Introduction to Miss Amy

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Sitting on the edge of the bed with my foot nervously tapping against the ground, I wait anxiously for that knock on the door. I’d received the 5 minute warning about 5 minutes ago so any second now they would be here. Everything was in place for their arrival but the anticipation, crossed with anxieties, were beginning to have their effect on me. I wasn’t cold, although the hotel room was far from hot, and yet my skin crawls with goosebumps. I am sitting naked, just as instructed with the blindfold at the ready…as soon as I hear that knock, I know what to do.

*knock, knock, knock*

I fall to my knees and quickly grab the blindfold and pull it over my eyes. I hear the door opening as my body tenses up a little and my cock lets out a little twitch. Nobody is saying a word as I listen to the sound of the door closing, the placing of bags on the table and jackets being removed. Today is unlike any other session in that I know nothing about what was about to unfold. “A 3rd party will be joining us” were the words she had used less than an hour earlier. Of course that had been back before her instruction to shave my body from head to toe (skipping hair and eyebrows of course).

My body was still giving off the aroma of strawberry scented moisturiser which followed the drastic shave. If I rub any part of my skin with another, I can still feel the slightly oily sensation. “Your safewords are ‘surrender’ as an amber light and ‘pathetic’ as a red light” were her only words before leaving the room earlier on, presumably to go and pick up this 3rd party.

My eyes squint in pain as someone rips the blindfold from my face. In front of me stands the familiar beauty of my Mistress. She’s wearing all black as per usual with vibrant red lipstick and that familiar fragrance that sends my body into a nervous but excited quiver. Standing next to her is an equally attractive woman. Her hair is dark brown and matches the colour of her eyes perfectly. She appears to be wearing slightly more casual clothes: some light blue jeans with an even lighter blue tank top. Her skin is reflecting the light in such a manner that her natural beauty becomes even more apparent, even under the artificial light that a budget hotel room offers. A threesome? I begin to wonder to myself. This had always been a fantasy of mine, especially with two women! Of course I tried to keep my composure as to avoid appearing smug.

My Mistress takes a seat on the single chair that sits in the corner of the room, below the tiny television. “This is Amy” she says, her eyes staring at me as if looking straight into my soul. “Today, she’s going to train you and you will do every single thing she says without question as if the orders were coming from me.” She knew by now that she doesn’t have to check whether I understand the situation or not; especially for simple instructions such as these. I’d been so focused on my Mistress that I hadn’t noticed Amy walk back to her bags on the table and return with something which she was now presenting to me.

“You’ll need to put this on” she tells me. Her voice was so seductive and sweet that I could feel my heart skip a beat. I take the item from her hands as I stare into those big, brown eyes of hers. I’m so distracted that I don’t realise for a moment that she has handed me a cock cage. I’m fairly familiar with the concept although I’d only worn one once before. Surprisingly my cock is still soft which proves useful and convenient as I slide the device over and onto my cock, locking it shut with the small, silver lock. A momentary thought crossed my mind in relation to the whereabouts of the key but I figured that isn’t important right now. As if pulling things out of a hat like a magician, Amy hands me a pair of frilly black, laced panties. I mistakenly glance across at my Mistress as if for guidance but luckily (and also to my shock) she is too busy setting up a small video camera to notice me.

Once again, Amy appears with another item. Not even saying a single word as she hands me a pair of long, black stockings. I finish pulling the panties up which would be a tight squeeze were it not for the cock cage which was already performing that role perfectly. I begin to roll the stockings up. Having never worn stockings before, the sensations I am beginning to feel are surprisingly erotic. Not so much for the look but rather the feel. It is like having someone gently trace a feather across your skin but you feel it everywhere on your legs, every time you move.

