Jack Be Nimble

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Debbie, a former Miss Indiana and a minor celebrity in town, had quit her job as evening news anchor for the local Fox station to get married. She loved the job and especially being seen by thousands every weeknight on TV. But the money wasn’t great and she aspired to a more luxurious lifestyle. So when she caught the eye of Rod Moore, the rich owner of the three largest car dealerships in the region, she was ready to sacrifice her career for a life of affluence, travel, household servants, and the country club. Rod, who thought he had dazzled the beautiful Debbie with his charm, was unaware that for her his only attribute was money and lots of it. Rod was more than twenty years her senior and in their two years of marriage had aged significantly and had lost most of what little libido he had to begin with. Debbie was fine with that because even though she enjoyed her new riches, she was repulsed by Rod’s very touch. It turned out that Debbie was quite an actress. Not only was she able to fool Rod into thinking she loved him and even enjoyed their infrequent lovemaking, but her considerable acting skills had made her a star of Rod’s dealerships’ TV commercials. The camera loved Debbie almost as much as she loved being on camera.

The problem with near universal recognition within the local TV viewing area was that Debbie had to be at her best at all times when out in public: well dressed in full makeup, well mannered, as well as gracious and well behaved to avoid any gossip. In short, she had to be always “on” which was frustrating because the only thing lacking in Debbie’s life of riches and fame was sexual gratification. However, an affair would generate small town gossip and ruin her marriage. The vibrater in her night stand drawer was not enough. Even occasionally rubbing one out in the parking lot after a hot and sweaty lesson from the club’s handsome tennis pro wasn’t all that satisfying. She needed a well endowed man with a sexual appetite equal to her own.

Rod’s only son and heir, Jack, had been his father’s best man at his wedding to Debbie. Jack and Debbie hit it off immediately. He was a handsome young man and quite the athlete. Jack, who had just completed two years at community college, had gone off to university the fall after the wedding but he and Debbie spent a lot of time together on school holidays and during the summer when he was able to come home. Debbie and Jack frequently played tennis together and enjoyed a good natured competition, although he sometimes let her win so she wouldn’t become discouraged and quit playing. He enjoyed watching her chase the ball around the court in her cute white tennis outfit. She had the best legs he had ever seen. They had much in common and teased and played good natured jokes on each other and although they had obvious feelings for each other, that’s as far as their relationship went. Even though whenever they were together the sexual tension was high, Jack didn’t want to jeopardize his inheritance and Debbie had signed a strong prenup so they had come to a mutual, though unspoken, understanding that an affair was out of the question but both would have taken a chance otherwise.

On an early June evening, Rod and Debbie, took Jack and his best friend Phil Turner to dinner to celebrate the young men’s recent graduation. They sat in a lush banquette in the best steakhouse in town. Rod and Debbie sat at opposite ends of the banquette bench. Jack and Phil sat in the middle with Phil next to Debbie and Jack next to his father. They had just finished dinner and were enjoying a drink, pleasant conversation, and dessert when an attractive well dressed woman approached.

“Jack! Phil! So nice to see you. I heard you both just graduated university,” she said.

“Mrs Robinson!” Jack and Phil called out in unison.

Jack introduced his father and stepmother to Mrs Robinson. Jack told them how he and Phil had Mrs Robinson for English Lit while studying at community college. They chatted for a few moments and then Mrs Robinson excused herself to join a small group of women friends at the bar.

All during dinner and afterward, Debbie would casually touch Phil on the arm to emphasize a point or pat his hand, and on a couple of occasions had accidently brushed her foot against his leg. As Mrs Robinson left their banquette, Debbie shifted in her seat to say goodbye and her thigh pressed against Phil. She made no attempt to move away. Phil, already excited by all of this beautiful woman’s attention, took a chance and moved his hand under the table to her knee. Debbie put her hand over his and moved it to the inside of her thigh. She pressed even closer and spread her legs slightly, Phil slowly moved his hand under her skirt and up her inner thigh. When he could go no higher, he hooked his fingers inside Debbie’s panties and pressed them inside her. Debbie tried to suppress an audible gasp but couldn’t. To disguise her outburst, she said she had to go to the ladies room and hurriedly left the table.

Seconds later Phil took out his Burdur Escort phone and excused himself to call his mother to tell her he would be later than expected.

He walked quickly past the bar and entered the ladies room. Debbie, clearly shaken, turned as Phil entered.

