Island of Love

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Eban. With it’s long history as a resort Island where wealthy black businessmen could come and play with many of it’s gorgeous white women. White couples were recruited around the country with the prospect of making a great deal of money for their two year stay at Eban. Women that were previously married who worked at the resort had to obey the resorts rules. Some of the rules were harsh especially on their ex-husbands.

White women were trained on how to please their black men while their ex-husbands worked jobs around the resort. A wealthy black businessman that desired to bred a white woman would be given the opportunity to select his breeding mate without her knowledge. The resort encouraged it and allowed the pregnant women to openly display their pregnant bellies around the resort as a source of advertisement.

Many of the women fell in love with black men. Many leaving the resort to start a new life in an interracial relationship. Some left the resort with the an apatite for black cock even though they remarried their ex-husbands. Other wives lived rather normal lives once they left the resort and remarried their ex-husbands only much wealthier than when they entered the resort.

Recently, the resort Island of Eban was bought out and taken over by a new group of investors. Buildings were demolished and replaced with new concepts and ideas in mind. No longer are the ex-husbands kept in a dorm like setting. Apartment buildings have been built across the Island’s thirty square miles situated in the lush tropical foliage with paths large enough to accommodate a small golf cart.

The main hotel itself has hundreds of luxury rooms. The hotel has a casino and a nightclub, and several pools adjacent to the main hotel. A gorgeous beach surrounds the Island. A small private airport functions as the main source of travel to and from the Island.

No longer are couples required to divorce once they entered the resort to work. Couples are now recruited and processed in small marriage counseling clinics across the glob. Each clinic has a psychologist who works discreetly for the resort. They work legitimately with many couples but are well trained in selecting couples that fit the profile criteria of possible candidates to send to Eban.

Couples are chosen on their appearance, education and their financial status. Once a couple is selected, the psychologist will begin a series of brainwashing techniques. Couples in need of help with their marriage along with having financial difficulty are often selected.

During the brainwashing sessions the husband and wife meet separately with the psychologist who work on completely different strategies. The doctor will work with the wife eventually suggesting that she needs to get away from her current situation. To start over in a sense. Eban is brought up gradually during the sessions until the wife is curious to know more. Black men are mentioned by the psychologist. He or she will explain about black men and their affection for the white woman.

The psychologist is very skilled in convincing these wives that black men are highly desired by white women. Perhaps the wife has been neglected and encored by her husband. She is taught to believe that a black man will tend to all her needs.

Eventually the question of sex with a black man is introduced. The psychologist will introduce a series of techniques to the wife. The doctor will highlight how sex with her husband has become dull and boring. Perhaps the husband has a roving eye for other women. The doctor will explain how the black man will make her feel special and desirable even though she maybe gorgeous.

The husband spends many hours being conditioned. His mind is reprogrammed. He begins to believe he’s not an adequate lover for his wife. He is introduced to a new way of sexual enjoyment. Masturbation. He’s given a series of stories to read based on wife watching. Stories where white wives are introduced to interracial sex while their husband watch. He’s also introduced to specially produced movies that teach him techniques on how to enjoy his new found hobby of masturbating while fantasizing about his wife with a black man. He’s taught to be a loving docile submissively minded husband and appreciative to the fact that his wife should seek sexual gratification from a black man. During his reprogramming sessions his need for masturbation becomes habitual. He now accepts the idea of fantasizing about his wife having sex with a more adequate black lover is gratifying

The psychologist will point out the changes in her husband as the reprogramming sessions continue. She will take notice of how often he masturbates and be told the reasons why he masturbates. The wives begin to feel a sense of betrayal. She begins to wonder why her husband isn’t attracted to her sexually anymore. Almost to a point of depression but in a controlled way by the psychologist.

The wife is taught to accept her husbands fate and encouraged to allow them to fantasize. Kadıköy Grup Escort During this process her mind is reprogrammed into believing her only alternative is to give into her husbands needs.

