Island Fantasy

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Vacationing in Hawaii with his family, he found himself feeling lonelier than ever. He spent his days staring out at the vast blue ocean and lush green palm trees and wondering about his life, “Is this really all there is? Cold indifference, day in and day out, dealing with household details, going on family vacations with fake smiles…?”

So late one night, unable to sleep, he whispered to his wife that he was going for a walk. Getting her murmured acknowledgement, he slipped out the sliding door of his balcony and tripped noiselessly down the spiral staircase to the first level. The air was balmy and the breeze slight. Under the luminous full moon, he saw clearly the stone path that led around the hotel compound and out to the beach. Gingerly stepping from stone to stone and looking down, when he turned a corner he was startled to see that he was alarmingly close to one first floor balcony where the silhouette of a woman stood, facing away from him, gazing at the moon.

Unwilling to frighten her, he cleared his throat to announce his presence. Mission failed. She whirled around, gasping, with her arms wrapped around her chest. He realized instantly that she was topless. “Oh excuse me, I was just stepping out to the beach for some air…” he said, awkwardly.

He turned to rush off but was stopped when she said, “Wait… Your family is across the way, right? I heard you talking at lunch at the beach bar.”

“Yes…” he replied.

“I’m here alone and I’d love some company. Mind if I join you on your walk?”

Before he could answer she disappeared, ducking back into her room. She emerged a moment later wearing a loose blouse with fringe from shoulder to belly button and cutoff jeans. She opened the gate from her patio and joined him on the garden path. “This way,” she gestured, and he mutely followed, unsure of the protocol for a moonlit walk with a woman not one’s wife.

The woman was slim and lithe and roughly his age. As they walked she told him where she was from, Southern Texas, where hospitality and good manners were the rule.

“I couldn’t help noticing you don’t really seem to be enjoying yourself,” she said. “Everyone deserves a wonderful vacation here in paradise. I saw your wife and kids, and I’ve been thinking since noon today how much I’d love to get you alone and let you forget about Antalya Escort life for awhile.” She slipped her hand into his and whispered, “I’m fairly intuitive… You don’t have to say anything, but just nod if I’ve hit the mark…”

By now they’d reached the shore, water lapping up the beach and the moonlight showing they were the only ones around for miles. He looked down into her upturned face, saw the kindness in her eyes and the promise in her smile and gave a quick nod. She let go of his hand and unbuttoned her cutoff shorts, stripping quickly down, then crossed her arms in front of her, and grasping the hem of her blouse, pulled her shirt over her head. “Race ya!” And she took off running toward the surf. As she ran, the moonlight shone on her, revealing total nudity.

He was wearing board shorts, so he plucked off his shirt and followed her, thinking two things simultaneously: “Oh my God, is this really happening?” and “Haha, she wants to race? She has no idea…”

He caught up to her in short order and they both reached the crashing wave together. He dived into the freezing water and she splashed in alongside him. He came up through the wave and caught her in his arms in a big hug, feeling her cold nipples press against his chest. She wrapped her legs around him and pressed her mouth to his, tasting the salty seawater and then the mint from his toothpaste.

He walked back out of the water with her clinging to him, kissing her deeply, then ran his lips along her jaw to suck her earlobe, causing a shiver to run through her as she moaned in his ear. There was a dark oasis with palm trees and grass just a few meters up the beach, so he brought her here and set her down on a fiber glass picnic table. His hands slid up her back, his thumbs grazed the sides of her breasts as he continued to explore her mouth with his. She was responsive and eager, her hands at his waist searching for the string to untie his board shorts, now the only remaining piece of clothing between them.

