Is Something The Matter? Ch. 04

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This is Part 4 of what’s looking like 5 part series. Thanks to all who commented on earlier for their suggestions.

This story has elements of chastity, CBT, female domination, cross dressing, and some aspects of gender reversal. If that isn’t your cup of tea.. then that’s not your cup of tea.

As mentioned before – when you’re playing with power relationships (i.e., the transfer of power) especially those that delve into BDSM, CBT, etc etc, its crucial to have consent. Relationships should be safe, sane, and consensual.

Is Something The Matter, Part 4

“Is Something The Matter?”

Steve stood frozen. The lingerie shopowner had asked him a simple question, and with him being totally distracted, he totally botched the response. Here he was looking at size 10 panties (which is the size Amie had bought for him), and he had admitted to the shop owner that his wife was a size 4.

Steve took a breath. “These aren’t for my wife. They’re for me.” He looked up sheepishly at the shopowner.

She smiled and said “Well, first of all, thanks for being honest with me. Your wife is a lucky woman to have a husband who is both forthright and also who knows her size. You’d be surprised.”

Steve breathed a sigh of relief and he felt the tension flow from his shoulders.

The shopowner continued, “It looks like you’ve picked out a few styles that have elastic around the leg holes, that’s a good start. Is there something special you’re looking for – maybe colors, material or style?”

Steve responded almost automatically – and why not, he’d been going over the shopping list in his mind for the past hour while he built up the courage to come into the store, “I need something cotton for sleeping, and I’d uh… I’d like to look at something with a ruffle in the back?” He was running out of courage, and took a long deep breath, inhaling the lavender scent in the shop and becoming equal parts relaxed and equal parts more aroused. He kept seeing Amie’s beautiful legs and her flat stomach in his mind… He had to shake his head to clear his thoughts. What was happening to him?

The shopowner took the panties he had chosen, then started to replace some with other styles, and finally walked over to a cabinet at the wall and pulled out a drawer with a red ruffled tanga panty. She placed them on an open display counter for Steve to inspect. As he went along feeling the fabric and flipping them over to see the cut in the back, she disappeared for a minute or two. Finally she came back and laid out a soft pima cotton camisole, plain beige with lacy shoulder straps.

Steve looked at her with some confusion.

The shopkeeper continued “If you’re going to buy some cotton sleep panties, I think you should finish the outfit with this. I think you’ll find this very comfortable to sleep in. This one was shipped to us by mistake, and I’ll throw it in for free since it looks like you’re going to be a good customer. If you like this, you might want to look at some other styles of camisoles that might replace some of your standard undershirts in the future. One word of warning though -you’re going to want to shave your chest or this is going to be very uncomfortable.”

“Yeah, uh that’s not going to be a problem.” Steve said, blushing a bit.

With that the lingerie shopkeeper folded his purchases and put them in the same non-descript black paper shopping bag that Amie had brought home yesterday. When he saw the bag, it clicked in his mind. Had Amie told the shopkeeper to expect him? He looked up at the shopkeeper and she gave him the slightest wink.

“Please send Amie my best regards” she finished, and then turned to start reorganizing the table that Steve had been perusing.

Steve stood wordless and motionless for a few minutes, and then turned to leave, shaking his head. “She’s always 2 steps ahead of me.” He picked up his other packages, took a breath of the lavender scented air, smiled to himself and headed out.

Amie heard the garagedoor opening, and listened for Steve’s steps in the hallway. When she sensed he was close, she turned from her laptop and said hello. She noticed the black bag in his hand and asked “How was Marion”?

Steve turned 3 shades of red. This confirmed it – he had been set-up, and Marion must be either a friend or an acquaintance in whom Amie had confided. But how much had she confided? Did she know that Amie was his domme? Did she know that he was confined to a (suddenly very uncomfortable) chastity cage? This was getting a bit out of hand. He had started this just as simple sex play, and it was now impacting every aspect of their lives. He nodded and replied, “She sends her best,” and then left the room to put away his other purchases in the kitchen and the pantry.

