It Started in the Rain Ch. 03

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Lee had expected Megan to sneak into the bedroom, thinking she would catch him in bed with someone. Instead she had come into the kitchen with two bags of groceries. She almost dropped them when she looked up and saw Kat, her dad, and Pam sitting at the edge of the island in the kitchen eating breakfast nude.

She stood shocked silent for many seconds. Her eyes were wide and kept moving from one person to the other.

Pam was closest to her.

“Hi. I’m Pam.” Before Megan could respond Pam took the two bags of groceries from her and put them on the island. She turned back to Megan and said, “That one is Kate and that guy is Lee.”

Megan finally snapped into the present and said, “Dad, you’re naked!”

“Ladies this is my daughter, Megan. She has a doctorate in speaking the obvious.”

Kat got up and went to the cabinet where the dishes lived and said, “There is plenty of breakfast left. You want some?”

Kat was standing there nude and looking back over her shoulder at Megan. Her cute ass and back showed no tan lines, just tan.

“Is it one of dad’s omelets?”


“Then sure.”

Kat served omelet and toast onto a plate and put it at the remaining place at the island. She poured more coffee for everyone, adding a cup for Megan. Megan kept glancing at each of the people sitting at the island. The last time she had seen her dad naked was when she walked into the bathroom when she was in high school and her dad was in the shower bathing some of her younger brothers and sisters. That was over fifteen years ago.

She focused on the omelet while her mind raced around asking questions about her dad and these two beautiful nude women. When the last bite was gone she thought she had to look up again and when she did she saw that all three were looking at her.

“What?” she asked.

“When we were on the phone I seem to remember telling you not to come anywhere near here this weekend.” Lee looked stern as he spoke.

Under the cover of the island edge he had a soft hold of each of the feminine thighs next to him.

“I thought you might need some supplies for your date.” As she spoke she knew no one was buying it. “OK. OK. I couldn’t stand not knowing who was here. It’s been a long dry spell for you and I’m too nosy for my own good.”

Lee smiled. Then he spoke softly.

“OK. You’re here. You’ve met my date. I, we, thank you for whatever supplies you brought. Now, you get to make a choice. You can kiss me good-bye, say good-bye to Kate and Pam and go back home or you can stay and join us for our day.”

“I’ve known you long enough to know I need more information before I make that choice. If I stay what are the plans for the day?”

“After we finish breakfast we are going to shower and get dressed. After that we are going sightseeing for a while and have lunch somewhere fun. I was thinking about lunch down in Long Beach along the water.”

“At the Lighthouse?” Megan’s eyes lit up.

“I could be talked into the Lighthouse.”

“Then, I’m in. I’ll call home and let Pete know I’m going to be with you all day.”

Megan got up and headed for the phone. When Lee spoke she stopped.

“Not so fast young lady. There’s more. If you stay you are not a tag along. You are a participant. We are all nude. We will all be in the shower soon. We will all be washing each other and all having fun in the process. During the day there will be hand holding, arms around each other and other expressions of physical affection. You are either a full participant or you are out.”

“So, if I stay I need to take off my clothes, shower with all three of you, hold hands, get my fanny patted and kiss all three of you all day long?”

“If you stay it is under those conditions and one more. You may only stay if it is OK with both Kat and Pam.”

Kat and Pam looked at each other, at Lee and at Megan. Finally Kat said, “We need a conference.”

“We have a policy in our family. If it needs to be said, say it.” Megan said.

“OK.” Kat said, looking at Lee. “I’m uncomfortable with having your daughter playing with us. We are being very sexual with you and she’s your daughter.”

“Dad, let me take this one.” Megan said, “I am his daughter, by adoption. He and I have no shared biology. We love each other. He chose me as his daughter. I have been seen naked by him since I was a baby. I have seen him naked many times. I am an adult and not a virgin. Please don’t let the fact that he’s the man I have loved since I was four months old have any influence on your decision.”

“Megan, how do you feel about both of us being your dad’s lovers?” Pam asked. “I think he’s very lucky. You’re both beautiful and it’s obvious that you really like him and that he likes you. As for how I’d feel about watching him make love with you, I really don’t know but I wouldn’t shy away.”

Kat and Pam locked eyes and ten seconds passed. Then Kat turned back to Megan.

“OK with us.”

