It’s Too Darn Hot – Day 03-04

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Paul woke up just a moment after Gail did, since they’d been holding hands in their sleep. They realized what they were doing and, though surprised, smiled at one another. Gail gave Paul’s hand a little squeeze before separating from him. She pretended not to notice his erection, and suddenly realized she might have a wet spot of her own. The curse of sleeping in semi-public in your underpants.

Well, no regrets.

Cathy and Cyn were still asleep, spooned together. Even from a distance, Gail could see that Cyn’s wet t-shirt had soaked the back of Cathy’s. Greg was also asleep, a distance from everybody else, and Ellen was awake, in the kitchen, getting the coffee started.

Gail went into her room to change into fresh clothing, and noticed that her supply was dwindling. If the water restrictions shutting down the school’s laundry rooms weren’t lifted soon, and the heat wave continued to mean two or three changes of clothing a day, they’d all be naked by Friday. Of course the way things have been going, she thought, hanging out in our underwear, half-naked girls running around outside, my flashing Paul last night, we might all be naked by Friday anyway.

As it happened, the day was cooler than the past few had been: the temperature never went above a pleasant 97. It was Cathy’s turn to provide dinner, and she brought in pizza. It was still really too warm for a hot meal, but everybody was tired of cereal and cold sandwiches.

After dinner, when everybody went back into the common room to settle under the fan, Cathy and Cyn slipped off their shorts and stretched out on the floor to read. Nobody else had been planning to strip down to their underwear until bedtime, but they were all willing to follow the girls’ example.

Paul and Gail lay side by side watching television just inches apart and at one point Gail brushed her hand across Paul’s bare chest, wiping away some sweat. Between the intimacy of Gail’s touch, and a sudden strong desire to touch her bare chest, Paul developed an erection he was afraid would poke out of his boxers. Gail noticed and turned toward him, pulling him over to face her, and kissed him. She knew this was making him even hornier, because she could feel his cock poking at her through her panties. I never thought he’d be this good a kisser, she thought, as she felt her panties grow damp. If the other four left the room right now, she’d Bayan Escort Gaziantep fuck him until he screamed for mercy. In fact, if his cock began poking any closer to her pussy, her wet pussy, she might just fuck him silly anyway.

Ellen smiled, watching them. This all would have happened eventually anyway, she knew, but she was certain she’d helped it along this morning by clasping Paul and Gail’s hands together while they slept.

Paul’s hand was now under Gail’s t-shirt on her back as they continued to kiss. she had a feeling that a few seconds more, and he’d have her shirt off, and she wouldn’t have the will to stop him. That was really more of a show than she wanted to give to her other friends.

She pulled away from him, stood up, then reached down for his hand. “I need to go to my room and change,” she said. “Come and help me pick something out.”

No sooner were they in Gail and Ellen’s room when Paul lifted Gail’s t-shirt to expose her breasts. She pressed her bare chest into his as they kissed again, and then the building shook. She pulled her shirt back down, and they both ran back out to the common room. “What the hell now?” Paul asked.

Then all their cell phones flashed on at once, and everybody got the same message from the school office: Power Plant back online. AC rebooted. Water available for showers, laundry and other needs

With a hum, the air conditioning turned on.

“Showers long enough to actually get clean,” Cathy said. “I’ve dreamed about this.”

“I think,” Cyn said, “the first shower should go to Gail and Paul.”

Gail and Paul didn’t even wait for anybody to second the motion. They looked at one another, grinned shyly, then made a dash for the bathroom. Once inside, Gail locked the door while Paul got the shower started. Then Paul stood in front of Gail, said “Now where was I?” and pulled her t-shirt over her head once again.

“You’d better watch it,” Gail said, reaching down into Paul’s boxers to grab his cock, “you’re going to get all big and hard again.. uh-oh, it’s too late.” She pulled down his boxers and he stepped out of them. Then she took off her panties, stepped into the shower, and pulled him in after her. “You have no idea how sweaty I’ve been these past few days,” she said, handing him the soap.

He began with her back, washing it and caressing it, hen worked his way down to her ass, then the backs of her legs. Then her ass again, just because.

