It Becomes an Obsession Pt. 02

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School was over, but the liaison still remained. Clay felt grateful that his relationship with his teacher stayed the same. He and Louise still desired to meet each other at her place. The dynamic didn’t change. He was still the submissive one while she became the authority figure who wielded her strap-on without remorse. Clay always wanted more of her precious little toy. He never shied away from it. He yearned for it as he regularly paid a visit to Louise’s house. They seemed inseparable, even when Louise had him submit to other men in the past few months. She still held the reins, and she excelled in her dominance.

Clay and Louise did manage to keep their relationship a secret. Except when his best friend started to get involved back in April. And that was when things grew even more intriguing from his perspective.

* * *

In the first week of August, Clay visited her yet again. The city of Fontana had been overwhelmed with higher temperatures in the summertime. This was when Clay decided to wear a tank top whenever he stepped inside his teacher’s house. Thursday afternoon had grown hot and dry. Clay couldn’t wait to enter Louise’s domain. The eighteen-year-old devotee rang the doorbell. Louise opened the front door and gave him a smile. She hugged and kissed him on the front porch.

Clay welcomed her embrace. He was a few inches shorter than her. He had kept his slender figure unaffected throughout his high school years. He wasn’t exactly the purely masculine type that belonged in the football team. He was more of a feminized figure, like a young pop star for a teenage demographic. He would appear to be the perfect match for someone like Louise. Soon after her warm welcome, the tall and beautiful brunette let him in.

When she closed the door behind them, she brought her finger up to her lips. “Now, don’t say a word just yet.”

He followed her simple command. The thirty-seven-year-old teacher kept her voice to a low whisper. “I’ve got a surprise waiting for you upstairs.”

Clay couldn’t stop himself from smiling from the potential nature of their liaison.

Louise added, “Somebody else is up there waiting for me. But he’s not done yet. My friend Joyce is up there doing the exact same thing that we usually do. She’s fucking the hell out of that young man.”

Clay could hear a faint creaking noise from upstairs. It was followed by the sound of a young man moaning. A slightly feminine tone had been featured in his voice.

Louise grabbed Clay’s hand. “But you already know him. He’s one of your former classmates.”

Clay asked, “Which one is he?”

She didn’t say anything after that. She pulled him closer to the stairs. Clay followed her upstairs. The feminized moaning had increased in volume as the two of them stepped closer to the master bedroom. Clay couldn’t recognize the voice just yet. It didn’t sound like Dustin’s. He wouldn’t be the type that would accept a more submissive role.

Louise brought him into the master bedroom. That was when he found him on the bedroom with Joyce. Clay was almost shocked.

Isaac was a Thai-American student who attended the same class (and was the same age) as Clay. He had short black hair and light brown skin. He had kept a skinny figure just like Clay. They shared so many characteristics, including their rather feminized personalities and appearances. Perhaps that’s why Joyce, Louise’s friend, enjoyed fucking the hell out of him.

Isaac lay flat on his back in Louise’s bed. From behind, Joyce kept pushing her hips downward as he strap-on slid in and out of the young man’s hole. Joyce, a natural redhead, must have been the same age as Louise. She was tall and beautiful, just like Louise. Her plastic dick slid in and out of Isaac as he sank his teeth into the sheets from below. He squeezed his eyes shut from the stinging insertion. His moaning signified a more pleasurable response from her actions.

Louise whispered in Clay’s ear. “He’s handling it pretty well. This is only his second time, and he’s already a perfect fit for Joyce.”

Joyce thrust her plastic dick deep Avrupa Yakası Escort inside Isaac’s lower hole. She gasped as soon as she stopped. Her orgasm had been timed well with Isaac’s own. The naked redhead pulled out her strap-on. Isaac’s hole had been temporarily expanded thanks to the massive size of her plastic toy.

Louse remarked, “He took it like a champ.”

Joyce brushed her hair away from her face. “He sure did.”

Isaac opened his eyes and looked up at Clay. Clay gave him a smile.

Isaac had to take deep breaths after dealing with Joyce’s nonstop authority. “You’re a part of this, too?”

Clay slowly nodded. “Looks like we finally have something in common.”

Joyce got out of bed and brought Isaac up to his feet. The young Thai man had been stripped of his clothes when he engaged in Joyce’s frivolous activity.

Louise proudly proclaimed, “You know, you should be thankful for this. I’m the one who persuaded Joyce to take him like how I took Clay in this room.”

Joyce chuckled. “And I can’t stop doing it. I’m going to fuck him in the ass for as long as I want.”

From behind, she kissed Isaac on the neck. Isaac moaned as she held him in her arms. Her long hard strap-on pressed against his buttocks. He had been immersed in her dominance for so long that it still lingered on even as she brought her cock out of his hole.

