Isabelle , Simon Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: Isabelle the doc says your face will be good as new in a few days, and it’s a pretty good face, in my opinion.”

“It is?”

“Yes. Why do you think I always used to talk to you! I thought you were cute, and you still are, and now you’re a hero, which makes you even cuter!”

I appreciated the compliment but needed to know how Izzy was. “How is Isabelle? Where is she? Is she okay? Was I too late? She wasn’t raped, was she?”

Rachel got a serious look on her face. “She’s not great, but she’ll be okay, and she wasn’t raped but was damn lucky. If you hadn’t saved her, she would have been.”

“What do you mean she’s not great?”

“She’s okay physically, but not mentally. She’s still shaken over what happened and feels terrible about what happened to you. When she regained consciousness, she wouldn’t let the male doctor examine her without a female nurse with her the entire time. She’s also really pissed at Rick and upset that her supposed friends have deserted her.”

“What do you mean? Where was Rick that night, and who was the girl we saw him with?”

Rachel sighed. “I don’t want to speak ill of your sister Simon, but she hasn’t been a very nice person for a while. Her budding body and subsequent attention by the cool kids went to her head. Rick is a dick, but girls flock to him because he’s loaded and drives a fancy car and lives in a fancy house and wears fancy clothing, and so on. And he’s good-looking, so Isabelle was smitten when Rick paid attention. Rick goes through girls like water, though, and the girl in bed was fawning all over him. I’m not positive, but I heard Rick wanted his two creepy buddies to divert Isabelle while he slept with Barbie Boobs. I don’t think he thought they would drug and rape Isabelle, although I’m not sure. So, Isabelle is done with Rick.”

“What do you mean all of her supposed friends have deserted her?”

“The two guys that tried to rape Isabelle, and Rick, come from wealthy influential families. They’re denying they attempted to rape her. According to them, Rachel was drunk and came on to them. Rick is denying everything. All of Isabelle’s so-called friends are afraid to contradict the guys. They don’t want to be expelled from their social group, so they’re closing ranks against Isabelle.”

“Those sons of bitches!”

Rachel Girne Escort frowned. “My thoughts exactly, but their story is not going to work.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not just a pretty face, Simon. First, I called Tiny and told him to call you. After you smashed through the door, I used my iPhone to film the guys with Isabelle, including her glazed look, before I jumped in to help. Then I called the cops after Tiny finished the second guy off. I told them what happened, and they found a vial of date rape drug in the first guy’s pocket, and Isabelle’s blood was full of it. Excuse my language, but they’re fucked, and lying about it will only make it worse. Isabelle is toast, though, with her new friends. You don’t cross the blue-bloods and get away with it. She’ll be ostracized. It’s already happened.”

“Won’t you be ostracized too?”

Rachel broke out laughing. “I don’t care! I was never part of their group! They’re a bunch of spoiled, self-entitled brats! They think just because mommy and daddy are loaded; they’re something special. I prefer real people. I prefer loyal friends that help each other when they’re in need. I prefer people like you and my brother.”

“Where is Isabelle?”

“She went downstairs with Tiny to get some food. She’s been parked beside your bed the whole time you’ve been here, waiting for you to wake up. I talked to her briefly, and she’s extremely shaken up over what happened to you. I snuck in when she and Tiny went downstairs. I should be going. Isabelle will be back soon, and I think she’ll want to be alone with you. She has some apologizing to do in my mind!”

Rachel pulled a card out of her purse and wrote a number on it.

“What’s this?”

“It’s my number.”

“I already have your number.”

“No, you have our landline number and Tiny’s cell number. This is my personal number. I don’t chase guys, especially younger guys, but I make exceptions for cute heroes. Call me when you get better.”

A big shit-eating grin spread across my face. I felt a twinge of guilt but ignored it. What did I have to feel guilty about?

Rachel smiled. “That’s what I wanted to see! Get better, Simon!”

She bent over and kissed my cheek softly and left with a final wave. I was on cloud nine! Rachel liked me! Wow!

Isabelle showed up five minutes later. She didn’t look very good. It may sound odd, but I hadn’t seen her Kıbrıs Escort without makeup in over a year! After she started hanging out with all the ‘cool kids,’ she never left her room without being glammed up.

