It’s All Relative Ch. 12

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This story is pure fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, planets, galaxies and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. (wink)

If you haven’t read the previous chapters (1-11), I highly recommend you do. Things will make more sense, or not…

My work schedule has been impacted by this wee virus thingy we’re dealing with at the moment so I apologize for the slow down in production. Rest assured I have great plans for Matt. I just wish I could get laid as often as he does, lucky bastard.


“You won’t tell anyone about,” she gestured back toward the market.

“No, no, no, of course not, that’s between you and I,” he said as he closed the boot.

Haley sighed a huge sigh of relief, “Thank you so much, I don’t know, um, I… I guess I’ll see you later then,” she said and turned to head back.

Matt said, “Haley” and she stopped, “I’ll see you later, maybe we can curl each others toes some time.” He said with a wink.

She blushed again and headed inside. Matt shivered, “Jesus she’s cute. Hard to believe after 5 kids she still reacts like a school girl.”

Thinking as he drove off, “She kissed me back,” he thought and it brought a smile to his face. Suddenly his calendar had gotten really full. Dor wanted him today, Peggy probably tomorrow, mom was staying with him for the next 9 days and Haley was simmering to be next.

Driving home he tried to focus and get his cock to calm down. “Peggy, miss 25 year old unhappily married mother of 3 Peggy, and she made sure the kids wouldn’t be along.” He was delighted as he pulled out his phone and entered their visit on the calendar. “10 am Wednesday – Peggy and Asshole visit.”

Matt’s RV is a main character in this story and I’ve been remiss in describing the layout of it. It is a 2019, 47 foot motor home, with 4 slide outs, The entrance door is located mid body on the passenger side. At the top of the automatic steps you’re facing some storage shelves and when you turn right you’re facing toward the front the rig. The floor throughout is cream colored Italian marble. Immediately to the front right in a slide out is a dining table with 4 chairs, forward of that is a single seat desk where all the rigs electronics are. On the left side in another slide out is the galley with a 3 seat sleeper/couch next to it. All the way forward are the driver and passenger seats. If at the top of the steps you face left the fridge is to your right front, and a walk in closet to your left front, in a slide out on the left is a wardrobe, wide screen tv and chest of drawers, to the right in another slide out is the queen sized bed (Matt downsized it from a King), with closets on each side of the headboard as well as more drawers. The bathroom is all the way in the back. Facing into the bathroom, the shower is to the immediate left with the toilet next to it. Cabinets line the rear left and center with the sink to the right corner, on the right side are more cabinets and the stacked washer drier.

Matt returned home just before 7 pm and after putting away the groceries he got himself a nice adult beverage, started a campfire, and sat down to enjoy the coolness of the evening. The skies were clear, there was a slight northeast breeze, and the temperature in the low 50’s. Excellent campfire weather. The lights were still on in the park office and he could see Dorothy and John going about their business closing up shop.

Curiously for this time of night, a car drove in and slowly made a circle of the park until it crunched to a stop between him and the office. It was too dark to see into it but it was a late model Buick crossover thing. It sat there for a bit and must have caught John’s attention because the office door opened and he stepped out. Just as he did so the car drove away and disappeared down the road toward Fairmont.

John watched it leave and then glanced in Matt’s direction before going back in side.

About 8 pm he called his half-sister Denise. She’d asked him to call her after his mother had been home for a few days to catch her up on how she took the discovery that Daryl (Matt’s Father) had fathered a daughter by another woman. It was a good talk, they laughed and carried on just like they’d known each other for decades and not just a few months.

Right at the end Denise said something he initially took as very nice when she said, “You know, I’ve missed you.”

“Ya, I miss you to sis,” He said.

Denise’s voice lowered, “No, dumby, I MISS you as in I miss being with you. You know ‘with’.”

It had been Denise who, when she’d learned that she’d been fucking her half-brother, had made it clear it wouldn’t happen again so it took a moment for the light bulb to pop on in his mind, “OH!, you MISS me. Ah, if only one of us hadn’t declared that avenue of entertainment off limits. Let me think, who was that?”

“Fuck off Matt,” Antalya Escort she said teasingly, “you know it was the right decision. Brothers and sisters shouldn’t be doing that.” Denise paused.

Matt smiled and thought to himself, “If she only knew,” but chose instead to say, “Well, it is what it is, like it or not, thems the rules we’ve set” before changing the subject, “How’s Larry and the kids doing?”