He kissed down her neck and laid her back on the table, bending over her, stroking her soft skin and hard nipples as his excitement grew. He took her nipples between his fingers and gently manipulated them, causing her to moan again. His cock leaped in response and he lowered his face to her breasts to kiss, lick and suck her Antalya Escort Bayan nipples one by one. She ran her fingers through his thick curly red hair, drawing his face back up to kiss her. Having loosened the knot that held his shorts up, she used her feet to push the shorts off his hips. She sat up and slid off the table, pressed him back and said, “Let’s switch…”

She knelt down in front of him and took his turgid manhood in her hands, stroking the length of him. Taking the head of his cock in her mouth, she laved the tip with her tongue, tasting the precum that oozed from the tip. Now it was his turned to groan, feeling the intense pleasure that her soft, wet and warm mouth was giving him. She slid him as far into her mouth as she could, and then he felt her tongue emerge on the underside of his rod and lick lower, reaching for his balls. He twisted his hands up in her hair and held her head loosely, providing direction without forcing her. She stroked up and down the length of him, and he felt himself growing harder than he thought possible.

She stood up and moved him to the bench of the picnic table. Kissing his lips again with her mouth, she straddled him and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Looking into his eyes, she slowly lowered herself down onto his cock. He felt her warmth enfold him, and he wrapped his arms around her.

“You are so hot…” he whispered in her ear.

“You too,” she said. “I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I saw you today.” She had begun to slowly stroke up and down on his cock, and she took his hands now and placed them on her breasts, covering them with her own. “Just like that, baby…” And she closed her eyes and leaned her head back in ecstasy. Up and down she moved, and he could feel his passion building. She groaned and increased her pace, saying, “oh yeah, that’s right…”

He watched in amazement as she pleasured herself on his pole, watching her twitch and coo, moan and writhe. Finally, she stiffened and clutched his shoulders, shivering in her final mind blowing climax. She dreamily opened her eyes, smiling and said, “Now it’s your turn… I want to taste my cum on your dick…” She slid off and sank to her knees in front of him, licking from the base of his cock up to the head and back again. She was gentle, but paid Escort Antalya special attention to the area where the ball sac met the base of his cock. Her cum had pooled there and she licked him clean. His cock was twitching and itching for release, so he stood up with her and moved her down to the impossibly soft grass, laying her back. He wanted to taste her cum too, so he spread her legs and lowered his face to her cunt. It was open like a flower, and he licked each “petal” before finding the hard clitoris and, trapping it gently between his teeth, stroked and sucked on it, causing her to cry out again. Her orgasm was swifter this time, and her thighs trembled. She held both tits in her hands, squeezing them in her pleasure, abandoning herself to the pummeling lips and tongue of this stranger.

His brain had ceased to work, he felt only the urgency of the moment. Giving her a few more tremors of frenzied excitement, he felt his own need grow. She put her hands on his shoulders and drew him up over her. “Fuck me now,” she whispered urgently.

He was only too happy to oblige. Sliding his cock home, he took his delight in her tight, wet warmth. Faster and faster he pistoned inside her, and she encouraged him with her moans and sighs of pleasure. She wrapped her legs tight around his middle and pressed his buttocks with her heels, urging him onward to his goal. With a mighty roar he exploded inside her, showering her cunt walls with his cum, which surged and pumped out of him for an impossibly long minute.

He collapsed onto her softness, gasping… And leaning on his forearm, slid a bit to the side so as not to crush her. “That was in-fucking-credible…” he said, catching his breath.

“I needed that too… More than you realize,” she said, stroking his face and looking into his eyes. “I just wanted to give you, and me, the island fantasy everyone dreams of. Thank you for coming along with me.”

After a few moments the lovers got up and retrieved clothing from the base of the picnic table and the beach, reassembled themselves and walked back to the buildings. He stopped at her patio and ducked into the shadows to kiss her again, a long last goodbye.

He then returned to his own upper story room, quietly slid open the patio door and entered the dark room. He paused for a moment to listen for the quiet, regular breathing of his wife, still fast asleep. He quietly slipped into the shower, freshened up, and slid naked between the sheets. His final thought before slipping into unconsciousness was of a lovely, lonely stranger and the gift they’d shared on a beach in Hawaii.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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