innocence is long gone. To give us a first makes a man proud, bragging rights that no other pecker could ever claim. Not that I’d publicly admit it boys, but some girls see things about the same way. I stared at the screen and watched Wendy turn her head to give the camera a wink as Ben clinched her wrists and took her hands away. It was her first video and the bitch was proud. Damn well should be, as hot as this was. I felt my own chest swell, thinking back to the first blowjob I ever gave and it sure wasn’t to my husband. Yeah, firsts are a beautiful thing, giving and receiving. About as beautiful as a most hungry man.

So hungry indeed, Ben mouthing Wendy’s magnificent breasts slowly at first, me watching her nipple snap to attention. Rock hard, as hard as mine. God, at least I was wearing a two hooker, my bra open feeling so much better suddenly. She stroked his head as he suckled harder, trying his best to best her. She’d told me only one man had ever made her come before he entered her but Ben was getting close, it didn’t take a bitch in heat to figure that out.

Wendy arched her back once and then again as he worshipped her massive globes the way she had adored his pecker. Hungrily he fed, low moans first from his lips and then coming from deep in her chest. He had her, she was nearly to that beautiful point of climax when he must have caught her scent. Ben sucked hard one more time and then began that heavenly descent to her most willing womanhood.

I watched, me now bare to the waist, as he kissed down her tummy and then parted her thighs. Wendy clutched his head as Ben began his pleasure torture of her. Slowly he began to kiss her treasure trail, moving downwards as my own thighs opened to let some of the heat out. Wendy groaned once and then again, her hands now guiding him to that sacred spot of womanly joy. Oh God, I could feel my own lover having his way like that, my slacks slipping off, my own chest heaving in lust. You could hear the wetness of her private place as Ben had his way, Wendy’s hips now bucking in joy. With one long, slow lick, he’d driven her berserk.

“God damn you,” she screamed, “give me your cock. Give me your cock. Now.”

Ben looked up at his woman, his eyes with that lust glare of a man in total domination of the grand prize, and then his head darted back to the sugar nectar of Wendy’s lust. Hungrily he drank her joy juices until his woman was totally, completely out of control.

“Now, baby,” Wendy screamed. “Now. Fuck me, darling. Give me your cock. Fuck me out. Now!!!!!”

Like sex izle every good man, brother Ben knew when demands meet needs. In no more than a blink of an eye he mounted my best friend, hesitating just for an instant as he admired her breasts one more time before he savagely, brutally slammed his manhood deep into his woman. With one mighty lust scream Wendy arched her entire body and then wrapped her silky thigh around him. Jesus H. Christ, this was a fucking.

On and on Ben pounded into Wendy, her body answering his every thrust with one of her own. Her breasts flattened against his chest, her arms draped around him as she gave as good as she got in pleasure. She groaned as she came and then moaned as she came again. Once, twice and then three times more Ben ripped into her wetness before his own body started to go rigid. She groaned once more and then braced herself for one more push. One more time Ben pushed and then exploded inside his woman, his last lust grunt drown by her shriek of pure joy as the scalding hot love poured into her. One more time my own chest heaved and my body quaked.

Reality swept over me like a tidal wave. My God, am I an idiot or what? I was sitting in my favorite chair with nothing more than a pair of little white panties on and I’d just watched a DVD of my brother screwing the living shit out of my best friend. I’d watched family bang away and I was the one all turned on. Two exhausted bodies were entangled on the screen and I’m sitting there with soaking underpants and rock hard nipples. I stole a glance at the clock and knew there was just enough time. Just enough but a lady waiting for her lover’s arrival had to be quick about it.

Me, the gray haired granny had just lost a cherry. I’d never watched a porno before, not even with hubby dearest. I know he did, but not me. That’s what happens in the pre-little blue pill days when guys needed help to get it up for the nagging wife. Not the prude though, not the modest little thing I was would have even consider watching somebody else going at it until another man came into my life and started letting me live. Until I became willing to do anything to get into heat for that stallion. The stallion that would be coming by in just two hours now that hubby was away. Two hours, just time enough to get dressed, get in the car and get one last errand out of the way. One last purchase I never knew I just had to have until a little brother and one big breasted friend showed me the way.

“What is it you want to do with your new camcorder?”

I gave the punk kid behind the counter at Walmart half a grin. I should have just shocked the shit out of him but I’m still a prude. In some ways, at least. I just let the silence go for about ten seconds before I gave him one of those old lady smiles, batted my eyes and told the truth.

“I’m going to film a reunion,” and sweetheart, what a reunion it turned out to be…but that’s for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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