“What are we doing? This is too dangerous! It’s crazy! You can’t be in here. Did anyone see you?”

Phil didn’t answer. He checked the stalls to make sure they were alone then took a chair and propped it under the door handle so no one else could enter. Debbie backed up against a sink and lifted her skirt. She was breathing heavily. Phil moved to her while unzipping his fly. He lifted her to the edge of the sink, spread her legs and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side. Debbie wrapped her arms around Phil’s neck and kissed him hungrily. He thrust his hard cock deep inside her. Debbie threw her head back and moaned. She wrapped her legs around his waist and drew him in tighter, His belt buckle bit into her stomach but she didn’t care. He hammered her with every thrust. She was in ecstasy. She didn’t want this to ever end. It had been so long. He pushed deeper and then convulsed once, then again, and exploded inside her. She bit his shoulder hard. And she came too. Phil kissed her. Pulled out. Zipped his pants and without ever uttering a word turned toward the door.

The door knob rattled. Someone knocked. A voice called out, “Is anybody in there? Please open the door! It’s an emergency.”

Phil removed the chair from under the knob, opened the door and left. Looking neither left nor right he walked past a rather astonished elderly lady, past the bar, and returned to his seat next to Jack as if nothing had happened.

Debbie quickly ducked into a stall. It took her several minutes to compose herself, wipe the juices from between her legs, and adjust her clothing. Her panties were soaked so she crumbled them up and put them in her purse. When she walked out she was clearly embarrassed but held her head high and went back to the banquette. She hoped no one had seen Phil follow her into the ladies room. She told Rod she wasn’t feeling well and that they had to leave. Rod threw a handful of bills on the table and they left.

Jack turned to Phil, “Guess we better get going too. I have to hit the john. I’ll meet you at the car.”

Phil merely grunted, got up and walked out of the restaurant.

As Jack came out of the men’s room, Mrs Robinson left her women’s group at the bar and approached him.

“Hey, Jack, give me your phone.”

He looked quizzical but handed her the phone. She rapidly tapped something on the phone and handed it back to him.

“That’s my number,” she said. “Why don’t you give me a call sometime and we can catch up?”

“I’d like that,” he said and they embraced and kissed each other on the cheek.

Jack left the restaurant feeling pretty good about himself.

Phil waited for him in the car feeling very good about himself except his boxers were a little wet and sticky.

Debbie, later at home in bed, relived the tryst in the ladies room and hardly needed the vibrator to achieve another orgasm.

Rod was oblivious and fell asleep in a chair in the family room while watching TV.

A few days later Jack knocked on Mrs Robinson’s door.

“Come on in, Jack. For a while there I was afraid you weren’t going to call.” She wore a short blue skirt, no shoes, bare legs, a white blouse showing plenty of cleavage.

He was turned on. “I didn’t want to seem too eager, Mrs Robinson.”

“For God sake, Jack, call me Marion! I’m not your teacher any longer. You weren’t eager?

“Yeah, I was, but didn’t want to appear that way. A male ego thing, I guess.”

“I must admit, I was eager too. After seeing you at the restaurant, I remembered how much I liked having you in my class. You were such an, ah… shall we say…an attentive student.”

They both laughed. “I sure was,” he said. “I had a really big crush on you. Mrs…uh…Marian. I’m not too embarrassed to admit I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

“Yes, I could tell. Come, sit here on the couch next to me and tell me what you’ve been up to lately.”

They sat and talked for quite some time. He told her about college and his major and how he was working as sales manager at one of his father’s dealerships. She told him how she was beginning to get bored with teaching and of the recent breakup of her marriage. He put his arm across the back of the couch. She curled her legs up underneath her showing plenty of thigh. Their knees touched. She casually placed a hand on his thigh. He covered her hand with his. They looked into each other’s eyes. He stroked the back of her neck. She reached over and took his face in her hands. They kissed, gently at first, then more earnestly, more deeply, tongues moving in and out.

“I think I knew back when you were in my class, that if I ever had the chance, I was going to have my way with you. You were so handsome and so obvious. Burdur Escort Bayan I could almost feel you ravaging me with your eyes.”

“I did have fantasies of touching you, holding you, and kissing you,” Jack said. “It always ended with us screwing our brains out.”

“Shall we?” she asked and began unbuttoning her blouse. They kissed passionately. Marian bit his lower lip. Jack pulled his shirt up over his head. He unzipped his fly. They kissed again. He removed his pants and boxers.