The rest of the conversation was your typical brother sister catching up conversation lasting about a half hour.

John stopped by briefly during his nightly walk through the park. He didn’t stay long but did mention the weather was supposed to get a lot worse beginning Thursday. He reminded Matt where the storm shelter was and mentioned that people were telling them they were leaving tomorrow to avoid the weather. It’d been a few years since they’d seen a really bad storm so he figured they were due one. Part of the park check-in was what to do in an emergency and how to operate and get into the shelters safely.

Matt decided to get some genealogy work done so he worked at his desk until just before midnight. There were a few new hints but nothing as dramatic as when he discovered he’d been fucking his half-sister.

The next morning was Wednesday, Peggy and the Asshole was supposed to be visiting around 10 am. Matt was up for his run and since it was Wednesday he also spent the additional hour on the the exercise pole and weights mounted to the rear of the rig. While he exercised 4 rigs left the park. When he finished he joined John and Dorothy for morning coffee, or tea for Matt, in the office.

Another rig pulled out. After a some light conversation and a really delicious jelly donut Matt said, “Hey you guys know the market down the road a bit?”

John looked up from his coffee, “Martin County Foods? Of course we do.”

“I stopped in for some odds and ends yesterday and wow. That cashier they have is a pistol.” Matt said.

Dorothy perked up, “At County Foods? Haley? Yes, she’s a sweetie.”

Matt’s shoulder devil chimed in, “I’ll say, she’s almost steaming she’s so hot to trot.”

John and Dorothy glanced at each other and they both smiled. Dorothy added, “You know she’s related to you?” and then burst out laughing at Matt’s face.

Matt rolled his eyes and let his head fall back against the chair, “Holy shit, is there anyone around here that ISN’T related to me?”

She laughed, “Not many in truth, Haley is distant but she’s still related. Go look at your records, I put her in there. If I recall correctly she’s the great granddaughter of your grandpa Delbert’s brother Fred.”

“Jesus H. Christ,” Matt said, “were’re fucking everywhere. As the Bible says, ‘Go forth and multiply’.”

John got them all all laughing when he said, “Ya I know, you can’t throw your dick out there without it hitting a relative.”

Just then another RVer came in and checked out. A gust of wind closed the door behind him. John walked to open the door, “Well Matt, you’re nearly the Lone Ranger now, and it’s beginning to look really ugly out there.”

It was the perfect time to leave and go batten down the hatches, so Matt left. Matt and John left the office at the same time. John to make sure the storm shelters were all up to snuff and Matt to ready his rig for a storm and visitors. As he walked back he saw some very dark clouds on the southwest horizon and noted that his and one other were indeed the only rigs left in the park. He got home and turned on the weather channel. “Great” Matt shook his head as he headed to take his morning post exercise shower and get ready for Peggy’s visit. They were under a tornado watch from 11 am until 5 pm.

The wind was gusting enough to warrant Matt retracting the awnings when Peggy and Asshole arrived. They drove up in a older model Ram pickup. Well taken care of and looked great.

He met Peggy and Asshole (Paul) at the fire pit where she hugged him and he got a stiff handshake from Paul.

Peggy was wearing a yellow and red t-shirt with blue jeans and tennis shoes. Her auburn hair was permed in a now out of date curled hair style. Still, it looked nice. She was 10 years younger than Matt but farm life and 3 kids had put some years on her. She didn’t look bad by any stretch but she looked older than her 27 years. She stood just a tad shorter than Matt, figure was a pleasing 32-28-36, smaller breasts, wider hips as one would expect of a mother, very light complexion, freckles all over her cheeks,

Paul looked around and said, “Well let’s get this over with, I don’t like the look of the weather,” and gestured toward the rig.

Matt decided to drag it out to torture Asshole and first showed them around the outside, opening every door and explaining it all. He saw Asshole kept looking at his watch. When he finally took them inside even Asshole was impressed. He said nothing but stood at the top of the steps and just gazed. Peggy on the other hand was, “OMG” this and “OMG” that. She was Antalya Escort Bayan a stark contract to her husband. She was perky, happy, smiling, animated, as well as articulate and at ease. Paul just looked mostly bored and ready to leave to get a beer, now.

