It Was Finally Time

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Aria Lee

Over the pass 5 years I have developed this desire, no, this urge to have sex with a man. For the life of me I do not know why. I am as straight as they come. I have been married for 27 years and love women. In fact I am obsessed with breasts. But I can’t seem to shake the desire to lay in bed with another man and play with his cock.

The Internet has only reinforced my passion for a man. It is so easy to pull up a sexual posting site and see all the cocks and men I could want and not have to pay a dime. Several sites contain hundreds of free pictures. I get an instant hard-on looking a men sucking cock or getting fucked. While I enjoy looking at the young hard bodies, being 50 I like to find men in their 40’s and 50’s. That is very hard to do. Seems all the sites are young cock. But there are a few. And, a couple of the sites have free chat rooms. That is where my story should begin. I just wanted to give you a little background information. You need to know I am straight, married but want a cock.

Several times I have entered a chat room and talked with other males. By the time my session is through I have usually jacked off. It is very hot having cyber sex. You can just imagine the person and you can pick any scenarios you want. One of the sites I contact was for older, mature men. I talked to several straight, several bi and several gay men on various occasions. One person in particular lives in Northern Virginia as I do. He is in his 40’s and works for the government. I enjoyed talking to him and really could not wait for the next time on the net. He is single but has a girlfriend. He is in the same spot I am. He is curious about men. We talked about our desires and how close we came to going into DC to Capitol Hill to just go to one of the gay clubs. Neither of us ever followed up on it.

In one of our sessions he said he found a Bi-sexual group that meets Thursday nights in Reston at one of the big hotels. They have a get together every week. He said he was tempted to just go to the hotel and hang out and watch the people on that night. I was hot for the idea and I finally said, “Let’s do it.” So we told each other what we would be wearing and we would meet in the hotel bar the next meeting night. For you living in Northern Virginia, it is Thursday night. You will just have to figure out the hotel. (Try the web).

So all day long I could not stop thinking about the upcoming night. I already had told my spouse my excuse; I was subbing on a bowling league and then we were going out for beers. So six o’clock came around and I drove over to Reston. I parked away from the hotel and made my way into the hotel bar. It was dimly lit and not very crowded. I jumped up on a bar stool and got a dirty martini. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I noticed the people sitting around the bar. Several groups of mixed couples and a couple of singles. They looked like they were on business trips and having a happy hour.

At 6:30, Martin walked in the bar. He was wearing the black polo shirt and gray slacks as planned. I raised my hand and he walked to the bar. He was just as he said he looked. He had dark hair; a nice looking face and he could use a little exercise around the waist as I did. But he was actually pretty trim. He extended his hand and I shook it.

“Well, finally we meet.” He said.

“Yes, will be nice to talk without having to use an enter key.” I replied. He ordered a beer and we moved to a table by the wall.

“So, have you seen any of the bi group?” he said with a laugh.

“Actually, I have not been looking and what would I look for?. They meet in one of the meeting rooms here. I assume they may come into the bar later in evening.” I said.

“Or, they may just leave for somewhere else.” He said with a smile. I really did not know what to say or what our conversation should be.

He broke the ice and said, “So, are you as excited as me?”

“To tell the truth, I am excited and a little scared.” I replied. “I was unsure whether I should come or not. This is not very easy for me.” I continued.

“Me neither. But I had to meet you. I have thought of you and our conversations often.” He said in a quiet voice. We then opened up to each other. He said he found my thoughts pretty close to his. He never did anything with a man before though he had looked at other men either in showers at the gym or in the malls. As we talked my cock got hard. It was very erotic to be sitting with another man talking about my desires. Erenköy travesti We must have talked about two hours. Actually it was about 2 hours and 4 martinis.

The bar actually got a little bare. We were the only ones in the bar except for two couples. And there was no big rush of “THE Bi’s” we were expecting. “Well, I don’t see anyone that looks like they are from a bisexual club, do you?” he asked.

“No, guess they must keep to themselves in the meeting room.” I answered.

“Well, why don’t we get out of here and go to a bar in Vienna?” he asked.

“Sure.” I replied. We paid our bill and walked out of the hotel. I said I would follow him in my car.

“Why don’t you just ride with me? He said. “I can drop you off here later.”

“Ok.” I said. We walked to the back of the parking lot to his car. An old Jaguar. “Nice car.” I said.

“I’m a fan of classic cars.” He said. He got in and opened the passenger door. I got in and closed the door.

“Where is this bar?” I asked.

“Well, to tell you the truth, I just wanted to get out of that bar and be alone.” He said. He looked me in the eye and leaned over to me. Here it comes, I thought. His lips lightly brushed mine. He then leaned back.

We said nothing and he leaned over again. This time he pressed his lips to mine and kissed me. He was very gentle. My cock rose in my pants. I felt his tongue craze my lips. I knew what was next so I slowly parted my lips. His tongue slid into my mouth. I was so fucking hot. I kissed him back. My tongue seemed to have a mind of it’s own. It slid into his mouth and caressed his tongue. He reached around my neck and pulled my face to his. His kiss became more passionate. My cock became harder. Just a fast as the kiss started, he just a quickly pulled away. We just looked into each other’s eyes. “I liked that.” He said.

