Irish Men Love to Fuck

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I glanced in the mirror, unsure if my hair was going to work with me tonight. I sighed heavily and picked up my brush. After running the brush through my hair a few times, I hair sprayed it and smiled. Not too bad, I thought to myself. My dark green eye makeup brought out my creamy brown eyes and my medium brown hair fell loosely on my shoulders. I moved my head to the left and right, my subtle red highlights shimmying under the florescent bathroom light. I turned to my side and glanced at my figure in the full-length mirror.

Not too bad either. Since my best friend, Lynn Youley, and I had moved here to Ireland for a semester in college, we’d been working out fiercely to lose those extra pounds. I was pleased with myself. Although I could’ve sworn my 40D breasts looked smaller. However, Lynn constantly assured me they were just as plump as ever.

“Are you gonna be ready sometime tonight? We’d like to get there before the club closes.” Lynn appeared in the doorway, dressed in a long dark blue skirt and a tight figure forming blue shirt. Her blonde hair was longer than mine and was flowing along her shoulders and down her back.

“Yeah, I’m ready. Do I look okay?” I nervously brushed down my short silk green skirt.

“Perfect.” Lynn picked a piece of lint off my matching tight green shirt. Both of our shirts were our favorite style. Three quarter sleeves, which v-necked and formed a cushioning around our breasts, enhancing them for onlookers.

“”I’m nervous.” I giggled lightly.

“And what’s there to be nervous about? We’re simply going to a “pub” where there will hopefully be lots of single hot Irish men.” Lynn glanced at herself in the mirror and dug into her purse to reapply her lipstick.

“I dunno… I guess I’m just nervous because we haven’t been out yet since we got here. I don’t wanna get too drunk though.”

“That’s fine. We don’t have to get completely trashed to enjoy ourselves.” Little did she know just how much fun we would have tonight.

We locked the front door and walked the short distance from our off campus apartment towards Callahan’s, the popular club/pub in Dublin. We entered the pub slowly, both of us holding their breath. Several men at the bar turned to look at us and a few tipped their heads.

“Do you wanna get a table? Or sit at the bar?” Lynn asked me quickly glancing around at everyone. Three men sat together at the bar, side by side on the stools, sharing a pitcher of dark ale. Two other men were playing pool; or rather one was shooting, while the other was making out with a dark haired girl. Two pairs of couples sat at tables, minding their own business, drinking and laughing. Four other men, whom obviously had already tipped a few back were playing darts.

“Table.” I pointed at a table and then walked towards the bar. Lynn slowly meandered her way to the table near the middle. It was against the wall, but gave a great view of the entire pub.

“Can I help you miss?” The bartender asked me in his strong Irish accent. I smiled.

“Do you have Smirnoff?” I asked praying they did. It was Lynn’s favorite.

“I may be able to find one around here for a pretty lady.” He winked.

“Excellent. A Smirnoff and a Michelob Ultra.” I leaned against the bar, catching the glance of the man making out with his brunette girlfriend. He stood up tall and stared at me. I stared back until the bartender brought me our drinks and I paid. I walked over to our table and handed Lynn her drink. I sat down, facing the men playing darts. My back was slightly turned towards the men playing pool.

“Ok, don’t be obvious, but doesn’t the guy playing pool look like Kellan O’Shea??” Lynn glanced over at them and looked away. “The other guy looks like someone too.” Lynn took a drink of her Smirnoff. I glanced nonchalantly over at the two men playing pool. And in fact, the man holding the cue stick looked a lot like Kellan O’Shea. Same large nose. He wore a beanie cap pulled over his hair. The other guy, whose arms were still wrapped around the brunette, was wearing a backwards cap and had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He looked over at me and made eye contact again.

“That does look just like Kellan O’Shea. Weird. The other guy he’s with just keeps staring over here.”

“Oh my god…You know who that guy is? How freaking weird. That guy looks like Brian McKinney.” Lynn downed her drink.

“From The Other Line?” I mentioned the only movie I’d had seen of his. I looked back over at them both. They were now both looking over at us and the brunette was sulking. She grabbed the man’s face and he brushed her off. She threw her hands up in the air and said something to him but he didn’t seem affected. She grabbed her purse and stalked off, leaving the pub.

“Wow…you know they are both Irish…” I giggled. “They could always be here.”

“Actually only Brian is the real Irishman. He was born in Ireland. Kellan was born in America. He’s Irish like we are.

