It Happened in Moonlight

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Eric’s Perspective

“Step right up folks! Tickets out please! Take a seat quickly, we’re about to get going!” The attendant hurried us onto the truck bed. I looked around the bed of the truck, trying to decide where to sit. The hay spread throughout the bed, covering it completely, and large bails were plopped on the sides as makeshift seats.

“Doesn’t look so safe to me,” I muttered under my breath. Julie heard me and scoffed.

“Eric, stop being such a crybaby,” Julie joked. “You’re going to be fine, they’ve done this hundreds of times.”

“I just hope I don’t catch hay fever,” I said defiantly, knowing she’d get annoyed again.

“For God’s sakes. Get on the damn truck!” She retorted. Julie had a hot temper, and I knew not to continue egging her on. She was always having us go on these types of adventures, trying to get me to come out of my shell. We’d been together for about eight months now, and I’m still not used to all the trips she’d have us take. This one was supposed to be less thrilling than what we’d normally do, but there were rumors of some hayride passengers never returning afterwards. Julie assured me they were just rumors but something told me there was a kernel of truth behind them.

It was tradition to go on this particular Hayride wearing costumes. At least that’s what it said on the flyer Julie showed me. I reluctantly agreed and dressed up as a cop, complete with sunglasses and handcuffs. Truth be told, I hated when she pushed me to my limits like tonight, which is why I’d been giving her such a hard time. I did however like Halloween, which was partly why I agreed to dress up. Julie was a lot to handle, but she was well worth it for a few reasons.

The first is that Julie is very pretty. Julie has short black hair (one of those “pixie cut” styles), and deep sky-blue eyes. Her eyes are very striking, and one of the first things I noticed about her. Her figure is also incredible. She had been in track while in college, but still was in good shape at the age of twenty-four. Julie is of medium height (around 5’5) but her cleavage is massive, at around size DD. She also has a curvy apple rounded ass, which she loves to show off in jeans. Julie clearly knew when she picked her costume tonight that she had made her tits and ass the focal point. I could see many eyes being drawn to her, and to those two areas. Julie wore a makeshift Alice in Wonderland costume, but in reality it was dressed up lingerie. Her blue dress ended at her upper thighs, leaving most of her lower half exposed to the naked eye. Underneath her dress, I could see that part of her ass was visible. The white apron she wore was more like a corset, ending just below her bust to help make her chest pop. Her massive round bosoms hung over the white apron, free from any restriction. They bobbed after every step she took. Julie’s legs were covered with white socks that went all the way up to her thighs. A red heart was at the very top of her socks, and she wore black flats with straps.

Julie knew she could get any guy’s attention. In fact, she got off on it, and I must admit that she’s used it to our advantage at times. Which brings me to reason number two: Julie is a bit of a sexual deviant. We’d always go to these public places and she’d do something surprising, like slip her hand in my jeans or we’d sneak off somewhere to fuck. There’d be times we’d go to places off-limits and get caught, only to have Julie get us out of trouble.

Our relationship was pretty open, and there were times she’d even have to jerk a guy off or flash a guy to get us out. I got to admit, it was a turn-on to see her get us out of these situations. I loved to watch Julie jerk another guy’s cock, moaning for them to finish on her huge round melons. Most guys couldn’t last more than a minute.

I don’t know what she saw in a guy like me. I was only a year younger than Julie, and had met her a little after I graduated college, at a mutual friend’s get together. I was of slim build, and not too tall (only a couple inches taller than Julie). I was muscular, having worked out in high school and staying pretty religious with it. In fact, I was training to be a cop for our local area (hence the police officer costume), so I had been hitting the gym pretty hard, but my body seemed to be content staying toned, not muscular. I did however, have a pretty decent sized cock, a little over eight inches. Julie loved how big and thick it was, and made it a point to play, suck, or ride it as often as she could.

I think the main reason she was with me was because she loved surprising me. Julie loved to make me cum in public places. She loved how uncomfortable it made me, until I’d finally give in. I got to admit, it was one of the main things she’d do to get me out of my shell, and it always worked. I think she also loved the fact that I wasn’t tying her down, and there’d be times we’d invite friends over and push our limits. It’s true what they say: opposites attract, and I couldn’t have found anyone more opposite istanbul escort than Julie.

