It Starts With a Tease

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I’m sitting on the couch reading when she sits down next to me. The smell of her perfume igniting a stream of images in my head. The story I’m reading gets lost in the flood of information. My eyes continue to scan the lines of text trying to find the beat of the story again but I can’t help but think of her.

Next to me she swings her legs onto the couch. Her bottom of her white-stocking covered feet rest against my thigh.

I try to focus on the words in front of me again and the curiosity gets the better of me. I close the book, sit it aside, and turn to look.

She smiles and bites her lip as my eyes take her in. She is wearing a black chocker, black panties, and white opaque knee high stockings. Her hands rest in her lap. She gives me a slight smirk and a don’t-mind-me shrug.

My body starts to come alive. My pulse quickens, my pants start to tighten, and my stomach does an anxious flip. I place a hand on her calf. I love the feel of her stockings. My fingers glide over the material and I suddenly want to more.

She pulls her leg away. “No touching,” she says and then pulls her knees up and spreads her legs. One of her hands traces a slow path from the top her knee, slowly down her thigh to her panties. I can’t help but follow its progress. She spreads her hand blocking my view of her center.

Peaking from under her panties I see a hint of skin and feel like I just caught a glimpse up the skirt of a girl in school. The thrill causes the butterflies in my stomach to take flight.

She closes her eyes letting her hand explore between her legs. Her fingers teasing the skin beneath the cloth. She lets out a soft moan.

When she opens her eyes she catches me watching and smiles. She lifts the edge of her panties giving me a quick view before hiding it again. I think my face is neutral but she must see some frustration because she laughs. Her fingers hook under the edge of her panties and push down as she brings her knees together. The panties slid over knees and to her ankles. She leans forward and hold the cloth to my face.

I can smell her arousal and it is fuel to my own fire burning within. It calls to me like a siren’s call. My body screams for me to do something. To reach and touch. My mouth aches to taste her.

She drops the panties on my lap and leans back. A smile tugs at the corner of her mouth until it turns spreads into something wicked Bursa Escort and sexy.

One hand slides between her legs to play with herself. She holds my gaze as a finger slips inside. Her mouth appears to be about to unleash sound but I hear nothing but an escape of breath. She slides it free and leans forward placing the wet finger under my nose letting me get the scent before returning it to its place.

It is joined any another. Her fingers glisten from her arousal. Slowly the sounds of pleasure build from a whispered breath to groans. Her body starts to tighten and her heels dig into the couch as the intensity increases.

I break from her gaze to watch her fingers slide in and out the heel of her hand sliding against her clit. Her fingers work in a steady rhythm. When my eyes find her face her smile is gone replaced with the furrowed brow of concentration. I can see from her face the pleasure is climbing the dam holding it back. Then her eyes rollback as she shutters. Her ragged breath starts to slow. Her gaze catches mine and I can see she is not sated.

When she finally relaxes she shifts to her knees and leans to me. Her wet fingers rub against my lips. I part them allowing them access to my tongue. My mouth fills with the salty sweet taste of her. When she pulls away, her mouth is on mine. Her tongue sliding on mine. Our mouths tangled in a rough dance full of heat. A hand finds the hair at the back of my head and takes hold. Her body presses into me. Kissing her is my favorite thing. To feel her want of me in her kiss and the taste of her tongue.

My hand works it way up her sides taking time to enjoy the feel of her skin. It is soft and smooth. I take hold of her neck holding her against me. She rubs the hardness in my pants and I need to have her. I feel her smile at my lips, and when she pulls away there is mischief in her eyes.

She straddles me and I feel her heat hovering above my cock as she grinds against me. She pulls my head to her breasts. Her skin smells of soap and perfume. Her fingers scratch lightly at the back of my neck and her teeth tug at the top of my ear sending shivers down my back and causing my cock to solidify into stone.

How can this woman ignite this animalistic lust inside me? I want to run my tongue all over her body. To taste every inch from her feet to her neck. To cover my face in her scent so that I am Bursa Bayan constantly reminded of her. I run my tongue along her collarbone and then pull her head back to lick her neck to her ear lobe.

