IYA Ch. 01: “IYA Obsession”

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3D Babes

Troy arrives at the family home mid-afternoon following his last class at the local community college. Parking his car he wanders down the driveway to check on the mail. Usually its seldom that he gets any, but since his nineteenth birthday last week the cards are still arriving. He’s at the postbox thumbing through a few envelopes when the guttural rumble of a sports car breaks the natural serenity of the California hills. His body immediately starts to quiver because he’s certain that he knows who is approaching.

The sound gets louder and louder, as the vehicle gets closer and closer. Hoping against hope he looks down the sloping road to see the sensuous contour of a sleek, low-slung Bugatti. He knows this car which he’s seen several times before. It is unique, its deep purple wrap glistens in the fading sun as the custom Veyron Super Sport slows and shockingly pulls up along side of him.

To say he’s overwhelmed is a vast understatement. The spectacular vehicle is being driven by its owner, who is the lady next door. SHE is also the trophy wife of an elderly hedge fund manager. Their age difference must be forty years or more. Troy’s parents don’t socialize with the couple but his Dad knows that Mr. Diamond is filthy rich. Their extravagant residence attests to that.

But what matters to Troy the most is Mrs. Diamond. To him, SHE is the sexiest blonde goddess on earth. He’s seen HER closeup, but fleetingly, twice before. Each time the encounter became indelibly etched in his memory. On these two previous occasions SHE was with a guy (not HER spouse), and each time a different one; but both were in the main category of hunks. His mind flashes back.

The first encounter was several months ago at a local, upscale liquor shop. It was just after the Diamonds had moved in. By sheer, dumb luck he had spotted HER vehicle in the VIP lot. He parked as quickly as he possibly could and rushed into the store. He wanted to see for himself if the salacious rumors about HER were true. Expectantly searching he spotted a towering amazon just exiting the elite champagne cove. It was Sinop Escort Mrs. Diamond, of course. SHE was breathtakingly gorgeous, all in shiny snakeskin leather: bustier, booty shorts and crotch high boots. HER luxurious hair was gathered on top of HER head and cascaded in a spectacular free-flowing ponytail to slightly below HER waist. Expensive gold jewelry sparkled everywhere.

Troy was suddenly petrified as SHE walked down the aisle and right towards him. HER alluring eyes scanned him up and down and SHE purred in passing, “Hello, Boy Next Door.” Troy gasp in astonishment, his cock rapidly surging upward. SHE proceeded outside and to HER car with arms, and hips and legs undulating in wildly provocative exaggeration. The huge, handsome guy with HER trailed behind carrying a magnum of champagne. As well, Troy staggered outside to see the car doors swing open and to see HER slither down in behind the wheel.

SHE beckoned the guy closer and he quickly knelt down beside HER. SHE then ran fingers teasingly across his crotch and leaning forward whispered something into his ear. Immediately he rounded the idling super-car, deposited the bottle inside, stripped off his shirt and got in. Both doors closed simultaneously and the spectacular Veyron squealed away. For weeks after, Troy laid awake at night and wanked to the remembrance of that exquisite moment in his life. SHE had become his most cherished fantasy.

The second encounter was just a few weeks ago at the nearby shopping mall. Troy was running an errand for his Dad; sent to pick up an item for his Mom’s upcoming birthday. He had been shuffling along trying to check out the girls. He didn’t see any he knew so he entered the chic jewelry store. Immediately he saw HER. He froze in his tracks, struggling to breathe.

SHE was standing at a counter with a young, brawny guy hovering behind HER. This one, unlike the previous body builder, was a beach boy type, with long curly locks and sun bleached skin. ‘Gawd, how many does SHE have?’ crossed his mind.