“So Brian has the Irish accent?” I finished my drink.

“It Ataşehir Escort looks so much like them.” Lynn shook her head.

“Hey ladies.” Two of the men playing darts sauntered over towards us.

“Damn.” I whispered under her breath.

“What are two hot women doing here alone?” The tall blonde sat down next to me and moved his chair close to mine. The shorter redhead leaned over Lynn, trying to catch a glimpse down her shirt.

“We’re not interested. Flattered but not interested.” I smiled briefly at the blonde and turned my head. The Brian and Kellan look-alikes were watching us intently. The Brian look-alike turned to say something to the other guy and they both headed our way.

“Not interested huh? I think you are sweetheart.” The blonde slipped his hand up my skirt a little ways.

“Sorry boys, but they’re taken.” I looked up into his dark brown eyes and swooned over his Irish brogue.

“Of course.” The redhead rolled his eyes and the two men sauntered back to their group.

“Hello.” I shook his hand lightly. “I’m Brian McKinney and this is my buddy Kellan O’Shea.” Brian nodded at Lynn and sat down next to me. Kellan sat next to Lynn and struck up conversation.

“I’m Julie and that is Lynn.” I blushed fiercely watching Brian slowly check me out.

“What are you two ladies doing here alone?” Brian snapped his fingers in the air at the bartender to order another round of drinks.

“Just wanted to get out and have some fun.” I shrugged and let my eyes wander over Brian’s body. He was wearing tight fitting jeans and a tight blue shirt, which had the numbers 77 across the chest. I glanced quickly over at Lynn who was leaning very close to Kellan, their foreheads almost touching, deep in conversation.

“Well are you having fun yet?” Brian handed the bartender a $20 when he came over with more drinks.

“I think we are now.” I smiled and watched as Brian took a long swig of his Irish dark ale.

“I’m assuming you know who we are?” Brian glanced at Kellan who now had his arm slung over Lynn’s chair and she was giggling uncontrollably.

“Yes. Familiar.” I shifted on my chair and my thigh brushed Brian’s. We made eye contact and I saw the look of intense wanting in his dark eyes.

“Have you seen any of my movies?” Brian’s hand slid slowly from his thigh to just grazing mine. When I didn’t protest, he comfortably placed his hand on my thigh.

“The Other Line.” I claimed and felt foolish. “I’m not an obsessed fan.” I laughed under my breath.

“Good.” Brian leaned in towards me and I took a deep breath. Although I was 22, I was still a virgin and a little nervous. Lynn had told me he was very experienced and I wasn’t sure if he liked his girls experienced as well. At least he wasn’t too much older than me. He was only 28.

Brian inhaled deeply, taking in my scent. He moaned very quietly and I took it that he was pleased with me. “How would you like to get out of here?” Brian grazed my cheek with his lips.

“I-uh…” I stammered. I looked over at Lynn who was now kissing Kellan, full on the mouth, and a deep kiss at that. “Ok.” My stomach flipped repeatedly and Brian took my hand in his. I looked down and caught a quick glimpse of one of his tattoos, a black Celtic looking cross.

“Kellan.” Brian said and he broke away from his kiss. Lynn was flushed and I noticed her skirt was a lot higher than it had been. Kellan took her hand and together we were ushered out of the pub. We climbed into a simple black limousine and Brian and I sat across from Kellan and Lynn. Kellan began whispering in Lynn’s ear and soon they were right where they left off.

Brian turned to me and I stared into his eyes, trying to control myself and not shy up in front of him. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me to him in one quick motion. His lips were pressed to mine and I could smell a rich scent coming from him. Maybe cologne from Hilfiger or Versaci? His lips were soft and only lightly moistened. One hand clutched his shoulder while my other hand went straight to his hair, my fingers entwining in his short spikes.

He pressed onward, his tongue entering my mouth with a certain confidence, causing me to melt against him. One of his hands moved up my side slowly, finding my breast underneath my shirt. After slipping inside my bra, his fingers manipulated the nipple until it became hard beneath his masculine touch.

His tongue tasted every inch of my mouth, claiming it all as his territory. His mouth was sweet, probably from the beer he’d been drinking. He moved his mouth down along my jaw line and kissed his way to my neck and ear. I nibbled his earlobe lightly and whispered to him. “What about your girlfriend?”

He laughed lightly and pulled me tighter. “That wasn’t my girlfriend. Just some girl trying to get me to sleep with her.”

