James and Fiona’s Stolen Week in Amsterdam Ch. 03

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I was out of the shower smoothing scented lotion over my arms, tits, and belly when I faintly heard a knock on the hotel room door. A moment later I heard voices and knew that someone from housekeeping had arrived.

I grabbed one of the complimentary robes and loosely tied it around me. When I emerged from the bathroom, the first thing I noted was the scent of sex that hung in the air. James was across the room standing bare chested by the window surreptitiously watching the maid. I noted some life in his pants and turned to see who was giving him a rise.

As I looked in her direction, I caught the young maid hungrily eying James’ bare chest as she pulled the cases from the pillows. Hmm. Interesting.

Our eyes met as I turned towards her. Having been caught admiring James’ chest, the young woman’s face flushed with embarrassment and she hurriedly moved to the cart by the door to dispense with the old bed linens and grab fresh ones. As she came back towards the bed, I studied her carefully deciding she looked to be from the Mediterranean, Greece maybe. She had lovely olive skin, thick dark hair pulled back into an elegant braid, stunning eyes, and a rather statuesque form. It did not take a rocket scientist to see what was causing the blood to rush to James’ cock.

I caught the young woman’s eyes and smiled.



“You’re gorgeous,” I said and then watched her comely face suffuse with colour again. I chuckled. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, but you really are stunning. Are you Greek?”

“Yes.” She laid the sheets on a chair beside the bed and then straightened.

“What part of Greece do you come from?”


I nodded and stepped forward to extend my hand. “I’m Fiona, by the way, and the half-naked man by the window is James.”

After mentioning James’ state of undress, I noted that her eyes returned to him to rake across his chest before she turned back to me.

“I—my name is Ariadne” she said quietly offering her hand in return.

I clasped her hand in mine and then ran my thumb across her knuckles and the back of her hand. “Oh my, your skin is so soft.”

Our eyes met and held a moment before I released her hand and she stepped back to grab a fitted sheet which she shook over the mattress. As she bent to sort the cover, my eyes were drawn to her shapely ass. After a moment, my eyes sought out James. Standing on the other side of the room from us, he was clearly afforded a view of this young goddesses’ cleavage as she was nearly doubled over in her efforts to secure the mattress cover. That his cock was even more on the rise told me that he definitely liked what he was seeing and that he was probably thinking exactly what I was – that it would be nice to see his big cock drilling every hole this lovely young woman had.

I cleared my throat which drew James’ gaze my way. My eyes twinkling, my lips twitching, I shot him a wink and stepped forward to help Ariadne when a corner of the fitted sheet popped free as she tugged the opposite corner in place.

At this point we were both bent forward facing one another and I took a look at the view that James must have just had of deep cleavage. Then I sucked in a breath. Was that a bit of dark areola I was seeing on her left tit? If so, I imagined her nipples had to be large as well. Suddenly, I realized I was staring and lifted my eyes to find Ariadne watching me blatantly eying her tits. Her breathing was shallow and her pupils dilated and I was thrilled that it seemed that she was as turned on as I was. For a moment, I visualized pressing her naked form back on the bed and lying over her rubbing my pale tits into her dark ones.

We both remained bent over opposite corners of the mattress. After a long moment of holding my gaze, Ariadne’s eyes dropped to my own chest. I glanced down. The robe was open and my tits were swinging pendulously and more on display than hers were in her tidy white blouse – which I was itching to strip off of her. I wanted to see this woman naked. Judging by the effect she was having on James’ cock while she was fully dressed, I was pretty sure he would have no objections whatsoever if I were to coax her out of her clothes.

Slowly we both straightened up; our eyes once again met and held.

“Are you off shift soon?” I asked quietly.

Her look was thoughtful, but she said nothing.

“We’d love to offer you a glass of wine and talk about Corfu. Wouldn’t we James?” I asked and held out a hand indicating I hoped he would come and join the conversation. As he walked over, I stepped in behind him and curled one around to rest my palm on his belly while my other one reached up to palm one of his pecs and then draw a little circle around one of his manly nipples.