The Hayride coordinator stood up on the truck bed to make an announcement. He was dressed like a farmer, wearing light blue overalls complete with flannel and a read kerchief tied around his neck. He had on a green trucker cap which had been coated with what appeared to be old dirt and sweat. His face was dirty and unshaven. He seemed to be in his fifties, with some gray stubble on his face and a couple of gray strands peeking through his cap. It appeared as if he just got off from working out in the fields.

“Alright folks I hope everyone is ready for this year’s Haunted Hayride! I’ll be your driver and host, Spooky Sam! Have your tickets out please and be ready to scream!”

Sam looked around to make sure everyone was holding a ticket. The driver smiled a goofy smile, as if he had just given the best speech known to humanity, and he started to dim a little when he realized nobody was going to applaud. Some nearby people cheered, but a little of his folksy light seemed to be less luminesce as he entered the truck with a slam. I braced myself for a rocky ride and my suspicions were confirmed when I heard the engine roar and accelerate, giving the truck a short jerk. He turned into a cornfield that had enough opening for his truck to drive through. Rows of corn surrounded us as he drove at an unsafe speed. Over the mic, Spooky Sam began to speak in an eerie voice.

“Welcome to our spooktacular haunted hayride ladies and gents! Brace yourselves and be ready to scream!” His voice trailed at the last word.

He started to slow the truck down to a crawl, and we realized we were about to get scared. Sam turned the truck to the right again, and that’s when we saw two rows of scarecrows, about a dozen in total. They were hanging on wooden stakes, about ten feet off the ground, just the right size to swing at us in the truck bed. Sure enough, as we drove by they stuck their arms out, frightening some of the other passengers. I must admit, I did jump when one of them reached out at me.

As we drove through Julie whispered in my ear, “Did you bring a blanket like I asked?”

“Yes,” I replied, getting it out of my shoestring bag, “you cold?”

A devious smile spread across her face, and I realized that she was not asking for the blanket because of the temperature. She had something more nefarious in mind. I took the blanket and spread it over both of our laps.

Before anything could happen the truck jolted as Sam abruptly veered to the left.

“Wow he certainly drives like he’s in a horror movie,” I heard the guy across from me remark. The woman next to him laughed. I smiled in response, and he looked at me and smiled back.

The truck accelerated and moved towards an open area, which admittedly seemed spooky. It was surrounded by trees, and it was then that I noticed we were in a cemetery. That’s when I saw them, creeping from the fog. Shadowy silhouettes, that grew in size with each menacing step.

“Beware of this place.” Sam said in an ominous tone, “Sometimes the dead walk free here. And sometimes…they’ll snatch you!” As he said these words zombie dressed employees crept out of the fog and began to jump onto the truck bed, trying to get on. One of the couples on the truck screamed as they reached out and got inches from their face. Julie was laughing.

“You see Eric? It’s not that scary hun.” She whispered in my ear. Julie leaned in closer and gave my ear an abrupt nibble. As she did that her hand reached for my stiff cock through my slacks. I gasped, but the truck occupants were too focused on the cemetery, waiting to get scared again. Sam had begun to play eerie music, reminiscent of a John Carpenter melody. The truck moved past the cemetery and began to speed through to the next area. As Sam hit the acceleration, Julie quickened the pace, moving her hand with more speed and force over my pants. With one hand, she unzipped my pants and snuck her hand through my clothes to my cock. She wrapped her small hand around my massive, throbbing member. Julie bit her lip as she rubbed the middle of her thumb against my wet tip. My cockhead got increasingly wetter as she played with my precum, rubbing it all over the end of my dick.

The truck sped towards a circus tent. As we approached the tent I could hear circus music playing, with some slight distortion. The sign as we entered read “Circus of Horrors: Freak Show”. The tent had an opening for the truck, shielded by clear plastic that was splashed and stained with blood. It truly was a spectacle. The tent towered above us and was at least two stories high. It was hard to believe they hid this in the middle of their fields.

