Irish Hospitality Ch. 01

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“I have been made redundant from my boat building job” he explained “an old school friend suggested coming to Chester, he has a narrow boat moored here, it’s a bit cramped, there’s eight of us, five guys and three girls. Can’t get in the bloody head…” Vera and Eileen who Tom had met in the bar of The Crown Inn listen to him. Eileen squeezed Vera’s arm, a message to engage with Tom more. “We’re staying at the Grosvenor, you can use our bathroom if you would like to, in fact were are just about to go back after we’ve finished these drinks and eat in the brasserie, why don’t you join us, you look as a good meal wouldn’t go amiss. It sounds like a bit of TLC wouldn’t go amiss too.”

Both the ladies he’d struck up a conversation with were Irish, both well dressed, seemed educated, well spoken and attractive in different ways, both used expensive perfume, both were pleasant and chatty. “I’m OK, I’m just need to be careful with my savings, I gave up my flat when I lost my job, so just being careful.” He smiled weakly, not wishing to divulge his financial state. He was broke.

“We’ll treat you to the dinner, on us, you’re good company, it’s good to talk to someone new and interesting, let’s go.”

They both finished the wine they had and we left the pub and walked the short distance to their hotel, where the uniformed concierge opened the massive door for them, greeting them with “good evening madam, good evening madam, good evening sir” and ushered them inside the spacious hotel reception area.

Eileen led the way, advised the brassiere head waiter of their booking, then told her there was now three eating. The head waiter showed us to a table, seated us and gave us menus for us to choose from. Vera ordered a bottle of Barolo, they all ordered fillet steaks with French fries and salad. Tom flinched at the prices on the menu.

The brassiere was a nice space, with a marble tiled floor and dark wood finish. Tom appreciated the high quality fitting out as he cast his eye around the room. Vera and Eileen appraised Tom as the wine was served. “Here’s to us and new friendships” Vera proposed in her soft Irish accent, they clinked glasses, Tom was brought back to looking at his hosts.

“What’s you plans then Tom,” Eileen asked, have you got a job lined up, are you going to manage financially?” Tom looked into the room, avoiding Eileen’s stare, “I am going to look on the building sites tomorrow, something will turn up, I’m not afraid of hard work, I can last about six weeks on my savings, but then?” he shrugged …

Their meals were served, more wine poured, they chatted about Chester, Tom asked why they were in the city. Vera bayan escort smiled as she answered, “we are looking for toy boys, but we’ve only found one…” Eileen laughed loudly, attracting attention from the other diners. Vera joined her, Tom saw the joke and joined in to.

Meal finished, Vera asked for a bottle of Barolo and a bottle of Pinot Grigio to be sent to their room. Tom followed the two ladies to the lift, then to their room, they showed him the room and bathroom, suggested he bathed while they got the drinks organised when room service arrived.

Tom divested quickly, soon naked, while he ran the bath, it soon filled. He luxuriated in the massive bath, lying back, relaxing as he reflected on the generosity of Vera and Eileen, the meal, the wine and now the use of their hotel room bathroom, he would get clean and refreshed, get back to the boat and look for work in the morning. A knock on the door followed by Vera offering him a glass of wine as he modestly shielded his manhood just below the surface of the water, as soon as he took the glass, Vera insisted in washing his back. She slowly washed him with her hand and soap, admiring his muscular torso, she started to massage his shoulders, enjoying the feel of his body. Tom closed his eyes, he was getting aroused from Vera’s sensual touching.

He became aware of Eileen as she joined them, “you’ve started without me Vera, but I get his front now.” She soaped his chest, arms, and body. Tom was fully erect, he held his substantial cock which without his restraining hand would have broken the surface of the bath water. Vera insisted he raised his arms so she could wash under them, inevitably his excited cock stood proud above the water. Vera gazed at it in admiration, Eileen soaped his cock using both hands, cooing as it throbbed in appreciation of the situation and the stimulation as Eileen gripped his cock and slowly slid both hands up and down his eight inches of rock hard cock and wanked him splashing the water, causing the soap to foam up, he leaned back on Vera as she sat on the bath top behind him, admiring his rock hard cudgel and her friends dexterity in controlling him. Still with glass in hand his arms raised, Vera massaged his chest as he lay back against her firm thighs, she stroked his nipples, gently squeezed each one in turn, she kissed his lips, forced her tongue into his mouth, a lust filled expression of her need and his compliance of it.

A brief lack of hands on his cock was followed by Eileen stepping into the bath, going down on her haunches and guiding his cock into her wet, fleshy cunt, his cock engulfed in her warm lubricated pussy, up to the hilt her thighs on his, her mouth joining Vera’s as they three way kissed, duelling tongues as their heightened senses took over their actions.