“I see.” Doubt filled my mind quickly. Would he have ditched me if a hotter girl had come along? Brian backed away a little and looked into my eyes.

“I chose to Kadıköy Escort be with you. No one else. Just you.” Brian resumed his position on my neck and moved slowly down my neck to my collarbone and down to my cleavage. I smiled at how he had read my mind and my hand slipped from his strong muscular shoulder, down to the large bulge in his pants.

I massaged him with precise dexterity, making his large cock swell under my touch. He pulled me onto his lap and placed his hands on my waist, guiding my body along his. He purposely moved my lower body so that I was grinding against him. My skirt was almost up around my waist and Brian buried his face between my breasts.

I felt his cock pressing against me and although his pants and my underwear were keeping us apart, I could feel the detailed sculpture of his head rubbing against my wet pussy. My clit was twitching with impatience, begging for more. Brian’s left hand moved aside my bra, giving his mouth better access to my rock hard nipples, while his right hand moved expertly up my thigh and between my legs.

My chin rested on the top of Brian’s head and my hands were moving frantically between his hair and his shoulders, unsure of which place to stay. His hair smelled of a sweet smelling shampoo. Repeatedly I grinded my thighs against his cock, wanting more of it. Brian moaned lightly when he felt my red satin underwear soaked with want for him. He slipped it aside and his fingers instantaneously found my clit. I let out a little cry and for a split second wondered if Lynn and Kellan were doing this or if they were watching us amazed. I hoped that they were too busy for us.

My clit grew hard beneath his fingers, just as my nipple had. He snaked down to my pussy and slipped his fingers inside me quickly. The blood was rushing to my face and I could feel an orgasm welling inside me. He removed his fingers and used the lubricant to slide along my clit easily.

“I can’t wait to taste you.” Brian pulled me down harder on his cock. Our lips met again, this time with uncontrolled passion. Our tongues played war over who was to be the dominant one. I gave up and let Brian taste me and my tongue darted against his, tasting all I could of his mouth. His scruff roughly grazed my face making me want him all the more. I slowly unzipped his pants and my hand found its way into his boxer briefs. Brian’s hand continued working my clit while his other hand kept a tight grasp on my waist, guiding me, controlling me.

I found his large cock and ran my fingers along its length. He was very well endowed and I couldn’t wait to taste him as well, which I blatantly let him know. I found the moistened tip and rubbed the moisture back into his skin. His cock was going to be sweet, just like the rest of his body. I maneuvered his cock and it found its way out of his pants. I felt him fully, realizing he was uncircumcised. This, for some reason turned me on even more. We continued grinding and I could feel my knees sticking to the black leather seats. Brian lifted me gently and sat me down against his cock. I could feel the tip gently nudging against my pussy. His cock drowned itself in my juices, moving against my velvety smooth cunt.

I could see he was straining himself from entering me so I slowly moved against him, as we began dry pumping. As I became more and more wet, his cock slid further inside my pussy until the limo came to a rest outside a quaint cottage home. Brian’s intense eyes met mine and he winked. He put himself away quickly and announced, “This is my place.” I climbed off of him to see Kellan pulling himself off of Lynn. Apparently they had been busy as well.

Once again Brian grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him. Kellan and Lynn soon followed. “Lynn, bathroom is on your left.” Brian smacked Kellan on the back and pulled me upstairs. “Beautiful, you can use my private bathroom if you need.” Brian took me into what I assumed was his bedroom and showed me the connected remodeled bathroom. He shut and locked the door and then advanced on me. He threw me on the bed and I bounced lightly on the down comforter and satin sheets.

Brian climbed over me and I could feel his cock again, hungry to make acquaintance again with my pussy. My hands ran all along his body, up his chest and down his back. My legs wrapped around his thighs and I moaned louder now. Brian slipped his fingers under the rim of my shirt and tore it off over my head. Then he lifted me off the bed and removed my bra. He climbed off and kneeled over me.

He removed his shirt and threw it on the floor. He lifted a necklace from around his neck and tossed it towards the table. It missed and landed on the floor but he was involved with my breasts before it hit the ground. I had noticed another tattoo above his pecks. He also had a large tattoo, which started at his shoulder and ran down his arm almost to his elbow. This tattoo held several images in one. Another tattoo was on his left shoulder. I was curious to see if he had any more.

