Irish Hospitality Ch. 06

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Getting in deep with Olga.

Tom did exactly as demanded, he parted Olga’s dangling moist engorged lower lips with his cock head, marvelling at the size of them on such a svelte body, but not for long as his primal instinct took over. Gripping her hips tightly as Olga lowered her upper body to the bed, he sunk his eight inches of hard cock into her snug fitting warm silky cunt. He was in comparative heaven, even after all his recent fucking.

Olga was amazing, as she rocked back and forward on his thrusting fucking action, talking constantly in Polish, which sounded dirty, raunchy and exciting to him although he understood not one word. They fitted together so well, fitted perfectly in fact. Toms cock filled Olga, bottoming out and hitting her cervix just enough, to excite her, they worked jointly for each other’s pleasure and their own, a meeting of bodies and minds, sexual equals, both engulfed and immersed in their mutual lust. Toms ardour was heightened by Olga’s enthusiasm, her beautiful sculptured back, the flare of her hips, his view of her rear, her shapely bum cheeks, the constant moans and encouraging movement and sighs she made. He fucked her hard.

With their legs tiring they changed positions, Olga lay on her back on the freshly made bed, legs parted, her pussy open and wet from their fucking. She rubbed her clit with one hand and squeezed her perfect shaped breast sensually with the other hand, smiling at Tom all the time, making mewing sounds as she pleased herself.

Tom fisted his slick cock, till the point he thought it right to bury it in Olga once more. He did, pushing the head of his still solid knob end into her wet ready to be fucked again cunt. Both of them lost in lust, seemed to drive each other onwards in sexual union, Tom pistoned in and out of Olga’s wet, warm, pulsing vagina. She milked his hard eight-inch long cock with her pussy walls, giving him sensations never felt before. They both kissed heavily as they built to their climax, fucking quickly, moaning sensually into each other’s mouths as they reached the pinnacle of pleasure, they tipped each other over the edge of ecstasy, as Tom filled Olga with a copious amount of sperm, leaving them both panting for air, staring into the eyes of each other. Their astonishment at what they had shared in the height of passion manifested itself in wet tongue fencing kisses further adding to both of their breathlessness.

After a few of moments, Tom kissed down Olga’s body, enjoying and lingering on her perfect shaped boobs, lingering to delight in sucking her hard puckered dark pink nipples, till he was driven downward to journey to seek his goal. He kissed her taut tummy, licked her belly button, then at Olga’s prominent shaved smooth mound he wildly licked her pronounced clit before moving on to her flush with sexual excitement wet cunt lips, he sucked them, pushed his tongue into her opening seeking their mixed elixir of juices, collecting it as he pleasured Olga, making her shake and shudder in another orgasm, exclaiming disjointedly, “no more Tom, … you’re going to…cause me to pass out, ” as she panted.

With his mouth full of the product of their fucking, Tom slid up Olga’s body and kissed her open mouth, sharing their juices excitedly. Olga delighted in this kink of Toms passion and savoured their slimy cocktail, swapping it back and forth till after good ten minutes there was little left to share as they both could not resist swallowing the mixture as the heatedly kissed.

They looked at each other, seemingly slightly embarrassed at losing themselves in their experience and at the feeling they had discovered in their pursuit of pleasure. They settled and lay on their backs, both staring wide-eyed in surprise at their feelings, focusing on the ornate ceiling of the bedroom enjoying the afterglow of sex together, both realising that they had shared more than just a fuck, both realising they had connected mentally and physically, conceivably more.

After istanbul escort a while, they both turned to each other at the same moment and kissed tenderly, with seeming equal infatuation with each other, they kissed and gently stroked each other’s naked bodies, relishing in each other’s contours, the nuances of the flesh of the other.

The tenderness lasted for around ten minutes until Olga needed more, she pushed Tom on his back and straddled his body, a knee each side of hips. She raised her self up took hold of his hard again cock, positioned its head at her wet entrance and slowly lowered her body down engulfing his full length into her welcoming warm cunt and nudging her cervix again, which made her gasp in pleasure. Olga, svelt figure Olga with her model-like beauty, with her head thrown back, her arms back, her hands gripping her calf’s, her knees just graze touching the bed, her pelvic bone hard-pressed to Toms, almost levitated above him, as she milked his deeply impaled cock with her cunt walls, murmuring Polish expletives, punctuated with ‘Tom’ occasionally, all the duration of her use of his body, his cock, his rock hard right inches of the cudgel. Tom while feasting voyeuristically on the sight of Olga while getting fucked, counted four orgasms, her tremblings, shaking and stuttering actions. Wonderful to watch, while all the time lying on his back being expertly shagged royally.