After the tour Matt suggested they stay and have lunch, a good vegan lunch. Paul declined, “No, come on honey, we have to get going,” he said.

Peggy frowned and looked sad, “Aw honey, let’s stay and relax,” she opened her arms and said, “Look, no kids!”

Paul nodded, “Ya, but I have that thing I need to be at.”

“Thought you were taking the day off,” she replied.

He just stood and looked at her. “Awkward,” Matt thought and then decided to step in, “Look if you have to leave for something, Peggy can stay here and help me with my family records,” Asshole seemed hesitant, Matt added, “It’s no problem, she’s safe here, there are shelters all over and don’t worry, I’ll drive her home when we’re finished, no problems.”

Peggy clutched her hands, “Please honey!”

Asshole got pissy, “Fine,” and headed for the door, “I’ll see you later, I’ll be at Rollie’s.”

Matt noticed, no hug, no kiss, no good bye, just “see ya.” Matt decided he was spot on with Paul, uber asshole.

Matt stood on the steps and watched him drive off. Peggy was looking a bit sad. He took her by the arm, “Hey, I have lunch all made up, I was kidding about the vegan stuff but I do make a lovely oriental chicken salad.”

Peggy perked up. Matt gestured to the table, “Please,” and held her chair as she took her seat.

He got busy and in only a few minutes had a spinach salad with oriental dressing, noodles, raisins, and pine nuts ready.

Matt set the table and Peggy said, “Oh my, this feels just like a date.”

“Well, pardon me for saying but I think you deserve to be treated well, and” he poured them each a glass of wine, “if you want it to be a date,” they touched glasses, “Then it’s a date.”

Peggy said something that had Matt spitting into his wine, “Ok, well I’ll warn you up front, I’m a cheap drunk and I put out on the first date.”

The next hour was spent with him catching her up on the last 30 years of his life. She seemed very interested in everything about him but never came right out and asked any specific questions, all were general in nature, e.g. “What brings you back to Minnesota after all these years?”

They finished eating and went outside to sit. The clouds looked like they were bypassing them and the sun came out. The temperature rose and the humidity felt muggy as hell. Peggy was fanning herself, “I should have brought my suit.”

“The lake? Girl it’s freezing in there, you have any idea how cold it has to be?” he said.

Peggy fought back and deadpanned, “Why no I don’t, I haven’t lived her my whole entire life, I have no idea how cold a lake might be like.” She paused, and then looked at him and screwed up her nose like, “REALLY?! How stupid are you anyway?”

“Um ya, well if you’re serious I have suits for visitors.”

“Sure, get one.”

Matt started toward the rig and then remembered, Oh ya, I gave all of them to John. He asked Peggy, “You prefer one piece or bikini?”

“One piece please, large if you have one, my boobs won’t fit into a smaller one. If you have one, or just get close.”

“Ok, be right back.”

Matt had purchased quite a few suites, both men and women’s, for the reunion. Most hadn’t been worn but after it was all over he’d given them to John for park use. Matt rifled through the box and briefly considered the tan through suits, but those were extremely sheer and almost see through. He wound up choosing a pretty turquoise large one piece which had an open back. He chose it because it seemed small for a large.

As Matt walked back to the rig he noticed the trees beginning to reflect the increase in wind gusts. Just as he got to the rig he paused to fully appreciate the angry clouds now to their southeast. They looked like they were passing well to the south and all they’d get was some rain gusty winds.

As Peggy retired to the bathroom to slip into the suit Matt quickly changed into his own. Crappy weather or not, it was muggy as hell and he felt like a dip too.

Matt was outside next to the picnic table watching the skies with John when Peggy came out. They turned in her direction. Matt heard John quietly say, “Good Lord, you just can’t lose can you?” He felt John’s hand pat him twice on the shoulder and he said with a smile, “I have to get back to the office, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” and gave a wave to Peggy.

What John had been referring to was how Peggy looked in that purple one piece. Well, it just happened that the suit was the tiniest bit small for her. Over all everything looked good and in it’s proper place but her, uh… “lady bits” might as well have been framed with flashing lights and a huge arrow pointing to between her legs. Even though a one piece with boy cut legs, the fabric of Escort Antalya the suit left almost nothing to the imagination. She had a camel toe topped with a patch of fur that you’d have to be blind not to make out. Her nipples were doing their bit to be noticed as well.

