It Doesn’t Snow in November

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It Doesn’t Snow In November

by Jimmy Boom Semtex

Copyright Jimmy Boom Semtex original draft 2005. Second draft 2015 all rights reserved. This version 2021.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. All situations here are a work of fiction from the author’s imagination.


The goth/metal club is real but sadly closed in 2010. Things could have been done better. Also real is the Inkpot tattooist. As are some of the characters. TJ Hughes now is shut. Oldham has changed greatly since 2005, when this story was written. The style is like the seminal 90s book Disco Biscuits book. Here there are no drugs. Just hot girls, beer, tattoos, music and fun. Enjoy.


Dedicated to goths, metal heads, tattoo collectors and minted people everywhere.


Hell, I slept through my alarm! Goddamn stupid thing. Got to get ready and meet Sarah at the pub for lunch — she’ll kill me if I’m late! She’s got a temper worse than mine but she’s my best mate. Time for a quick bath as I do my breakfast — two toast. Put a CD on, hmmmm… yes, The Gathering’s Mandylion album. How I love that! Hard to believe ten years have passed since it was released. Still sounds so good. Toast is ready, Marmite — my favourite. I think. My Mother did something right; no one to take the piss now as I munch this, yummy yummy in my tattooed tummy!

My bath’s ready: better not let it overflow, we know the last mess it made. I can be so forgetful… throw my old faded Metallica top on the floor and jump in. Just right! Lots of Rose-scented bubble bath, as sweet as me! Wish Karl were here to scrub my back. Aah, Karl… my fingers slip between my legs to my most secret place. You made me sore last week but how I love to fuck you.

Dressed now in faded “black” jeans, size 6 cherry red docks and my beloved Tristania t-shirt, I look in my full-length almanbahis yeni giriş mirror — yes, I look good. Their last album Ashes was a stormer, loved them live too. As good as Nightwish but who would I fuck? Tarja or Vibeke? Decisions, decisions…

Stereo off, leave my flat, locking the door, say “Hi” to my neighbour Jason, an old Ted from the 60s. I heard your music again, a new one? Yes, sort of. Look, it’s Tristania, even got the t-shirt! Saw them live too, they’re from Norway. I’ll copy you the CD if you want? Well, lass, not Teddy boy music then? I could tell you some tales… I’ve got to go, another time maybe, Jason. I’m off to the pub to see my friend and have lunch. See you!

Quick walk to town. Just love this late August sun. Oh! That man’s staring at me, he must like me! Give him a quick wave as I turn the corner by the churchyard. Then duck into the pub — there’s Sarah! Hi, how ya doin? Great, me too. What ya having? Usual. Yes, me too. We’ll have these, then order lunch. This is nice lager…

We laugh and joke only as good friends do. Sarah just broke up with Mark but likes Liam but he fancies what’s her name? Sarah may have a girlie fling with Wendy for post break-up blues relief. I don’t know, what’s she like? We order food with free a beer, chicken tikka masala for me (I’m the hot one!) and lasagne for Sarah. More small talk, two or three jokes and our meals arrive, are eaten. Another beer, yes, see you again tonight, say hi to Wendy for me.

Feel a bit tipsy now, nice feeling though. Time for a stroll through town. Can’t believe TJ’s has Xmas decor up in summer! Usual shops, think I’ll get a blouse at Oxfam. Nice ethnic style, that’ll do. Time for my tat now! Booked in 2 p.m. — Inkpot, Oldham’s finest. Nice dragonfly on my right shoulder to balance out my unicorn on my left. Yes, I’m okay guys, how’s business? A nod. Needle sound — love that so much! Good you’re almanbahis giriş busy, can’t wait till mine’s done. We only do the best Gemma! I know lads, I’m planning on more. I can show this off tonight at Rockworld. Tattoo looks great, bit sore but no regrets. Just removed the bandage, give it some air.

What’s the time? 4 p.m.! Time to go to Nigel’s for one of his famous coffees. Hi Nige, how are you? Oh Gem, what a nice tat! Just had it done? Yes, you like it? You should get one. Nah, you know me and needles and blood and pain… Later. Great coffee. Hey, another one? No my love, bed first. He takes my clothes off, kisses me, strips before me. How I love his body! I grab his cock and he plays with me. Onto the sofa, his fingers up me. More kisses, his cock up me. Ten minutes of rampant thrusting wet sex! I cum twice, he once. Another coffee, naked. Dressed and away, great to be fuck buddies, his coffee’s a bonus. He should have a café. Back home, hair all over the place, slight smirk. Will people guess??

Tattooed arm is aching. Nigel must have caught it. TV on, sounds down, what CD? Nightwish live, takes me back… put it on repeat. Time to get ready for tonight and gothic metal heaven, Rockworld here we come, yey! What to wear? That black number, long black velvet dress, over the shoulder bare flesh, see my cleavage. My black combat boots, must polish them well, shiny. Pick my silver jewellery, my new pentagram with chain and some rings.., time for another bath, wash Nige away, do my hair, towel it dry, comb it. Naturally blonde dyed black adds, no, makes my stunning Goth looks. Me vain? You are kidding, right? Nearly ready. Pop a beer from my fridge, quick ready meal of chicken and black bean sauce. Make up time, bit of pale blusher, black lipstick, bit of eyeliner, black nail varnish. There, done! Off to the club, get 82 bus, Sarah’s on it. Hi gal, okay? You look great in your purple mini. You almanbahis adres too, sis. Hey, your new tat is great! Here, see… new today. The Inkpot? Yes…

To the pub, Tequila shots followed by £1 Carlsberg bottles. Done it this way forever.., oh, look at the lads there in My Chemical Romance tops. Let’s chat… Four beers and two phone numbers later, to the Salisbury. More lads numbers, two more beers. To the club, free in, we know the owner and I personally know a doorman! Intimately, lol. Straight to the bar, cider to be different (we are Goths). To Nerissa in the Goth room. Skeletal Family, Sisters and Nina, back to the 80s. To the metal room, get a free drink so easy from the lads. Show them how to head bang, my hair everywhere — a black fan… Def Lep, GnR, The Cult and more. To the punk room, shit! Nearly fell over getting pissed.

Where’s Sarah gone? There in a corner with a lad, he must be all of 1*! Her hand down his leather jeans, their heads moving together in slow circles, tongues deep. I feel left out! I like the blonde girl, like myself when I was 18. What’s your name? Stacey Lee. Hi, I’m Gemma. I like your tattoo. What are you into? I’m a writer. At the moment Gemma I’m at uni doing History, I want to be a lecturer one day. Wow! A babe like me! Brains and body. I kiss her, she doesn’t resist me. She tastes so good! I catch Sarah’s eye. We both wink, fun! Stacey Lee leads me to the toilets; we enter a cubicle and put the seat down. I sit, she sits on me facing me legs open. I take her red dress off and carefully place it on the cistern. Stacey Lee has a great body! Her hand moves under my black velvet dress on my bare flesh, to my cunt. She makes me cum. I take my dress off and place it with hers, together. We fuck, we have promiscuous sex… Later we dance, we kiss, I get her a drink as thanks, we part.

See Sarah chatting with the lad, she smiles at me and comes over. We hug, kiss once and I tell her what I just did. She smells my hand — Stacey Lee’s smell. She shows me her hand. It glistens. I know what it is…

More beer, more songs in the Goth room. Hell, time to go! Crash at Sarah’s. Get some chips, night bus back. What a day! Must do it all again next week!

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