Invitation to a Party

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“Let’s call Lindy. I heard that she fucked Mike last weekend, and then had to fuck Hugh to keep him quiet. She might do us if we call her.”

“Whoa! Really? Lindy? Sweet! She’s hot! I’d fuck her!”

“You’d fuck anybody. Or at least anybody desperate enough to give you a chance.”

“I don’t know anybody who’d give him a chance!”

“Yeah, well, you aren’t getting any either, so nobody is giving you a chance. Neither of you are getting any!”

“Peggy and I did it!”

“That was a while ago, like four months maybe.”

“Three months, well, uhm, just over three months.”

“Like I said, since then you’ve only dated your hand.”

“Screw you!”

All three laughed at the hand comment. The truth was they all were in the same situation. And not enjoying it.

“I’m going to call her and see if she’ll go out with us.”

“Good idea!”

“I heard that she fucked Tommy and Steve too.”

“Really, I hadn’t heard that. When?”

“Shut up guys! Her phone is ringing.”

Trev and Josh stopped talking. At least long, enough to give Brad chance to see if Lindy answered.

“Hey! Lindy it’s me, Brad. How are you?”

“Good! Trev, Josh and I were wondering if you wanted to get together. We’ve got some beer and other stuff and we thought we’d go to Beyer’s Point on the lake.”

“You would! That’s great!”

The two guys in the front seat gave each other high fives.

“When can we pick you up? Oh, you’re ready now. Well, I think we can be there in about 10 minutes. Sure, that’s sounds good. We’ll see you then.”

They all laughed and congratulated themselves when Brad ended the call. Trev turned right and headed toward Lindy’s house in the Heights. The guys laughed and joked about what they’d be doing with Lindy soon. A chance to get laid, especially by one of the hot girls, exceeded all their expectations.

“Hey, I told her we’d have some beer and other stuff. I don’t want to show up empty handed. That might disappoint her and I don’t want her disappointed.”

“Well, at least until after you fuck her. Then she’s going to be disappointed for sure!”

“Very funny, asshole. I just looked and there’s a six-pack and a couple of loose cans of beer in the cooler. We need more than that.”

“I’ve got a joint. I don’t think we could get any more to drink. Every place I know is serious about carding and we’re all only 18.”

“If we have the beer and a joint, we can still have a pretty good party. She won’t be disappointed. At least until she fucks you.”

Trevor and Josh laughed.

“You guys are both assholes! Tell you what, I’ll fuck her first that way she’ll be satisfied and won’t notice what tiny dicks you both have!”

The banter reflected their excitement. As far as the three of them were concerned, this was a sure thing. If Lindy had fucked Hugh, why won’t she fuck them? Mike, even Tommy and Steve, were different. They were popular with girls. None of they had to wait months to get laid. Still, this was the best chance any of them had had in a long time.

A few minutes later, Trev parked and Brad climbed out of the car and walked up to Lindy’s house. He didn’t know if her parents were home or not, so just in case, he knocked on the door. He heard her call that she’d be right there. Seconds later, she opened the door.

“Wow!” Brad thought. Lindy looked great. She had on a sleeveless cotton top with straps, showing lots of skin. He noticed her shorts and sandals, then realized that he couldn’t see any bra straps under her top. Brad felt himself getting excited right then.

Lindy hugged him.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you guys since graduation!” she said.

“Yeah,” said Brad, totally delighted that she’d given him a hug while his friends were watching from the car.

“Are the other guys in the car?”

“Yes. They’re waiting for you.”

Lindy stepped around him and waved toward the guys in the car, motioning them to come in.

Brad looked and saw that Josh was out of the car immediately, with Trevor a second or two behind. Still, they both got to the house, and Lindy, at almost the same second.

Lindy gave them both hugs, something that Brad wasn’t quite as thrilled with as when she hugged him. Again, she mentioned that she hadn’t seen either of them since graduation seven weeks before.

“Come on in guys!”

The guys were all being very polite as they said in unison, “After you please.” Lindy laughed at their gesture.

“Oh sure,” she chuckled. “You all must want to impress me with what gentlemen you are. Oh, did you say that you had some beer?”

“I’ll go get the cooler,” Josh said.

Trevor pointed his key fob at the car and clicked it. The lights flashed.

“It’s open,” he told Josh.

In no time, Josh was back, cooler in hand. He opened it, pulled out a beer, popped the tab and handed it to Lindy.

“Thanks,” she said, taking a sip.

“Guys, I was thinking that maybe we should just party here. My folks are out of town for the weekend and they did say I could have friends over so long as it didn’t turn into a wild Antalya Escort party. You guys don’t want to get too wild do you?”

