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Ron was on vacation in his motor home and had been visiting a few friends in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was now headed back to Casper, Wyoming and home. This wasn’t a large motor home (a recreational vehicle or RV to some people); it was an almost ten year old class C Itasca twenty three footer (class C being the kind that are build on a truck frame with the truck cab still there). Not big at all as motor homes go. It has what is often called the “party layout.” No bed setup in the rear; actually the bathroom was across the rear of it.

Ron left Santa Fe, New Mexico mid-morning, and was just about ten miles north of Maxwell, New Mexico when he decided it was time for lunch. There was a roadside rest stop there, so he pulled in. One nice thing about driving around in a motor home, when you decide to eat, you just pull over and eat! When he was done, he just put the leftovers and trash in a bag, went outside to the nearest trash can and made a deposit. On the way back to the RV, he noticed a nice looking blond woman with a very small suitcase coming toward him on the sidewalk. What really caught his eye was the short loose skirt and the very short little crop-top she had on. Then it struck him a little odd that a woman would be walking around out here with a suitcase, small or otherwise.

“Are you going north? Toward Denver?” she asked as she got near him. She sounded a little nervous.

“Yea, I’m headed that way, why?” He figured he knew what was coming next.

“Any chance I could get a ride with you? I’ve kinda been dumped out here.”

Bingo! “Dumped? What happened? Did your car break down?” He hadn’t noticed any cars that appeared to be in less than running shape, and there were darn few cars here right now.

“No, I kinda had a little disagreement with my boyfriend and he threw me out of his car.”

“Out here in the middle of nowhere? Just you and that little suitcase?” This was the middle of nowhere. Maxwell is seven to ten miles down the road, and if you blink going through it, you missed it! There wasn’t much in the other direction either until you got to Raton, and that had to be well over ten miles in the other direction.

“Yes. He left about fifteen minutes ago. No one else seems to believe me and so far no one will give me a ride.” She was starting to look pretty upset.

“Why would someone dump you out here?”

“Because I wouldn’t have sex with him and his buddies when we stopped here.” she blurted out. She was a little embarrassed to talk about it with someone she didn’t know at all, but she was getting desperate. The last two cars here had refused to give her a ride. If this guy didn’t, she didn’t know how long she would be stranded here or what might happen to her.

“Him and his buddies?”

“Yea, there were two of them and him. I said I loved him, but I wasn’t that kinda girl. We argued for a few minutes, and then he got really pissed and threw me out. So anyway, can you please give me a ride?” Come on guy, give a girl a break. she thought while he hesitated.

“Are you going to Denver?”

“A little further actually, Cheyenne, Wyoming. If I can get to Denver I can probably call my brother in Cheyenne and have him come down and get me.”

Ron found this all a little hard to believe, but she sure as hell was here alone now. As they were talking, he watched the last two cars drive off. He wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, but finally told her go ahead and get into the cab of the RV. Getting into the middle of a domestic dispute can be a dangerous thing as any cop will tell you. If he was going to give her a ride, then he would like to be out of here in a hurry in case her boyfriend did come back for her.

She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and scrambled into the passengers side of the cab. Please God don’t let this guy be a creep. she prayed as she closed the cab door. One creep a day is all I’m good for, and the last one just dumped me here. She really hoped that getting a ride with some guy she didn’t know, driving a self-propelled bedroom, was a good idea, but there wasn’t a large selection of people here willing to help her.

Ron quickly closed the rear door and got in on the driver’s side. He started the RV up and pulled out of the rest stop. It was then that he noticed the suitcase was down by her feet. “You can put that in the back if you want, it will give you a lot more room if you do.”

“Thanks,” she said, “I don’t want to be a bother.” She put the suitcase on the couch right behind her seat and sat down again. “I’m Sandra, and I sure do appreciate you giving me a lift.” She was a little nervous, but her first impression of this guy was that he was a nice guy and she had nothing to worry about. She was also very relieved to be heading back home and away from that rest stop. She didn’t know if her boyfriend was ever going to come back there looking for her, but he could go and fuck himself if he did; she wouldn’t be there!

“No problem, I’m Ron.” he said as the rest stop started to disappear in the rear view mirror. “Sandra Antalya Escort huh? Not Sandy?”