Olga eventually ran out of energy or couldn’t continue due to sensual overload, she unmounted him, reversed her position and lowered her puffy engorged lips to his mouth in the invitation to Tom, which he accepted with relish, licking, sucking, tonguing her eliciting more expressions of enjoyment in Polish, till she additionally sucked and licked his rod, cleaning their mixed juices from his still rock hard cock. Tom wasn’t distracted, he made her come again, she swallowed his cock fully in and out, in return and got him off with just a dribble of his salty spunk which turning head to head, face to face, open lips to lips, she shared with him lavishly.

Draped over him Olga drifted off to sleep. Tom unbelieving of his change of circumstance, his good fortune and his emotions towards the naked beauty lying snuggled to him, followed Olga in drifting off to sleep shortly after.

Tom drowsily awoke as dawn broke, focusing on the sight of Olga naked still, lying on her side, head resting on her hand looking at him, smiling, bright-eyed, serene-looking. He smiled back, she kissed him on the cheek and got out of bed, she gathered her clothes, not bothering to dress, she left to go to her own room blowing him a kiss as she disappeared from view.

He lay on his back, thinking about Olga, drifting from one vision of her to another, his eyes wandering over the high ornate Georgian plaster ceiling, thinking of the beauty of it, of Olga’s beauty. His gaze focused on a point in a scroll of plasterwork directly above the bed, a tiny dark spot, he looked hard to see what it was, it looked inconspicuous, he thought it might be an insect. He stood on the untidy bed to get closer, to get a better look. He was shocked to discover a small camera. Almost in embarrassment he got down on the bed and draped his nudity, annoyed at the intrusion in his intimacy, even after what could have been seen or recorded by whoever installed the device. Gathering his thoughts he considered there were possibly more mini cameras, so he studiously looked.

Four more devices we’re concealed, one each side, one focused from the base of the bed, one in the wall at the head of the bed, staggering! Toms mind was gambolling, trying to understand what was going on, the very personal surveillance, he thought he knew who was behind it. Vera and or Eileen…

As he showered he discovered two more of the cameras, one in the wall of the shower, one in the ceiling above it. No wires were visible, we’re they transmitters? Who else knows about them? Was Olga complicit, did Megan and Bridie şişli escort know?

Tom knew the basic of surveillance set ups, he had a friend who did the sort of work as a business, wire less systems we’re unreliable over distance, there needed to be a server to cope with the multi cameras. He dressed and researched the internet on his laptop, to find what was needed, so he could investigate, find where the control for the system was located. From his findings, he surmised the gear was in the attic area or cellars.

Downstairs he left the house by the rear door, into the courtyard. He followed the walls around the house, checking if he was being watched, not knowing of any external cameras, looking for an air conditioning unit, ventilation fan or similar.

On the short side of the house, the West side of the house, he found it, a large airconditioning unit, fitted in a recently built brick formed enclosure below ground level, with a metal and wire grid over it, to prevent leaves filling the pit. The installation was well hidden from view by lots of low bushes. Tom noted the location in relation to the ground floor windows, paced along the wall to get a rough measurement and rounded the front corner of the house, just in time to see Vera and Eileen riding their horses along the track to the sea.

Back inside the house, he assessed the location to be beneath Veras office. The stout walls of the Georgian house forming the upper rooms would be built on solid foundation beneath the cellar. Following his instincts, while keeping a keen eye for cameras he looked for the cellar entrance. The cellar door was near the kitchen, with a key left in the lock, Tom opened the door, he pocketed the key then he slid into the blackness, closed the door and felt around for the light switch, from inbuilt instinct he found it quickly and flicked the switch on, the cellar head was timber panelling matching other areas of the house. Tom descended worn stone steps into the cavernous cellar, three vaulted areas ran the length of the building, immaculate, clean walls and ceilings of warm brown brick, part was a wine cellar, many racks of bottles, part was a dry store for bulk food, potatoes, grain, etc. The area that he sought was a newly built area, plastered finish and had a double door for access. He carefully tried the door expecting it to be locked but was amazed to find it opened, he slowly cracked open the door, just enough to see inside a bank of screens, with a woman sitting with her back to the door, looking at them, as he moved to change his view another woman came into his sight, sat back towards him, she was editing a video.

Tom closed the door and retreated quickly and quietly, studying the key to the cellar. He photographed it, he recalled similar keys in the workshop, in a draw with ‘House’ labelled on it’s front. He carefully he slipped out of the cellar and into the hallway. He breathed out, not realising he had been holding his breath.

