It Happened Way Back When

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The following is a true story that just happened to me some time ago…

I sometimes get bored and tired when my woman turns me down for some basic loving. ESPECIALLY when it comes down to getting’ some head. Sometimes, I prefer that over getting in the pussy…ANYWAYS, here is my story.

So this one Saturday was a VERY lazy day; me and woman went out on Friday night and I had a few drinks (no lovin’ though) and I didn’t get out of bed until about 11AM. Oh well, I’m thinkin’- my woman’s at work until 5PM and I don’t have anything (or anyone) to do.

So around, 3PM, I finally motivate and get my ass out of the house. I go to the chicken shack, order some wings and fries for dinner and call mama bear to be ready to eat when I get there. She says to get something to drink with the food. Now, this is where the WOW begins…

So I get to the liquor store, open the door and notice this lady scooping down picking up some shit that fell out of her purse, I mean her ass was all in my path toward my Remy; any REDBLOODED dick slayer would have noticed her. At the same time, I also notice that she’s on her cell and has about 6 grocery bags full of various shit; apparently talking to someone to come and take her home.

Being the gentleman that I am, I help her pick up her shit and off handedly say to her “By the way, shawty, if he can’t come for you, I’ll gladly offer to take you home.” She smiles at me and continues talking on the phone, so I went to do my liquor shopping. I end up buying a fifth of Remy VSOP, a quart of Bacardi Limon and some OJ, Pineapple and cranberry juice (I planned on getting mama twisted and then see what positions I could get her into).

As I’m walking out, I noticed shawty is STILL waiting for a ride. She looks at me and says “were you serious about giving me a ride? I live about 5 minutes away from here but I don’t feel like walking-it’s too damn cold out there.” Again, I’m a gentleman, so I say to her, “I don’t know, you look a little suspect to me. Imma have to keep my eye on you shawty. You might try somethin’ and then imma have to retaliate.” All the while, smiling şişli escort at her with my devilish grin. She says back “I bet you will. I bet you will” and we commence to walking to my ride.

As we’re walking, we make small talk, and find out she’s single, has a kid who is not home until TOMORROW night, and that she has some GofG-Gift of Gab. She’s real cool and like she said, she was only about 7 minutes from where the liquor store was. Now, I’m the kind of guy that let’s game come to me-I spell out what I want, talk my shit and then let a chick decide the next move. Like I said earlier-I have mama bear at home waiting to get twisted and possibly perform some tricks for me!

So, we get to her apartment building, she says without hesitation-“hey, can you help me with my bags? I live on the first floor, apartment 105. I would like to reward your kindness somehow.” So, of course, I said “okay, but to be honest,your conversation has been payment enough.” Now mind you, from the first peep of shawty up to this point, I’m taking note that she’s a little shorter and thicker than I like (about 5’1″ and over 200 pounds) but her face, lips and her demeanor were giving me a MAD hard-on!

I was glad I had on jeans and not my normal slacks and shirt. So I figured, if she’s half as game as I think she is, I might just get my dick sucked-and I could REALLY use a sloppy blowjob. So she grins her own devilish grin and says, “Come on. It will be well worth your time.” And we commence to going to her apartment building. Like she said, she’s in apt 105, so it’s a short walk. Once we get to her spot, I say to myself ‘what the fuck, the worse she could say is NO, so why not go for it.’

So I say to her-“when did you say your daughter would be returning home”

“Tomorrow sometime. Until then, imma be all by myself.” And she pouts and licks her luscious lips.

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that. What about your man?”

“What man? I haven’t been with anyone for quite some time. I told you I was lonely.”

At that statement, I say to myself ‘OKAY, here it comes’

And she says, “When will fatih escort your woman be looking for you to come home? I would REALLY like to thank you for giving me a ride home. But I don’t have any money but I can think of other ways to say ‘thank you'”

“Oh, yeah? How would you do that?” and then I pull her to me, and help her take off her coat and gloves. And I coax her hand to my crouch.

She smiles, looks up at me, still rubbing my dick and says “You really are very direct, aren’t you? Now what should I do with this ‘thing’?”

I say, “Whatever you want, but those lips look awfully soft.”

“Oh, yeah, they do, hunh” and she pulls down my zipper and pulls out my dick and starts jacking him. At this point, I’m in hog heaven ’cause I KNOW that the only thing between me and a blow job from this chick is only her saying STOP-STOP means STOP in my book and if she said it, I woulda zipped up, apologized for being so forward and left. BUT-she kept jacking and says to me, “uh, hunh. Yeah. We have to do something about this right here. He looks like he needs some attention.”

She lets him go and says, “You wanna see what my bedroom looks like?” and starts walking to the back of her apartment. I, of course follow her shucking off my cap and leather coat leaving it in a chair in the hallway.

So we get to her bedroom, she shucks her sweater and bra and is now topless showing off the HUGEST titties I’ve ever seen. They have to be 48DD’s! Now, at this point, she says “Do you have any condoms? I REALLY wanna suck this dick but I need a condom,” and she commences to pulling on him again.

“Look here, I didn’t expect this to happen so; I don’t have any Trojans on me so she looks in her drawer-NO CONDOM! DAMN, I’m thinking, oh well. Maybe next time. But she says “Look, man. I have a kid and I kiss her all the time. Are you clean? I mean, really. It’s been SO long since I saw a dick, I REALLY want to suck yours.”

“Yeah, I’m clean. I don’t do this on the regular and I haven’t been doing anything” so with this said, she looks at me quizzically, and says for me to follow her into escort levent the bathroom where she hands me a clean towel and some soap. I get the picture and scrub his head and shaft real clean and then rinse off-I don’t want her to taste nothing but prime A-Class D-I-C-K.

After I wash and rinse, she indicates for me to sit on the side of her bed. Now it’s time for me to talk some shit-“So just how good is your head game, shawty? I like someone who knows how to work a dick. Is that you?”

In response, she straddles my thighs, pulls my pants all the way down to my ankles and then says “You might wanna take these all the way off. Once I get started, I REALLY get kinda lost in my work” so I take them all the way off (there would be NO explaining why the front of my jeans are so fuckin’ wet) and then get back on her bed. She straddles my thighs again and then repositions herself right in between my legs-I could tell this chick knew her way around a dick-and I was right.

She sucked my dick every way from Sunday to Saturday. I got a hum job, a ball licking, and for about a minute there, she was licking my ass-I had to stop her or else I was gonna start whimpering. Anyway, she was doing a FINE job, and after about 10 minutes of looking at her look up at me and then dive back down to sucking my dick, I told her I was about to bust a nut.

She just looked at me with her big ol eyes, smiled and kept sucking and humming-she was DEFINITELY a Master Degree earning Dick Sucker and I could tell she wanted to taste this nut. I grabbed her hair in my hand, started using her mouth like it was a pussy and pumped away and then “UNNNGGHHH!!” I drained my nuts in her mouth, on her cheek, in her hair and in her eyes. AND SHE KEPT SUCKING! MAN, what a fuckin’ find she was! My thighs and stomach were coated with my nut and her slobber and I was in HEAVEN! WHEW!

After about 3 minutes, in which time she was cleaning up the mess she made and licked my balls, thighs and stomach clean, I decided she was through. All I wanted to do was take a nap but I knew I had to get my ass outta there or mama bear would start blowing up my cell phone asking me where in the hell I was.

So eventually, I got her number and bounced with the promise that we would finish part two (fuckin’) later on that week. That, my friends is another story!!

What a Weekend!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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