All three women smiled. Lee started gathering plates, istanbul escort cups and things to the sink and Megan started undressing. Kat and Pam watched. Megan was almost six feet tall with short brown hair that looked more like a curly nest than a hairdo. Her skin was light and freckled. As she undressed they noticed that she, like Pam, had no tan lines. When her bra came off they noticed that her right nipple was pierced and had a gold ring through it. When the jeans and panties came off they noticed that she was shaved. When Megan was completely nude her dad had finished with the dishes and turned around.

One look and he said,” You’ve been keeping a secret or two.”

Megan blushed and said, “I got pierced last spring. I got lasered in June. Do you like?”

“I like the laser. The piercing, I don’t know. I love the way it looks but I’d worry about infections and things.”

Pam jumped in, “I know about that part. If she takes care to keep it very clean and to let it have lots of air she should never have a problem. The women who have the most frequent problems keep the piercings covered most of the time and they neglect good hygiene practices.”

“Well that shouldn’t be a problem then. Megan has never liked clothes very much and we are about to wash her very clean.”

Pam walked over and asked, “Megan, can I take a closer look?”

“Of course.”

Pam handled Megan’s breast and touched the ring as well. After a minute Megan released a barely audible moan. Her nipple was fully erect and Pam had just tugged on her ring a little. Pam looked up at Megan’s face and got permission without words.

Her tongue reached out and touched Megan’s nipple. Pam held her breast with both hands and licked Megan’s nipple again and again, varying pressure. After a few seconds of this Megan leaned forward and pushed as much of her “C” cup into Pam’s mouth as would fit. Pam sucked. Kat and Lee watched from their seats at the island.

It wasn’t long before Kat crawled into Lee’s lap and they shared some physical affection as well.

After some kissing and touching Lee was inspired and Kat noticed. She shifted around on his lap and straddled him, taking his cock inside slowly. Rather than an up/down motion she just rocked back and forth rubbing her pubic bone against his while enjoying the feeling of being filled.

Pam went to her knees and found that her nose was right at the top of Megan’s crease. It seemed to be an invitation which Pam accepted by inserting her tongue. Megan stood still looking at Pam and being surprised at how quickly she had been included in the festivities. Three licks later Megan spread her legs a little and pressed Pam’s face into her.

Lee looked over and watched Pam holding Megan’s hips while her face was pressed to Megan’s pussy. Megan looked up from watching Pam and saw that Kat was slowly riding her dad. She signaled her dad with a raised thumb and a wide smile.

When Pam came up for air Megan said, “So, I take it you like my piercings?”

Pam nodded and reinserted her tongue into Megan’s slit. She had already found the tiny ring through Megan’s clitoral hood and had been driving Megan crazy by playing with it. Pam’s face was covered with Megan’s juices and those that she didn’t have on her face or hadn’t swallowed were sliding down Megan’s thighs. When the trail of liquid reached her knees Megan just lowered herself to the floor taking Pam’s mouth with her. After Megan was flat on her back Pam turned and assumed the up position of the sixty-nine. Megan grasped Pam’s hips and pulled her pussy down to her waiting mouth.

Kat sat on Lee’s lap with his cock deep within her. Lee’s hands caressed her back, her ass, and everywhere else he could reach. When they reached her breasts they gently pressed and squeezed them together. Lee brushed his palms over her nipples as gently as he could. He kissed her repeatedly. On her mouth, in her mouth, on her neck, nibbling her ear, her hair and her collarbone; his kisses were ubiquitous.

Megan felt herself starting to quiver as she approached her first climax. She could tell it would be a strong one by the way her body was building in sensitivity.

Pam felt the quivering too and used her hands to put Megan’s feet up on her back, knowing that would tilt Megan’s pelvis just enough to give Pam more access to her vulva. She penetrated Megan’s hole with her tongue and applied upward pressure.

Megan’s quivering intensified and became shaking.

“Eight!” Megan almost yelled.

Pam used her hands to open Megan just a little more and used a wide tongue to paint Megan’s tender intimate tissues from the bottom to her clit.

When Pam’s tongue painted Megan’s clit Megan said, “Nine!”

Pam withdrew her tongue.

Megan sat up and said, “No!!”

She grabbed Pam’s head and pushed it into her pussy. Pam pushed back and then pushed Megan back onto her back.

Pam spoke and Megan heard her. “Let me drive. I promise you like the trip.”

