Introduction to Sex Ch. 07

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Ellie felt so good about her success in the escort business that she decided to call home.

Her mother answered on the second ring. “Hello?”


“Ellie … is that you?”


“My god, Ellie, is it really you? I thought…”

“I’m fine, Mom, really, I’m fine.”

“Where are you?”

“At the moment I’m in Atlanta, but I’m headed to the airport.”

“Where … where are you going? Are you coming home?”

“No, Mom, I’m not ready to come home … just yet.”


“Mom, I’m fine. How are you?”

“I’m well. I do miss you so much, Ellie.”

“Have you seen any of my friends?”

“Yes, Donny has stopped by. He always asks if I’ve heard from you,” her mother said, not mentioning that he was now her lover.

Ellie felt a thrill in her loins at the mention of Donny’s name.

“How is he?”

“Fine … he misses you. You should call him.”

“Maybe I will,” Ellie said, gnawing at a fingernail.

“Look, Ellie, if you’re not coming home … at least call me once a week.”

“Sure Mom. I’ll do it, so until next week, okay?”

“I love you, Sweetheart/”

“I love you, too Mom.”


Ellie’s newest client was something of a mystery man to Ava Gardena. All she knew was that he was a powerful man and broached no mistakes from the women he paid for. They did his bidding with no questions asked. That wasn’t something all her girls were equipped to do, and so, with some trepidation, she approached Ellie in hopes that she would be able to carry it off.

“I don’t know … I never know beforehand, what he’s going to demand of my girls.”

“Ava, I…”

Ava interrupted Ellie.

“I know you’re good, Ellie. I know that. But this guy…”

“I can handle him, I know I can,” Ellie was quick to say, perhaps to quick.

“All right,” Ava replied. “Here’s the address. Remember, if things get out of hand, leave. I won’t hold it against you. This guy might be all right. But he might be dangerous. I had a guy like him once, years ago. He killed the girl and got away with it. The cops never even talked to him about the murder.”

“Jeez,” Ellie said. “Didn’t even talk to him?”

“He had paid someone off, someone high up. This guy is like that, he’s connected. No one’s going to bother him. So be careful, understand?”

“I will, and thanks for the tip.”


Hot gusts of air puffed through the hole in the rusted fire wall separating Ellie from the engine and swirled up under her short skirt, bringing with it heat and the stink of burning oil. She had cajoled Melody into buying the Junker for her after cashing her first decent sized check.

The hot blasts warmed the insides of her bare thighs, touched the crotch of her panties as she drove toward the home of her mystery client.

Ellie thought about how she would react to him … and his demands.

In front of the impressive door of the house, Ellie squared her shoulders, took a deep breath, and pressed the doorbell. She nibbled nervously on her lower lip as she waited. The facade of the house was blank and uninformative – not formidable or frightening, just unhelpful. The windows were like mirrors – reflecting images of the immaculate lawns and shrubs.

The house was modern, long and low, all on one floor. The color was a spotless white. The entrance where Ellie waited was set exactly in the center of the front of the house. The door was a huge slab of wood, some four feet wide. The fixtures were brass, simple, well polished, and expensive.

The wait for her ring to be answered increased Ellie’s nervousness. She wished she was certain of the time. Her watch had quit working, and she hadn’t gotten around to having it repaired, or replacing it.

Reluctantly, she pressed the rectangular ivory button a second time. There was a sound, and Ellie fought the urge to step back another pace. Determinedly, she held her ground as the door swung open.

“Good morning. It’s Ellie, isn’t it?”

Ellie took in the man’s robe, his dark hair plastered flat on his head with water.

Had he just been in the shower?

“I’m sorry,” she stuttered, “I thought you said…”

“I did,” he assured her calmly, his voice, a baritone, giving the impression of restrained power. “Please, come in, Rachel.”

“If it’s inconvenient, Mr. Jones, I could always come back later?” she timidly suggested, mentally berating herself for her shyness, and for getting off to such a bad beginning.

“Now is convenient,” he said decisively. “Come in. I was just enjoying my morning workout. We can talk when I finish it.”

“Is … Is Mrs. Jones here?” Ellie asked as she followed the man reluctantly, having the feeling that the entire visit was getting off to a poor start.

“My wife is out for the day,” he answered, leading the way to the glass doors that opened out on the pool and the deck. His powerful calf muscles flexed with every step.