Item after item appears before me as Amy hands me a black mini skirt, a black bra, a black crop top and some fake earrings. I catch my Mistress’s eyes as she sits perfectly still, supervising the proceedings. “Sit on the bed” Amy says to me as she drags a spare chair across to sit in front of me. In her hand is some dark red lipstick which of course she begins applying to my lips. “I hope you like this colour, Sarah”. I’m not sure how to respond. I don’t want to say anything at fear of interrupting her work. Was she calling istanbul escort me Sarah? That certainly isn’t my Mistress’s name…as far as I’m aware. As she pulls away from a second I manage to squeeze in a quick “yes…”

Eyeliner, eyeshadow and whole host of make-ups are applied to me like a life-sized doll before Amy takes a step back to admire her work. Grabbing some nail varnish, she paints both my fingernails and toenails a dark, sultry red. Without saying a single word, her and my Mistress seem to be in agreement that the work is complete. Amy grabs the camera which now appears to be set up and ready for use. Placing it on the chair she had just been sitting in, a red light comes on as Amy takes a step back. “So Sarah, I hope you don’t mind answering a few questions before we begin?” Begin what, I wonder. Everything so far has been a completely new experience. What else has she got planned? “Sure?” I respond sort of in a half answering, half asking sort of way. “I think you mean to say yes, Miss Amy”

“Yes, Miss Amy”

“Good girl! So I gather that you’re here for training today. Is that correct, Sarah?”

Once again my brain goes blank as I begin to feel under a little pressure in this situation. The feeling of my Mistress glaring at me is unmistakable as I begin to respond “I’m actually…”

“Ah, ah, ah, Sarah. I think what you mean to say is yes Miss Amy. Isn’t that right? In fact, one might say that any other response to any of my questions is unacceptable. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Amy”

“Good girl, Sarah. I figured you were here for your training today. Are you eager to get started?”

“Yes, Miss Amy”

“You’re happy with me recording everything, aren’t you?”

My mind was screaming no…I mean look at me. I’m dressed like a slut, I have make-up on, the space where my cock should be visible now resembles the nether regions of an Action Man. If any of my friends or family ever saw this video, even just this part of it, God knows how they’d react. God knows how I’d react! Of course with my Mistress sitting right there I have no choice but to respond in the desired form. “Yes, Miss Amy”.

“You must be eager to get started with our training, am I right?

“Yes, Miss Amy”

“You’re able to withstand pain, aren’t you Sarah?”

“Yes, Miss Amy”

“Good, you wouldn’t be very good for this position if you couldn’t withstand a little pain.

Do you want to slap yourself in the face to demonstrate your tolerance for pain?”

I find myself hesitating once again as I begin to understand where this line of questioning is going. I consider glancing across at my Mistress but considering she has set this up, I don’t imagine she would step in. “Yes, Miss Amy”. I raise my hand, pausing only for a moment as the glare from my shiny red fingernails catches my eye and shocks me for a moment, before slapping myself hard across the face.

“You want to keep going don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Amy”

“Give me ten slaps on each side!”

Blow after blow, I strike my increasingly sensitive face. I can feel the burn as my cheeks undoubtedly turn red. It hurts but it’s not agony by any means. Miss Amy is staring at me but I can’t quite get a read on what emotions she’s feeling right now. Is she annoyed? Should I have slapped harder? Is she aroused? Is she bored? I have absolutely no idea!

“I get the feeling that you want me to slap you, is that correct?”

“Yes, Miss Amy” I find myself saying without a second thought. As Miss Amy pulls the chair back, she hands the camera over to my Mistress. I now find myself face to face with Miss Amy, her eyes staring into mine as she sits down where the camera just was. Shuffling forward a little, she continues to stare deep into my eyes.

“Are you a good girl?”

“Yes, Miss Amy” I say, barely managing to finish the phrase before her hand cracks across my face. The shock alone knocks me a little but the sheer force is at least twice as hard as I’d been slapping myself. I begin to gather myself as she asks me:

“Are you a good slut?”

“Yes, Miss Amy” I mutter as another blow makes contact with the other side of my face. My eyes begin to tear up a little bit. Not from the pain but rather from the shock. Being slapped is quite erotic but there is also something incredibly fearful about it. The one downside is that with each slap, the more sensitive your skin becomes and as such, the more painful the next slap will be.

“Are you going to do everything that I tell you without question, slut?”

“Yes, Miss Amy!” Once again, I find myself staring into her eyes as mine continue to gather moisture. The most intimidating thing about this moment is that I know she can see the wetness in my eyes. The real question is will this encourage her or put her off?

“You want to become a sissy slut, don’t you Sarah?”

The question threw me a little because as far as I understand, being a sissy involves men. I guess it doesn’t Escort Anadolu Yakası matter really then. “Yes, Miss Amy”.

