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750 Word Project 2023

“Edging Day already?” she asked.

“Mmm-hmm. And it’s my turn, Jennifer.”

Framed by long, dark hair, her smile owned me completely.

She leaned against me, tongue sweeping my lips. A year later, we broke. I was pleased to see her olive skin deeply flushed.

The top-floor condo had a huge private balcony overlooking the harbour. I’d brought a restraint harness for the double-size chaise-lounge. Half a dozen pillows lay in the centre.

I was delighted to note her nipples harden as she saw what awaited her. I loved how well they highlighted her slim, utterly feminine, totally desirable form.

I handed her two high-end, sound-cancelling earbuds. Curious, she examined them, shrugged, inserted them.

Then she was secured, spread-eagled atop the pillows, midsection pushed upward, sex totally exposed. I held up a plum-coloured silk scarf. Smiling, she lifted her head; vision followed hearing. Her only sensations now would be those I gave her.

I bent to her. Lips soft and welcoming, her tongue sought mine. I felt myself harden.

She gasped bursa escort slightly as my hand cupped her breast, moaned as I caught her nipple, stretched it softly.

My lips found it. I nibbled, suckled, nipped with gentle teeth.

My hand drifted over ribs and taut belly, stopped above sex bare but for a thin landing strip.

Mouth still on breast, my palm dragged her mound from side to side. I watched her labia shift, smiled at the first drop of ladydew on her entrance.

I lay down, inches from her sex. I could smell her arousal.

Still rolling her mound under my hand, I trailed a forefinger along inner lips, probed gently, entered to my first knuckle, twisted. She moaned, shivered as I withdrew, sought her clitoris under its now-slippery hood.

Her labia were darker now, her breath more rapid, her body covered with a sheen of perspiration, her mouth hanging open. I teased long nipples swollen with longing.

My slick fingertip flowed slowly over her pearl, barely touching it, a fraction of an inch, over and over.

Her shoulders rose as she fought the restraints. She bursa escort would barely feel them; her universe contained only my gentle, relentless touch on her most feminine flesh.

“Jason!” My name on her voice cried love, urgency, need, frustration. I continued to run my fingertip over her quivering clit.

Her head fell back on the pillow; her torso lifted, fell back. Her head turned from side to side, rapidly.


I was tempted for a moment to shift, to offer my hardness to her mouth. I knew she would happily take it, knew it would distract her. Later.

Locked in her own world of bliss, Jennifer writhed under my patient, loving torment. Her thighs and stomach tightened, her arms pulled against the bonds. Her breathing was very rapid. It paused; instantly, I lifted my hand away from her, leaving her shuddering, a fraction of a shadow from release.

“No!” Her whisper carried ultimate frustration.

I lifted her head, put a glass of water to her lips. She gulped happily, smiled her special smile as I laid her head down again.

I waited, just bursa eskort long enough for her to begin to wonder, again reached out, began to circle her pearl, barely touching, never stopping, each minuscule touch adding a drop more fuel to my Jen’s fires.

I continuing to finger her clit, found a soft vibrator with my other hand. She cried aloud as it briefly touched the very tip of one nipple, then the other. Again and she gasped, sucking in air. It was an entrancing sight.


Her body shook, her head again fell back and I again pulled away, leaving her teetering on the very brink of a thunderous orgasm.

“No!” she moaned. “Jason…!”

The vibrator touched one nipple, then the other, before I returned to her slippery bean.




Her moans became open cries. It was time. I knelt between her legs, stroked her sex with the tip of my hardness. Her voice changed now, lower, welcoming.

She roared as I entered her, roared again as I drove down, hard, then harder. The shouts became a scream filling the night as she shuddered, clutched at me with inner muscles, went rigid as a board. My own heat launched and I emptied myself into her.

Seconds later, free of bonds, the sweetest smile on her face, she wrapped arms and legs around me.

“Jason,” she whispered, her words honeyed love. “Jason…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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