Mr. Jones slid the glass door bursa escort open, stood aside, and motioned Ellie through. Ellie blinked against the glare, and fumbled to get her dark glasses out.

The house, built in the shape of a horseshoe, perched on a steep hillside. The open end hung out over a void.

“Have a cup of coffee, or some iced tea,” Mr. Jones suggested. “I have a few more laps to go.” He waved her toward a table off to one side off the pool.

“Uh, thank you.” Ellie said, and decided to have a cup of coffee. The fine bone china cup clinked softly on the saucer from the shaking of her hand. A loud splash from the pool almost made her drop it. She carefully focused her attention on adding sugar and cream, then turned toward the sound of Mr. Jones as he swam the length of the pool.

Ellie wrenched her eyes away from the nude swimmer, trying not to stare. Then she couldn’t help it, and looked again. His buttocks, hard and muscled, rolled slightly with every powerful arm pull, flexed strongly with every kick. Those hard globes of muscle were only slightly less tan than the strong shoulders and back. It was obvious he often “worked out” in the nude.

Perched nervously on the edge of the lounge, she tried not to stare at him as he swam but failed. She berated herself for being embarrassed at his nudity. ‘You’ve seen a lot of naked men in the last month, for God’s sake, get over it!’

Her eyes tracked him steadily from one end of the pool to the other. His quick, efficient racing turns at the end of each lap sent a glittering shower of water high in the air, and displayed a quick flash of his solid, yet trim ass.

Somehow sensing that he was almost finished, Ellie set her cup down and picked up his robe. He touched the end of the pool and stood up smoothly.

The edge of the pool cut just above his groin, all Ellie could see was his muscular torso.

Mr. Jones placed his palms on the edge of the pool, and just before she got to him, he vaulted smoothly out.

A wave of cool water sloshed across the deck, soaking Ellie’s feet, making her dance awkwardly and ineffectively in an attempt to keep her sandals dry.

“Thanks, but I’m not done yet,” he informed her, brushing the robe aside. Picking up a towel, he quickly dried his face. He seemed oblivious of his nudity.

Ellie wasn’t. She tried to keep from looking at the man, but couldn’t. He was solid muscle. Thick black hair coated his body. His relaxed cock was short and stubby. Even limp it had an impressive diameter. Its skin was dark, its head a dusky purple.

Her eyes focused immediately on his cock where it dangled below him, as he began doing pushups. The muscles in his arms, back and shoulders flexed powerfully, as he dipped toward the deck and then rose smoothly. She was becoming aroused, and her legs were suddenly very shaky.

Ellie’s discomfort was anything but eased when her client stopped exercising and turned to sit facing her, his legs spread and his arms hooked around his knees. Her gaze went straight up between his legs to where his cock and balls nestled between his thick, hairy thighs.

“Would you hold my feet?” he asked.

“Well, I thought…”

“I still have to do my sit-ups,” he informed her. “Just hold my feet.”

Ellie took a tight grip on herself. She knelt on the deck, the hard concrete slightly bruising and scraping her knees. Hesitantly, she leaned forward and gripped his ankles. His skin felt warm. Her eyes focused on his bare groin. His cock was rolled slightly to one side over the lumps of his balls. Droplets of water still gleamed in the thick, black bush of pubic hair.

She felt a trickle of sweat start down from the base of her throat toward the valley between her breasts. She was suddenly conscious of her lack of a bra, and of her stiffening nipples.

Her eyes were still glued to Jim Jones’s cock. It seemed to be swelling and expanding. Ellie had to assure herself that it really was getting bigger, harder and larger. She watched in amazement as it slid to one side as it continued to grow, and then as it began to rise upward.

Ellie gulped.

“Ten more,” Jones panted.

“What?” Ellie said, absent-mindedly. His cock was becoming monstrous. It was laying across one thigh now, a massive lump of gristle, pulsing and still expanding.

Ellie felt his breath on her face as he sat up and stared directly into her cleavage as she leaned forward holding his ankles.

“You can let go now,” he said, and quickly rose to his feet when she released her grip.

Ellie released his ankles and sat back gratefully. Her blouse brushed the tips of her breasts, making the excited nipples burn. She tore her eyes off Jones’s pulsing erection and tried to meet his bold gaze.

Normally Ellie wouldn’t have minded someone ogling her breasts. For that matter, she would have been perfectly happy to strip naked for a client … if they had asked.