Louise grabbed Clay and said, “I’m so glad that you’re here. There’s something that I want from you.”

Clay expected the usual antics from her. He stayed put as she pulled his bright green tank top off of him. Now half-naked, with only his blue skinny jeans shrouding his own erection, he showed his slim figure to the other two people in the room. But Louise didn’t stop there. She crouched down to pull Clay’s jeans off of his legs. She unclothed him, tossing his jeans and underwear to the side.

Clay now joined Joyce and Isaac in terms of nude exteriors. Joyce caressed Isaac’s hair and said, “You two would work well together.”

Louise nodded. “I feel the same way.”

Clay eyed Isaac from top to bottom. He was originally a classmate that he rarely interacted with all school year. Now, Isaac had become prey in the clutches of a naughty redhead. He had been used for her own gains, and it appeared that he had nothing against her wishes.

Clay and Isaac stared at each other as their older companions stood beside them.

Louise whispered to Clay, “You should get to know each other a little more.”

Clay replied, “Yeah, you’re right.”

Joyce kissed Isaac’s shoulder. “I want to see you kiss each other.”

Louise added, “So do I. Go on, Clay. Give him a kiss. We’d like to see it.”

Clay didn’t defy her. He stepped forward just as Isaac did the same. The two young men were now just inches away from each other. They held the same height, and the tips of their cocks barely touched each other. Clay could feel Isaac’s tip sliding against his own. It produced an almost tickly feeling that kept him grounded in his teacher’s reality.

Louise stood right beside them. She whispered, “Kiss each other.”

Clay could feel Isaac’s hot breath touching his lips. Louise and Joyce waited from nearby to observe their younger servants. Clay didn’t delay at all. He pressed his lips against Isaac’s. The two of them kissed as they held each other in their arms. Isaac slid his hand against Clay’s blond hair. From the corner of Clay’s eye, Louise’s smile grew even bigger. She made no objections. She let it happen right in front of her.

Joyce chuckled. “They’re really good.”

Clay and Isaac didn’t stop kissing. They went on with their determination. They silent acknowledged their new relationship. Neither of them would even dare to pull away from their newborn chemistry. Their stiff dicks pressed against each other, which made Clay more eager to obey Louise.

Joyce licked her lip. “Oh, I like this already.”

She got down on her knees. She grabbed both cocks and started stroking them as they pressed against each other. Both dicks, pointed upwards during Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan their intimate collision, were now being stimulated with Joyce’s assistance.

Clay gasped. He felt Joyce’s warm fingers sliding up and down his hard cock. She kissed both cocks, giving Clay a more valid reason to stay close to Isaac. The young men didn’t stop kissing. Joyce’s hands made them take quicker breaths. Her fingers accelerated. Clay and Isaac kept thrusting their hips simultaneously. They stayed together as one, with Joyce adding fuel to their instincts.

Meanwhile, Louise stood right alongside them with a big grin on her face. Clay didn’t even realize that she had already taken her own clothes off, officially joining the undressed trio. She reached down and caressed the slit between her legs. She clearly enjoyed the close-up of her two students fulfilling her fantasy.

She moaned. “Oh, the two of you should fuck each other.”

From down below, Joyce had a second opinion. “But first, we should do the fucking.”

Clay and Isaac still held each other as Joyce quickened her stroking even more. Both cocks pressed against each other as her fingers still slid up and down. Clay could feel an eruption becoming inevitable. He didn’t stop kissing Isaac. He wanted their eruptions to happen at the same time.

Louise had put on her own strap-on, a rubber instrument colored red. It would be more flexible than Joyce’s plastic recreation. Clay would know. He had it inside him for quite some time now.

Joyce stopped stroking the two cocks. She stood up and moved right behind Isaac. She grabbed him by the hips. All of a sudden, Clay could feel him trembling as he gasped. Joyce had stuck her cock deep inside him again. Louise did the same. She stood behind Clay and slid it deep inside him. Clay started to shiver as well. Both women now thrust their hips and shoved their cocks inside their men’s tight asses.

Clay and Isaac didn’t stop embracing each other. Louise and Joyce had their instruments perfectly lubed for the narrow entryways. Clay could feel Louise’s own strap-on hitting his weak spot from within. It made him want to stay close to Isaac even more. Both of them moaned in an equally feminine manner. They grabbed each other’s cocks and stroke them with steady fingers. They didn’t stop kissing while Joyce and Louise conquered them from behind.

Joyce almost growled. “Take my dick. Oh, you love it, don’t you?”

Isaac just had to say it. “Yes, I love your cock.”

Clay could feel Louise’s big breasts being pressed against his back. It was a familiar feeling whenever she craved his submissiveness in the most extreme ways imaginable.

She whispered, “You’d never say no to my cock, would you?”