Eileen started to ride his eight inches of rock hard cock, gasping a running commentary to Vera, her eyes widening on every downward movement, “he’s fuck massive V, oh god, I’m full, he’s so hard, oh yes,” she kissed Vera hard as she rode Tom, who was trapped in heaven engulfed in two hot horny mature women, one naked fucking him, the other wet clothed kissing him, pinching his nipples and kissing her friend. “I’m coming V, he’s bottoming out in me, oh Lord, fuck, fuck, fuck, he’s a keeper. Oh oh yes.” Eileen came and went limp on Tom, kissing his wet neck as she gasped for breath. Tom watched as Vera kissed Eileen tenderly in her post orgasm state, finally helping her off Toms still rock solid cock. She settled her self seated behind him as she had been before herself and Eileen started kissing him, thanking him. Vera got out of her wet clothes, stood in the bath and slowly lowered her tight wet cunt on to his eight inch rod, savouring a cock for the first time in three months, she rode him, her muscular legs, driving on to him, finding her G spot, exiting her, eliciting lubrication from her, driving her on to her orgasm, a needy orgasm from a Male, a good fuck from a big fleshy cock. “Oh Eileen, rub me please, help me,” she pleaded as she fucked Tom.

Eileen slipped her hand between the two fucking bodies and rubbed Vera’s nubbin, fingers working in unison with Vera’s movement, as she French kissed Tom, snorting for breath though flared nostrils.” Fuck him good V, get him to fill you with spunk, you know what I like.” Eileen whispered in Vera’s ear.

Tom couldn’t hold back any longer, he filled Vera with two weeks worth of hot come, exploding jet after jet of his sperm into Vera’s hot tight pussy.

Vera dismounted, held her pussy with one hand and Eileen moved to lick her, as Vera moved her hand Eileen lapped and suck Vera’s come filled snatch, savouring the sticky combination of their mixed juices, she noisily devoured Vera’s pussy bringing her to another orgasm. Tom was amazed at the spectacle of these mature beauties enjoying the attention of each other. He couldn’t help being aroused again, his cock came to life again. Eileen knew how to please Vera, her tongue poked her prominent clitoris, polishing its intumescent pearl like surface, making Vera stutter, “oh god, ohhh fuckingggg god, Eileen, I love you sooo much, arrrgh… . He legs gave way and she slid down at the end of the bath with Eileen still attempting to lap her lower lips.

They recovered, drying each other and Tom, they threw the towels onto the tiled bathroom floor, mopped up the water by moving them around with their feet. Tom helped, they bumped into each other in the confined space, they giggled at every time it happen. Toms cock stirred again, it was hard and ready for action.

Taking him by his erect cock, Vera lead him to the massive bed, it was big enough to sleep four easily. Eileen and Vera settled him in the middle on top of the duvet’, his cock standing vertical from his tightly muscled body, his manhood pulsed with his heart beat, strong pulses, throbbing… . Unable to resist, Vera and Eileen, licked, sucked and kissed his rod, he moaned in pleasure, not believing his luck at the turn of events since meeting the two sexy Irish mature women, he smiled inwardly. Vera and Eileen pulled him down the bed, Eileen straddled his head and coated his face with her juices, she rode his lips, as Vera mounted his cock, savouring it’s girth and eventually it’s length as she slowly lowered her wet vagina onto him, bottoming out as his cock tip touched parts no cock had done for years. Both friends, leaned into an embrace, naked boobs, touch and rubbing each other, mouthes hungrily searched each other as they kissed, tongue fencing kisses, lust driven kisses, moans of pleasure filled the room, as they used Toms body, Tom was in heaven, although his nose and mouth we at times engulfed in fleshy wet fronds of Eileen’s cunt, causing him to struggle to breath, he had to ease her beautiful bum off him occasionally for air intake.

During one of these air breaks he found her anal rosebud and licked it. Eileen obviously liked the sensation of his tongue rasping on her sensitive taboo hole. She sat firmly down on his tongue, “he’s licking my bum hole” she imparted in Vera’s ear as they took their pleasure with him, Vera moaned as she neared her climax, “he’s dirty V, we should take him home with us.” She panted and came, as Vera exclaimed her orgasm with gasps of, “fuck, fuck, fuck, oh Eileen I love you, he’s filling me I can feel his spurts in me… oh god!”

Eileen was off Toms face and behind Vera, between their legs, lapping at Vera as she slowly dismounted Toms slowly softening cock, she licked Vera, lapped the sticky fluids up off Toms spent penis, cleaning them both, satisfying her need for spunk and pussy juice, her always present craving. Vera was licking Toms face, cleaning him, enjoying her lovers taste, the tangy subtle taste on his tongue of Eileen bum hole. Tom was fucked, he couldn’t respond, he was empty, he wanted sleep.

Eileen and Vera got into a sixty nine, with Vera on top, they bought each other off twice before falling off to sleep, cuddling as they did every night. Well fucked, sexually sated they drifted off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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