Then, still standing behind her, he lathered up his hands again and reached around and began soaping up her breasts, paying special attention to her hardening nipples. As he moved closer to her, pressing his chest into her back, his cock slid between her legs. He backed away a few inches, then pushed closer again, letting his cock move between her legs again. This time, he could tell it was sliding along her vulva, becoming wet with her pussy juices.

She moaned softly and pushed back at him, and she felt the head of his cock push open her pussy lips just a bit with his next stroke.

She began meeting each of his strokes as his cock continued to run the length of her pussy lips, sometimes opening them as it went by. Until during one thrust, about a minute after they’d begun, she pushed back and down and his cock penetrated her pussy. He froze as soon as he realized the head of his cock was inside her. She froze as well.”Wow,” they both said.

Neither of them had intended this, but neither one of them wanted to move. Gail wanted desperately to come, to experience her first orgasm from another person, but she knew that if she came, Paul probably would too, and that would be bad.

Paul pushed in some more, slowly, no more than a quarter of an inch, but it was enough to make her want to scream. she moved forward, feeling Paul’s cock come out of her with a soft pop, and said “Tell me you have condoms in your room.”

“A whole box,” he said.

She turned off the shower and stepped out, her chest still soapy, and grabbed a towel. She tossed another towel to Paul and ran out of the bathroom toward Paul’s bedroom with the towel barely wrapped around her.

# Meanwhile, more or less, one room over…

“Ellen, do you have space for a homeless roommate?”

“Sure, come on in. I see you’ve got your pillow and tomorrow’s clothing with you.”

“Yeah, well, when I saw Paul and Gail heading for the shower together, I had a feeling I’d be banned from my own room tonight. And that you’d have a spare bed in here.”

“Well, help yourself. And I have a feeling you’ll be here for a while.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Naah. After the last few nights, I have to problem sharing space with any of you guys. And at least, you know, we’re okay with seeing one another in our undies now. That makes sleeping in the same room a lot easier. But… listen, Greg…”


“Just so we understand one another. I like you, but… okay, this is awkward… but we’re not going to end up having sex or anything, just because we’re the odd men out now.”

“Did I say I wanted to have sex with you?”

“Don’t be a brat. Are you telling me you’d say no if I offered?

“Of course not. I’m a guy.”

“I’m just saying. You’ve got about much chance with me as you do with Cathy and Cyn.”

“Together or individually?”

“Seriously, Greg. It’s just that… well, I’ve never had sex.”

“Neither have I.”


“That’s not something I’m really anxious to spread around, you know.”

“What’s said in this room stays in this room. But why I brought it up, it’s my first time, I want it to matter. I’m not saving it for marriage or anything, but it’s not going to be for convenience.”

“I get it. Listen, Ellen, is this what it’s going to be like being your roommate? Girly heart-to-heart talks every night?”

“Yeah, buster. You got a problem with that?”

“No, but I draw the line at doing one another’s hair before we go to bed.”

“Night, roomie.”

“Night, roomie.”


“Greg, you asleep?”

“Would it matter?”


“No, actually I haven’t been able to get to sleep. Too keyed up after the past few days. And enjoying the A.C.”

“Me too. Feel free to sleep on top of the sheets if you want so you can feel the cool air on your body. That’s what I’m doing. It’s not as if we’ll see anything we haven’t seen before.”

“Is that what you woke me up for? To tell me that?”

“You weren’t sleeping. No, it was something else. Greg, remember last night when we were out in the rain and some of the girls were out there topless?”

“It’s ingrained in my memory.”

“I’ll bet. Well, I was jealous.”

“I don’t follow.”

“Well, when I saw them, I realized they all knew what they were doing. I mean, no matter how they’d been dressed for sleeping, they could have taken half a minute to throw on a shirt the same way we all grabbed our pants before we went out. But they didn’t. They used the spontaneity of the moment as an excuse to let everybody see them half naked in a non-sexual context. And I wish I could have done that.”

“Well, any time you want somebody to see you naked, I’ll volunteer. It’s the least I could do for my new roommate.”


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