“Let’s go swimming,” he said abruptly, getting easily to his feet.

Ellie struggled upward awkwardly. “I don’t have a suit,” bursa escort bayan she pointed out.

Matter-of-factly, Jones said, “Neither do I.”

He reached for the front of her blouse.

“You’d be surprised how a nice swim will put you in the mood … for other things,” he said, reaching for her buttons.

Ellie managed a smile as he removed her blouse. The man’s all-over tan made her painfully aware of the paleness of her generous breasts. But she considered everything he’d said and done to this point to be relatively normal, and began to feel that Ava may have overstated Mr. Jones’ penchant for being overly aggressive.

He unfastened her skirt, eased it over the swell of her hips and dropped it around her ankles. The top edge of her panties cut low on the gentle swell of her belly. They were nearly transparent, showing most of her swollen labia.

Demonstrating a proficiency Ellie hadn’t seen from a client before, Jones stripped her last covering down to her ankles, and then lifted her feet free of the tangle. With a final flourish, he unbuckled her sandals and stood before her.

“C’mon, Ellie,” he said taking her wrist in his hand, and tugging her to her feet. She tottered after him to the edge of the pool. His grip on her arm was tight and hard as steel. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the bobbing bludgeon of his fully aroused cock.

I might like this, she thought as he walked directly off the edge of the pool, and pulled her in with him. The water blasted over her, splashing her face as her feet jarred hard against the bottom of the pool.

The sudden chill after the merciless hot glare of the sun made her suck in a gasp of air. The icy liquid cut deep into her uncovered pussy, splattered her chest and back. There was a tug on her wrist, as Jones leaned forward and dragged Ellie with him. Then, with an abruptness that startled her, he released her.

Gamely, Ellie struck out alongside him, figuring that was what he wanted. The cool water swept over her whole body. Tickling cool currents brushed intimately over her naked skin. As she kicked, bold eddies explored the cavities of her cunt and ass.

As they swam from one end of the pool to the other, Ellie was conscious of the power of the man beside her. From time to time his bare skin would brush hers, an arm, hip, or leg that would feel scalding hot in comparison with the cool pool.

Her hand touched the end of the pool and Ellie stopped swimming, and let her legs swing under her. As Jones floated languidly beside her, she hooked her elbows over the edge of the pool, pressed her front defensively against the cool, smooth concrete.

She twisted her head at the touch of a hand on the back of her neck, teasing her short black hair. Her nipples felt like rocks trapped against the side of the pool.

“You’re an accomplished swimmer, Ellie,” he observed. “Are you just as accomplished a whore?”

She had never been called a whore before, and it shocked her.

But before she could make any reply, Jones said, “I want to try something. I want to see if I can really make you come.”

Ellie found her voice, and replied, “I usually come with my … clients, Mr. Jones. That’s one of the reasons I’m so popular.”

To her surprise, Jones laughed. He had a nice laugh, Ellie thought, and smiled back at him.

“I know, I know,” he said, still chuckling. “It’s just that years ago, when I was in the Navy and using whores every chance I got, that when I got one of them off, they refunded my money. Well, that’s not exactly right. They let me fuck them again, on the house.”

“I see,” Ellie replied, “but in this instance, you can have me as many times as you want … for the next twenty-four hours, anyway.”

“You’re absolutely right. And we should get stated shouldn’t we?”

“It’s your call, Mr. Jones.”

“Let’s dry off and go inside,” he said, tossing Ellie a towel.

Once inside the large living room he asked her to squat. She did so, the soles of her feet cool on the parquet flooring.

“Listen to me,” he said in a more formal tone than he had used previously. “Under no circumstances should you touch yourself, I’ll do all the work.

Ellie continued to squat, while watching him lube up two of his fingers. He squatted next to her, held her around the shoulders, bracing her body from falling, then slowly inserted the heavily lubed fingers into her ass.

“Not bad,” Ellie said, feeling obliged to comment on his actions.

He wiggled them vigorously inside her, pushing hard against her perineum; rubbing the wall of muscle with all his strength.

It seemed only moments before Ellie squealed,

“Oh, God!” and clutched tightly at his free arm.

“Like it?” he asked.

She could only nod as the feeling of a euphoric ecstasy rushed over her.

“Wait, it will get more interesting in a moment,” he said genially.

“Ah, ah … ohhhh!” she exclaimed, not believing what was happening to her; as a stream of what had to be piss suddenly squirted from her pussy, escort bursa forming a large puddle on the parquet floor.

