It Was Planned

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The idea of it had been there for a while. I was interested as I had kissed girls before and wanted to take it further than just kissing and he was interested as he had always wanted to fuck two women and watch as they played with each other. His 29th birthday was coming up and I planned that night to be the fateful evening to realize both of our fantasies.

We went to a bar where we met some of his friends and while he mingled I started looking around for girls we would both find attractive. Someone who is not too young, as I do not want to ruin anyone’s innocence, and definitely not someone who seems like they will fall in love with either one of us. It had to be strictly no strings attached.

I spotted her sitting alone at the bar having a glass of red wine, a peculiar choice considering the type of bar we were in, it was a student type place with mostly mixed drinks and beer. It took me a while to maneuver myself next to her at the bar, and in time we struck up a conversation. She was in the middle of her masters thesis and just felt like going for a drink, just to do something other than write and research the thesis. We talked about studying as I graduated two years earlier and just the joys of being a student. We just sat and talked and had a few more drinks.

We were both getting quite tipsy and with caution thrown into the wind I leaned over and kissed her, just lightly on her cheek, as to not frighten her away by being too aggressive in my advances to get into her panties. I never knew trying to get a girl in bed was this difficult. She turned to me and asked me why I do not kiss her properly if I and so inclined to do it, this made me blush and I felt quite shy, but definitely not someone to be put off I kissed her softly on the mouth. She kissed me back, but only soft friendly kisses.

I texted him to come and join us at the bar as I possibly had a birthday surprise for him. By the time he showed up we were making out a little, but not too much as people tend to stare when they see two girls making out in public. I decided I should probably come clean if I wanted her to go home with us and told her how it is his birthday and she would help both of us by making a fantasy become reality. Without much persuasion she decided to go home with us.

We arrived at his house as he had a bed big enough to accommodate three people in the throes of passion. We opened a bottle of wine and poured everyone a glass. I was sitting next to her and as it was already after midnight I decided that someone should get the show on the road and it might as well be me. I leaned over and asked her if I may kiss her again and she replied by grabbing me and almost shoving her tongue into my mouth. We kissed fervently for a few minutes before we slowed down and everything got a bayan escort little more comfortable.

She was an amazing kisser with soft lips, she seemed to know exactly what I like not kissing me too deeply, just friendly kisses with our tongues entwining. I could feel myself getting wet at the thought of what was to come. He was watching us intently as I started rubbing her breasts through her clothes at first, and then removing her sweater and her shirt. She was in her black bra as I removed my sweater as well. She started to caress my breasts through my bra, my nipples hardening instantly at her touch straining to be set free from their confines. She removed my bra and tweaked my nipples to the point that it was almost painful, and I loved it, the mixture of pleasure and pain turning me on immensely. I removed her bra and kept going till she was no longer wearing a stitch of clothing, I wanted her to be naked for him to watch it all as much as for myself.

As we were slowly getting to know every inch of each other’s breasts he was sitting on a chair across from the couch watching us enjoying getting each other naked. He said he wanted to watch and we had basically forgotten he was there for a while. He was watching us and getting aroused as he unbuttoned his jeans and got his hardening cock out stroking it as we grabbed and fondled each other.

I kissed her breasts sucking and licking her nipples until they hardened and then lightly bit them so it would hurt a little and make them more sensitive, I loved when someone did this to me and hoped she did too. I knew I was doing something right as she let out a small moan and softly whispered “yes, oh yes”. I started moving down very slowly, I had never licked another girl’s pussy before and was quite nervous about it.

Her bush was neatly trimmed so there was just a light covering of hair over her mound. I licked and bit her all over her lower tummy and upper thighs and played with her belly button, still staying away from her pussy. I wanted to prolong it as long as possible by licking and kissing her, but I was too turned on to stay away any longer. I opened her pussy lips with my tongue, running it down from her clit to her sopping wet cunt, slowly tasting her juices, which were now freely flowing from her. I licked her up again from her hole to her clit and she gasped as my tongue slid over her sensitive button. I assumed I was onto something here and started giving her pussy long licks and then started sucking on her clit as I pushed a finger into her hole. She stopped me and suggested we all move to the bedroom so we can all get more comfortable.