However SHE was, if possible, even more beguiling Sinop Escort Bayan than before. A pair of glistening pewter leggings coated HER lower torso and statuesque, unending legs. The skin-fit metallic latex covered every colossal curve yet concealed virtually nothing. Over HER enormous breasts hung a skimpy, shimmering silk drape. HER flawless skin was deeply bronzed contrasting with the white-hot platinum tresses that brushed the top shelf of HER up thrust ass.

SHE was admiring a thin metallic choker that encircled HER neck. Looking in the counter-top mirror SHE inspected the stylish piece but also amazingly caught the image of Troy motionless and staring at HER from just a few feet away. SHE smiled slyly, winked at him, then backed up to brazenly press into HER guy. The male stood still as SHE rotated around on his groin. Troy was dumbstruck.

Fingering the obviously expensive jewelry SHE stated loudly, “Looks fantastic on ME, doesn’t it?” Both the clerk and HER male companion gushed their agreement.

Abruptly SHE pivoted, flicked HER hair back over both shoulders and gazed directly at Troy. He audibly moaned seeing hard, erect nipples etched into the taut top and a mouthwatering camel-toe prominent in the elastic leggings. Troy felt his loose sweatpants suddenly, uncontrollably tenting upward.

Casually SHE had glanced backward and exclaimed, “I want it!” The clerk beamed and the other guy dug into his pocket to produce a wallet.

SHE had strutted forward, massive tits bobbing in unison. The knowing smirk of recognition on HER magnificent face and the penetrating stare at Troy’s emerging hard-on made him shudder with desire.

“Ummm, Next Door Boy,” he heard through his dazed state of arousal. Within seconds SHE had exited the shop.

Scurrying to see HER, Troy had bumped into HER guy who was trying to catch up with the bewitching beauty. Beach boy snarled, “Watch it, dude,” shoving him aside. Troy stood helpless, his mind totally overwhelmed, his senses numbed. Eventually snapping out of his revelry, he completed his Escort Sinop errand, rushed to his car and relieved himself in but a few strokes.

That night, and many to follow, he manically wanked himself into a sweaty, spunk-spurting mess. He found himself incessantly horny. Troy was a pretty normal guy, he thought. He liked girls, but this knockout was in a class by HERSELF. He knew he liked girls in sexy clothes, but now he had really developed a fetish. He obsessed about Mrs. Diamond both day and night.

Yet in his lucid moments he knew for certain SHE was a totally unattainable fantasy. Even though SHE had acknowledged him twice SHE was, after all, married to a sugar daddy and apparently had several adoring playthings on the side.

The two encounters, and all the aftermath, has flashed swiftly through his brain. Now, he snaps back into the real world from his euphoric daze.

Troy watches the window on the passenger’s side of the Bugatti slowly descend. Of course, SHE is at the wheel, sexy beyond belief. Of course, SHE has yet a third young bull with HER, sitting stiff and straight in the bucket seat next to HER. “Hello, Boy,” SHE calls up to Troy, removing a driving glove from atop the guy’s bulging shorts. It’s quite apparent SHE has been playing with him, but Troy only senses that in passing.

Slightly squatting to get a better view inside the idling sports car his gaze focuses on the unbelievable female. SHE is all in shiny white leather with studs and jewels and zips everywhere on the elegant, form fitting catsuit. Troy is rightfully speechless, ogling HER body. His gaze works upward to HER extraordinarily glamorous face, tinted designer shades unfortunately hiding HER eyes.

“I am IYA.” he hears in a velvety purring voice. Then SHE adds, “I want you to come over to MY place. Tomorrow. Two O’clock.”

Troy cannot believe what he’s hearing and battles unsuccessfully to form even a single word.

“Nod Yes,” SHE orders in a low sultry drawl. Obeying with the motion of his head, he watches HER lean back into the contours of the golden bucket seat and conclude softly, “Good Boy.”

The vehicle suddenly lunges forward, then turns abruptly and roars through the open wrought iron gate that announces the entry to IYA’s (and HER husband’s) estate. Troy closes his eyes and touches himself in frenzied disbelief.

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