Megan lay still.

Pam şişli escort touched Megan’s clit as gently as she could. Megan moaned. Pam flicked it as gently as she could. Megan moaned. Pam waited, counting to five in her head, than flicked her again.

“Nine!” Megan called out.

Pam sucked Megan’s clit into her mouth and sucked hard. Megan’s legs gripped Pam’s head, her hands grabbed Pam’s hair, her body shook hard and she screamed, “Ten!!!”

Pam held on and the shudders, shakes, tremors and internal body quakes did not dislodge her from Megan’s pussy. Eventually Megan did start to relax and Pam released her clit.

Pam rested her head on Megan’s thigh for a minute or two and then slowly began licking up the liquid pleasure flowing from Megan. At each touch of Pam’s tongue Megan jumped.

When they looked up from the floor Lee and Kat were gone. The dishes were done, the kitchen clean except for a small puddle where Megan had leaked onto the floor. Two paper towels and that evidence disappeared.

“What’s with the eight, nine, ten?” Pam asked.

“Pete told me that he can’t tell very well how close I am to having my orgasm. So, I started letting him know by the numbers.”

Lee and Kat were in the shower. They were joined under the spray and the four soaped and washed each other until everyone was clean. As they dried each other and got ready for an outdoor adventure Megan shared that the shower reminded her of when she was little and dad would get into the shower with all the little kids in the family. She remembered laughing and singing and loving his touch.

When they were all dressed they went out and got into Lee’s minivan. Ten minutes later they were on the freeway headed toward Long Beach. The sky was overcast and it was about seventy degrees. Along the way they passed the Los Angeles International airport and saw the airplanes coming in low over the freeway. Megan shared how when she was little and they would see the planes coming in or leaving her dad would ask them to imagine where the planes were coming from or where they were going. She told them about how her dad asked them lots of questions. He asked questions they had to imagine the answers to. When she took a breath Pam turned to Lee and asked, “What questions would you ask, Dad?”

“See that plane coming in?”

“Yes.” Pam answered.

“Where is it coming from?”

“How would I know?” Kat wanted to play too.

“Look at the tail,” Megan said, “It’s a Japan air Lines plane.”

“So, it could be coming from Asia.” Pam said.

“Where in Asia?” Lee asked.


“OK. That is a 747 isn’t it? That means there are about three hundred fifty people inside. What are some reasons that someone would pay a thousand dollars, sit in a 747 for fifteen hours to come here?”

“For a vacation.” Kat said.

“To visit relatives.” Pam volunteered.

“Dad can draw these questions out so long that we used to think we wanted to go meet the planes and ask the people questions. To this day I ask myself questions when I see a plane, a bus, or a train going by.” Megan shared.

“Lee, why did you do that?” Pam asked.

“I wanted to find ways to get the kids to think. Most of what schools teach is memory. I wanted the kids to think, to imagine, to wonder. One of my heroes has always been Albert Einstein. He said something that I think was very important…”

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Megan completed his quote.

Everyone laughed. As they rode along Megan and Lee pointed out various places and when they arrived in Long Beach Lee parked on Shoreline Drive where they could see some of the things to see in Long Beach. At the end of a short discussion about what Pam and Kat would like to do it was decided that they would have lunch at the Lighthouse and then tour the Queen Mary.

All through lunch Pam and Kat quizzed Megan about Lee. Lee joined in only to defend himself when necessary or to clarify what “really happened” while Megan was growing up. After the lunch they headed back to the minivan with Kat on Lee’s right arm, Megan on his left and Pam on her left. They were all touching while walking. Some of the people they passed gave the four some strange looks.

When they arrived at the Queen Mary and Lee walked up to the ticket booth. Pam stood next to him and said, “Do we get to go on the ship, Dad?”

The lady in the booth said, “How many?”

Lee paid for all four and they went aboard. After the tour they went to see about staying aboard sometime. There weren’t many people aboard so the desk clerk gave them a key for a suite and they looked it over.

Closing the cabin door was like stepping back in time. The décor was dated to the time when the Queen was first sailing across the oceans. They looked out the window and could see the Lighthouse where they had had lunch not an hour before. Pam wondered aloud how much it would cost to stay in this cabin. Kat looked at the card posted on the back of the door and said, mecidiyeköy escort “$125 a night, for each of us!”