Jack reached around Marian and unhooked her bra. He kissed each breast in turn and ran his tongue around the nipples. She moaned deeply, leaned back, and shimmied out of her skirt. Jack slid her panties down over her legs. He reached around, grabbed her ample ass and lifted her to his mouth. Marian looped her legs over his shoulders, grasped his head, her fingers in his hair. Jack stuck his tongue deep inside her and began to lick. Marian cried out. She pushed her pelvis hard against his face, shuddered, and came. Jack looked up at her and smiled. He enjoyed giving her pleasure.

Marian reached down and pulled him up to face her. “Come here.” she whispered, still breathing heavily. She took his hips, drew him close, and took him in her mouth. She began to suck. He was so turned on he couldn’t hold back and came. She swallowed.

Marian wiped her mouth and stood. Seeing her standing there naked aroused Jack all over again. She was even more beautiful than he had imagined. Her tousled hair, firm upright breasts, narrow waist, and full hips were breathtaking.

“Let’s go into the bedroom, It’s more comfortable.” She took his hand and led him to her bedroom. By the time they lay down and started kissing and fondling each other, Jack was fully erect again and ready.

“That’s what I love about you young guys,” she giggled. “It doesn’t take you very long to recover.”

They pressed together. They kissed, their tongues entwined. His hands probed every inch of her body. She kissed his balls. Licked his cock. Nibbled gently on his chest and neck. He kissed her neck, her breasts, her stomach, between her legs. She tasted and smelled like sex. It was intoxicating. He rolled her over and took her from behind. His hands gripped her shoulders. He thrust deeply, again and again. She reached between her legs and messaged her clit. His strokes became faster, harder.

“Ooooh, Jack!” she cried. “Make me come! Make me come, baby!”

Her whole body shuddered. Her hands clenched the sheets. She was in absolute ecstasy. He pulled on her hips and with a gasp came inside her. All his senses seemed concentrated in his pelvis.

They lay spent on the bed for what seemed like an eternity. They both glistened with sweat. Jack kissed her gently on the lips, looked deeply into her eyes and told her how much he enjoyed their lovemaking. She agreed.

After a while Jack said, “I didn’t know you lived next door to the Wilders?”

“Yes, we moved here a few years ago, just before my husband and I broke up. How do you know the Wilders?”

“Billy was a couple of years younger than me, but we hung around for a while back when I started community college. Turned out we didn’t have much in common but I sure liked Mrs Wilder. She was one hot mother. All the guys thought she was a MILF.”

“She still is,” Marian said. “Beth Wilder and I have become quite close. Billy too. We’ve had some great times together. I’ll tell you all about it when I think you can handle it. But let’s change the subject.”

“I’m sorry Marian, I shouldn’t have mentioned that I used to be attracted to Mrs Wilder. Are you jealous?”

“Not at all Jack. I’ve never been the jealous type. In fact, I like to share. You’ll find that out as we get to know each other better. What I want to tell you is about something that happened when you all were at dinner the other night.”

“Yeah, we were having a good time, but my stepmother suddenly got sick.”

“Something strange happened. I’m not sure how to tell you. I don’t want to sugar coat it so… Your stepmother went into the ladies room and Phil followed her.”

“Into the ladies room?”

“Yes! Somehow the door got locked while they were in there. An elderly woman tried to go in but couldn’t open the door. Phil and Debbie weren’t in there very long. He left after a few minutes but she stayed there for a while. When Debbie finally came out she looked…kind of…distressed, maybe.”

“What do you think they were doing in there?”

“Come on, Jack!. What do you think they were doing?”

“Shit! Phil’s my best friend. Fucking my stepmother! That’s fucked up!”

Marian laughed, “So fucked up. Good choice of words. I just thought I needed to tell you. But don’t let it get you down, so to speak. Come closer and make love to me again.”

Jack was infuriated. All he could picture was Phil with his beautiful stepmother. He climbed on Marian. Penetrated her. He overpowered her. Marian didn’t resist. She loved angry sex. His thrusts Escort Burdur were like blows, deep, pounding. She raised her pelvis to meet every thrust. Her heart beat faster. Her legs began to twitch. She came quickly. Waves of intense pleasure coursed through her body. One final hard thrust and like a jolt of lightning, Jack came too.