She slides down to the floor and pulls down my zipper. Her hand disappears into my pants. Her hand wraps around my cock. Her touch is cold against heat of my member and then she pulls it free.

She looks up at me, and smiles. Her tongue is rough as it slides up the back from the base to the tip. The anticipation is heavy as she pauses with the tip of my cock near her lips. She slowly takes me in letting me watch as her lips push over the head and down. My cock disappears as the pressure slides down and then she slide back up.

I pull her hair out of the way to give myself a better view. The sensation of pressure and warmth and the cool air in a battler as she works up and down. Her tongue presses against the back of my cock. The view and the feeling threaten to call my orgasm to the surface, but I fight to get it back. I’m not ready for this to be over.

She stops and moves over to the couch spreading her legs again. She doesn’t say anything, but curls her finger beckoning me to her. I take her ankle in my hand and raise it to my mouth. I start at her stocking-covered foot kissing a path along her instep. Then lick along her calf to her knee. Then along the inside of her thigh to her wet center. I run my tongue over her lips slowly trying to give just the barest of touch. I let my breath caress her skin. I split her seam with my tongue feeling the smooth wet ecstasy waiting for me. She tastes amazing.

This is my church. The alter at which I worship. My tongue finds her clitoris and circles it. She lets out a moan and her hands grab at my hair. That those moans are mine makes me almost giddy. I lick, suck, and kiss until my face is covered with her scent and my tongue is covered with her arousal. I don’t want to stop. but there are other parts that need my attention.

I leave my fingers to explore as I continue licking a path to her breasts. I greet each breast with my tongue before taking my time to get to know each nipple. Pulling each one into my mouth and grazing them with my teeth.

She tilts her head back as I lick the top of her breasts. I bite at her neck loving how primal it is. She pushes me back and catches my eyes with hers. “I want you to Escort Bursa fuck me,” she says.

I lean back and take her in. “You’re a dirty girl aren’t you?”

She spreads her legs. I’m drawn to the hint of pink waiting for me. Then her tone turns coy, “Don’t you want to fuck me?”

Fuck yes I do. I want to hold her down and fuck her. To bend her over, press her head into the couch and bury my shaft to the hilt inside her. To cover her in my cum. To mark her as mine.

I grab her ankle and hold her leg as I move between her legs.

The blunt head of my cock rests just outside her entrance and take a moment to enjoy the view. All it would take is a small push and I would be inside her. She arches her back.

I slide the tip of my erection from the bottom to the top pressing it against her clitoris. Holding the base of my cock and I slowly split her open and watch as my erection disappears inside. She is eager and she accepts my length easily.

I push inside then take hold of her hips and pull out with with deliberate force. I enjoy the feel as skin slides past skin and enjoy watching my cock slide out. The way it shimmers from her wetness.

I take hold of her hips and pull her to me and then push away sliding her on and then off my cock. Each time I thrust gets harder. We grunt and moan together as I push deeper.

Her hands find her bouncing breasts and wrap around them as fuck. Our bodies moving in harmony. We lock eyes and her legs wrap around my waist. The friction changes and I push even deeper.

“Yes,” she calls out. “Fuck me. Harder.”

I obliged concentrating on trying to push my cock through her. I try to impale her to the couch. Her fingernails scratched lines down my back and I hiss at the bright pain.

“Yes. Oh yes,” She shouts and then her body shutters and she clenches my shaft as her dam breaks and her release rolls over her.

“Fuck,” I say as I start to feel the familiar tingle start to climb my legs. “I’m gonna cum.” The sensation causes my legs to shudder and I try to ignore it. I try to hold back as long as possible.

“I want to you to cum in me,” she says between breaths. “I want to you to fill my pussy.”

The fuse burns faster with the tone of her words. I feel my cock tighten and her moans get louder. I take hold of her hips and thrust one more time then stop. “Oh fuck,” I call out as my cock explodes with my orgasm. She tightens around my cock with each spasm. I try to hold each spasm of pleasure back trying to prolong it.

My body starts to relax and I slide my cock free. Her finger slides over her stomach to pussy and inside. She smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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