Steve headed to his home office, closed the door and sat down. All he could think about all of a sudden was the fact that he needed to get out of this chastity device and get some relief. He closed his eyes and he could only see Amie’s thighs and the black sheer panty she had been wearing the night before. İstanbul Escort He suddenly smelled the lavender scent (which was crazy because Amie was nowhere near his office). Steve looked at the calendar – October 15th. He was only halfway into the month and he didn’t think he could make it another day of Locktober, let alone another 16 days.

That was it. Something had to give. He stood up, walked determinedly toward Amie’s office and found her in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of water.

“What’s up, hon,” she asked.

“I uh.. I was wondering if we could end this Locktober, or put it on pause for like a day. I can’t concentrate, my mind is racing, my cock is leaking like a faucet, and I’m literally losing my mind here” Steve blurted out.

Amie held the glass of water in her left hand. Her right hand went to the necklace that held Steve’s key. “So when you asked me back at the beginning of October to lock you up for 31 days with no release other than to change the device, you didn’t mean it?

Steve knew she had him trapped. Before lock-up, she had insisted that he ask and then beg to be locked up. He had in fact done that.

Amie continued “And you recall what the conditions would be if you were unlocked early or tried to cheat the cage?”

Steve recalled. How could he not recall? She had orchestrated a very painful reminder for him during a CBT session a week before she locked him up. The session had ended with her putting on one of his favorite pair of black pumps and kicking his balls progressively harder. He actually felt his balls start to tighten up just recalling the pain of that session, as well as the week of discomfort he had. He had actually had to add a cushion to his office chair for a few days.

Amie waited for his response, and finally said “I can see that you recall. If you’d like to unlock, then you’ll have to request it and acknowledge the consequences.”

Steve looked at the floor – he couldn’t look her in the eye. “Let me think about it. I think I’m going to be okay.”

Amie smiled. “We’ll talk about this later in the basement. For now, I’d like to see what you purchased from the lingerie shop. Please lay out all the items you brought home on the bed so we can take a look. Oh, and before I come to the bedroom, please be in Present position. You may keep the black panties on.”

Steve swallowed. He knew she had him in checkmate. She had orchestrated this whole thing, and had him so tied up in knots, he didn’t know which way was up.

“Quickly”, Amie implored. “I’m working from home, and I don’t have time to dawdle.”

Steve exited the kitchen and headed up to the bedroom where he retrieved the black bag and laid out the 6 different panties on the foot of the bed. The last thing in the bag was the camisole that the shopowner had given him for free. He tried to remember what Amie said – did she say “everything you purchased, or everything in the bag.” He decided it wasn’t worth risking, so he brought out the camisole and laid it on the bed above the cotton sleep panties. He then quickly stripped down, putting his clothes in the bottom drawer of his dresser. Amie didn’t like seeing his clothes strewn about the room. He then knelt at the end of the bed, his arms behind his head, and his eyes looking toward the floor.

Soon, Amie sauntered into the room. She passed by him, started inspecting the panties that were laid out on the bed. Without looking at him, she said “left elbow needs to be straighter and knees wider please”.

Steve adjusted immediately, embarrassed that he had not attained the correct position.

Amie continued her inspection, ending with the red ruffle panties. “Oooh, these are going to be interesting for you to wear when you’re sitting on a Zoom call. Marion really knows her stuff. These are well made and they’ll last you for quite some time. I’m interested in why you chose to buy a camisole, however. Is this to wear under your button-down work shirts? If so, that’s pretty bold”.

Steve responded, again without allowing his eyes to look up, “Its for sleeping.”

Amie nodded. “Good idea. I think you’ll like it. The soft cotton will feel nice for you.” She walked over and inspected his chest and armpits which he had shaved at her instructions earlier today. “You did a nice job. Just remember to keep up on them.” Then, a little more forcefully she commanded “Submit”.

Steve immediately moved into a kneeling prone position, his head directed toward the floor, arms stretched past his head.

Amie stood above him and announced “I don’t appreciate being taken away from my work, so unless you have a scheduled meeting or call, you’re going to stay in this meeting until I return to release you. I’m not happy with your attitude toward Locktober. I’m putting in a lot of work to make this work for both of us, and I don’t think you’re showing the proper level of appreciation.”