When we went through the tent there were fire breathers on stilts. Flames shot above our heads, causing some of us to duck out of fear. It was actually nice to have warmth after driving around in the cold with no barriers. The fire breathers wore top hats and had curly şişli escort handle bar moustaches. Their face was painted to resemble skeletons, and they had on striking red bowties. They reminded me of the skeletons I see for “Day of the Dead” celebrations. Julie was firmly grasping onto my cock, sliding back and forth with great fervency. The warmth of the tent had brought my cock to its full size, and it was quivering as Julie stroked it.

I heard the cackling laughter and honking of clowns and turned to see a group of them approaching the truck. A couple of them wore stilts, and they were wielding axes. There was a roar of chainsaws and I turned to see a new group of clowns approaching, wielding these monstrous weapons. The chainsaws smoked as they roared, and sparks began to fly as they hit the saws on the ground with great force.

The clowns wore bright track suits, the left half of the suit being red while the right half a royal blue. Their big fluffy buttons were bright and red. Some of the suits had splashes of blood on them, as if they had massacred the previous crowd that entered the tent. What was perhaps the scariest part of the clowns was their faces. Their eyes were pure white, with no pupils. The teeth of the clowns were stained yellow, all pointed and sharpened as if they were the teeth of monsters. Bright red noses were painted on the clowns, and their blank white eyes were highlighted by vivid blue diamonds painted around them. Some clowns had red painted smiles, while others were frowns. If it wasn’t for the white eyes, pointed yellow teeth, and blood stained suits they’d have been normal clowns. But this was a Circus of Horrors, and these clowns were anything but normal.

The clowns chuckled and guffawed, their laughter changing from high pitches to monstrous growls. One clown jumped on the truck, and gave everyone a startle. Julie gripped onto my cock and I grimaced. After a moment or two she saw the look on my face and loosened her grip. She gave it a couple more strokes, bringing my cock back to life. The clown on the truck jumped back off and the truck sped through to a new area.

Suddenly, Sam jerked the truck to a stop, with some slight abruption. Julie’s hand gave an extra hard pump as she hadn’t expected the sudden halt.

All of a sudden, three female figures came down from above us using ribbons. They were waiting up high so none of us saw them as they moved down towards the truck. The women were acrobatic and spider-like as they gracefully swung around us, like Cirque du Soleil performers from the depths of hell. The women started to contort, like master trapeze artists, and they moved up and down. At some moments they’d be inches from my face.

The freakish contortionists wore white skintight bodysuits, their bodies glistened, and I could see through the white costume that they were completely nude underneath. Their faces were coated with white makeup, which brought emphasis to their eyes. These sensual succubi had on dark eyeliner with long lashes, and their pupils were a vibrant yellow and black. I assumed they were wearing contacts, because their eyes looked more monster than human. Their hair was tucked into a bun, and the most striking thing about them was perhaps all of their mouths appeared to be sewn shut. Thread weaved in and out of their mouths, as if they had genuinely taken a needle and done it themselves.

Julie continued to stroke my cock as this whole spectacle displayed before me. It was breathtaking to see these women who had the bodies of strippers and the faces of evil carnival freaks. Even in their horrific costumes, my cock was throbbing from arousal.

One of the dancers got into the truck with us, and began to sensually dance toward each of us. I could smell her sweet scent as she rubbed up near me; it was a combination of roses and lavender. Julie picked up the pace, rapidly stroking my cock, trying to milk it, clearly noticing my arousal.

“See babe?” She whispered, “I told you it’s not so scary.” All I could do was gasp in arousal. I stifled a moan, but luckily the music was too loud nobody noticed.

I looked around and saw all of the guys eyeing the acrobat as she was dancing on the truck. Pure lust filled their eyes as they watched her sway in the moonlight. The arousal in combination with the horror was overstimulating me, and I had the strong desire to release. The woman let out a horrific scream that jolted me back to reality, and the freak show trapeze artists rolled back up above us with their ribbons.

All of a sudden, we heard the roar of an engine, and Spooky Sam drove at full speed. I fell over from the sudden jolt, my zipper still undone and cock hanging out! I slammed against the truck bed, hay flying everywhere before I regained my balance and composed myself. I had basically flashed everyone and I looked over at Julie. She was laughing hysterically.