I kicked off Bostancı Escort my heels and my squirming caught his attention. He moved me further up on the bed and made his way down between my thighs. He pulled off my skirt and groaned again at my red underwear. With those removed he held my legs apart and buried his face between them. My toes curled instinctively and I gasped. He rubbed his nose along my landing strip and buried his mouth deep between my pussy lips. He growled and sucked hungrily on my clit. He inserted two fingers into my pussy and I moved against him. The pleasure rocked me and I shuddered violently. I gripped his head tightly, pushing him further between my legs.

Suddenly he climbed off me and removed the rest of his clothes slowly. First his belt and then his pants were strewn to the floor. Then his boxer briefs came off. His cock bounded into the air when it was free and I gasped. It looked too big for me, now that it was completely exposed. He lay on the bed on his back and pushed my head towards his pulsating cock. I bent over him and took the head into my mouth. His cock was extremely sweet and salty. It was my turn to suck hungrily. I felt Brian’s hands on me and he lifted my thighs. I straddled him and before I knew it, we were in the 69 position. He pressed more of his cock into my mouth as he licked me consistently. I thrived above him. I sucked on his balls while my hands stroked Brian’s cock, and I could feel his body tightening.

I lifted and lowered my head on his cock at the same time I lifted and lowered my pussy against his mouth. I could hear him mumble something about how divine I tasted and I nodded in agreement with his cock. My body began shuddering again and I started moaning on Brian’s cock. The vibrations made him moan louder and suddenly he flipped me to the bed.

He climbed over me and pressed his manhood between my thighs. He held himself up above me, his strong muscles pulsing. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and in one quick motion, Brian’s cock forced its way inside my uncharted pussy. He popped my cherry and I cried out loudly.

“A virgin eh?” Brian said gruffly. I nodded weakly and this seemed to fuel him as he started fucking me harder and harder. He slid his cock in and out of me, the walls of my vagina causing friction against his large cock. My nails raked up his back and I rocked beneath him. I was dizzy with pleasure and there was so much I wanted to do to him. He held himself above me and started rhythmically fucking me, his cock feeling every inch of my hot little pussy. He pulled out so far I felt his head popping in and out of me. Pleasure electrified our bodies and Brian’s eyes were glazing over from the pleasure. I noticed too that he was sweating. I groaned loudly, my hands clutching his shoulders incredibly tight.

He pressed so far into me I could feel his pubic hair grazing my skin. He fucked me harder, his balls slapping against my ass. I tightened my thighs around his waist. “Brian, fuck me.” I cried out. I looked up at him and we made eye contact again. He leaned down and kissed me deeply. When he pulled away he seemed surprised at himself.

“Hold on tight.” Brian wrapped his arms around me and slammed me against the wall. He pressed his cock upwards and inwards inside me. His deeper access made me scream with pleasure and the sweat was pouring from us both now. He held both of my hands up over my head and against the wall and regaining his composure, he made quick thrusts, his cock moving so quickly in and out of me. The friction was mounting and I was sure I was going to cum all over his cock.

He pumped into me harder and I moaned his name louder and faster. My juices erupted on his cock and he continued fucking me roughly, my juices making everything slippery. Brian cried out loudly swearing, “Fuck,” as he came and shot his load of hot sticky cum inside me.

We moved down to the bed again and this time I was on top of him. I was squatting over him and inserted his cock back into my throbbing pussy. I bounced above him, springing along his cock, feeling him deeper inside me than I thought possible. Brian gripped my thighs and looked up at me. My hair was flowing in my face as I bounced on his cock feeling another orgasm swelling. Brian came again just as I did, our cum meeting at the descent of our orgasms. I collapsed on him and he smoothed my hair, kissing my face.

“Fucking good shite.” Brian claimed in his deep Irish accent and grinned wildly. “Just a few minutes and I’m gonna fuck you again.”

I giggled and rolled over, my back facing Brian. He slipped his arm up underneath my head and put his other arm around my waist. He pulled me close against his body and I felt his lips brush against my shoulder blade. His fingers manipulated my nipple and it grew hard for him. He pinched it repeatedly, his mouth traveling up my back to the nape of my neck.

I shuddered with pleasure. I felt Brian’s cock growing hard against my bare ass. He began maneuvering me to face him, but stopped me when I was lying on my back. He slung the sheets away from us and climbed on top of me. I spread my legs gently, giving him all access. Brian’s cock claimed my pussy again, and I felt it pulsating against his cock. He held himself above me and gently rocked himself in and out of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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