Is Becky Home? Pt. 01

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Jonathan Beckham has been my best friend since 3rd grade when my family moved into a house in a small neighborhood in a little town just outside of Tulsa, OK. He and I live about 6 blocks from each other and have biked or walked to each other’s houses for years. Now we are both 18, finishing 12th grade. We both drive beater cars and work part-time jobs. This coming fall, we are both going to college, but at different schools, in different states. This was our last summer to hunt, swim, fish and hangout like we have for many summers now.

Jon, or Beck, as most of us call him, and I spent several days getting ready for this trip, cleaning out tackle boxes and cleaning our shotguns and 22s. His dad has a hunting lodge, or really a 2-bedroom camp-house that he and a lot of his business friends use during the fall deer hunting seasons. It’s not fancy but it’s a lot more than a tent. The house, in a remote rural county in Oklahoma near the Kansas border, is located on a 27-acre piece of land, with a small pond visible from the cabin and near a wooded area.

All through high school, Beck and I have gone to the camp-house each summer for a week or so. When we are there time seems to slow down. No video games or TV, and our phones barely get any reception. We hunt for firewood during the day and swim in the pond. At night we sometimes hunt night animals that don’t have a hunting season like raccoons, armadillos and skunks. We don’t hunt to eat; we just hunt because we can and it’s fun to chase something.

A couple of years ago, we started jerking off together some while we are at the camp-house. It’s been our secret and it’s not been that big a deal. I know that a lot of guys do that during puberty when we are all just figuring our junk out. We were both nervous at first and we laughed at awkward moments and acted grossed out by how much we could cum.

This year, when we got to the camp, there was a good bit to do to get it ready for the week. Some damage to a gutter system and Beck had to fix the water heater to get it to work. There was the regular dust and cobwebs to clear. Food to load in fridge once it was turned on. And gathering some firewood and just getting our gear in and settled took a couple of hours.

Soon, though, we were in the pond, swimming, stripped off naked and no one around at all. We whooped and yelled and swam for the bottom of the pond, diving ass-up into the water. It felt so freeing, and with the summer heat, the water felt great.

We read a lot at night and talked about everything. We jerked off a lot, too. This year, we were less anxious about seeing each other naked and jerking off in front of each other. It was less little kid stuff and more about our friendship and what would happen in the next few years to college.

After the first two nights of just jerking off alone or together, we started jerking each other, holding and stroking each other’s dick at the same time, but we didn’t face each other. The first time it happened, probably the third night we were at the camp-house, I had crawled into Beck’s bed, in the dark, beyoğlu escort both staring at the ceiling, just like normal for us.

We started jerking off. We’ve done it many times like that. Our elbows bump into each other and sometimes Beck’s foot would graze my leg or rest next to my foot. We’d hear each other say Fuck or yes or sigh. Nothing more than that. We’d cum and clean up and get back to talking or reading or go to sleep.

That night I was going at it, sliding my hand up and down my dick, slower than Beck, who was banging away with both fists like this was a race. Then, all at once, he slowed down and then he stopped. I could hear him get quiet. I felt the bed become more still and the mattress shifted as he turned over. That’s when I felt it, just a touch. The soft feel of another person’s skin brushing just the tip of my cock. It startled and excited me. My breath caught, and I sighed deeply. Beck said nothing but did it again, with more of his hand touching the head of my cock.

We had never touched each other before. My mind whirled as he slid his hand down my dick, replacing my own hand. The part of my body just behind my balls and deep inside me burst into fireworks and my head went straight back, like an electric charge jolting up my spine from my genitals. He started slowly, matching my pace, and then he began speeding up, rubbing his thumb against my cockhead.

A grumble started deep in my gut and started up my throat. It rolled around in my mouth and came out of me as a slow, low bass growl and I came in great spurts all over my stomach and Beck’s hand. I was slow regaining my breath and my sense of where I was and what had just happened. It was like coming out of a tornado into a calm restful slumber, covered in cum and sweat.

Beck was now on his back, jerking off again. Without so much a thought, I reached over and rubbed my hand on his dickhead. He let go of his cock and I reached for it. As I did, he took my wrist in both of his hands. His hands felt soft and he was tenderly guiding me to the pace he wanted. I followed his lead. With one hand he very slowly rubbed my arm, not just the skin, but lightly brushing the hair on my forearm. With the other hand, he let go of my wrist and I thought he was rubbing and holding his balls. Later I found out that he had reached further down and slid one of his fingers into the fold of skin just under his balls that starts the bottom of his ass crack.

He hissed like a cat, and then I could tell that he turned his head toward me, but I kept staring at the wall and what I could see of the movement around his cock in the dark. When his stomach hardened and rose as he sucked in air, I looked at his face. He was staring right at me. I smiled, no real thought or feeling, except slightly embarrassed and, fearfully intimate. I admit, it was fun to see my friend’s face shift and open when he came while I jerked him off.

He came quietly and only emitted a sigh and a long slow breath, lowering his ass after I he had risen off the bed slightly and his dick pulsed and pulsed. He kept looking at sarıyer escort me and I didn’t look away for a while. Eventually I felt that he was not as hard and that a great wetness covered part of my hand.