Brad noticed that the other guys hadn’t taken their eyes off of Lindy since they got there.

“Absolutely not!” Trev answered. “We all plan to be good. A few beers and nothing wild. Right guys?”


Brad didn’t say anything. He suspected something about her suggestion, he just wasn’t sure what it was. Whatever it might be, he thought it a good idea to follow her lead. At least for a while.

“Okay, want to watch some TV?”

Lindy turned on the TV, quickly switching through channels and not seeming to find anything that interested her.

“You know, I’m not seeing anything I really want to watch. Is there a game on you guys would like?”

Josh chimed in, “sure, the Yankees are playing the Sox, we could watch that.”

That might help explain why Josh hadn’t gotten any in three months.

“What channel?” she asked.

“Let me see the remote and I’ll find it.”

Lindy handed Josh the remote. He was so interested in finding the game on TV that he really didn’t notice the perplexed look on her face.

Brad asked, “What do you want to do Lindy?”

“Yeah, it’s really your party,” said Trev.

“Well, this might sound kind of strange, but there is something I’d like to do.”

“Whatever you want will be great with us!”

“Thanks Brad. You guys know that Danny went out with Cathy Roebeck.”

“I didn’t know.”

“I didn’t know either. Sorry.”

“Well he did while he was away at college. I’m still pissed that he did that. So I’m going to teach him a lesson!”

“Oh yeah?”

“First, that he’s an asshole and an idiot! Second, that if he can date someone else, I can do whatever I want to do.”

“Sounds like you’ve got a plan.”

“Yeah, what do you need us to do?”

Lindy glanced at Josh, who had sat on the couch, already lost in the game on TV. She put a finger to her mouth, letting the guys know she wanted quiet. Then she took Brad’s hand, motioned to Trevor, and headed toward the stairs leading up to the bedrooms.

She didn’t say anything else until she led them into her bedroom. Lindy turned and smiled at them. She moved over to the bed, pulled the bedding aside and sat on the white sheet.

“Get your clothes off guys! We’re going to fuck! Danny’s going to know that I’m fucking other guys every chance I get!”


“I’m going to fuck you guys! I want Danny to know it too! The asshole deserves it!”

“All of us? I mean Trev and me and Josh?”

“Yeah, if we can get Josh away from the game. Right now that seems more interesting to him.”

“Oh, he’ll change his mind once he knows what’s happening.”

“Well, let’s get started. We can get Josh up here later.”

Lindy looked at the guys and pulled her tank top over her head, tossing it aside. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She sat on the bed, her tits bouncing a little as she shifted farther back, so she could slip her shorts off. In a second or two, the shorts flew across the room, landing close to the chair.

The guys watched Lindy strip, too stunned to do much other than watch. She lay back on the bed with only her panties on.

“Well, are you guys going to stand there or are you going to get undressed?”

Immediately the two guys started to strip their clothes off, throwing things where ever. As they undressed, Lindy shifted onto the middle of the bed, her head on a pillow, a huge grin on her face.

Trev threw his clothes off, quickly jumped across the room toward the bed, Brad a second behind him. The guys settled on either side of Lindy.

Lindy kissed Brad, her tongue slipping into his mouth as his hand cupped around her breast. Trev lay on Lindy’s other side. He put his hand over Lindy’s other breast, playing with her nipple.

Lindy turned to face Trev so she could kiss him. Brad started to lick her nipple as his hand moved down across her stomach. He slid his hand across her panties. Lindy spread her thighs slightly, letting Brad slip his hand between her legs. Brad gently rubbed her through her panties, feeling the moist head already emanating from her pussy. Lindy moved her hips, definitely excited with the two guys.

“Let me take my panties off!”

Brad stopped caressing her. Trev still had her nipple in his hand.

Lindy shifted around, slipping the panties down, revealing her sparse, well-trimmed bush. Trev and Brad both lifted their heads to get a good look at her.

“Sweet!” Trev said.

Lindy settled on her back. She looked at Brad.

“Finger me! I want to get really turned on.”

The guys thought she was talking to both of them. They reached for her pussy simultaneously. Lindy jumped as two different sets of fingers found her slit at the same second.

“Ooh! Wow!”

The guys pulled back at her exclamation.

“No, No! Don’t stop! That felt good! Really, really good! I just never had two guys touching me at the same time! Go ahead, put your hands back! I liked it!”

The Antalya Escort Bayan guys looked at each other across Lindy’s body. She had closed eyes again. She spread her legs apart a little more. As their hands touched her thighs, she opened her mouth slightly, her breathing became more rapid.

