Italian Delight

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This is a fantasy born of experiences and desires in the pursuit of sexual enlightenment and pleasure for all who read these words. Enjoy them and join with me in the pleasure of fulfillment.


A warm breeze floated through the small cafe, rustling the tablecloths on the outdoor tables. I was quietly sipping my thick, dark coffee, when a slight girl caught my eye. She, too, was sitting alone, gazing around the restaurant absently. Her mind was in some other place while she stirred what appeared to be an empty cup. On a sudden impulse, I beckoned the waiter and had him ask the dark-haired girl if she would join me for coffee.

She glanced in my direction, then smiled while moving towards me. As she approached, the afternoon sun glistened in her long black hair and sparkled in her deep brown eyes. Standing next to me I guessed her at nearly five foot-eight, tall compared to my five-two. The thin fabric of her blouse hid nothing of her firm breasts, tipped with rather large nipples. She sat next to me and introduced herself as Gina. Her skin was a light olive color, and her features indicated Mediterranean descent.

She readily confirmed being Italian by birth, her family had moved to California when she was very small. Our coffee arrived and we talked of nothing and everything for a long time. She told me of lost loves, and found lifestyles. Her dark eyes smoldered with passion as she told me of her experiences with others who had found pleasure with members of our sex.

I told her I was flexible in my sexual orientation, leaning neither one way or the other, but embracing both sexes for enjoyment and satisfaction. She, herself had foregone male-female relationships as a result of an unpleasant marriage. He couldn’t abide her desires for other girls, so they parted ways.

As evening closed in on us, another whim came over me. I liked this girl, and wanted to find out more. I asked if she had plans for the evening.

“No, Not really.” She answered. “What did you have in mind?”

“A short ride down the coast, maybe a walk on the beach?” I replied.

“Um, sure. What are you driving?” She queried as she scanned the street for vehicles that she thought might be mine.

I laughed at her search, because my ride was right next to her.

“That.” I said simply, and pointed at the Harley-Davidson ‘Low Rider’ sitting at the curb.

She almost fell off her chair, gasping, “You mean … you ride … NO! That can’t be yours?” She stammered the question/statement.

“Uh-huh! It certainly is!”

“Holy shit! I mean … wow … oh for sure I’ll ride with you!”

I paid the check and stood up. Gina saw my complete attire for the first time. Tall leather boots, lace up leather pants, a short vest and the leather jacket. I unlocked the massive bike and straddled it, waiting for her to mount. Her long legs stepped easily over the saddle and she snuggled in behind Göztepe escort me. I hit the starter, and brought my iron horse to life. The steady rumble of the eighty cubic inch V-Twin echoed across the concrete valley of the shops. I felt Gina pull herself tightly to me as I kicked my steed into gear.

The throbbing idle carried us to the Coast Highway, where I opened my beast’s throat and made it bellow it’s release to the air. The mellow pipes crooned their melody as we slipped through the night, carried off to another world by the freedom of two wheels. Our immediate world was two girls locked together on a seven hundred pound vibrator. I could feel Gina’s thighs clamping my waist and her arms wrapped tightly around my chest.

Her hands cupped my 36 C-cup mounds, I felt her squeeze them gently. I moaned softly and took one hand and placed it on her thigh. I pulled her strong leg closer in acceptance of her gesture. She responded by pressing her hands tightly against my breasts and squeezing me with her legs. My kitty went wet almost immediately. I felt the warm flush of desire flow through my whole body. I began to search for a place to pull off and return her gestures.

She must have sensed it, too. I felt her warm breath against my neck as her lips kissed the nape. Her tongue lashed over the spot at the base of my head, and I was on fire in my belly. I hadn’t noticed that she had unzipped my jacket and slid her fingers under my vest until I felt her cool fingers surround my nipples. My kitty was drooling in my leather pants, my heart was pounding at her touch.

Gina rolled her hips into my back and I felt her tremble. I’m sure she got off, then. I spotted the side road, pulled in and brought the bike to a smooth stop near the water. The sudden silence was deafening when I shut off the bike. I heard Gina panting behind me. I barely had my own breath back, but I turned to kiss her anyway.

Our lips met, her tongue darted past my lips, mine into her mouth, and we kissed hot. Gina’s hands were all over my chest and belly. I needed to turn to give her the same treatment. I finally broke the hot kiss and dismounted. Gina swung her right leg over the saddle, where I caught her by stepping between her legs. I unbuttoned her top and exposed her breasts. Her nipples were incredible! The cool air and the stimulation of our kissing had them fully erect. Nearly the size of my little finger, they were an easy target for my lips. Gina moaned as I wrapped my mouth on her delectable nubs.

She was about the same size as I am, a C-cup, maybe an inch or two larger than my 36. Her breasts were firmer than mine, after all, she was a few years younger than I. I devoured her flesh, switching from one to the other, squeezing whichever I wasn’t sucking. Her fingers were tangled in my long brown hair holding me to her chest. I could feel her heart beating beneath my roving mouth.

“Oh, Lori!” Caddebostan escort bayan She moaned, grinding her mound into my belly. “Oh you sweet girl! Yesss! ….. Suck them good!” She continued to moan.