I got up and washed my hands, crotch and stomach until I was mostly cum-free. By the time I headed back to my bed, Beck had cleaned up as well and with just boxers on, was curled up in his bed facing the wall. He appeared to be almost asleep. My bed was in the other bedroom across from his room.

At first, I couldn’t sleep. I read for a while, but I kept finding myself turning pages and missing all of the content because I was thinking about what had just happened. I slept in my bed alone until the sunlight coming through the room’s two windows stirred me. Morning brought no conversation about the night. During the day, we fished, cooked and ran like idiots all over the land. One day it rained all day and we made popcorn and ate hotdogs and napped a lot of that day. At one point, we counted that we had slept about 13 hours straight.

On the last night we were going to be there, as we were about to settle down to beat off in Beck’s bed, I took off all of my clothes. A lot of times we just pulled our boxers down and t-shirts up. But that night I stripped completely and left my sneakers on. Standing, my hard on in my hand, I walked to the front door.

I looked back at Beck, who was watching me, from the bed, already stroking himself. I opened the front door and stepped out. Soon enough, I heard Beck follow me out and close the door. I turned around to see him naked also, except for his boots, not laced. He was still stroking his cock. We kept walking, 25 feet, 50 yards, until we were about 100 yards, or so it seemed, from the camp-house.

We were in the dark, standing in a wide-open space, looking up at all the stars, and pulling on our dicks. Normally we jerked off together out here staring off at the ceiling or at porn mags when we brought them. That night out in the pitch black moonless night, we could barely see each other at all. Beck stepped closer to me. I heard him. And I sensed his presence. I could see him getting closer to me. This was fairly rare for us to be this close to each other, naked, facing each other. We were getting braver, or weirder, or gayer.

Could this be anything other than gayer and weirder. I didn’t think about it much. I was busy at my crotch and I was feeling highly aroused. Here we were outside, naked, facing each other in a dark, dark field. I knew Beck was going to touch me.

This was our last night of our summer trip and he had been upping the ante each night. I wasn’t sure what to do so I stood still. I stopped jerking off and let my hand come up and interlace behind my head. I heard a snap or crack in the woods not too far from where we stood. I tensed and looked in that direction. Neither of us made any movement or sound.

When I looked back to the place where I had last seen the shape of Beck’s head, I couldn’t see him. I said, quietly, in a shallow whisper, “Beck?” Nothing. That’s when I felt it. maslak escort Felt him. Not his hand. This was wet and warm. His tongue was bathing my cock, licking and nibbling at the tip of my dick and I felt his cheek graze the inside of both my thighs as he licked at my balls.

This was way different than anything we’ve done before, than he’s done before. Somewhere I was assuring myself that I was just standing here with my dick hard. Someone else was doing this gay stuff. Beck was. Not me. Soon he had taken the head of my dick into his mouth, licking around and slowly taking more of me into his mouth. My mind was exploding. What was Beck doing? Is he gay? Am I gay?

What are we doing? We are not gay. I have a girlfriend, sort of. Vanessa and I date some and have messed around a few times. I’m not a virgin and neither is she. Now I’m naked in a dark field with my cock halfway into my best friend’s mouth and I feel his hands carefully touch my thighs, lightly smoothing the hair there.

“Beck. Oh my god, Beck.” That’s all I could say. I wanted to say more. I wanted to say stop or hey let’s think about this. But I didn’t say any of that. My dick took over and I pushed forward into his mouth.

He moaned and swallowed the rest of my cock, part of it entering the warm tunnel of his throat. Back and forth he moved, and I leaned my head back and moved my hips, fucking his mouth. Soon, the swelling of my orgasm rose like a wave in my guts. My mouth erupted into a howl and I emptied my load of cum into my friend’s throat.

His hands, now moved to the back of my thighs, pulled me into him, held me in his mouth and he continued to milk my dick. I squealed at the sensation of over-stimulation there. He laughed as he let my cock fall out of his mouth. And he stood again, turning toward the forest, now speedily jerking his cock.

I was coming to awareness slowly. Was I expected to do the same for him? I couldn’t. I knew that I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t. I was startled, and my legs trembled. I put my hands on my knees and leaned forward away from him just to steady myself. I knew Beck was coming now by his rapid breath and, finally, the quiet sigh with which he normally concluded.

Into the dark field and woods, the dark cloudy sky, Beck yelled. Deep from his gut, he howled. He jumped up and down, yelling very loudly. His genitals slapping at his stomach and against his thighs. No words; just sounds from the core of his being. I howled with him. And yelled at the moonless sky.

He laughed loudly and then quietly he said, “Wow.” And we laughed together. He put his hand on my shoulder. I stayed still. And when he turned to walk back inside, I followed him. Back in the camp-house, we cleaned up and cut the lights. As Beck got into his bed, he said, “That was great fun. Wanna’ sleep in here tonight? It’s our last night.”

Without a word, I walked over and got into the bed with him lying on my back, staring at the ceiling. Both of wearing boxers, we lay on the bed without covering with a sheet or anything. As I began to fall asleep, I felt Beck’s head rest against my left arm, not fully upon my arm but I could feel the weight and hair of him against my skin. The sound of his breath told me he was nearly asleep and soon we were both sleeping.

To be continued.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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