Brad and Trevor looked at each other and smiled. Each had a hand on Lindy’s pussy. Brad noticed that Lindy’s neck and upper chest had a pink flush. Without saying anything, Brad slipped his finger inside Lindy’s cunt, while Trevor gently fingered her clit.

As their fingers touched her, Lindy gasped again. Brad moved his finger in and out of her opening. Then he slipped in two fingers. Trev lightly caressed her little button as his mouth licked and sucked her nipple.

Lindy moaned softly, then arched her back, her head tipped back, her chin pointed toward the ceiling.

“OH WOW! I’m going to cum! I’m going to CUM!”

Brad felt wetness seeping around his fingers. He continued his steady, rhythmic strokes in and out of her. He could see that Trev was rubbing her clit much faster than he had been before.

Lindy moaned and squirmed for several seconds before her she opened her eyes and looked at Brad.

“I need your cock! Fuck me! Fuck me right now!”

Brad looked at Trev, who had quickly moved his hand away from where Brad was going to put his cock. Brad shifted on top of Lindy, ready to guide his hard cock into her eager cunt. She couldn’t wait, wrapping her hand around his cock and pulling him against her wet opening. Brad started to push just as Lindy thrust her hips toward him, engulfing half his length with one lunge. Brad pushed forward, driving his entire length into her. Lindy gasped again.

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed.

Brad started to ride her, not too fast, just deep and steady. Trev lay a few inches away, no longer playing with her clit or nipple, just watching them fuck.

“Push! Push it deep and hold it there!” she commanded.

Brad pushed as deep as he could, thinking that he could feel the hardness of her cervix touching the end of his cock.

“There! There! That’s it! Hold it!”

“I’m going to cum! Oh, yes! Oh yes!”

Lindy writhed underneath him. Brad did all he could to keep his cock inside her, until she slowed down. Then he started pumping, moving his cock in and out of her, enjoying everything about fucking her.

Brad rode Lindy, pushing as deep as he could inside her. Lindy came again in a few minutes. She told him to push it deep inside her and hold it there. She came, just as wildly as before. Brad started to pump faster, feeling his own need to climax building. Somehow, it felt like Lindy tightened her insides around him. The increase in pressure was all Brad needed.

Quickly he reached his climax. He tensed, held it, then shot burst after burst inside her.

He didn’t realize that he collapsed on top of her until she spoke.

“Oh that’s nice,” she whispered. “That’s very nice.”

Brad lay there for several seconds, spent and very, very satisfied. He realized that Lindy was moving her arm for some reason. Then he realized that she was stroking Trevor’s cock while he lay on top of her. He rolled off of her.

Trev immediately shifted to be on top of Lindy. She spread her legs, lifting her hips, inviting Trev to fuck her. Trev pushed inside her, Lindy wrapping her legs firmly around him, pressing her feet against the back of Trev’s thighs, as if trying to push him deeper inside her.

Whatever she did, it worked for her. In a couple of minutes, she started squirm again. Brad sat nearby on the bed, watching her face, eyes closed, breathing increasingly rapid, her hips moving in unison with the rhythm of Trev’s thrusts.

“Oh yes! Push, push it in and hold it there! Oh yes! Oh there! There!”

Lindy’s orgasm acted as the trigger for Trev. Before she finished moaning her pleasure, Trev reached his own peak.

“Oh damn! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

He bucked several times, then tensed all over, seeming to hold it as deep inside Lindy as he could. Then thrusting several times before he collapsed on top of her.

Brad looked at them, bodies entwined, Lindy’s legs no longer holding Trev’s hips in her grasp, just spread on either side of him as he drove up and down.

Then Trev rolled off of Lindy. For a second or so, Brad could see a dollop of white cum showing against the pink of Lindy’s puffy lips, poised ready to fall from inside the dark little opening he briefly glimpsed. Then she shifted her legs closer together and Brad realized that he’d been looking directly at her cunt.

“What the hell!”

Brad, Trev and Lindy all looked at the doorway. Josh stood there, his mouth open, a surprised look on his face.

“Get tired of the game buddy? Maybe you thought you might join us.”

“You know Josh, the game I just played with your friends is likely a lot more fun that what you were watching.”

“Huh? Oh yeah, it bet it was a lot more fun! Why didn’t you guys tell me what you were doing?”

Lindy answered him.

“Well, Escort Antalya you were so interested in the baseball that we didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Well, well, maybe I would have enjoyed doing this! These guys knew that. That’s why we called you tonight.”

Lindy looked at both guys sitting naked on her bed. Then she laughed.