She didn’t look glamorous today. Her skin looked pale, and she looked like she’d been crying, looked tired, and her glossy styled hair looked dull and was pulled into a severe ponytail. It was a bit of a shock to see her like this.

When she saw I was awake, she broke out crying and came forwards and wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug until I flinched from the pain of my many damaged body parts.

“Oh, Simon, I’m so sorry!”

Wow! I could barely believe what I’d just heard from Izzy!

“Are you okay? You look awful! Does it hurt a lot?”

Wow! More uncharacteristically caring behavior! I hadn’t seen this side of Isabelle in ages. I should have been angry at her for getting herself in that situation in the first place. But I was just too relieved at seeing her in front of me and mostly okay. I would have taken 100 more beatings, gladly, if it meant I was able to keep my sister safe.

“I’m okay. It does hurt, but there is no permanent damage. My face will heal, and the concussion will go away as long as no one else uses my head for a punching bag.”

Isabelle’s lip quivered, and then the tears started to flow again.

“I’m so sorry! Rachel told me what happened. She told me how you rescued me. She SHOWED me how you rescued me.”

The tears flowed again, and then she sat beside me and hugged me as softly as possible. The physical part of the hug hurt, but emotionally it felt great to have Isabelle caring about me again. I wrapped my arms around her, and we just held each other for a while. It felt really nice! I felt her warm breath on my neck, and occasionally a warm teardrop fell on my cheek.

Was my old sister back? I hoped so. It would be worth the beating I took if she was.

After a while, she looked up and started to apologize again and explain what happened. But I already knew, and I wasn’t looking for her to grovel. I appreciated that she was grateful for what I’d done. That was enough for me. I would have done it again, regardless of her gratitude, to keep her safe, but it was definitely nice to share a hug and a comforting word with her again.

“Izzy! It’s okay! I’m just glad you’re okay! You don’t need to keep apologizing, Kıbrıs Escort and I don’t want to know the details of what happened. You’re okay, and the police are going to charge those slime buckets. That’s all that’s important. Well, there is one thing. Please tell me that you’re not going out with Rick anymore! I guess she was still too choked up to speak because she shook her head vigorously. I was a bit confused.

“Does that mean ‘no’ you’re not going out with Rick or ‘no’ you are? Squeeze my hand and stick your tongue out if Rick is gone.”

She smirked, squeezed my hand and stuck her tongue out. I hadn’t seen Izzy’s tongue in a long time. It still looked pinkish and as cute as I remembered it. She used to stick it out playfully as we used to joke with one another all the time. Was this another sign my old sister was back?

I smiled. “Good! You deserve someone better than him.”

“One other thing. If you haven’t already, you need to thank Rachel. She’s the one who saw you all drugged up and called Tiny, who called me. And she’s the one that filmed what the guys were doing and called the cops.”

“I know! I’ve already thanked her, but I’ll keep doing it until she forgives me for being such a shitty friend.”

I couldn’t resist. “Rachel thinks I’m a hero.”

Isabelle smiled and squeezed my hand. It was good to see her smile!

“You are a hero! My hero!” I thought Her voice sounded a bit seductive when she said it, but I was probably just imagining things.

I couldn’t resist again. “Rachel gave me her cell number and told me to call her when I felt better.”

Isabelle’s mouth opened in surprise. “She gave you her cell number?”

“Yup!” I said, proud as punch.

Isabelle paused. “Rachel never gives out her cell number to a guy unless …”

“What? Unless what?”

I thought I saw Isabelle’s face fall for just a second, but I must have imagined it. When I blinked my eyes and looked at her again, she was grinning at me. “I can’t say. Just make sure you call her! It will be worth your while.”

Isabelle kept a straight face for about five seconds and then started giggling.

“What?” I asked curiously.

“You’ll find out!”

I kept asking, but she wouldn’t say anything more and continued to giggle until she couldn’t stop giggling. It was great to see her smile, but I really wanted to know what was so funny.

I felt SO much better. It seemed like my old big sister was back.

She clambered onto my narrow hospital bed and laid her head down against my chest, and we both ended up falling asleep. That’s how the doctor found us when he came in to check on me. My big sister lying in my bed, head against my chest, and both of us fast asleep.

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