“You’ve got a lot more in there, he said quietly. “Let everything go. We can clean this up later. Bear down on me.”

Ellie did as he suggested, pushing her asshole down around his hard-working fingers; not yet believing that she could be launched into orgasm like a rocket, without any pressure applied to her clit.

But it happened. Her thighs shook as she bore down, and as more fluids gushed out of her, Ellie’s body was overwhelmed by wave after wave of pleasure as his fingers continued to rub even more vigorously against the pressure of her now frantically contracting sphincter.

Within a minute, Ellie collapsed, and no longer squatting, she half-slid half-fell through the puddle of bodily fluids on the parquet flooring. And when she was finished coming and hyperventilating, she realized Jones still had his fingers in her ass.

“Did you come?” he asked. There was a broad smile on his face. He was very pleased with himself.

“I … I believe I did,” she said and smiled back at him. He was definitely a different John. She thought that she would really enjoy her time with him, and that Ms.Gardenia was wrong, completely wrong about him.

“You’re a squirter, Ellie. I’m guessing, of course, but I think it was your first time. Was it?”

“I… I thought I peed on the floor. Really. You’re saying it was me coming… like a guy?”

“No, not like a guy, Ellie. Like a woman. A woman in heat will sometimes ejaculate a fluid like that. I expect that having done it once, you’ll be able to do it again if sufficiently aroused.”

Ellie filed that piece of information away and wondered what other things she would be learning from this very interesting client.


They spent the remainder of the afternoon with Mr. Jones bringing her to one orgasm after another in unexpected ways. He introduced blindfolds, light bondage, and spanking to the list of things they were now doing with each other in a lavish, king-sized bed.

“Do you ever eat pussy?” he asked around three in the afternoon. “I mean, do you ever get asked to do that when you’re out on a call?”

Ellie looked at him uneasily, not at all pleased that the world of her other tricks was even remotely entering into their time together.

He took he silence to mean that she may not have done so, and rephrased the question. “Do you even know how to eat pussy?”

Ellie snapped out of her silence, barking, “Of course, I do.”

“Have you been paid to do it?”

“Sometimes,” she replied, not feeling comfortable with the question.

“I’d like to see you eat a pussy, will you?”

She thought about his request. She thought about the sizable amount he was paying her, and that thus far, he had brought her an unusual amount of pleasure. It also occurred to her that another woman might divert his attention and need from her to her and that was the last thing Ellie wanted to happen that afternoon.

“I … I wonder if that is such a good idea. I mean, I can call Ms. Gardenia, have her send over another girl … that is, if you really want to watch us.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of a woman, not a girl.”

“You mean, you have someone in mind?”

“To be honest, there’s a woman I’ve been seeing off and on for years, since before I was married. Occasionally, we get together when our spouses are otherwise detained, and we have sex. We discussed this possibility and she’s agreeable. I think you’ll like one another.”

And whose idea was it to make it a threesome, Ellie wondered suspiciously, hers, or his?

“I think you’ll find this part agreeable, Ellie. She’ll pay you the same amount I have, so you’ll double your fee. I would really like to see you eat her pussy, and her yours. And I think she has an idea of a scene of her own. I don’t think she’s ever paid anyone to do a scene with her. Or, for that matter, to have any kind of sex with her. She’s just a regular married woman, but a good friend of mine.”

Ellie agreed and Jones made a call.

“She’ll be here in an hour. In the meantime, how about giving me a blowjob?”


Ellie was half-finished with her blowjob when the phone rang. Mr. Jones answered it and whispered something to the other party, who Ellie suspected was the women they were expecting.

“All right,” Jones said, breaking out of his whispering. “It’s a bit unreasonable, but all right. We’ll meet you there in … say twenty minutes.”

Without looking at Ellie, Jones got up from the bed and said, “Get dressed. We’re meeting her at a place she said she likes to use. It doesn’t sound like her. We’ve always used my place. Well I did go to her place once, but this place…” he frowned, then continued with, “It’s a seedy, run-down hotel.”

A signal went off in Ellie’s head, but she did as she’d been told, dressed and was ready in less than five minutes. Jones drove like a maniac and parked on the street in front of a dilapidated old hotel with letters missing from the so-called neon sign advertising its name to the world. In fact, everything about the hotel they’d chosen was dingy, seedy, and low class.

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