“I did too.” I said breathing hard. He moved his face to mine and ran his tongue over my lips.

“Suck on my tongue.” He said. I opened my mouth and drew his tongue in like a small cock. I sucked on it and ran my tongue around it. I heard him sigh. He pressed his tongue into my mouth and I devoured it. I reached around and put my arms around his neck and held him close. God, was I fucking hot and hard. We must have kissed for about 5 minutes. My lips were wet and my tongue sought out his.

He broke the kiss and said. “Why don’t you go get your car and follow me to my condo? It is just in McClean.” I got out, got my car and followed him. We ended up going down Old Chain Bridge Road. All I could think about was our kisses and what his cock would look like. He pulled into a very expensive development and parked his car. I parked across the road and got out. I walked over to him and he lead the way. Once inside his condo he headed straight to the bar. “Scotch Ok?” he asked.

“Sure, make it a double.” I replied. His condo was very nice and I noticed all the golf pictures in the den. We never talked about sports. “So, you a golfer?” I asked.

“A fanatic about the game.” He said handing me my drink. “I play as often as I can. I like Westfields and the new Stonewall course. You play?” I replied I did and had played those courses.

I was standing looking at a Payne Stewart picture when he walked up behind me and leaned into my back. “I liked him.” He said over my shoulder. He moved his chin to my shoulder and then lightly kissed my neck. “And I liked your kisses.” He said softly.

“Me too.” I said. I turned around and our mouths met. He pressed my back against the wall and kissed me. I felt his hard cock against my thigh.

He moved back and said, “How’s your scotch?”

“Fine.” I said catching my breath.

“Would you like to see the rest of the house?” He asked knowing my reply. He lead down the hall and showed me a huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. His bedroom had large walk-in closet and a big king size bed. It was dimly lit with a couple of lamps. A great love nest. He took a drink of his scotch, sat his glass down and walked over to me. He pressed his mouth to mine and eased in a little scotch. I drank from his lips.

I reached over and sat my glass on the night stand. We wrapped our arms around each other and our mouths locked together. He slid his hands down my back and cupped my ass. Pulling my hips to his, our hard cocks touched. I ground my cock against his. “Let’s get undressed.” He said. We backed away and I unbuttoned my shirt. My hands were shaking. Beşiktaş travesti I took my shirt off and leaned down and took of my shoes. He was dropping his pants to the floor as I undid my belt. My pants soon lay on the floor also. We both stood there in our briefs; mine black, his white. His big hard cock pressed against the cloth. He pulled back the cover and sheets on the bed. He took my hand and we lay down on the bed. “I have waited for this for a long time.” He said running his fingers over my chest.

“Me too.” I said shaking. He ran his fingers over my nipple and it grew very erect. He leaned over and kissed my nipple and then lightly sucked on it. God, I was so fucking hot. I held his head as he made love to my nipples. He licked, sucked, bit and kissed them.

I pushed him back as I wanted to taste his skin too. I drew my hand slowly up his abdomen and ran my fingers over his hard nipples. They were very hard and enlarged. I leaned over and ran my tongue over the hard skin. I sucked it between my lips. He softly groaned. I moved from one nipple to the other. Giving each all my loving attention. But I wanted more. I wanted a cock. His cock. I kissed my way down to his stomach and slid my tongue into his navel. It was like a small pussy. But my prize was still a little lower. I lay my face on his stomach and looked down at his bulging underwear. I moved my hand to his leg and caressed the inside of his thigh. I moved my hand higher until I touched the bottom of his brief. I cupped his balls. Here I was in bed with a man and caressing his balls. I loved the feel and the moment. I moved my hand up and over his hard shaft. It was now or never. I pulled the top of his brief down and the head of hard cock appeared. It was large and almost a dark purple. I ran my thumb over the head. God, it was so soft and smooth.

The head of his cock was like a small helmet sitting on his shaft. I pushed his underwear down and under his balls. His cock flopped against his stomach. Running my hand down his shaft, I slid my hand under his large soft balls. He let out a slight moan as my caressed them. I moved my head lower and licked his thigh. Then I slid my tongue up until I touched his balls. I licked them and ran my tongue over the loose skin. I caught one ball between my lips and drew it part way into my mouth. While holding his ball in my mouth, I ran my tongue around it. His scent was very musky and male. I left his ball slip from my mouth and I pushed them up. I licked under and around his ball sack. He raised his hips slightly. I knew what he wanted……..and me too. I pushed his legs up a little and drew my tongue down until I touched his ass. My tongue knew where to go. I pushed my tongue along his crack. He pulled his legs further back and there was my target. His asshole was a dark purple and tight. I moved my lips forward and kissed it. Then I slid my tongue along his crack until I pressed it against his hole.