“Sandra. I never liked the name Sandy.”

“Uh…just what was your boyfriend driving anyway?” If this boyfriend did come looking for her, Ron wanted a little advance notice.

“A white Jeep with a black top.”

Somehow that figured. So far there were no white jeeps to be seen and he couldn’t remember seeing one at the rest stop. He felt a little better. If he hadn’t seen the Jeep, there was little chance it had seen him. “I’m going to Casper, so Cheyenne is on the way. It won’t be a non-stop trip though, I plan on spending the night somewhere around Colorado Springs or Pueblo – probably Pueblo. You should be able to catch another ride to Denver or Cheyenne from either of those two places easily enough. I’ve had it with those suicidal long distance drives. I’m on vacation and I refuse to rush it. Kinda hard to believe someone would just dump you like that. Some guys can be real jerks thought I guess.” The skirt had slid up on her legs when she sat back down, revealing a nice expanse of great looking thigh. Either she didn’t know how much leg she was showing or didn’t care. He found himself wondering if she had a bra on under that shore little top, but didn’t want to be caught staring trying to figure that out. He supposed there wasn’t one.

A few minutes later she began to tell him a little about herself and this boyfriend who had dumped her at the rest stop. “We hadn’t been together all that long and were having a few problems before we left. We were on our way to Truth or Consequences to visit a few more of his friends – probably more drunken jerks. He and his friends were drinking and I guess they were getting kinda drunk. I hadn’t had anything to drink. I don’t drink much to start with, but I don’t like beer and that’s all they had. Anyway, I liked sex with him and did all kinds of things with him, but I wasn’t his private whore and I wasn’t about to screw his friends for him. I had been feeling pretty naughty and had been taking my top off and flashing truckers. Maybe that’s where they got the idea that I would like to fuck all of them. Being a bit of a show off is one thing, but I’m no whore! Maybe I’m too much of a show off and that’s what got me into trouble in the first place.”

“They were drunk this early in the day? That’s starting rather early.”

“We left Cheyenne late yesterday and had driven all night. They had a few beers during the night, but really started putting them away about dawn.”

So much for the theory that most drunks were only out at night. Ron decided that he wouldn’t mind getting her pants himself, but was not about to force himself on her. If they ever did get it on, it would be because she wanted to and not because she felt she had to. He wouldn’t mind if she flashed truckers either, but usually the person doing the flashing is in a vehicle that can pass an eighteen wheeler, and older RVs usually don’t! They continued to talk, and she noticed that little fact later when yet another large truck passed them.

“You get passed a lot in this don’t you?”

“Sure do, but I’m not really pushing it and I’m in no hurry.”

“Uh…you have a bathroom in this…..right?”

“Yea. It’s in the back.”

“Mind if I use it? I need to go and didn’t at the rest stop. I guess I was too worried about getting out of there to take a pee then.”

“Go ahead.” He explained how the toilet worked, the two pedals down at the bottom and all.

She went and came back after doing her business. “That’s one weird potty you have back there!” she said as she got back in her seat.

“Yea, I guess it is. It doesn’t take much water though. You oughta try the shower sometime.”

“No thanks. I’ll wait until I get home. Actually it felt pretty strange taking a pee doing sixty miles an hour.”

After about an hour of talking to Ron, Sandra was feeling pretty good about him. “I guess flashing truckers from here is out of the question.” she said looking around. “I don’t think they would ever notice. They seem to pass us, we don’t usually pass them.” She hoped she wasn’t appearing too bold, but she rather liked Ron and the exhibitionist that she was, she wouldn’t mind taking her top off or him.

Now that was interesting an interesting statement. he thought. She might not be quite as upset about things as he had thought she had been a couple of hours ago. “You could sit there naked and I doubt anyone would notice for a long time.” he said.

“Oh I don’t know, you might.” He’s definitely interested in me. she thought. I sure hope I’m not riding with a creep, but I really don’t think so. A real creep would have made his move quite some time ago. Probably right after they left the rest area.

“Yea, I would, and don’t let me stop you if you want to sit there with nothing on, but I meant other drivers. I need to pass someone for them to be able to see you. If you want to sit there topless or naked and have me enjoy the view, that’s more than okay with me!”

