Iraq Ch. 03

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I was too stunned to say anything. Lisa nonchalantly tossed my blanket back to me as she got up. “Well if you’re just going to lie there, I’m going to go take a shower,” she said. “By all means though, don’t let me interrupt again. Feel free to go back to what you were doing!” She grabbed her towel and shower stuff and disappeared, leaving me lying there on my bed, half-covered and unsure how I felt about what just happened.

Lisa and I were good friends and frequently talked about sex and I supposed, looking back on our conversations, I might have guessed that she was bisexual. I just never expected that kind of direct confirmation. But the longer I thought about it, trying to analyze it and decide how I felt about it, the less I seemed to care about calm, calculating thought as my mind returned again and again to the feeling of her hands on my body, her tongue teasing me to orgasm.

Ignoring the circumstances for a moment, I closed my eyes and focused on the sensations I remembered… the brush of her tongue against my nipple as she sucked on my tit… the feeling of her soft hands caressing the length of my body and spreading my pussy before her mouth… the indescribable feeling of her mouth and her fingers as she fucked me every bit as well as any man I’d ever known.

Once the shock wore off, I determined that I wasn’t at all unhappy with what had happened. I didn’t really know what to expect afterwards, but I decided not to be shy about it. Just as I was contemplating the possibilities, the door opened.

“Hey Leez. I’m glad you’re back, I wanted to talk to you about what just happened…” but as I opened my eyes, I was surprised for the second time in a row as John stood at the foot of my bed, smiling mischievously and staring lustfully at what Lisa’s careless toss of my blanket left exposed.

“John! How’d you get in here?!?!”

“Right through the door, silly,” he answered as he climbed onto the bed, straddling me and grinning.

“But how did you know this was my room? How did you know I’d be in here alone?” I asked, Şanlıurfa Escort reaching up to pull him down to kiss me.

“I watched you when you left my room last night to see which trailer was yours and I waited around until I saw your roommate leave tonight. I gave her enough time to make sure she wasn’t coming back to get something she forgot and then I just walked in,” he answered, bending down to kiss along my collarbone.

“Mmmmm…” I moaned, relishing the feel of his lips against my skin.

“So what did I interrupt? What just happened that you wanted to talk to your roommate about? Leez, was it?” he asked in between licks to my earlobe.

“Well…” I started, “…actually…” I blushed deep red and didn’t finish the sentence.

He paused, sensing my uncertainty. “Must have been something!” he encouraged as his mouth and hands continued to work their way around my body.

“Lisa and I…Mmmmm…” I paused as he hit a sweet spot just above my navel, “…had sex.”

He stopped, mid-lick, and looked up at me. “Oh?”

“Yeah. That was kind of my reaction too, at first.”

“At first?”

“You know… until I got into it.”

I actually felt his cock twitch against me as I said the words.

“So… what did you guys do? How did it happen?” he asked, moving back up my body, pressing the length of his body to mine and holding me tight against him.

“Well, it just sort of happened, really. I mean, she came back early tonight and caught me…thinking of you…” I turned an even darker shade of red as I continued, “…using my vibrator…”

“Mmmmm!” he growled, pulling me tighter against his throbbing erection. “So you were fucking yourself with a toy and thinking of me?”

“Ummm… yeah. It was too early to risk going down to your room and I didn’t think Lisa would be back for a while and I was thinking about what an amazing night we had last night and I just… had to,” I confessed quietly.

“Oh, that is SO hot!” he whispered hotly in my ear as he took my hand and placed it Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan on his hard cock. Even through the fabric of the pants he was still wearing I could feel the heat and hard length of it. He began to unzip and unbutton his pants as I stroked him through the fabric.

“Tell me about it,” he instructed as he wrapped my hand around his shaft as far as it would reach and covered it with his own. He slowly began to stroke himself with my hand as I told him how I had used my vibrator and what happened when Lisa walked in.

“So she went down on you?” he asked. “How did you like that?”

“Oh God! It felt so good!” I started to squirm against him and my breathing got heavier as I went on. “I wasn’t sure at first, but…” I squeezed his cock harder. “God, I came so hard!” “Oh, I’ll bet you did, you little slut!” he said as he stroked faster. “I’ll bet I can make you cum even harder though…”

I felt his cock get even bigger.

“But first I promised you breakfast in bed,” he rolled over me to stand beside the bed and pulled me to a sitting position in front of him. “And this time I going to feed it to you,” he said as he took a handful of my hair and guided his cock into my mouth.

Holding my head, he began to fuck my face, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. Gripping his thigh with one hand, I reached up to fondle his balls. Feeling them tighten, I sucked harder and was rewarded with a rush of hot sticky cum.

“Oh FUCK! Yeah! Unnnnnggghh!!!” he grunted as he unloaded in my mouth.

Unable to swallow fast enough, some of his cum ran down my chin and landed on my breast. I looked up at him and smiled as he released my head, licking my lips.

“Well, I can see what you were talking about!” she said, “That’s some cock!”

With John’s back to the door and my view totally obstructed by his body, neither one of us saw Lisa come in. She was standing on the opposite side of the room, naked, clearly aroused with one hand slowly rubbing her pussy.

As he turned to face her she quickly Escort Şanlıurfa crossed the room and wrapped herself around him, kissing him deeply, “Hi. I’m Lisa. It appears you and Julie have already met.”

“Hi Lisa, John,” he replied, kissing her back.

She turned to me and licked the cum off my breast, fondling the other. “John’s a little overdressed for the party, don’t you think?” she asked as she climbed into my bed and pulled me back in with her.

She kissed me for the first time, holding my jaw delicately, exploring my mouth and tasting his cum. As we kissed, I reached out to touch her, feeling her soft tits and smooth skin.

Looking up to see John standing beside us, naked, stroking his renewed erection, she smiled. “You know, I think I’m the only person who hasn’t gotten to cum yet today and I’m dying to see what that gorgeous cock feels like.”

Lisa pushed me back on the bed and positioned herself between my legs as she helped to guide John’s cock into her from behind. After a few strokes, she began to moan and thrust herself back against him. Feeling around the tangle of blankets and clothes on the bed, Lisa found the vibrator I had been using and slowly slid it into me, matching John’s thrusts. As he pounded his cock into her tight pussy, feeling his balls strike her ass with each stroke, she slowly turned up the intensity of the vibrator and leaned down to flick her tongue across my clit.

Moaning and thrashing wildly, I came hard, bucking against her tongue and the vibe she was still thrusting in and out. Feeling me topple over the edge, Lisa hung on, letting me ride out my orgasm and slowly withdrew the vibe as I came down.

But instead of turning it off, she reached down and slid it across her clit, sending shockwaves through her body. Feeling the vibrations through his cock, John lost control, pounding her relentlessly as he pumped her full of his second load that night. Between the feeling of his twitching cock inside her and the vibrator against her clit, Lisa couldn’t hold on any longer and screamed as she climaxed, her pussy milking the last of John’s cum from his cock.

Slowly separating ourselves, we collapsed together on the small bed, exhausted but more satisfied than we ever thought possible.

“So… I’m glad that no one in this place knows how to knock,” I joked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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