Amie walked around until she was standing between his legs. In this position, his knees spread wide, and his body leaning forward Escort Bayan on his outstretched arms, she had easy access to his bottom. She could see the outline of his cage through the panty as it hung toward the floor and she slowly but firmly gave his balls a small nudge with her foot. It wasn’t enough to cause him any real pain, and she didn’t want to bust him while he was in the cage, but the stiffening of his body let her know that the message was received.

Amie returned to her home office, closed the door and slumped into her chair. She thought to herself, ‘HE wants relief? I’m literally dying to get laid!’ As much as she enjoyed the level of control she had over Steve, a mindfuck wasn’t as good as the real thing. She eyed her purse in the corner of the room, and remembered that her little lipstick vibe was in there. She had purchased a few different sextoys in the past month for both of them, and had also purchased this small vibe along with a rabbit vibe that was in the table next to her bed. She rummaged around the purse until she found it, turned the bottom to engage the battery and felt it come to life in her hand.

Amie looked back at the door, but then remembered that Steve was still in the Submit position in the bedroom. She reached into the waistband of her yoga pants, adjusted her panties and laid the vibe against her clitoris. She breathed a deep sigh of relief, closed her eyes and began melting into her chair. She could feel herself moisten and lubricate, allowing her to move the vibe slowly back and forth. She scooted forward and pulled her yoga pants and panties down so she could get both hands involved. She lay back and began to pleasure herself, dreaming of the day when she would do this again with Steve. She thought about his oral skills (so much improved over the past few months), but remembered some of the times in the early and mid Summer that when they had spent an entire morning in bed after a lock-up and tease period. She had knowingly stepped away from that pleasure at some point in mid August, driving the relationship toward where it was now, when she was firmly in control. She knew there was light at the end of the tunnel and looked forward to the time when they wouldn’t need the chastity device for her to be fully in charge.

Amie shifted a bit, feeling that tightening in her stomach that presaged an orgasm. This one would be different than the one last night when she was riding ‘Louis’ the large strapon dildo. This one would be more organic, and she felt it roll over her, her eyelids fluttering and a bead of perspiration forming just above her hairline. She let herself cry out, finding herself calling Steve’s name, followed by that familiar quick tightening of her vaginal muscles around her fingers.

She hadn’t yet begun to come down from her plateau, when her computer started screaming out to her – an insistent ping notifying her that her Senior Partner at work, Rebecca wished to videochat. SHIT! Rebecca had let her work from home, she had to take it. She sat up, adjusted the laptop so it didn’t show anything below her chest, ran her hand through her hair and hit the Video button to start the conversation. Rebecca’s face appeared, the bookshelf of her office behind her. Amie looked at her own videofeed and saw how flushed her cheeks were. She was still breathing heavy.

“Hi Amie. Looks like you just ran up a flight of stairs. I hope I didn’t pull you away from anything important” Rebecca began, and then without waiting for a response she started talking about a motion they were filing on behalf of their client. Amie moved slightly, and realized when she did so, that the vibe was still on, and had fallen between her and her office chair. She felt her own moisture soaking the pleather seat, while she tried to suppress the vibe so that Rebecca wouldn’t hear it. It took every bit of concentration to keep this three-ring circus going, and somehow she was able to answer Rebecca’s question about the filing.

Finally, Rebecca let her go. Amie sat back, exhaled, and reached between her legs to turn off the vibe. As she turned to put it aside she saw a picture on the desk that showed herself and Steve on their honeymoon.

STEVE! He was likely still in the position that she left him, and he was likely VERY uncomfortable, between her little jill-off session and Rebecca’s review of their legal motion. She ran into the bedroom and found him – just where he needed to be. He was starting to shake with discomfort as she shouted out ‘Release’. Steve collapsed where he was on the carpet. Oh shit. She hadn’t meant to treat him like this. She helped Steve to his feet and rubbed his arms and shoulders to help him out, hugged him and comforted him. She made sure to check in with him and make sure he was okay. Once she knew he was okay, she got him a glass of water to drink from the bathroom sink and then directed him to take a hot shower.

When she heard the shower start, Amie turned around and saw the panties and camisole still laid-out on the bed. She opened his underwear drawer and started rooting Eskort around – finding the pairs of boxers that would provide no support for his cockcage, and removing them, along with a few pair that she really didn’t like. She replaced the with the panties he had purchased that morning from Marion. She folded the camisole and put that on his pillow – he said he wanted to wear it to sleep. Shen leaned into the bathroom and let him know that she had put his things away, and went back to her office to finish the day.