“Sounds like we all wanted the same thing. Glad you guys called when you did.”

“So, Josh, think you can get undressed and join me? These guys were most helpful in getting me to cum several times. I think I could manage some more if you’re up for it.”

“I am totally up for it!”

“Then get undressed. These guys won’t mind since they’re sitting here naked anyway.”

Brad wasn’t sure if Lindy finished that comment before Josh had his pants down, hopping across the room on one foot as he tried to get them completely off.

“Geez Josh. You look like you’re “up” for it,” Lindy said, pointing to the tent in Josh’s underwear.

Josh looked down, and pulled his underwear and pants off while balancing on first one foot and then the other. He was far too excited about the possibility of fucking to worry about looking silly.

Lindy laughed again.

“Josh, the shirt too.”

Josh stripped his shirt off and bounded toward the bed.

“Slow down a little big boy! I’m not going anywhere. I do want a little foreplay before we do this.”

“But I thought you’d already had…”

“You thought that fucking these two guys should be foreplay enough, right? Well, I’ve had a few minutes to cool off, so you need to get me going again before we do it.”

“Okay, what do you want me to do?”

“Well, start out by slowing down a little. Maybe try kissing me for a little while.”

Trev and Brad moved off the bed. Neither made any effort to get dressed. Who knew, maybe there’d be a chance for some more action.

Josh settled next to Lindy. He kissed her, slowly at first, then more fervently. As he did, his hand wandered automatically to Lindy’s breast, cupping it, teasing her nipple some. Much as his friend had done, in a few seconds he moved his head so he could suck Lindy’s nipple. As he did, his hand automatically moved across Lindy’s stomach toward her pussy.

Brad sat in a chair across the room from the bed. He could see Lindy opened her legs for Josh’s hand. As she did, he could again see her pussy, pink inner lips puffy, protruding slightly, glistening wet in the second or so before Josh’s hand and fingers covered his view, then Josh’s finger disappeared inside Lindy.

Josh fingered Lindy as he kissed her, then sucked her nipple. Lindy stroked Josh’s hard cock at the same time. Trev watched as intently as Brad, getting hard again watching his friend and Lindy on the bed.

“Ohhh! That’s good. Really good!”

Josh took that to mean Lindy was ready. He rolled on top of Lindy as she guided his cock to her dripping opening. Josh put Lindy’s legs in front of his arms, lifting her hips, driving his cock drove straight into her. From where Brad sat, he could see Josh’s cock penetrate Lindy’s cunt, then pull back, then drive in, glistening with juices. Lindy’s pink pussy lips clung around Josh’s shaft as they fucked.

Lindy started to moan.

“Push Josh! Push it in all the way! Yes, hold it there! Push! Hold it! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!”

Lindy climaxed, moaning, moving her body with Josh’s thrusts. Her third guy of the night and she hadn’t slowed a bit.

Josh stopped pumping.

“I want you on top of me!”


“Come on, we’re going to sit in the chair and you’re going to ride me.”

“I’m not sure…”

Josh pulled out and got off the bed.

“Come on.”

Brad was out of the chair. Josh led Lindy to the chair, sat down, his cock jutting straight up.

“You sit on top. No facing the other way. I want the guys to watch me play with your clit while I fuck you.”

Lindy seemed momentarily confused, either unable or unwilling to do other than what Josh directed. Then she turned her back to Josh, reached between her legs taking his cock in her hand. She slowly lowered herself toward Josh’s erection. When the swollen head of his cock touched her cunt, Lindy looked at the two guys watching and smiled. She lowered herself so that the head of Josh’s cock slipped inside her.

Josh suddenly drove upward. It was so abrupt that Lindy’s legs almost gave out, dropping her weight onto Josh. She gasped as he penetrated her so suddenly. Josh reached his hand around Lindy finding her clit, stroking it as he started thrusting up and down.

Lindy moved up and down on Josh’s cock. In a minute or so, she moaned that she was cumming, wildly bouncing up and down, grinding her clit and pussy against Josh’s fingers.

Josh continued his same steady rhythmic thrusts, while she came. Lindy rode him, seemingly done climaxing for the moment, moving her hips and body in time with his thrusts, her tits bouncing and swaying.

Trev stepped toward the chair, his cock almost touching Lindy’s face. She looked up, then wrapping her fingers around Trev’s cock, started licking the head and shaft. Brad stepped to her other side, his hard cock brushing her cheek as she worked on Trev. Lindy turned toward Brad taking his cock in her hand. She pulled him to her mouth, licking him while she stroked Trev’s cock and fucked Josh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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