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Marie is my best girlfriend. She’s straight, so it’s nothing like THAT. How we became friends is kinda funny.

One Thursday night I decided, what the hell, I’d go to a different club than the gay bar I usually frequent.

We both work for the same company, but hadn’t really spoken. Just ‘hi’ in passing, that sort of thing.

Anyway, I had my long blond hair down. I have to wear a hat or hair net around the machines of course. Anyway I remember, I wore my little black dress. I know, a cliche. My pearls, fake of course, and my sparkly black block soles. I was sitting at the bar in this club sipping a very nice Chardonnay.

“David?” She rested her fingers on the back of my hand and had a very surprised look on her face, naturally.

I blushed like crazy.

“May I join you?”

Well, her smile was so sweet, and not threatening or, you know, judgemental.

I patted her hand. “Sure. Call me Sherri.”

“Yes, of course. I’m Marie, you know. From work? Well, Sherri, you look just divine.”

Then I really blushed. By the end of the evening we were chatting and giggling like a couple of ,well, girls.

Since I work on the shop floor and she works in the office it’s no problem keeping our friendship cool at work, and she’s never betrayed my after of work secret life. And as I said, she’s very straight, so our relationship is on the up and up, you know. Just a couple of girlfriends .

So,anyway, she phones me ,like real late on a Friday night.

“Hey honeybun, I found this really cool club. Wanna go dancing tomorrow night? I’ll come by your place at eight.”

I decided retro fifties style. My red short sleeve dress with the sweetheart collar and the full skirt that swirls so sexily when I spin around. My two inch pointed toe red number are not too extreme to dance in. For jewelry, the gold set I simply stole for fifty bucks at an estate auction. A long gold chain necklace with little hearts, and matching earrings and two bracelets, one for my right wrist and one for my left ankle. Sexy or what?

Marie showed up in a snug sleeveless royal blue number that showed off her curves.

We got a taxi to this club. I think it was a setup, because Marie’s boyfriend, Martin, was there with his business partner, William. It was Göztepe travesti a magic evening. Lots of dancing and fun, good conversation. The boys both had their own cars, so William drove me home in his Beemer.

He pulled up in front of my building. This could be awkward. He kissed me ‘goodnight’. Very sweet but gentlemanly. “Sherri, could I call you some time? Er?”

I gave him my number. That was a relief. I could explain over the phone. It’s never happened to me, but you hear around the clubs about ‘ladies’ who get the crap beaten out of them when their dates find too many parts under their skirts.

I tossed and turned to an uneasy sleep. Thinking about dancing with William, and wondering what he’d think when I told him. Sometimes my life is just a continuous feeling of insecurity.

Wednesday I’d just crawled into bed wearing my favorite pink baby doll when my cell rang.

“Hi. Sherri? It’s William. Am I calling too late?”

“No, what’s up?” My heart raced. Excitement, stress.

“Hi. Well, er, I was wondering, er? Would you like to go out Saturday? With me? Like, dinner and dancing. On a date? Er?”

“Oh! Well, yes I mean, I’d love to.” Did I say the ‘love’ word too soon? Oh no. “Only William.” How do I explain ‘me’? “The thing is I may not be the girl you think I am. You see..”

“I know Sherri. I mean, I know. Friday night was a setup. Marie and Martin? But I knew right away. Did you have your adam’s apple shaved? Stupid me. Too personal. Forgive me. I’m such a doofus.”

“William! It’s OK. Now, what time will you pick me up Saturday?”

I wanted to look alluring, sexy but not easy. Well, OK, easy. I mean it’s been simply ages since I’ve had a mouthful of hard cock, right?

So, my little black dress, deep V collar, snug snug snug right down to mid thigh, zipper for him to undo. My black three inch pointed toes. Dark red lipstick and glue on nails, a bit of mascara and eyeliner, a bit of blush. Pretty me! Big gold loop earrings. My long gold chain necklace that hangs down my cleavage. Oh to have cleavage. A gold chain bracelet on each wrist. Perfect!

When I answer the door, William stood there, the yummy shy answer to a girl’s wet dreams. His hair was combed perfectly. His nails manicured. His Küçükyalı travesti grey suit fit perfectly. His powder blue shirt and dark blue and red diagonal striped tie looking great.

