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My name is Deana, I’m a sixty year old sexy redhead with an insatiable appetite for fun and sex. When I have my sexy fun I am usually accompanied by one of my friends; Clay or Kyle. We often talk about having a threesome plus some hot fun in a Jacuzzi. When a friend of mine named Denise, who manages a posh hotel in Nashville, told us they had a weekend special going on, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for another hot encounter.

I first called Kyle. He’s fifty eight years old. He also has a new girlfriend who is comfortable with him swinging. She just hasn’t had an opportunity to join the fun, yet. His six foot athletic body, blonde hair, and baby blue eyes many woman drool. He too has an unquenchable appetite for sex. He politely declined because he’d already had plans.

My next call was to Clay, a forty-five, confirmed bachelor. His black shoulder length hair, brown eye, and tanned body makes my heart skip a beat. He was so excited he dang near dropped his phone. We made plans to meet at the hotel that coming weekend.

So much for a hot threesome with two gorgeous hunks, but I figured what the hell I would still have a weekend of wicked fun.

Friday came and I was as excited as a teen on her first date, where she’d lose her virginity. It didn’t take long to drive to Nashville. When I arrived, I parked the car, grabbed my luggage, and walked to the hotel’s lobby in search of Clay. I saw him sitting at the bar, hitting on some chick, which was typical behavior for him.

We checked, into our room and by ten pm we were more than primed for some sexy play in the hotel’s Jacuzzi. The area was well lit, but off to the side of the pool and semi-private. We knew it was after hours but figured who’d care.

We had been in the water for about thirty minutes when Denise walked over to the Jacuzzi. She stood there with her hands on her hips, wearing a small blue bathrobe which barely went to the middle of her tanned thighs. Her long blonde hair was pulled up into a bun, like she was taking a bath or something. If looks could kill, hers would, she definitely wasn’t too happy with us.

Clay spoke first; “Come on in Denise, the water is good and hot.”

His statement seemed to only make her madder. “Listen you guys, you are going to have to either keep it down, or leave. You know the pool and Jacuzzi is closed after 10:00. However since Deana is my best friend I don’t mind it, if you keep the noise down.”

“I’m sorry Denise, we’ll keep it down,” I told her hoping it would pacify her.

“Okay, but if I hear one more complaint, you guys are outta here.”

She left and went back to her apartment which was located thru the breezeway between the building and the pool şişli escort house. I knew we’d better pay heed to her warning because she had a perfect view of the Jacuzzi.

Clay looked pissed. “I hope that bitch comes back out here I’ll show her what she can do with this hard dick of mine.”

I smiled at him, kissed him, and slid into his arms. It wasn’t long before we resumed kissing and playing. After about an hour later I lay my head back on the edge of the Jacuzzi. I noticed my fingers were all shriveled up and my toes weren’t far behind. I felt as if someone was watching me. When I looked up, I saw Denise standing on her balcony.

It appeared she had a glass of something in her hand, and was looking directly at us. I ignored her and turned my head back and closed my eyes, enjoying the pulsating jets. Soon, I heard the water ripple and figured it was Clay wanting to fuck me again.

Without looking I responded, “You ready for some more play big guy?”

To my surprise a woman’s voice answered. “Can I join you guys?”

I quickly raised my head and opened my eyes to see who it was. It was Denise. She was clad in skimpy bikini bottoms and a t-shirt.

Denise is a very nice looking woman, in her fifty’s. She has a few wrinkles around her eyes which gives her distinction. Her blonde hair is a little longer than shoulder length and her body is very shapely for her age. She has a daughter that is about 17 that lives with her, and another girl almost my age who’s married. Her body doesn’t look like she has ever had any children.

I flashed Clay a look which said, this could be fun, and he winked.

She placed her glass on the edge and climbed into the Jacuzzi. She leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes, relaxing.

I watched Clay and her for a while knowing he had a devious sexy plan of fun on his mind. So did I, but for a while I did nothing.

As I watched, I saw her foot touching his. Her eyes were closed so I wasn’t sure whether she was playing or it was just an accident. I moved closer to the two and smiled at Clay and nodded, knowing the fun was about to begin.

I noticed her foot kept brushing his. It kept moving deliberately until it was her foot was all out rubbing his. I looked at her and she was smiling mischievously. I decided to watch and see where it would go.

Her foot started moving up his left leg, over the knee, on the inside of his thigh, and finally came to rest between his legs. She gently rubbed his cock area, first on one side of it, then on the other, then up and down the middle. I knew by the look on his face, she was driving him crazy, and turning me on.

Clay opened his eyes and leaned forward cutting his way thru the water to where she was sitting.