She is given a lifelike toy. A sophisticated battery operated black cock which feels so lifelike and capable of giving the wife hours of personal enjoyment. This too is pointed out to the husband that his wife now requires sexual stimulation until she can experience a real black lover.

The wives are also taught how to control their husbands in the form of mind control. She learns to be more dominating and controlling. During the last sessions, the couples meet the psychologist together and he or she allows the couple to interact together during. Once the psychologist feels they are ready than plans are started to get them sent to Eban.

Chapter 1

Dr. Julie Newman was just finishing up her report on Mr. & Mrs. Lancaster. The Lancaster’s were about to complete their last session this afternoon with Dr. Newman. She smiled as she reviewed the report making sure that each category was checked off in the sequence of their sessions during the past several months.

Splendid! She thought. She would start the process this evening on getting this couple on a plane by the weekend. Dr. Newman used her calculator to count the hourly sessions she had with the Lancaster’s over those these past few months. Five hourly sessions per week. Four weeks in a month. She totaled the hours and seemed satisfied with the work she accomplished with the Lancaster’s.

Dr. Newman opened the folder and took out the pictures of Mrs. Millie Lancaster. They were nude shots of the gorgeous blonde wife. Yes, she thought. Millie Lancaster would fit in just nicely at Eban. Dr. Newman took great pride in herself after reprogramming a couple.

The Lancaster’s were just one of many couples she was currently working with at the marriage clinic. . Some make the grade for Eban and others are rejected. Dr. Newman like the many clinical psychologists around the country worked and were paid by the resort to recruit potential white couples she felt would take to her mind reprogramming skills.

She too was once an innocent unhappy white housewife living in an unhappy marriage. She remembered her first week working at the resort Island of Eban many years ago under the old management. She remembered how she soon became addicted to black cock herself. Those were the days when the resort required couples to divorce upon entry to the Island.

She felt totally free even though she still loved her husband at the time. Her husband soon changed and became like so many of the other husbands that went to Eban to work in those days. He started enjoying the concept of watching the white divorcees with their black men. He soon lost interest in her. That’s when Dr. Newman met her husband, Mitch. Mitch was a much older black gentleman. He was very polite and didn’t treat her like she was just a piece of white meat. She remembered falling in love with Mitch. Leaving the Island prematurely. It was required for couples to work at the Island for two years to get their full payment at the time.

Mitch was a very well to do business man from the Detroit area. He practically swept her up off her feet and took her to start a new life in Michigan. She soon went back to school and became a psychologist. Mitch kept in contact with friends he knew that ran the resort. When he found out the Island of Eban was for sale he met with some of his wealthy friends and decided to form a group to purchase the Island.

Once the sale was complete the resort was closed down for restructuring and rebuilt and managed with new ideas in mind. It was a well balanced investment. Their wealthy black cliental brought in a large sum of revenue. The hand picked reprogrammed white married women that were brought to the Island to entertain their black cliental on a merit basis.

The women would earn points that would be collected and applied to their savings accounts while staying and um “working” at the resort. The clients would grade them on their performance and even their appearance and how they interacted with them. It became a competition for the wives at the resort to compete with other wives. The more skilled they became the more money went into their savings accounts.

The resort made out using the husbands as their working staff. They were paid a monthly salary but they could earn bonuses in many ways by doing special deeds for the black cliental. The husbands worked various jobs around the resort based on their past experience. Some worked clerical jobs, some worked in landscaping around the Island, other learned to cook or even became part of the housecleaning staff.

A few of the husbands worked jobs in the clubs and casino. Learning to be a dealer at a blackjack table or one of the other positions inside the casino was a very sought after job.

The wives on the other hand were pampered. Kadıköy Manken Escort Their day was spend preparing themselves physically for the black cliental. They kept fit by working out in the gym. Daily use of the swimming pools situated around the resort. Even being pampered by their husbands when the men weren’t working. It was totally up to the wives how much the husband would be allowed to participate.