He made his way to the boot room, casually he looked around, checking windows and doors as if they might need their fit attending to. More cameras we’re secreted in the shower room, the bootroom, two above the big bench in the centre of it. He was fully convinced that the surveillance had be professionally installed and the content of the recordings being made were for commercial use.

He made his way to the dining room, Olga was seated just finishing breakfast, also seated at the table were Eva and Sal. They greeted Tom warmly, with “good morning, ” Olga rose and insisted he was seated and then proceeded to serve him his breakfast, hovering and fussing over him, giving him a couple of kisses to his cheeks too. Sal and Eva were fascinated by her displayed tenderness towards Tom, he was lapping it up. Olga sat next to him and massaged his groin area beneath the table, unseen by Sal and Eva, his seemingly ever willing cock hard in a trice.

Sal interrupted Toms thoughts of sex with Olga “can you look at mecidiyeköy escort a couple of jobs I need doing in the stable Tom, will you come over around Ten o’clock please.” Eva added, “your tools will be delivered here this afternoon Tom, will you come to the estate office after Sal has finished with you, I have a list of jobs that need doing, nothing urgently required though, I also have some drawings for the sets required for the filming next month, Vera is not using the studio today, I believe Eileen and her are going to Cork later, after they return from their ride, so we can go through the requirements there, so we both understand all our needs.”

Both the requests we’re laden with double meanings in Toms mind, slight smiles, eyelash batting at him, coupled with Olgas attention to his now rock hard cock, set his mind racing.

Ashine interrupted the sexually charged atmosphere by proceeding to clear away the remains of breakfast. “I’m looking forward to our night out tonight Tom, so is Morven, it’s my night off, so we can take our time to show you everything we’ve got and the Town.” Smiling broadly at the others, making a point, until she was advised by Olga that she would join them around nine o’clock when she had finished work, adding “you can show me everything you have too, especially Morven, the Town… I’ve seen.”

Sal and Eva both chuckled, Tom was fearful of what he had got himself into, smiled weakly.

They went their separate ways, Olga and Ashine to the kitchen, Eva to her work and Sal to the stables to attend her bosses horses on their return. Tom drove the pick up truck to the workshop, where he looked though the keys. He found a match that looked like a duplicated of the cellar door key he had photographed with his mobile phone.

Just before ten o’clock Tom entered the stable, it was quiet, the horses had been turned out, at the far end of the stables someone unseen was mucking out a stall, he heard murmured voices, her listened and located where they came from, quietly he moved towards the voices. He saw through the bars of a stall the source and reason for the murmurs. Sal was kissing a blond haired stablemaid, she had her pressed against the rear wall, they were both getting heated, moaning into each others mouths as they French kissed, Sal’s hand was down the front of the stable maids jeans and the maids hands we’re in the front of Sal’s jodhpurs, both were fingering the pussies of the others. Toms cock twitched at the sight. He watched intently for five minutes as they got each other off almost simultaneously, the sight was a turn on to him, as it would be for most men. As they calmed their lust for each other just kissing, Tom retreated to outside the stables, he waited a few minutes and re-entered as though for the first time, he expected Sal and the stable maid to be back to normal. What he found was the stable maid on her back lying on the fresh hay, her eyes tightly closed, her jeans around her knees holding her legs to her chest and Sal lapping at her cunt, her long tongue snaking in and out of her charges wet open youthful hole, causing her to writhe in abandoned pleasure. Sal’s jodhpurs we’re down around her thighs her hand busy fingering herself as she pleasured and took her pleasure with the young stable maids cunt.

Lost in lust they hadn’t heard Tom. He took out his rock hard cock, knelt in the hay at Sals curvy bum, aimed his head at her soggy hole and entered her fully, gripping her hips to bury his length in to her cunt. Sal gasped in shock, spearing her tongue into the fleshy fronds of her stable maids cunt, who eyes shot opened in surprise. Tom fucked Sal’s cunt hard, making her tongue fuck the young pussy as a cock, heeping sexual stimulation on her, the attractive stable maid, ogled Tom, as he rode Sal. She orgasmed, Tom shot his load deep into Sal’s vagina as she came, shaking and shuddering and telling Nena, the recipient of her lust that she loved her. Both women, cleaned his cock, stopping it between them, till he softened. Nena at Sal’s biding got on all fours between her thighs and lapped at her pussy, keeping her eyes on Tom as she performed as his cock stiff and again. “Fuck her Tom, fuck her hard, give her what she needs.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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