I licked all around his hole. I pressed my tongue hard against it hoping to push into his ass a little. That was not going to happen. His asshole was so tight. But my tonguing was bringing moans and groans from Chuck. He loved my tongue fucking. But I wanted my prize. I eased his legs back down and stared at his large hard cock. I wanted that big cock in my mouth. I wanted to feel another man’s cock between my lips. I licked up from his balls, along his hard shaft and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. It was so soft. And so fucking exciting. I was sucking another man’s cock. He pushed his hips up a little and his cock slid further into my mouth. I grasped his shaft in my hand and there was still enough cock left over to fill my mouth. I began to tongue and suck his hard flesh. I could hear my own slurping sounds as I attacked his cock. My saliva ran down his shaft and coated my hand. It made his shaft slick. I began to pump his shaft up and down as I sucked and licked the head of this cock.

Soon I did not need to pump his cock. He began to raise and lower his hips against my mouth. He was slowly fucking my mouth with his cock. “Oh, yes suck me.” He said groaning. “Suck my cock.” His words were so nasty to me and just got me hotter as I let his cock slide in and out of my wet mouth. I pushed my mouth down further and got more of his cock between my lips. He was very large so I knew I was not going to get all of his cock in my mouth. But I was going to try and get as much as I could. I wanted his cock deep in my mouth. I Avcılar travesti wanted him to use my mouth like a pussy or asshole. I wanted him to fuck my face. One push from him and his cock hit the back of my mouth and almost my throat. I gagged and he pulled back. I wanted him to try it again. I changed my angle and slowly pushed down. His cock slid into my mouth and soon touched the back of my mouth. Then I held my breath and pushed down. His cock stretched my throat and slid a little way in. I quickly moved back and took a breath. Then I did it again. Again it hit the back of my mouth and pushed into my throat. A little easier this time.

I tried swallowing and holding my breath. Soon, the head of his cock would fit into my throat. It got easier to take his cock deep. There was still about another inch or so to go, but I was happy with what I got. I began to pump my mouth up and down on his cock. I caressed his balls as I face fucked him. He was groaning louder and talking to me as I gave my first blowjob. “Oh, suck it. Suck my cock.” He would moan. “Make me cum. I want to cum in your mouth.” He said pushing his cock in and out of my sore wet mouth. I did want him to cum in my mouth. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his hot cum. His sperm. I wanted to suck him until I felt his cum flow into my mouth. This is what I dreamed about and this is what I jackoffed thinking about.

I pulled my mouth off his cock. “I want you to fill my mouth with your cum. I want you to fuck my face until your cum shoots into my mouth.” I said pushing his cock back between my lips.

Chuck began to slowly hump my face. I rubbed his balls and licked his cock as it slid in and out of mouth. He began to groan and his thrusts began short jerks. I began to tighten my lips around his hard shaft. I licked franticly at the head of his cock as it pushed in and out of my mouth. I was finally a cock sucker. I slid my hand under his ass and pressed my finger between his cheeks. Finding his asshole, I pressed my finger against it. I slowly worked my finger into his ass. Chuck groaned and I felt his cock swell in my mouth. He jerked his hips once and his cum spurted into my mouth. His warm thick cock slid back in my mouth as the next spurt erupted. I swallowed and sucked as shot after shot of cum filled my mouth. I have never cum this much in my life.

As I swallowed one load of juice, another filled that empty space. It was very warm, thick and salty. But it was also very exciting knowing someone was cumming in my mouth. I continued to suck and fuck his cock with my mouth. I was rewarded with other shots of cum, though they were not as much as the first. I felt his cum on my lips and chin. I held his cock in my mouth and continued to lick and suck on him. I opened my mouth wider and just let his cock hang on my lower lip. I drew my tongue over the head of his cock and collected the oozing cum from it. I mouth felt pasty but I loved it. I loved tasting him. I loved sucking his cock. I loved his cum. I let his cock slip from my mouth and I licked around the shaft and his balls cleaning up the remaining drops of sex. His legs dropped back to the bed and he lay there breathing hard.

His cock lay semi-limp on his thigh. I kissed it one more time and pulled it back into my mouth. It was so soft now but felt good. I rolled the soft head around in my mouth. I slowly let it slip from my mouth and moved up to lay beside him. He looked at me and leaned over and pulled my mouth to his. He kissed me hard and pushed his tongue into my mouth. He caressed my tongue and I knew he tasted his cum on my lips. He pulled away from my lips.

“You were fantastic.” He said. “I loved your touch, your mouth. That was the hottest sex I have ever had.” He grabbed my head and kissed me hard. He was so fucking passionate. He was eating my mouth alive. He rolled on his side and pressed his limp cock against my hard cock. He slid his hand down my back, inside my underwear and cupped my ass. He pushed his cock against mine while pushing his tongue deep between my lips.

He broke our kiss and just looked into my eyes. “You make me so hot.” He said running his tongue over my lips. “I want you to make love to me. No, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock in my ass. I want to be your ass.” He had a hot passionate glare in his eyes. He pulled me close and we continued to kiss while grinding our cocks together. After about 5 minutes of raw erotic kissing, he moved away and stood up. I looked at his cock hanging between his legs. The cock that filled my mouth full of hot, sticky, salty sperm. “I’ll freshen up our drinks.” He said walking out of the room. I watched his tight naked ass as he disappeared down the hall. I was going to eat and fuck that ass. I was going to fuck him good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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