It Started With A Movie Ch. 03

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Big Tits

“Hey you two, no stealing my thunder.” Said Keisha. Some of them chuckled. “Well, here it goes…”


I come home late from working out at the gym. Sweating, pushing my muscles to their limit and using those heavy machines always gets me kind of turned on for some reason. I go into the house and Todd isn’t there. I walk through the kitchen calling his name until I finally hear him from our basement, ‘Hey Hon, come on down, I bought something for you.’ As you all know, we have a finished basement but as you probably don’t, we also have a back room that we finished just for ourselves. We don’t ever invite guests back there ’cause it’s got some built in hooks and pulleys, if you know what I mean. Well Todd’s voice comes from there so I figure he got me a new blindfold or something.

As soon as I enter the room, he grabs from behind and puts a hand over my mouth. ‘Close your eyes’ comes his husky voice. I shut them but I cheat and keep one open just enough to see ahead of me. Strong hands grab the opening of my shirt from behind and yank on it so that the buttons fly all over and scatter on the floor. The shirt is pulled halfway down my arms and then tied in a knot behind me, making it impossible to pull free. A black bag is thrown over my head and now I can’t see at all. He quickly undoes my pants and pulls them down to my ankles. I hear him pull a knife from a sheath and my panties are quickly cut off. ‘You won’t need these anymore.’ The voice mumbles menacingly. Ropes are tied just above my elbows and again at my wrists to replace the shirt. Another is tied around my ankles. ‘From now on, you’re going to do exactly what I say and when I say it.’ …I have no choice.

Strong hands spin me around and drag me by the arms to the other side of the room. He lays me on the floor on my back and more ropes are wrapped around my calves, my thighs, around my chest and just under my armpits with connecting bindings between them. Even more are placed so that my breasts are caught between them, pinching them. The pressure on my breasts makes my nipples very sensitive. I am hog-tied.

I hear the sound of a winch operating. I am hoisted into the air by the ropes around my calves and under my arms so that my body is in a ‘V’. As I swing around, I bump into a pole behind me. When I am high enough, my arms Antalya Escort are secured to the pole. I wait like this for a moment. The sack over my head is lifted so it just covers my eyes and a hard plastic ball is forced into my mouth. When it has been secured, the bag is again lowered over my face. ‘I think it’ll be fun to experiment on you tonight, my dear girl,’ comes the disembodied voice. I am so turned on at this point that I get goose bumps just at the sound of his voice. I then hear a table being moved and something heavy and metallic being placed on it. ‘I think today I’m going to test your stamina.’

A tape is switched on and I hear the sounds of people moaning and screaming in ecstasy. It sounds as if there are a dozen men and women around me, fucking each other in a frenzied orgy. As if being bound and controlled weren’t enough, the sound of other people having sex has my pussy absolutely on fire. A hand starts to squeeze my breasts and flick my nipples, getting them to stand up. I can feel my skin tightening as my nipples start to harden and I can feel the coolness on my naked pussy, telling me that I am really wet. I struggle a bit to test the ropes. They are secure enough to hold me (and hold me up, I hope.)

A tongue licks the tips of my nipples as a finger parts the lips of my pussy, sliding easily up and down my slit. I feel pain as teeth softly bite my over sensitive nipples and pull on them. I breathe heavily through my nose because of the gag in my mouth. He leaves my breasts and I hear something sliding. Then a cool, hard object touches my pussy. It waits there at the opening. There is nothing I can do. Then I hear another noise over the climaxes of the tape. A motor starts and a dildo pushes its way into my yielding and slippery pussy. The dildo is much larger than I’m used to and I gasp within the dark hood. It slowly pushes all the way in until I think it’s going to go through me then it stops and slowly retreats. Again it stops and re-enters me, cycling over and over. I feel hands again on my body and realize that a machine is fucking me while my captor watches. The hands massage my breasts and pull again on my nipples. Again the hands disappear. A jar opens and lubricant is smeared on my exposed ass hole as the dildo methodically fucks me. Its large ribbed surface rubs against my G-spot, Antalya Escort Bayan sending waves of electricity through my body. A finger enters my ass and immediately I climax, squirming around helplessly. It probes me while I continue to be plumbed by the oversized dildo. A minute later and I’m ready to cum again. After the second orgasm is done washing over me, I feel the finger retreat and the voice says ‘I’ll be back in a couple of minutes. I want you to keep track of how many times you cum. Remember, I’ll be watching you.’ Before he leaves, he places something small and cold on my chest and the speed of the dildo changes. First it slows and then it speeds up again with a slow and regular thump, thump. The sounds of the orgy quiet and then disappear. The object is removed from my chest and I hear a door quietly shut.