“I gather you’ve never sucked a cock before, is that correct?”

“Yes, Miss Amy”

“You want to though, don’t you, slut?”

“Yes, Miss Amy” I say, assuming of course that the only direction this can head in is strap-on play. While still being something I am yet to try, a threesome with strap-ons and two gorgeous women is still a threesome. Something to tick off the bucket list at the very least! I begin to feel a small puddle of precum forming inside the cock cage. My cock is of course completely flaccid still and as far as I can tell it isn’t even trying to get hard, yet the leaking is definitely underway. Miss Amy stands up and in one movement lifts her crop top off to reveal her naked breasts. It had crossed my mind earlier that I could see nipples poking through but out of respect I’d tried to pay as little attention to them as possible.

“Do you like my perfect tits, slut?”

“Yes, Miss Amy”

“Do you wish you had tits like this?”

“Yes, Miss Amy”

She turns around slightly and begins to unbutton her jeans, slowly sliding them off to reveal similar panties to those I’m currently wearing. As she bends over a little more her perfect, round ass gloriously lifts itself in my direction. I literally shudder at the sight of it and every nerve in my body tingles as I watch Miss Amy take her jeans right off.

“Are you ready for your first lesson?”

“YES, MISS AMY!!” I say with a little more enthusiasm than I was expecting. I want to try and hide it from her, if that’s still possible, but I’m horny as hell! My mind begins to race through images of me fucking this Goddess on camera in front of my equally gorgeous Mistress. I know in my mind that the situation should intimidate me but more than anything else, I feel excitement pulse through my veins. Miss Amy begins to lower her panties, pointing that smooth ass up into the air again as she pulls them down past her knees, still facing mostly in the opposite direction. She stops and pulls them back up to just below her ass.

“Close your eyes”

In a heartbeat my eyes are as shut as they can possible be. “Yes, Miss Amy.” My hearth feels like it’s thumping out of my chest. It wouldn’t shock me if both Miss Amy and my Mistress were able to see it.

“Now, get onto your knees where you belong!”

I slide off the bed with no resistance and crash to the floor a little harder than I was expecting. I rest my hands behind my back and await further instructions. I hear Miss Amy sitting back down on the seat and feel her naked foot tap against my cock cage. She’s about to make me eat her out, I can tell. I can only imagine how sweet and delicious her pussy must taste!

“It’s time for your first lesson, slut. Open your eyes!”

My eyes open faster than I could believe was possible but instantly I lose track of my own mind. This gorgeous, soft skinned beauty is sitting on the chair in from of my. Her legs are slightly apart as if inviting me in. No part of my imagination prepared me for what I was now seeing: a cock! Not a huge cock, it is probably about the same size as mine but a cock nonetheless. It’s hard, it’s throbbing and she’s holding it one of her hands. No part of her: her voice, her legs, her face, her eyes, her lips, her hands, her tits, her ass…none of it could have offered a warning to this surprise. I’m speechless as she just stares at me, presumably getting more aroused by the shock factor.

“Come here and begin your training. You’re going to suck your first cock today, Sarah”.

I’d never ever sucked a cock before. I’d never touched one other than my own and now that I was facing this one, starting it in the eye, I was nervous. I moved forward and leant towards this pulsating rod. I could feel the warmth and smell its musky odour as I got closer to it. I reached out hesitantly with one hand to hold it. I look up at Miss Amy with what I know is a confused expression on my face. I even glance across at my Mistress who seems indifferent to the whole situation, were it not for the camera in her hand pointed eagerly in my direction.

“I…” I begin to murmur but a swift slap to the face puts an end to any and all objections I may have been concocting in my mind. She then places a finger on my lips as if to provide an extra warning that no words should be spoken in this moment. This just highlights the eerie silence that suddenly fell upon the room. Pointing the head of her cock towards my mouth, I lean in and open wide. The taste was a little unexpected and I couldn’t quite find any other taste to compare it to. I can sense the familiar sweetness of precum which I recognise from my Mistress feeding me my own. I guess the rest of the head tasted a bit salty, probably from sweat. Now that the head is in my mouth, I begin moving back and forth, sucking slightly as I try to copy what I’ve seen in porn videos.

“Sluts Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort can deepthroat cocks, Sarah. I want you to be able to lick my balls with your tongue!”