I picked up my red clutch and pink satin shawl. He took the shawl and floated it over my bare shoulders. “You look very beautiful, Sherri.” He blushed. So sweet.

The restaurant was very upscale. Reservations required and all that. We talked and connected over dinner. We went through the arch to the dance floor. A quartet played slow dance music.

With my head to William’s shoulder I reached behind and pulled his hand down to my tush. Wanted to make sure he got the wrong impression.

As soon as we were in the door to my flat I unbuttoned his suit jacket and slipped it off his shoulders. Between kisses I removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. I led him to the couch.

We kissed and fondled. Good kisser.

I knew I picked the right dress. His smooth hands were soon inside the plunging neckline and his fingers were playing with my little hard pink nipples.

I undid his belt buckle. I unbuttoned his trousers. I slid down his zipper. His silk boxers were bulging. I pulled his very impressive cock out. My own little caged wienie was straining at the bars. I stroked him. So hard and smooth. Pre-cum beading out of the slit on his shiny circumcised helmet. I dab it up with my tongue, then kiss.

I’m imagining what it must feel like for him as I kiss and lick just the helmet. I put it into my red lips. I feel his hand on my back pulling down my dress’s zipper. So sexy!

I slide to the carpet.

“Lift your tush, sweetie.”

I pull his trousers and boxers all the way down. He lifts his feet and I toss them aside. I look up at his smiling, handsome face and smile. I admire his magnificent pole. I slide my dress down to my elbows so he can see my hard pink nips. Our eyes meet. With the tip of my tongue I lick my red lips. I want this to be a complete experience. Sight , feel, taste and smell. For William. This gorgeous hunk.

I gently stroke it. I wrap my hand around it. I smile up at William. He smiles back.

“Will you run your strong fingers through my hair as I suck your beautiful cock? Please?”

Knees and ankles Avrupa yakası travesti together. Pointed toes on the carpet. Spike heels parallel. Back bare. Rump snug in my dress. I want to look perfect for him.

He’s shaved more than just his chin. Nice! I lick up his shaft, tasting the salty sweat. Long slow licks. And kisses.

His fingers feel so sexy stroking through my hair. The look on his face is so full of love and hope. My little caged clitty cock is dribbling pre-cum down my sheer nylons. I feel so feminine and sexy.

I lick the pre-cum off the tip of his cock. He smiles down at me. William has beautiful brown eyes.

I wrap my mouth around the helmet. I swirl my tongue around it. I close my blue eyes and swallow, savoring the experience.

“Mm,mm.” I hum as I swallow. “Mm mm.” Hard wonderful cock. “Mm mm.” Slowly up and down.”Mm mm.” Right down to my gag reflex. “Mm mm.” Up, down. Up, down. Vary the pace. “Mm mm.” Fondle his balls. “Mm mm.”

“Ahhh, Sherri!”

His thick creamy cum fills my mouth. I swallow as much as I can. It dribbles down my chin. My God, he’s been saving it up!

He pulls me up. So strong. He sits me on his knees and pushes his tongue into my mouth. We kiss for a long time. His hands stroke up my legs. We kiss some more.

I ask the scary question, afraid this was ‘slam bam, thank you mam’.

“Will you stay the night?”

“Of course Love.”

We went to the shower. What a buff body. He must work out. We towel each other dry. I take a condom and a squirt tube of lube out of the medicine cabinet and drop to my knees. I roll it onto his rapidly growing pole.

On my knees on the bathmat I practically purr as he fingers lube into my sissy cunt.

Knees apart I relax my butt. There it is! His helmet pushes. Harder, harder. It’s in! One long smooth stroke. He buries it all the way. Mm. Sweet and full.

He gently but firmly grips my shoulders. Slowly out. He swiftly pulls me back to his beautiful cock. He drives me, again and again. I make a happy grunt with each filling thrust. So much better than wall banging or chair humping a dildo.

His right hand stays on my shoulder. His left hand slides under. His slippery hand strokes my wienie. He cums in my ass. I cum in his hand. I roll onto my back. He licks a handful of my cum into his mouth, then lowers his lips to mine Sweet, hot, gooey kisses. We shower again. All my towels are damp now.

I wear my pink baby doll for him. We snuggle and whisper in bed for a long time.

That was our first date. THE END

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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