“Would Antalya Escort Bayan you like to have me sitting here topless or at least topless some of the time? Would you mind if I did?” She thought she knew the answer to this one, but it was fun to tease him.

Now this was truly a stupid question. he thought, I’m sitting here driving this thing with a hard-on and she wants to know if I would like to see her with some of her clothes off? She really must be some kinda exhibitionist. He just looked over at her and grinned.

“Really? You wouldn’t drive funny and wreck this thing would you?”

Christ, she was serious! “No, I’m not going to wreck this thing because you are sitting there topless. I might get kind of excited, but there won’t be any wrecks.”

“Actually it looks like you are kind of excited right now, judging from that bump in your pants.” She could see that she was turning him on alright, and she liked knowing that he thought she was sexy.

“Just a little.” Well, that cat was out of the bag. All this talk about her taking her clothes off had gotten him more than just a little horney. He was dying to get a look at her tits after all this talk about flashing truckers.

“I don’t have to screw you to pay for this ride do I?” This was her last chance check to make sure that he wasn’t a creep. A true creep would probably say yes right then and there. No, a semi-creep would say yes. The true one would have already made his move.

“No, you certainly don’t. I’m just not that kind of guy. You aren’t obligated to do anything with me. If and when you want out, just say so.”

He had passed the not-a-creep test. Her ex-boyfriend was a creep. One creep a day was enough for any girl. “Thanks. Just thought I would ask. I might want to later, but there is a difference between wanting to and having to.” she said as she slipped her top off. “That was the real problem with my now ex-boyfriend. He was telling me I had to. I might had done it if the circumstances were different, but I’ll be damned if I was going to screw the lot of them after he told me I had to. ‘Put out or get out.’ was what he had said. Screw him! You know what I did.” She got up and put her top back with her little suitcase. “There,” she said sitting back down, “doin’ just what men do when it get hot. It’s a little warm out and it’s cooler riding this way. Do you like my body?” she asked holding her arms wide open just to make sure he could see everything.

Good guess, no bra! She might want to later? Had he heard her right? Hey, he liked that idea! It was a little hard to believe that he was now driving up I25 with a topless woman sitting next to him – who just might want to get laid a little later. Ron took a good long look at her sitting there. She had a nice body. Nice firm tits with small dark areolas, sexy long nipples, a trim tummy, great legs, and from what he could gather, a nice ass to go with the rest of her. “You look great. Nice body. No, you have a great body!” He loved the way her nipples were sticking out nice and erect.

“Thanks. It isn’t a ten, but I like to show it off if I feel safe. Not much point in having a nice looking body if you can’t show it off.”

Ron supposed she had a point. He thought it was too bad most other women didn’t feel that way. They drove on and talked about their lives and sex and other things. It’s amazing how fast the subject of sex comes up when there is a topless woman in the next seat. During the afternoon he had to stop in Walsenburg and get gas. She slipped her top back on for that, and then it came back off again as they got on the highway again. He did spend a little time admiring her body as he drove and she seemed to like him looking at her.

Ron decided to make a short day of it and stopped in Pueblo, Colorado. Somewhere along the way she had made up her mind that she wasn’t in too big a hurry and would spend the night in the RV with him. He took exit 98 and found a level place not far from the Arkansas River to park the RV for the night. Sandra had put her top on again as they had entered the city limits. She was surprised to learn that he could just park the RV anywhere it was legal to park a car and spend the night. They retired to be back of the RV. Ron drew the privacy blind across the back of the cab and put the blinds down on all of the windows. They were now in a world of our own.

“We just spend the night here like this?” Sandra asked as she sat on the couch.

“That’s all there is to it. The refrigerator is full of food, the water tank is full, and this thing generates its own power if we need something like the microwave oven. Most of the lights and things in here operate off the batteries. If I put the TV antenna up we can see the local TV stations if there are any, or with a lot of luck the Denver ones. All I need to do is cook something to eat here and later go to bed.”

“Bed huh? Where exactly do you sleep in here?” She had finally noticed that this motor home didn’t have a bed anywhere in sight. “Do you Escort Antalya sleep on this couch?” she said patting the cushion of the couch she was sitting on.