That sentence alone sends shivers down my spine. My hatred and almost fear of throwing up is matched only by the high sensitivity of my back reflex. In the past, I’d struggled to brush towards my wisdom teeth due to that familiar wretching sensation. Doctors attempting to push my tongue down with a stick would be horrified and shocked by my dry heave from the stick reaching halfway along. I slowly begin moving further down her cock, closing my eyes and trying to relax my body as much as possible. Everything was going well until Miss Amy’s hand suddenly pushed the back of my head, instantly making me gag.

“I think you need more training that I initially realised!” she says disappointedly, pushing my head off her cock and away from her as she stands up and walks over to her bag. She rummages around, clearly looking for something in particular which she finds and brings back across: rope.

“Get on the bed and lie on your front, you filthy slut!”

I climb onto the bed and do exactly as she says. She already seems angry and with my Mistress sitting right there, I knew better than to disappoint and anger her any further. My face is pressed into the bed and my hands rest by my side. Only seconds pass before my hands are behind my back, tied to my feet in what feels like a hogtie position (as far as I could tell). I wiggle to check how well tied the rope is and to both my excitement and worry, I realise I have no chance of escaping until Miss Amy decides to free me. She climbs onto the bed, grabs my hair and pulls sharply up as she slides her cock in line with my mouth. As she brings my head back down, her cock instantly goes straight to the back of my throat, making me gag right away. Now holding my head with both hands, Miss Amy slams my head up and down on her cock like some sort of fleshlight.

“…” I try mumbling to let her know that this is too much for me. I’m not quite at safeword level yet but I know that if it continues like this, I’ll be forced to use at least one of them. I can feel my eyes streaming down my cheeks and the wetness of my own saliva and presumably stomach acid rubs against my chin, cheeks, nose, lips and of course: her cock. Each breath I try to take is blocked by the hard cock banging against the back of my throat that fills up my entire mouth. I’m making almost alien noises but strangely enough, I begin to get incredibly aroused.

“Do you want more, Sarah?” she asks, lifting my face and mouth away from her now soaking wet, throbbing cock for just enough time to allow me to catch my breath.

“Yes…Miss…Amy” I say between gasps, concerned about what her response would be if I decided to go off script. I briefly notice that my Mistress appears to have moved closer to the action when I catch a glimpse of the camera getting a close up of my presumably slutty face. Before I know it, I’m back to gasping for air again. As Miss Amy pushes my head down onto her cock, she holds it there, knowing all too well that there is literally nothing I can do in this situation. I’m desperate for a breath and panic begins to set in as I realise I could pass out if she holds me like this for too long.

“Lick my balls with your tongue and I’ll let you get some air”

I desperately stick my tongue out and flick blindly in search of her balls. I manage to make a little contact which I guess is enough for her to give me air. Saliva spills out of my mouth and onto the bed as tears trip down off my chin to join the growing body of liquid. She lets go of my head for a moment and my face splashes into the puddle I had just created. I barely even notice Miss Amy climbing off the bed and beginning to untie me from my bondage. My arms flop down on the bed beside me as my legs dangle off the end. Up until this moment right now, I would never have guessed how physically and mentally exhausting that act can be.

“Get onto your knees on the floor, slut!”

I manage to pick myself up enough to half roll off the bed and sit on my knees in front of her cock. It’s still rock hard and dripping in my saliva as she strokes it a little with one hand.

“You’re going to put your hands on my ass cheeks as a reward for your progress through your first lesson. If your hands leave my ass cheeks without me explicitly telling you to do so, you will be punished. Do you understand, Sarah?”

“Yes, Miss Amy”

She grabs my hands and places them firmly on her ass. It feels even softer, smoother,

slicker, sexier, all the S’s, than I could have imagined from looking at it.

“Now suck my cock, slut!”

I lean in and begin to suck her with all my willpower. I wish I could lie to myself and say that I am not enjoying it but the truth of the matter is that I’m starting to love it: The smell, the taste, the slippery sensation of her cock as it passes my lips and slides along my tongue…If I weren’t wearing a cock cage, I would without a doubt be as hard as she is. My gag reflex was either beginning to relax or had just desensitised a bit. Unfortunately, I still gagged and as I did again, my hand instinctively reached to block any further thrusting on her behalf.

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