He followed us to the bedroom, again settling on a chair across from the bed. He was now completely naked having removed his clothes while I had my tongue in her pussy. She pushed me down onto the bed and with no warning dove straight for my pussy, opening my legs and she immediately started sucking on my clit. I almost came from surprise and the fact I was so horny at this stage I could hardly wait for someone to come and fuck me. While she was licking and sucking on my clit she drove two fingers into my hole and started rubbing my g-spot, with reserve at first but as I responded she put more pressure on it. This was all I could take and I came so hard I could feel my eyes roll back in my head, it felt as if my pussy exploded as I came all over her hand soaking her fingers. She removed them from my hole and offered my cum to me to lick off her fingers, I obliged, savoring my special flavor of cum.

By this time I was sure he was feeling extremely left out as he was still sitting in the chair across from the bed watching us intently. I could see the pre-cum drops on the head of his cock and the way it had already started dripping down his shaft making shiny little track marks as it slowly made its way down to his balls. I invited him over and asked him if he enjoyed the show. He replied that he did indeed and was hoping we won’t stop as he definitely wants to join in. I just smiled and turned back to our new friend on the bed. I once again buried my face in her pussy, determined now to make her cum as hard as she made me cum only moments ago. As I started licking around her clit again I felt him slide his cock first just over my exposed pussy from behind, just teasing me first as he knows that I love the feeling when he first slides into me, I love the feeling of being stretched and filled up by his cock.

He thrusts into me slowly, waiting for me to start fucking him back before he moves again. I relish the feeling of him inside me before I move, making his cock slide in and out of me. Now that he knows I want it as much as he does, he starts fucking me in earnest as I try to concentrate on eating our new friend’s pussy. I slide two of my fingers into her as his cock slides into me again and again, I want her to feel what I am feeling. I rub her g-spot and fingerfuck her while I lick and suck on her clit, trying to make her cum into my mouth, wanting to taste even more of her. I feel him speed up fucking me, reaching around and rubbing my clit, he wants me to cum with him. We are all slowly building up to an amazing finish.

She was the first to cum, breathing hard and raggedly her body went rigid and I felt a flood of cum over my fingers. I pulled my mouth off her clit and started licking at the cum freely flowing from her hole, wanting to lap up as much of it as possible, instead moving my fingers to her clit until she pushed my hand away as she was too sensitive to be touched.

He was the next to cum, starting to fuck me furiously fast, grabbing my hips and pounding into me. I reached to my clit wanting to cum with him as he fucked me so vigorously. He came dumping his load deep into me, spasming a few times as he shot the last of it deep into my waiting pussy and then pulling out of me. I was so close to coming I asked him to finger fuck me as needed to be fucked for just another moment while I rubbed my clit to another earth shattering orgasm.

He was still hard, even after the show and cumming in me moments before, and immediately slid his cock into her while I was allowed to watch this time. He started slowly at first, pulling out all but the tip and then ramming his cock hard into her pussy. He repeated this over and over until she screamed at him to fuck her faster. Gentleman that he is, he obliged the lady and speeded up his ramming of her cunt. I wanted to get in on the action and started playing with her nipples again, tugging and pinching them. I then started rubbing her clit as I wanted her to cum again soon. She did, as he rammed into her she started breathing very deeply and then stopped completely. I could see she was having a massive orgasm from the stimulation from the two of us. He came as well and I could see the cum bubbling out of her around his cock as he thrust into her a few more times.

We all got under the covers and rested for a while as we got our breath back. She left about 30minutes late as no one wanted to wake up to an uncomfortable morning.

As soon as she was gone I asked him if he felt in the mood to fuck me again as I closed my mouth over the head of his cock. I was still turned on by the earlier show. I felt him slowly hardening in my mouth as I sucked him and started playing with his balls, softly grabbing them and squeezing them while I ran my teeth softly over the head of his cock and started sucking him with vigor again. He was very hard now. He wanted me to fuck him and I straddled him sliding my pussy onto his waiting pole. I started moving up and down, enjoying the feeling of him deep inside of me. I was leaking the cum he dumped into me earlier and making a wet mess all over his cock and balls as I rode his cock as hard as I could, rubbing my tits and pulling hard on my nipples as his cock slid in and out of my sopping cunt.

He wanted to fuck me from behind and I gladly obliged as I can rub my clit in this position. He then slid his finger into my pussy gathering some of the wetness and started rubbing it over my puckered hole. He got my ass very wet before sliding his cock back into my pussy and slowly sliding a very wet finger into my ass. I came instantly. My cunt contractions milking his cock as he soon came into my pussy for the second time that evening.

Exhausted we kind of cuddled for a short while. I asked if he enjoyed his birthday activities and he responded that it might have been the best birthday ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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