I accidentally nipped one of her erect nubs with my teeth. Rather than the expected cry of pain, I got further encouragement!

“OOOOHHH! YESSSSS! … Good Lori! … bite them like that! … Suck them harder!”

I complied with her request, catching her long, thin nipples at the base and drawing them through my teeth to the tips. Gina held me tighter to her mound and bucked against me. I slowed my attention to her breasts, letting her calm a bit. I suggested we get more comfortable on the ground. She readily agreed, jumping from the saddle to the ground. She lay nearby and pulled off her short boots. Just as I reached her, she slid her pants over her thighs and down her legs. I pulled them off for her, the started to undress myself. I had thrown my heavy jacket on the bike, and now removed my vest. My unfettered breasts bounced free, and for the first time, in a long time, I noticed that they were not as firm as they once were.

Gina either didn’t notice or care, though. She sat up on her knees and pulled my aching nipples into her mouth. I received the same treatment I had given her. Nipping and sucking hard on the tender flesh, I was amazed at the intensity of the feelings it aroused in me. I had never experienced such pleasurable ‘pain’. I can’t really call it pain, because it didn’t hurt. It just accentuated the fire building in my belly and the flow of my nectar down my thighs.

“OH MY! Gina! … I … I’ve never ….ohmigod …felt this way.” I stammered. “Is this what they mean, … um …ohgod …. ‘hurts so good’?”

With her mouth full of my breast, I got a muffled “MM-hmmmm” as a reply. I felt her taking loose my leather pants, exposing my wet, swollen kitty to the night air. The rush of coolness didn’t cool my arousal, though. The fresh breeze on my shaved, smooth flesh excited me even more.

The next thing I knew, the breeze was blocked by Gina’s face as she smothered herself with my trembling vulva. She kissed on my kitty and drove a long, stiffened tongue into my vagina. Her lips brushed my clitoris and I started cumming on her face.

“GG …GEEEEEENNNNNAAAAAHHHHH!!!” I cried out. “OH! You’re making it cummmmmmm!” My hips pushed hard against her face. I tried to hold her soft black hair to me, as much for balance as not wanting to lose contact with her hot tongue. She sucked my girl-cum into her mouth, then pulled my quaking body down to her. Her mouth met mine, and Gina pushed the hot, sweet juice into my mouth.

We shared my essence in a very hot kiss. It had been a while since I had tasted myself on another girl’s soft lips. Only one male I had ever been with would save my nectar and share the taste (even after filling me Escort Bağdat Caddesi with his hot cum!), but that’s another story. It was so tender! This Italian spice was definitely worth savoring. I hadn’t yet tasted her. I gently pushed her onto her back and spread her long, lean thighs apart.

Gina smiled up at me, licking her own nipples as I moved my face between her legs. Even in the dim light of evening, I could see the dark triangle of soft fur above her vulva. As I got closer, her aroma wafted up at me. She had a strong, sweet smell. Different from my own, definitely not unpleasant, in fact just the opposite! It inflamed me even more! The scent was heavier than mine, her nectar was thick and hot, as I neared her opening, I saw that her inner labia had already opened.

A longer, thinner kitty than my own short, puffy one, the inner lips were dark. Mine always appeared to be a small flower blooming. Gina’s was more like a velvet butterfly, its wings slightly deeper rose colored than the surrounding aroused flesh. Her clitoris was just as amazing. Standing tall from its sheath, fully erect, visibly pulsing with each beat of her heart. It was like a miniature penis, which I had my mouth around in an instant.

I sucked it into my mouth and pushed it out with my tongue. As an experiment, I drew it through my teeth, as I had done to Gina’s nipples. The result was indeed the same! She grabbed my head and pulled it tight to her wet, throbbing mound, thrusting her hips up to engulf my face with her vulva. She was so wet! My face was covered with her essence as I ate her body like a starving woman. She bucked and squirmed and her body jerked. Short grunts escaped her throat as she began her release.

“Good! ….OH! … LLLLLOOOORRRRREEEEEE!! Yessss!” She gasped. Her body shook as the orgasm filled her. I tried to keep her girl-cum in my mouth, but she was gushing so much, I did swallow some. I wondered to myself how we could mix our cum and see how it tasted. It’s easy with a boy, he shoots jism into your kitty when you cum, then you can get it on your fingers (or in his mouth!) and then share it that way. How could two girls do that?

My thoughts were interrupted as Gina shook one final time. I brought my mouth to hers and she received my offering greedily. We kissed hot and felt each other, then fell into a sixty-nine, hungrily devouring each other’s sex until we both came again. We were covered in sand and sticky fluids by the time we had both cum at least three times. I got up and headed for the water.

Gina followed and we bathed each other in the soft, pounding surf at the water’s edge. Neither of us spoke, even when we returned to the bike to dress for the ride back. Gina pulled me close and kissed me hard and hot. I saw something in her dark eyes that spoke louder than any words. She didn’t want this to end. Neither did I, but wasn’t sure how to broach the subject.

Gina ‘rescued’ me when she broke the hot kiss. She whispered softly in my ear.

“Lori? Take me home?….um …Come home with me?” She took a breath. “Please?” she implored.

My smile and nod brightened her eyes, and she jumped up on the bike, waiting for me to get us back to her place for ……?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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