Steve stood motionless in the shower letting the water cascade over him. He was exhausted, and had lost almost an entire day of work. He scrubbed up, running the washcloth across his chest and remembered he had shaved earlier in the day. He shook that from his head, rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. What was it that Amie had yelled into the bathroom? He couldn’t really hear her over the shower, but he knew he needed to throw on some fresh clothes and at least answer some emails. Steve headed over to his dresser and opened the underwear drawer to find a pair of… oh. Right. Amie had put his new panties away and it looked like she had decimated his collection of boxers. Of course that made sense because the panties were to provide support that the boxers didn’t. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t just get some brief-style underwear, but she had been insistent. He picked through, and found a pair of electric blue satin-finish panties. They had a lace top with a bow in the front and a thong back. He grabbed them and pulled them on, returning to the closet to get the pants and shirt he had stowed there earlier and headed back to work.

Amie heard the door to Steve’s office close and immersed herself once again in work. When she finally looked up it was 6:30. Oh shit, it was her turn to cook tonight. She went online and ordered some Indian delivery, and then closed up her laptop. She looked around the room and saw the lipstick vibe she had used earlier. You know… Rebecca had totally ruined the end of that session and Amie was still feeling a little horny. She picked up the vibe and took it to the sink in the hallway to wash it off, then popped her head in Steve’s office to let him know to listen for the delivery guy in about 45 minutes and headed off to the bedroom.

As she closed the door to the bedroom she heard the doorbell ring – looked out the bedroom window and saw it was just an Amazon delivery. She turned off the lights, stripped out of her work clothes and climbed into bed, grabbing her rabbit vibe and a small tube of lube from the drawer beside the bed. She took a deep breath and started gently caressing herself – starting with running her hands across her stomach and then down her thighs, circling closer and closer. Her left hand moved to her breasts, finding that tender ticklish spot just below her breast and then moving closer to her nipple. As it moved up, she crossed the chain with the chastity key on it. An image of Steve, working away at his computer flashed before her eyes, and then the image of him earlier, in a kneeling position, bent over in his cute black panties. She felt herself moisten even more, and reached for the lube and the rabbit.

“What is happening to me,” she wondered to herself “It’s the second time today I’ve jilled-off, and last night we had a session with the strapon and Louis, and STILL I’m dreaming about Steve. Meanwhile my husband is locked in a chastity cage, and I’ve never felt more sexually alive.”

She got to the task, alternating the different vibration styles of the rabbit vibrator and exploring herself. She was toasty under the covers, and dreamt that the rabbit was -in fact – Steve. Like before she ascended to her climax, calling out his name louder and more fervently.

The door to the bedroom flew open, and there was Steve in a pool of light, asking “Are you okay?” Amie sat bold upright and screamed in surprise, the rabbit dropping out of the bed where it bounced and vibrated its way along the floor. They both watched it, and then simultaneously burst into laughter. Amie, embarrassed to be caught this way, and Steve embarrassed to have ruined the moment, but reveling in having one up on Amie for the first time in many weeks.

“Delivery guy just came” Steve announced. “I see he’s not the only one. I’ll set up dinner and let you get sorted out.” He turned and left, shaking his head in wonder at the woman Amie had become.

Amie eventually made her way down to dinner and they enjoyed the Indian food (not too spicy, but delicious and filling) and polished off a bottle of white wine. Steve indicated an Amazon package that arrived when she had gone up, and then he started to clean-up and put away the leftovers. Amie remembered that they had a session in the basement later, and she felt compelled to keep it. She opened the Amazon package to find (surprise) that her new toy which she had already named ‘Xavier’ had arrived. This was another dildo for their strap-on belt to accompanying Sam (Small), Martin (Medium), and Louis (large). Last night had been a session with Louis, and as she examined Xavier she wondered if she had overshot with this one. Xavier was quite large, and she wasn’t sure whether or not this was a good purchase. She put it back in the Amazon box, then took the empty wine bottle into the kitchen.

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