As Peggy took the last few steps to him he saw she was smiling and obviously enjoying the hell out of this. He silently blinked his eyes rapidly. Peggy stopped with her hands on her hips, “Well you chose it for me didn’t you.”

“Well ya, but…” he just didn’t have the words to finish. Peggy suddenly got very subconscious and her hands casually went to cover her pudendum as she walked past him and down the slight embankment to the lake. Matt watched her ass and took in her shape for a moment. Peggy was a mom, no denying that. Her hips were prominent but not wide, a slight jiggle to her ass cheeks with each step…” Matt smiled to himself and followed, tossing his shirt onto the table.

Peggy waded in to about her hips, dove in the rest of the way and began to swim away. Matt stopped for a moment when the water was at his knees. He was about to dive in and swim after her when the sirens started.

This was the first time he’d heard them and his head jerked around to look first at the park siren blaring it’s warning and then to the office where he saw John waving at him and pointing in the direction of the nearest shelter.

He gave him a thumbs up.

Peggy had stopped and was treading water but in moments was rapidly stroking her way toward him. Having lived in that area her whole life she knew instantly what to do. Matt was waiting for her on the beach, towels under his arm. As she exited the water Matt took her by the hand and they sprinted to the nearby shelter. Matt lifted the counter balanced lid and turned to look around.

A few hundred feet away he could see Dor and John standing next to the office shelter. Their shelter was the largest and what few other guests there were headed there. Peggy took a few steps down and stopped when she was about half way down to look around.

Matt’s intent, dangerous or not, was to stay where he was until he actually saw something. It was a typical guy thing to do. Peggy was having none of that and grabbed him by the hand and pulled. “Get inside!” She shouted. It struck him that she had shouted to be heard. He hadn’t noticed the noise but acquiesced and went inside, dogging and latching the metal door behind them.

“Damned dark in here,” he thought to himself. A few seconds later and the radio lit up and chirped. They heard John’s voice, “Shelter 2, are you ok?”

No answer.

“Shelter 3, are you ok?”

Again, no answer.

Shelter 4, are you ok?”

Matt knew John was going down his checkoff list and checking shelter by shelter. he picked up the mic and replied, “Yes, we’re ok.”

Then John again, “Good, look at the directions next to the radio.”

“OH!” Matt said. He’d forgotten about those. He keyed the mic and said, “Shelter 4 ok, door closed and latched, 2 occupants, uh… no problems. Well, we don’t have lights but otherwise we’re golden.”

John quietly said, “Check the switch to the left of the door, next to where you picked up your radio. There is a switch, make sure it’s in the up position.”

Matt checked, “Yes, the switch is up, still no lights.”

“Well shit, I checked that yesterday. I guess you get to sit this out in the dark.”

“Ok, no worries, talk to you in a bit.”

Matt’s eyes had adjusted and there was just enough light from the green radio screen for him to barely make out shapes. In the darkness he sat down on the padded bench a bit too close to Peggy. Their hips touched and he felt her shivering.

The shelter was about 5 feet under ground and was much cooler than outside. Matt was beginning to feel a chill but she was shivering.

Innocently he slipped a towel and his his arm around Peggy, “Here,” he said and pulled her against him. She was still soaking wet.

They sat like this for a few minutes. They could feel the air pressure changing and a few times the ventilation shaft groaned and banged under the changes. Each time Peggy leaned more into Matt and soon she was turned to him. Her arms around his chest, his left arm around her shoulders.

“It’ll be ok,” he said, “we’re safe in here” and he kissed the top of her head. Her hair was still wet and cold.

“Ya, I know, these things have always scared the shit out of me.” she replied.

Matt kissed the top of her head again and leaned his cheek on to it as she nuzzled her cheek into his left pec. The time felt right.

Just then there was a gust of wind and the door rattled a bit. Matt took his right hand and gently lifted her face up and kissed her on the lips. Their lips touched then parted, but her left hand moved up his chest to his neck and pulled his lips back to hers. He met her kiss and as one their mouths opened to each other.

Matt brought his right arm around to hold her and pull her a bit closer as they kissed. Their tongues were busy slipping and sliding over each other as their arousal rapidly escalated. It seemed like only seconds to Matt and Peggy had moved her hand down his chest and onto his shorts over his cock. He felt her smile and heard a muffled, “Mmmm.”

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