For a moment they both lay there breathing hard. Jack got up, kissed Marian, and began to dress.

Marian asked, “What’s wrong Jack?”

“I gotta get going. Something I gotta do.”

“Careful, Jack. I know you’re angry but don’t do anything foolish.”

He headed for the door. “Wait!” she called out. “When am I going to see you again?”

He stopped and turned, smiled, “Soon Marian. Maybe next time, I can meet you at school? In your classroom? Back when I was in your class, I fantasized about ripping off your clothes and taking you right there on your desk.”

She laughed, “And you’ll call me Mrs Robinson? Good idea. Let’s make that happen.”

When Jack returned home, Debbie and Rod were already eating dinner.

Rod said, “Hey Jack, grab a plate and join us.”

Debbie said, “Jack you look tired. Rough day?”

“Yeah, I’m beat.” He took a plate and speared some food and began to eat.

“Where were you this afternoon, son? I called the Ford store to talk to you but they said you’d left early.”

Jack hesitated for a moment and then said, “Oh yeah Dad. Had to run some errands.”

“Listen Jack, I’ve been in the business a long time. You can’t sluff off when you’re the boss. Doesn’t look good. You gotta put in a full day just like the rest of the staff.”

“Understood, Dad. I’m working the late shift tomorrow and I’ll make up the time.”

“Good boy! Listen, you two, I’m done. Excuse me. Going to watch the news.” Rod toddled off to the family room and turned on the TV.

Jack whispered to Debbie, “We have to talk!”

“About what?” she asked.

“About you and Phil. You were seen the other night.”

Debbie’s face drained of all color, “Jack, I can explain!”

“Go ahead! Explain!”

“Not here. Not now. Your father might hear. Can’t this wait until tomorrow when we can have more privacy?”

“OK, it’d better be good! I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

Jack called out, “Good night Dad, I’m exhausted. Going to turn in early.”

To Debbie in a whisper, “I can’t wait to hear your story.” He got up and left the dining room.

The sun shown through Jack’s window. He checked the time – 8:30. His father would be off to work. He got up and looked out his window. Debbie was at the pool, glistening in the sun, facedown on a chaise lounge. She looked gorgeous in a leopard print bikini. His chest felt tight just looking at her. He quickly brushed his teeth, pulled on his trunks, and headed for the pool. He glanced at Debbie as he walked past her and without a word dove into the pool. He swam four or five laps trying to clear his head of the image of Debbie and Phil together. Finally he pulled himself out of the pool and sat next to Debbie.

“Talk,” he demanded.

She handed him a towel. He dried his face and chest, hung the towel around his neck and waited.

“Jack, it’s not what you think. He surprised me. Followed me into the ladies room. Forced himself on me.”

“Please Debbie, spare me the bull shit. Looking back at it now, you two were pretty cozy all night.”

“OK, I’ll admit I may have flirted with Phil a little but I never expected him to assault me in the ladies room.”

She hoped he bought it but he looked skeptical so she tried a different approach. “Sure I was a little horney and may have given Phil the wrong impression, but it’s all your fault.

“My fault? That’s more bull shit. Try again.”

“No Jack, it’s true. Since you’ve been home and I see you every day, my feelings for you grew. The more we’ve been around each other, the more I realized how attracted I am to you. How much I wanted you. I’ve seen the way you look at me. I knew you felt the same. It drove me crazy. I didn’t think you would ever be with me because of your father so I went too far with Phil and he took advantage. I regretted it from the moment it happened.”

Jack’s expression softened. Debbie knew he’d bought it. Now she only had to bring it home. She reached over, put her hand behind his head, and drew him close. She kissed him. Hard! He kissed her back.

“I want you, Jack. Let’s go upstairs.”

He followed her into the house. They only made it as far as the hallway. She stopped and turned toward him. Her hands moved behind her back as she untied her bikini top. She dropped it to the floor. They embraced. Her naked breasts pressed against his chest. He reached into the back of her bikini bottom and gripped her buttocks. They felt so firm and tight. She pulled his trunks down to his ankles. He kicked them to the side. She dropped to her knees and began to suck his now very stiff cock. When he felt he was about to come, he pulled her to her feet, tore her bikini bottom off, put one hand between her legs, and backed her against the wall. He lifted her, pinned her to the wall, and put his head between her legs. He kissed her and his tongue found her clit. She grabbed his head, her fingers in his wet hair, as waves of pleasure washed over her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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