“That couch you are sitting one slides out, the back folds down, and it will sleep two. It’s a little cramped, but it works. Two more can sleep over the cab in the penthouse. That’s where I sleep. The eating table over here,” he said pointing to the dinette area opposite the couch, “drops down, the seat back cushions go on top of the table, and you can sleep two more there.”

“Oh yea, I overlooked the penthouse. These are tricky little things aren’t they? I never would have guessed. Uh….would you mind if I slipped my top and bottom off now? We can’t be seen from the outside and I am kind of a nudist anyway.”

Hot damn, the girl of his dreams. One who doesn’t want her body covered up all the time! “Actually I was thinking of getting undressed myself.”

“Oh good, I was wondering if you were. After all, you got to see me most of the afternoon with no top on. I was wondering if I was going to get to see you with a little less on.” Her clothes came off in a flash.

“Believe it or not, I spend a lot of time naked in this thing. Especially in the evenings in the summer.” He admired her naked body for a few seconds and then slipped out of his clothes pretty quickly. He was now just as nude as she was.

“Mmmm….nice and nude and ready for a little action.” she said as he turned around. “Does this body of mine turn you on that much?”

Ron was quite hard. “Yes it sure does, and I know what I would like to do with it too.” He came over and sat next to her on the couch. “Wanna work up an appetite before dinner?….Uh, if you’re in the mood for it, and I really do understand the word NO.”

“Sure. I was just asking if I had to this afternoon, but I really want to now. Letting you seem me without my top on all afternoon has gotten me pretty horney. I mean I like showing off and all, but it got me pretty hot when you were watching me and getting all hard over just looking at my body while you were driving.” Her little hand reached over and began slowly stroking his hard cock.

His hand reached up and began to caress her breast. He leaned over and kissed her. Her soft lips parted letting his tongue slip in and explore her mouth. After a few minutes he stopped caressing her breast with its now very erect nipple and slowly slid his hand down her firm body to her mound. She moved her legs apart a little and he parted her puffy outer lips with a finger. She was very wet. “I want to eat you.” he told her softly in her ear. “You are so wet and I’ll bet you taste great.”

“Oh please do. I love that.” Sandra slid her ass to the edge of the couch and spread her legs wide for him. “I just love to be eaten.” That was an understatement. She thought that was the greatest way to get off there was. If it was done right there was a slow terribly erotic buildup followed by an earth shattering climax.

“Do you like to come that way?”

“It’s great. It takes a little longer, but I usually have a great come that way.” She hoped she hadn’t been too enthusiastic about it. All too many guys thought that just a couple of licks down there was supposed to get a girl off. Few, it seemed, understood that it took quite a bit of licking and some patience. She hoped Ron was one of the few men who really knew how to get a woman off that way. She was ready to fake it if she had to.

He got on the floor in front of her on his knees and kissed his way from one knee to that furry wet place between her legs. Her sex smelled fresh and very erotic. His tongue probed between the puffy outer lips about where her opening was and slowly slid up between them to her waiting clit. She moaned softly as his tongue slid over it and then began to move in a slow circle around it. Pretty soon he was flicking his tongue slowly over her swollen clit.

She arched her back and spread her legs even wider. “Oh God you really know how to eat a girl.” she moaned.

Ron slid a finger into her sopping wet opening. He could feel her muscles squeeze his finger. He slid a second one in with the first. She squeezed them even harder.

“Oh yes. I just love that. Something to squeeze while I am being eaten!” Her head was now laying back on the back of the couch and she had her eyes closed. Her fingers were now pinching, twisting, and pulling on her erect nipples. He knew how to eat a girl alright – he knew. “Oh God, I am so horney I can’t last long. You do that so well!”

Ron couldn’t say anything. He was busy licking her clit and when he wasn’t doing that, he was sucking her tender inner lips into his mouth and tugging on them. All the while his fingers were sliding in and out of her very wet opening.

“Oh yes, I am so close!” She gave his fingers a couple of firm squeezes and moaned. “I will come in just a second.”

Not likely! he thought to himself. Not if I have anything to say about it. This is too fast, you have to suffer a little first. He stopped flicking his tongue over her swollen clit and pushed his fingers deep into her hot wet opening and just left them there. Now he just slid his tongue up and down between her inner lips and her puffy outer ones. It was time to let her settle down a little and enjoy this a little longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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