Some of the wives enjoyed being pampered by their husbands. With their minds totally reprogrammed the men eagerly enjoyed giving their wife a song bath or even perhaps painting her toe nails and helping her select revealing clothing for her to wear around the resort when she was ready for a night out.

Dr. Newman stood up and walked out to the reception room where the Lancaster’s were seated and waiting to se her.

“Hello Mr. & Mrs. Lancaster. Please come in.”

The couple stood up and followed the doctor into her office and took their usual seats in a leather love seat. Dr. Newman walked around sitting directly in front of the couple crossing her legs revealing her soft white thighs for Mr. David Lancaster’s eyes.

David knew she was married to a black man and was already trying to imagine the gorgeous blonde psychologist laying on her back, legs spread with her black husbands cock plowing in and out of her pussy.

Dr. Newman kept various pictures around the office of her with her black husband.

David took note that he was a very large man dwarfing the petite blonde doctor in size. He also took note of the pictures with their three mixed children that adorned her office. It gave David an instant hard-on every time he starred at them.

Dr. Newman smiled first at Mille Lancaster as she opened her folder and got ready to take notes

Dr. Newman asked. “How have things been going for you Millie? Are you nervous about fling out to the Island this weekend?”

Millie sighed. “Yes. I’m very nervous and excited too.”

Dr. Newman replied. “I have all the arrangements completed. Your flight will leave Friday afternoon. Your flight will take you into Miami where you will transfer to a private plane for the trip to the Island.”

Millie responded. “I’m getting Goosebumps just thinking about it.”

Dr. Newman smiled as she than looked at David and said. “How about you David? You think your ready for this?”

David smiling back the doctor replied with a completely different answer than Julie Newman expected.

“We haven’t had sex in six months!”

Dr. Newman smiled back at David. “Good for you!”

Julie looked over at Millie and asked. “Has David been treating you the way we talked about in our last meetings?”

Millie replied. “Oh yes doctor. David’s been really good. It’s been weeks since he begged me to have sex with him.”

Dr. Newman smiled. “Good. I’m very glad to hear that from you.”

David added. “Millie said I could masturbate while she plays with her cock toy. We cum together that way.”

“Great! Dr. Newman replied than added. “I’m glad you to are working together now. It won’t be long before you both will experience what we talked about when you get to Eban. I think your both going to be happy and enjoy what you’ve learned from me these past few months.”

David looked at the doctor and said. “Could I speak to you alone for a moment?”

Dr. Newman replied. “Sure David.” She looked at Mille and said. “Would you excuse us for a few minutes Mrs. Lancaster?”

Mille got politely up from her east and walked out the door and closed it behind her. Once she was gone David asked the doctor his question.

“Dr. Newman. I’m just a little scared about what’s going to happen at Eban.”

“Tell me what’s on your mind, David.”

David was a little hesitant but managed to gather his thoughts and started to speak. “What if Millie finds a black man she feels is better than me?”

Dr. Newman laughed as she responded. “David. We talked about this for a long time. You know the black men coming to the resort are going to be much more superior lovers for your wife than you could ever be yourself. Of coarse she is going to experience better sex during your stay. In regards to your marriage is going to be strictly up to you on how you treat her and respect her rights as a woman of her own mind.”

David sat listening.

“David. Your wife is going to love you for who you are. She will soon no longer care or be concerned about having any kind of sex with you as we spoke about in our sessions. She will be stimulated by your cuckold relationship and it’s totally up to you to make her a very happy fulfilled woman. No matter what happens. I want you to always encourage her. She will reward you by sharing her experiences with you. It’s important for the kind of relationship your going to have is to always share your feelings with one another.”

David replied. “Let’s just say that Millie had sex with a black man and tells me all about her experience. I Kadıköy Masöz Escort don’t know how I’m going to react!”

Dr. Newman replied. “Your going to reply by telling Millie how excited you are for her and how stimulated you are listening about her experience. You want her to open up to you about every little detail. I cannot being to explain to you how much stimulation that’s going to give you to masturbate and fantasize about.”

