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Big Tits

Resting a hand on your thigh, my chest centered on your arm, leaning whispering in your ear my proposition. For a moment you sit there in silence, then with a wry smile you respond, “Really?!” After a nod in kind you say quickly and quietly, “Yes, I’ll do it. So how does work, do I meet you upstairs or follow you there?”

“Take this key, Room 211; We’ll be waiting, come up in twenty minutes.”

Placing some bills on the bar, “For the drinks; enjoy another on me.”

“Maybe when I come upstairs!”

Chuckling softly, I turn and stroll off; purposefully, sultry. Feeling your eyes undress me, as I’m sure you’ve noticed the length of my slim legs, my four inch stilettos clicking against the marble tiles of the hotel’s lobby floor, as I leave the bar. Leaving you hungry to see what lays beneath my curve hugging little black dress. Moving to the elevator directly in front of the bar, I push the call button and turn around, seeing you wiping your lips still holding the same scotch. I blow you a kiss and step inside.

“He said he would do it!”

“Really my sexy fox, tell me what did you tell him?”

“I asked him if he cared to see me naked, that I had a room upstairs. At which point he grabs my ass all too eagerly. I rested my hand on his and squeezed it harder. I could tell he was excited, he was almost hard when I leaned into him, letting him smell my breasts as I rubbed my hand on his thigh. I knew then I had him, I told him he was only allowed to watch, that it was my fantasy to have a man watch on as you fuck me.”

“And he agreed?”

“He’ll be up in ten minutes!”

“Well just who could resist my sexy little minx! Get over here let me have a taste before our friend gets here.”

Grabbing my hand and pulling me to you, so quickly we topple onto the bed. Kissing me long and lustful, until we hear a knock on the door and a creak as it opens.


“Hi,” I say jumping up quickly and taking your hand leading you into the large hotel room. “This is Ryan, my boyfriend. And this my Love, is Jake!”

“Nice to meet you Ryan. So you’re really ok with this?”

“Of course I am look at my beautiful woman, isn’t she the sexiest woman you’ve ever seen? Take that dress off, Love let him see how sultry you are.”

In compliance I slip the sleeves of my dress down, slowly inching it passed my thighs and firm ass, letting it fall to my feet before stepping out of it. With hands on my hips Sinop Escort I spin slowly once around showing my matching black lace panty set, a slim fitting garter resting on my hips, connected to my pinstriped sheer black thigh highs.

“Stunning, absolutely stunning. You sir are one lucky man, if I had a woman like that I would want me to watch me ram,” clearing your throat,” I’m sorry I forgot the rules for a second.”

“No please, tell me what you were going to say about my woman. I want to know.”

“Well I was going to say, I would want people to watch me ram my huge cock over and over into her sweet ass.”

Leading you over to the green overly rectangular chair, sitting you down.

“Can I get you a drink? I ask.

“No thank you, I’m fine.” You respond. “My, Love? One for you perhaps?”

“No, I want you to dance for us, show him what a sexy little slut you are.”

After positioning both green chairs facing each other, I begin to dance. Slowly, feeling every inch of my skin begging for another stroke of my fingertips. Spinning my hips in painfully slow circles as one hand wanders to my breast and the other inside my panties. Dancing against my fingers as I make my way to my wetness. Closing my eyes swaying and rocking as I finger my little clit, teasing it, getting my fingers soaked.

Moaning softly, as I stop moving; drawing two sopping fingers out of my panties and slipping them into my lips, bending down in front of you sucking them, taking my time licking them one by one; until they are cleaned of my juices.

“Do you like my ass my Love?” Giving it a hard smack, hard enough to make me squeal in delight.

“I’d like it better if it was wrapped around my cock. What about you Jake do you like my woman’s ass, does her dancing get your dick hard?”

Blushing you say, trying to hide your swelling cock, “Fuck, she has the sweetest ass I have ever seen, I’d take her in my lap now.”

“Do you want to sit in his lap my sexy little slut?”

“Yes I do, but I don’t trust him; I do not trust him to not take me right here and now if he got one scent of my pussy.”

“You’re right as always, my dear. We’ll have to fix that won’t we,” saying pulling a pair of cuffs out of your pocket, handing them to me. “Bind his hands, Slut. You are mine and I don’t want him touching you.”

Putting your hands behind you and binding them together, I whisper in your ear; “Don’t Sinop Escort Bayan worry they’re velcro, best not to free yourself though.”