I placed my hand on her shoulder, and whispered in her ear. “Denise, let me watch you turn up his heat a bit.”

As I ogled, I took off my swimsuit completely and slid my fingers toward my crotch. The fun was just beginning.

She reached over and took his hand and put it on her thigh. Next she then took off her shirt to reveal big, firm breasts.

I could tell she tanned in the nude because there were no tan lines on her sensuous body. I watched and fingered my hot throbbing pussy.

Clay reached over her and picked up the glass of wine. He slowly moved it close to her neck and began pouring. It ran down her neck and between her breasts.

She tilted her head back while he leaned forward and touched his tongue to her neck. He gently began licking and sucking trying to get every drop of wine. I watched as he began to move his tongue down, between her breasts, tasting the sweet nectar.

Her skin was very smooth, like the skin of a twenty-five year old. She obviously had taken very good care of her body. She put one hand on his shoulder, running it around his shoulder and neck, and down his arm. She put the other one on his back, and started rubbing it softly. With a feathery touch she ran her hand down his back to his ass. She squeezed and patted it.

He licked downward until he was kissing and licking her hard nipples. He swirled his tongue around each of them, and then bit each one.
She cooed and quivered with excitement, but all of a sudden she pushed him and he fell backwards onto the other side of the Jacuzzi. He sat down and stared at her intently.

I watched as she got on her knees, spread her legs, and backed up to one of the jets. I could tell the spray of water was arousing her by the way she moved her body around, with her head back, eyes closed.

He moved behind her, making sure he didn’t disturb her affair with the jet. He put his hands on her ass and spread her cheeks wide.

His hard cock was bobbing on top of the water. It was my turn to join in the fun. “Well guys I can no longer just sit here and watch. Fuck, I am so turned on, and I want some cock and pussy!”

I moved over to him and grasped his hard member. I leaned over, licked and swirled my tongue around its head, and feeling him shiver in response. To my surprise Denise joined me.

“Oooh he looks so delicious,” she cooed.

She started tonguing up one side of his cock as I did the other. When we came to the head, I paused from tonguing. We kissed and my body trembled feeling the electric spark clear to the center of my womanhood.

Clay just sat there with a deer in the headlight look. He couldn’t believe these two women could be so fucking hot. He moved a bit so I could do his balls without going under water.

I moved a bit so the jet spray was on my pussy and continued tantalizing his dick with her. Denise bobbed up and down on it, sucking like a Hoover, as I sucked his balls. I knew by his breathing he would soon blow his load.

I stopped sucking and asked, “Denise do you want to drink his cum?”

“God no, I want him to cum inside my hot cunt! Do you mind Deana?”

“Hell no, but only if I can lick you clean when he is done.”

Clay shouted, “Hot damn you’d better do something I am about to blow!”

Clay moved so she could straddle his cock. I moved so I could play and lick her, while she rode his cock.

I helped guide his cock into her love canal. For a moment I watched her ride him like a stallion. However, since she was of course facing me, I could not resist, making them sizzle.

I got between Clay’s legs and began licking her pulsating pussy, and flicking his cock.

“Wow you two women are going to be the death of me. I love it, I didn’t realize how hot this weekend would be. I cannot wait to tell Kyle he is going to be so fucking envious.”

It wasn’t long before Denise shivered and shrieked. “Ooooh my god Deana, I’m going to cum!”

“Do it baby, cum all over Clay’s hard throbbing cock!”

It wasn’t long before she trembled with a climax, followed by Clay grunting and shooting his cum deep inside her.

Clay moved quickly and began watching me. I moved until my lips were inches from her pussy. I then spread her labia wide and began lapping eagerly. OMG it was so fucking hot, but I needed to cum badly.

I knew Clay could not sit and just watch. “Hey will you gals move a bit so I can play with Deana’s beautiful cunt as she eats you Denise.”

She moved and lay atop the Jacuzzi, and he lay on his back so I could straddle his lips while eating her. I resumed my position between her legs, lapping hungrily at her pussy. Within a few minutes, I climaxed like mad filling his mouth as she climaxed filling mine.

We rested for a bit. She got up, put her robe back on, and without a word started walking towards her place. When she got to her door, she turned, opened her robe. She reached down between her legs, and shoved it into her pussy. She then brought it back out and put it to her lips as if to say to be quiet, and stuck it in her mouth and sucked the juices off of it. She then turned around and walked inside.

I turned to Clay and said, “Wow what a wicked weekend, too bad Kyle isn’t here!”

“His loss baby. Are ready to go to bed?”

“Yeah, you two wore me out!”

He grinned and exclaimed, “Wear you out, Deana that’d be a first!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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