In the next few moments I realize that the machine is exactly matching my heart rate. The steady rhythm of the dildo machine, the darkness and the silence all work together to put me into a trance. I finish cumming four times before my captor returns. The dildo, which is now very warm, is pulling against my skin as my orgasms have left me dry. He must have seen this because I feel drops of some warm liquid hit my clit and slowly wind their way down my lips to the dildo, which pushes them inside me, lubricating me. ‘Close your eyes again. The light will be very bright.’ He instructs me. I do so and the hood is removed. Before I can adjust my eyes, something is fitted over my face and strapped in place. I see that there is a screen in front of my eyes as the slippery machine continues to slide in and out of my pussy. The screen flickers and I see people. They are laying all over each other, naked and screwing every hole they can find. The sounds, which I heard before, return and I am there in the room with them, watching and enjoying the feeling of being fucked as I watch them. The speed of the machine starts to increase and soon I am ready to cum again. As I approach another orgasm, the speed continues to increase, faster and faster until I can hear the faint slurping and squishing of my own cunt above the other sounds in my ears. I start to orgasm again and this time I don’t come down from it. The machine is going faster and I feel someone playing with and massaging my tits as I watch people shoving Escort Antalya dicks into cunts, mouths onto pussys and cocks into ass holes in a feverish pitch. My orgasm keeps building until finally, I pass out.

A moment later, I awake. The machine has stopped and the dildo is gone from my pussy. I open my eyes and the image on the screen has changed. I am looking at a basement where a bound woman is suspended in a ‘V’. It’s me! I watch myself and then see a figure moving the machine under me. It is now fitted with what must be a smaller dildo than the one before and I watch and feel as he positions it at the entrance to my ass hole. After making sure the angle is right, he turns the machine on. I watch as the piston arm pushes and pulls back again and I feel as the thinner, flexible dildo slides in and out of my ass.

Another device is set on the table, on top of the first. It has a long tube on it with what looks like a small vibrator on the end. He shoves the device in my cunt and ties it in place with rubber straps. When he reaches back to the machine, however, I am surprised to feel the soft rubber device inflate, filling me up and pressing on all sides of my vagina. The anal device continues to slide in and out of me and the added pressure in my cunt increases the feeling of it. Then the device begins to inflate and deflate in a quick and regular pace. The feeling is incredible and I reach yet another orgasm. The figure fondles my breasts some more and for a while, I orgasm every few seconds. This goes on for a long time until I finally pass out again.

“I have a few varieties of this but they’re kind of the same really.” Keisha explains.

“Holy shit,” Todd exclaims. “I can’t believe you told them about our room, but it’s given me some really good ideas.”

Keisha looked around the room and saw Cathy sitting very close to Chris. Cathy had a pillow over her lap with her hand underneath. Keisha noticed that it was moving almost imperceptibly up and down as Chris was busily massaging Cathy’s shoulders. Keisha smiled realizing that her fantasy had affected them, as much as their stories had touched her. When Keisha continued to look around, she caught Claire’s eyes. They weren’t looking directly at her though. Keisha leaned toward Claire and whispered to her. Claire blushed and looked guilty but Keisha just smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey Andy, want to go next?” Todd asked him eagerly. The two argued a bit, obviously unprepared to be the next storyteller but then Andy conceded …

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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