“That will do, now I want to see you dance in his lap. Let him see you as I will soon, close; I want him to feel what he can’t have. Take his pants off slut, and don’t stop dancing on him until his cock is hard.”

“Yes my Love.”

Moving to your lap I kneel before you, unzipping your pants and pulling them down to your ankles. Smiling at you as I notice your massive cock. Watching it twitch in my direction as I stand up and start to dance to the music again. Settling in on your lap, twisting my hips in circles.

Grinding my ass against your rock hard cock, leaning forward to remove my Love’s pants. Bending down to remove his pants and yank the chair closer to me. Spreading my thighs and leaning foward, taking my lovers cock to my mouth and sucking him deeply inside, stroking my soaked lacy panties up and down your cock. Sucking him slowly inside my lips, spinning my hips as slowly as I thrust my mouth down on his cock.

Removing my lips I bend further down, pointing my pussy straight at your face and rocking my body against the head of your cock, while taking my lover’s balls to my lips. Listening to you moan as I stroke your dick with my wet panties.

“Do you like seeing my woman’s pussy dripping on your cock Jake, while watching her suck my dick and not yours?”

“I don’t know how you do it Ryan, how could you let anyone see this beautiful body and not worry they will try and steal her away? Her scent alone…”

“That’s enough slut, our friend has seen enough and I need to fuck you now!! Here cover his eyes I don’t want him looking at you for another second. You are mine, I think he is starting to forget that fact. Let’s remind him shall we.”

I stand up quickly, ” Yes, my love he needs to remember. Make him.”

Placing the blindfold over your eyes stroking your cheek softly reassuring you all will be fine.

“I want to take you right here, under his nose and next to his ear so he can hear how you scream only for me.”

Grabbing my panties and ripping them off, pushing me down over Jake’s lap, resting my body over the arm cushions, so my waist presses down on his still hard cock.

Rubbing two fingers in my wetness spreading holding them up to Jake’s nose.

“Do you smell that Jake? That’s her pussy, that’s Escort Sinop the juices she spilt for me, just thinking about my cock.”

“Her scent is remarkable.”

“Do you want me to fuck you, my pretty little slut? Tell Jake how much you want my cock fucking that cunt of yours.

“Yes, I want you now. Oh Fuck, Jake tell him to fuck, me I need his cock inside me.” I squeal out as you rub my already swollen clit faster. Slipping two fingers in and out of me. “Fuck me please, My Love, yours is the only cock my pussy needs!” I moan out, tightening my pussy around your fingers.

“That’s a good slut, take my cock. I want to fuck you so hard Jake cums on your tits just from hearing you scream for me.”

Pounding my tight wet slut pussy, eagerly, violently. Grabbing my shoulders bracing yourself as you start sliding faster and quicker into me. Picking me up slightly by the hips and pulling me backwards so my tits rest next to Jake’s cock. Thrusting harder into me, causing my tits to slap his cock hard and fast.

“Oh Fuck, oh Fuck…Fuck!!!” I exclaim repeatedly, as my thighs shake hard against the chair, grabbing Jake’s cock and stroking it fast, panting; holding back my orgasm, letting it build. Taking out my desire to cum on Jake’s cock.

“Oh my Love, yes that’s a good slut; stroke him while you cum for me, squeeze his cock tight like your pussy milks my cock.”

Squeezing your cock tighter and tighter, using your precum to lube it up, I stroke you tightly, rubbing your hot flesh against yourself. Stroking you as I turn my hand about. Running my fingers from base to head. Squeezing your balls softly, holding onto you as my body spasms and shakes against my lovers cock. Feeling your hot liquid spurting out onto my hand just then.

“Oh Fuck!! Oh fuck, my love; I am going to cum, oh fuck yes, yes, yes!!” I exclaim spraying your thighs with my cum, as you thrust hard into my quivering sore pussy, spilling yourself deep inside me.

“Yes, that’s perfect. Hold him until you stop shaking from my cock.”

After cleaning myself up and getting dressed, I walk over to you still bound and blindfolded, your limp cock resting between your thighs. I bend down and whisper in your ear.

“You were positively perfect, feel to stay the room is yours now. Thank you, Jake!”

“Let’s go Love,” You say taking my hand pulling me towards the door. Giggling as we make a dash for the stairwell running down the steps two by two.Running out the lobby doors.

“Oh my Love you put on your best performance yet!” Grabbing me by my waist picking me up and twirling me around as you kiss me. Long hard, and passionate.

“It wasn’t a performance, my Love. It never is!”



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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