David seemed satisfied so Dr. Newman invited Millie back into the room with them. Dr. Newman had them sign a few more documents and sat speaking to the couple explaining all the details about their trip. Than with handshakes the couple left Dr. Newman’s office preparing for their Friday trip.

The Lancaster’s arrived on Friday at the airport that Friday and boarded their plan to Miami on time. Millie held David’s hand off and on during the flight to Miami as he browsed his notepad for stories he’d saved over the past few weeks. Millie smiled at him knowing her husband was content and happy but also very nervous about what things were actually going to be like at Eban.

They transferred to a small double engine plane once they arrived in Miami for the much shorter trip to the Island resort. There were four other couples boarding the smaller plane with them. All seemed nervous and kept to themselves during to flight to the Island.

Millie noticed that all the other women were nice looking like herself. There were two blondes and two redheads on the flight. Once they landed they were taken to the administrative building for processing.

Millie was weighed and all her vitals were measured. Next she was examined by one of the doctors.

David was being interviewed for his work experience. He’d be placed within a couple days in a job that would suit him best. Once their initial processing was complete they were introduced to a woman who would work as their case worker. She was a gorgeous redhead named Cindy. She introduced herself to the couple and told them she would take them to their new apartment on the other side of the Island.

They walked outside together and loaded what little luggage they brought with them and got into a golf cart. The carts were the only means of transportation on the Island. Cindy drove the cart down a narrow pathway passing an occasional cart along the way. She pulled around a corner among the dense tropical foliage where they saw a group of small two story buildings.

“These are the apartments where our couples live.” Cindy said to the couple.

She pulled around to the second building and parked the little cart. There were other golf carts parked in a line all plugged into an electrical outlet as they were being charged. Cindy got pout and walked them up to the second floor and opened the door of what would be their new home.

Cindy pointed out a few things. There was a living room, with a small kitchen and dinning area. There was a little hallway with doors on each end. Cindy opened the first door and took the couple inside. It was a small bedroom with a twin bed, small closet and a bathroom with a shower.

“David. This is going to be your bedroom.” Cindy said.

David didn’t seemed too pleased as Cindy took them across the short little hallway and opened the second door. This room was much larger. It had a king sized bed. A large walk-in closet and a gorgeous bathroom with garden tube, shower and a huge counter with a sink in the middle.

“This will be your bedroom Millie.” Cindy smiled as Millie looked around.

David remarked. “How come I don’t have a large bed in my room?”

Cindy cleared her throat than replied. “Mille has the large bed for entertaining when it’s required.”

David shut up immediately as Millie took it all in. “It’s very nice.” Millie said.

“I’m glad you like it Millie. “Cindy replied.

Cindy gave them a list of things for them to study and showed them what was in the kitchen to get them started. She also gave them a diagram of the Island but said she would let them rest for the day and start the tour fist think in the morning.

Millie was studying the diagram and saw there was an accessory store nearby. “What’s that?” Millie asked

Cindy replied with an excited smile on her face. “Oh. That’s the story where you can pick out all your attire.

Dresses, shoes, intimate wear. There are two women working the store that will help you pick out a few things to get you started. If you wish I’ll take you over there right now and introduce you to the ladies that work there.”

Millie smiled. “New clothes. I like this place already!”

Cindy replied. “Meet me out at my cart and I’ll drive you over there. Let me point out a few things your husband might enjoy.”

Millie smiled and waived at David as she walked back outside. Cindy picked up the television remote holding in close enough for David to see the buttons and turned on the TV.

Cindy said. “Look David. There are over 400 channels you can watch plus our closed-circuit system for you to enjoy. Here, let me show you.”

Cindy pushed a certain channel and a blonde was kissing a black man on the screen.

“David. Your watching a live feed from one of the hotel rooms. That’s one of the wives entertaining one of our many clients.”

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