Megan went into the bathroom and closed the door. A moment later the sounds of the bathroom being used were heard. It seemed to inspire others.

“Hurry Megan! I need to go too.” Kat said.

When the bathroom door opened both Kat and Pam went in. The door closed and Megan looked at her Dad.

“I’ve been thinking about this morning,” Megan said, “and I’m glad it happened.”

“I’ve been thinking about it too. I have always loved you and I never want to do anything that would hurt you or damage our relationship. I’ve also been thinking about Pete. He knows you are with me today. He doesn’t know what has changed in our relationship. How will we handle that situation?”

“I love you Dad. You don’t just assume that it’s my problem. You want to talk it over and decide together what we will do. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about Pete. He’s a great guy. I like living with him and I’m learning a lot from living with him. I love him. I want to tell him I fucked someone and that I don’t want to live with the person I fucked, or change from being Pete’s girlfriend. I will be willing to make an agreement with him about future fucking.”

Pam and Kat came back into the cabin. They knew they were stepping into a conversation so they stayed quiet. Megan brought them up to speed on the conversation.

“Megan, I think the conversation with Pete you propose is a good one to have but… he is going to want to know who you fucked.”

“To quote a man I have loved all my life, “What you want isn’t always what you get.” I am not going to tell him who. The truth is I don’t trust him that much.”

“OK. You know I’m here for you and I hope you know that you are welcome in my bed anytime.”

“And you’re welcome in my bed anytime too!” Pam said.

“Where am I welcome?” Kat asked.

“In my bed!” All three answered.

They left the Queen Mary and headed back towards Lee’s house. The conversation was about the things they had learned about being in relationships. When they got back up to the airport Lee had an idea.

“Megan, please look in the glove box and get the cell phone out for me. Dial the number written on the back of the phone.”

He waited as she did.

“When the machine answers punch in 467 and the pound sign. Then hang up.”

When she finished she asked: “What did that do?”

“Not too long ago I had the realization that I usually decide I want to use the hot tub when I’m not home. So I drive home, turn it on and I have to wait almost an hour while it heats. Not any more. I installed a device that allows me to call the device and put in that code. It turns on the hot tub and when we get home it will already be hot.”

“Now that’s good thinking!” Kat said.

It got quiet in the van and Lee concentrated on his driving. As he made the transition from the 405 freeway north to the Santa Monica freeway west he looked in the mirror and saw Kat and Megan kissing. Megan’s hand was inside the shirt being worn by Kat. From the quick look Lee had it looked as though both women were swapping tongues. Somehow Lee got his eyes back on the road.

The only other breasts beside her own that Megan had ever touched before today were her sisters. That was when they were budding and living in wonder. “I wonder how big they will get. I wonder what it would feel like to touch one. I wonder what it would feel like if someone touched mine.” Megan found out. Then she discovered that she really liked the attention of the males of the planet and she stopped experimenting with her sisters. When Pam had touched her at breakfast she had exploded. It felt so good and so different from the touch of Pete or any of the other males who had touched her.

Riding along in the van she had noticed a gap in the front of Kat’s shirt and without much thought at all she had reached in and brushed her finger tips across the skin near Kat’s areola. Kat had reacted by turning and kissing Megan. Megan was aware that she was very wet and that she wanted Kat to touch her. Kat was touching Megan but only with her mouth. The first few kisses were mouth to mouth.

As Lee drove through the tunnel at the end of the freeway and out onto Pacific Coast Highway Kat moved her kisses to Megan’s ear. She nibbled on the edge of Megan’s ear and then touched her tongue to the lobe.

Megan moaned.

Kat sucked the lobe into her mouth and played with it with her tongue. Slowly and with such gentleness that Megan was flooding. When Kat released the lobe she worked her lips down Megan’s neck.

Megan was moaning and breathing in shallow gasps. She could feel an orgasm approaching. She leaned back in the seat, surrendering to whatever Kat wanted to do. Megan had her eyes closed.

Pam had been watching from the shotgun seat. It was a turn on to see such tenderness. She remembered when Kat had kissed her ears and neck. She got wet. She turned and slid off the seat and spread Megan’s legs. She reached a hand along Megan’s thigh and slowly aimed at her pussy. When Pam’s hand was close Megan lifted her hips from the seat and Pam pulled her shorts down. Seconds later Pam’s hand touched Megan’s naked slit.

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