I started to see some of the other riders shift away while a couple actually moved closer. It was the man who had made mecidiyeköy escort a remark earlier. The man was dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit. His head was shaved and he was very muscular. I eyed him and noticed he was in his late thirties or early forties, and his arm was wrapped around a blonde haired woman who appeared to be his wife. His spouse looked to be about the same age as him, and she wore a tight green dress complete with wings. She had on green thigh high tights and was carrying a wand. Her blonde hair was straightened, and about shoulder length. I realized right away that she was dressed as tinker bell.

He cleared his throat to speak, “Hey man, just to let you know,” he paused and his smile widened, “your fly is still down.” His eyes were fixated on my cock, still free and rigid, my hard and purple head pointed straight at him.

I blushed and quickly tried to zip up, struggling to put my hard cock back where it needed to go. I finally got it in, and sat back down, while the man and his partner began to laugh alongside Julie.

Sam sped out of the tent, the truck roaring as he accelerated. Sam finally slowed down when he reached a clearing. Up ahead was a castle, one that we hadn’t seen before. It was hard to imagine why we never came across this castle, until we realized that the corn was so tall it was blocking our view. Nobody said anything and we all stared in silence. Finally, Julie spoke.

“Are we heading for that castle?” Julie inquired.

Sam spoke on the mic, “That there is private property, but us folks around here call it ‘Blood Castle’. People go in, but nobody ever comes out. Let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen” He slammed the brakes, making us all jolt at the sudden stop. Spooky Sam turned to face us and his face looked grim as his folksy smile changed into a straight line. His voice lost all of the whim and pseudo-horror that it had before.

“Never go there. Under any circumstance. Ever.” he said these words solemnly, as if he was giving a genuine warning. I was surprised at how scary he appeared, and wondered if there was any truth behind those words. Some of the other patrons gave a nervous chuckle.

Spooky Sam’s face twisted and contorted into a mischievous smile, “We here call it Blood Castle because it’s full of…VAMPIRES!” as he said these words the cast popped out, dressed as vampires. Some of them were dripping with fake blood, and they reached out and grabbed a few of the patrons. A couple of air cannons went off, and bat-shaped confetti rained down onto the truck. The cast must have been hiding the whole time, and their sudden surprise frightened everyone in the truck. Everyone except Julie, who hadn’t even jolted at the sound of the cannons. Sam started to laugh, and we all joined in, laughing at our foolishness.

“Alright everybody step on out and follow me! You’re about to enter the second part of our Haunted Hayride: The Corn Maze of Doom!” Just like that, Sam went back to his normal eerie voice. We followed him, more at ease now that one of the major jump scares was over. The maze was dark, and we suddenly realized we didn’t have flashlights. Most of the other couples had brought their own, and we decided we’d be fine without them. Part of me however, was nervous to be creeping around in the dark.

“Alright folks! Good luck! See you on the other side!” Sam yelled as we entered the maze.

“Hopefully the maze is scarier.” Julie mumbled under her breath. I could see Sam look over and frown. He obviously heard. I nudged her but she merely huffed in defiance and rolled her eyes.

Sam entered his truck and he drove off in a flash, leaving us to enter the maze. A couple of attendants beckoned us to enter using lights. They wore dark hoods and had skeleton painted faces.

“Have a spooktacular time,” they said with minimal effort. They were a stark contrast from Spooky Sam’s demeanor, as if they were sick of standing outside in a corn maze al night.

Slowly the rest of us crept into the corn maze. We all started to go different directions, but Julie held back, clinging onto me. I think I knew what she had in mind. I was still stiff from her rubbing me on the truck, and I needed a release. We turned to the right, when everyone else turned to the left, and we began to pick up the pace. Julie held me by the hand and was leading me now, as I desperately tried to keep up. She continued to turn different ways, trying to make sure we weren’t being followed by any of the other wandering guests in the maze.

Finally, we hit a dead end, and Julie turned around. A mischievous smile spread across her face. The moon was the only thing that illuminated us in this dark corner of the corn maze. She quickly moved her top down, baring her chest for me. Then, in one fluid motion, she unclasped her bra, freeing her massive mounds from their cage. They bounced a little as they readjusted to being unrestricted, then they hung over her white Alice and Wonderland apron once more. The temperature, in combination with her general excitement, began to affect them as well; her silver dollar nipples perked and pointed directly at me. She got down to her knees, pressing her hands against her chest and moving her boobs up towards my groin.

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