Clay moaned even louder. “No…never.”

It became a system featuring quadruple components. The two women kept their younger lovers in their firm grip. The two young men stayed in the center with their female counterparts pounding them from behind. Furthermore, their erections would soon complete the final stage. Clay felt his hips preparing for his imminent ejaculation. Isaac must have had the same reaction to their sensuous interaction.

Joyce and Louse still thrust their fake dicks deep into the men’s holes. Clay and Isaac still stroked each other’s cocks while keeping them pointed upwards.

Louise heavily exhaled through her gritted teeth. “Let me hear it, Clay!”

Clay uttered her favorite words. “Oh, my body belongs to you!”

Louise laughed with glee. “Even better. Your ass belongs to me!”

Clay’s eruption had been brought to life. Spurts of his own thick cum ejected from his cock and made a mess on his and Isaac’s chest. Isaac’s own cum repeated the discharge. Both cocks acted as fountains as they flew up and landed on the young men’s chests and abdomens. Joyce and Louise stopped thrusting their hips as they must have seen the cum rising up from below.

Louise whispered, “That’s beautiful.”

Clay flinched as Louise pulled her strap-on out of his ass.

Joyce did the same. “I could Escort Avrupa Yakası do this all day.”

Clay and Isaac now faced each other with cum on their skin. Clay enjoyed this view. Seeing his own classmate drenched in cum made him appreciate his presence. The Thai student stepped forward and kissed Clay again.

“Oh…I’m so glad you’re here.”

They embraced while the women looked on with approving glances. Clay didn’t mind the cum that stuck together when his and Isaac’s chests and cocks touched. This would definitely bring them closer together. This would keep their relationship locked as a more satisfactory existence made possible by Louise’s commands.

Louise lightly caressed Clay’s blond hair. “This is better for all of us.”

Clay smiled. “You’re right.”

* * *

They still didn’t stop their antics. Clay and Isaac were brought down on the carpeted floor. They got down on their hands and knees while the women once again rammed them from behind. Joyce and Louise were now down on their knees as they thrust their cocks deep into the holes that they yearned for. They pulled Clay and Isaac’s hair, deepening their desires to own these two eighteen-year-old individuals as property.

Clay and Isaac were still just inches away from each other. The women that towered over them had brought them close for a good reason. As Joyce and Louise tugged at their short hair, the two young men couldn’t help but kiss each other. They moaned as loud as they could while being used by their older companions. The women had gathered up their strength to push their erect imitations as hard as they could.

Clay could feel a drop of sweat forming on his forehead. He kept kissing Isaac despite the stinging sensation from within his hole. The mixture of pain and pleasure had exceeded its amount. He felt as if his hole could explode any minute now. But Louise would have no interest in his dilemma, which would be nothing more than a trivial matter to her. She grabbed hold of his hips and quickened her pelvic thrusts. Joyce did the same with Isaac. Both women were delighted to keep the submissive ones at the bottom.

Joyce laughed. “They’re so good when they take it up the ass.”

Louise replied, “They were made for our cocks.”

The strap-on made Clay more enticed with his role in the bedroom. He and Isaac knew that they would keep this a secret, just like how Louise intended. They didn’t want anyone else to discover this special thing that they had stumbled upon. The two students would never dare to break the bond that connected them with the women that dominated them. They were slaves to their female masters, and they had no remorse toward their shrouded performances.

Louise’s powerful thrusts made Clay reach his next climax. Both men’s erections had undergone a second explosion. This time, their hot sticky cum landed on the floor instead of on themselves. Louise slapped Clay’s ass as she stopped herself from going deeper into Clay’s little crevice. Clay sighed with relief. He didn’t believe that he would have continued on without fainting from his teacher’s powerful motions.

The redhead and the brunette pulled their cocks out of the expanded holes. Still on their hands and knees, the two young men continued their gentle kiss. Their own authentic cocks were still dripping after their next ejection.

Louise grabbed Clay to bring him up from the ground. From behind, she kissed him on the shoulder. “Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re still going to fuck both of you, but we’re going to make sure that you also fuck each other. I’m so happy for you, Clay. You did it with Dustin, and now you’re doing it with Isaac. We’re going to have a good time watching the two of you do it without us.”

Clay could feel the tip of her strap-on touching his left butt cheek. “I’ll do anything that pleases you.”

She locked him in his embrace, despite his sticky chest and belly. She gave him a long kiss. He had to turn his head to join in their tender moment. He felt lucky to have a teacher like her. School had ended, but their relationship had excelled. He would still gladly grow close to another man while she watched. Now that one of his former classmates had joined in, everything was made better for everyone. He hoped he would see Isaac again, just so Joyce and Louise would observe their shenanigans with a big smile on their faces.

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