Ariadne’s gaze shifted from my upper hand to my lower one, which I slowly slid down to toy with the waist of his trousers before dipping below a little – not enough to touch his cock, but just enough to draw Araidne’s attention to it and the fact that he was blatantly aroused.

“I’m off shift now, actually,” Beylikdüzü escort Ariadne admitted quietly as she continued to stare at James’ bulge for a moment before once again finding my gaze. “I came up here on my way home as a favour to my supervisor.”

“Wonderful. Can I get you some wine?”

“I should go.”

“Should you? And why is that?”

Ariadne was clearly aroused, but appeared conflicted. I stepped out from behind James and decided to try a bold move, hoping against hope that it wouldn’t backfire. I had not kissed another woman since a drunken bet years ago, but I didn’t let that stop me as I walked over to her, put a hand on each cheek and directed my lips to hers. My tongue darted in to touch the tip of hers and then I slanted my head the other way and took the kiss to a higher, sexier level.

Both of us breathing heavily, I drew back and then slowly and deliberately palmed first one and then the other of her breasts, squeezing gently and trying to stimulate and locate her nipples beneath the fabric of her blouse and bra.

Ariadne’s eyes closed and she moaned as I found a stiffening nipple and pinched. “We want you to stay. I think you want that too. Do you, Ariadne? Do you want to stay?”

When she hesitated, I continued. “Let’s be honest. I want to get my hands and lips on these beauties of yours.” I leaned back in and then hesitated, my lips almost touching hers. I was pleased when she groaned and leaned forward, bringing her lips in contact with mine. We shared another hot kiss.

I reached behind me and grabbed James’ hand and drew him towards us. Then I switched and gave him a hot kiss before shifting to kiss Ariadne again then I pulled back and James swooped to take Ariadne’s lips. By the time he drew away, I had dropped the robe and was standing nude, fingering my nipples.

Noticing this, Ariadne gasped. I released my own breasts and stepped forward to slowly and carefully unbutton her blouse. “I need to see your breasts, Ariadne. I want to touch them. I want to suck them. Will you let me do that?”

At her silent nod, I drew her blouse off and then stopped to admire her gorgeous big tits encased in a pretty pink bra. James stepped in behind Ariadne and took care of the hooks at the back and then I drew the garment away and tossed aside.

My cunt gushed as I saw her bare breasts standing firm and high on her chest with erect nipples centred on large, puffy areolae of a very dark shade. I groaned. “Oh Ariadne, baby, those are fucking hot.” I steered her backwards towards the bed and pushed her gently so that she fell down upon the mattress. She scooted back a little from the edge and looked from me to James and back again.

Grabbing James’ hand to draw him up onto the bed with me, I crawled up, slid a hand up her neck to give her a gentle, soulful kiss before lowering my head to take a puffy nipple into my mouth to suck and rake gently with my teeth. I felt James’ weight shift on the mattress and the sounds I heard told me he had taken over kissing Ariadne. Pulling my head away from her gorgeous big tit, I grabbed a nipple in each hand and began rolling them between my fingers and then pinching gently which made her groan into James’ mouth.

“You like that, don’t you? Is it making you wet little goddess? Is that pretty little pussy of yours getting wet? I’ll find out shall I?”

I undid the fastening on her skirt and slid my fingers beneath the band of her panties and drew them both down a little and told her to lift up, which she did and I was able to draw the garments over her hips and down her legs admiring her well-groomed snatch with its little thatch of hair and everything else left bare. Then I slid off her simple black sandals and pushed her legs apart.

“It really is a pretty pussy, James. And it’s sopping wet.”

He lifted his head and trailed his eyes down her gorgeous body.

“Has a woman ever licked this pussy, Ariadne?” I asked.

Shyly, she nodded.

I gently pried open the lips of her cunt and slid a finger along her slit and then wiggled it up deep inside her wet inner chamber. “And you’ve had your share of hard cocks up in here, haven’t you baby?”

Again she nodded.

I removed my finger; it was covered in her juices. I licked it clean and then leaned forward to slide the digit into her mouth. Without hesitation she sucked my finger. I pulled it out and leaned in to suck her tongue.

“And what about here? Has this pretty mouth taken a cock?” I asked against her lips and felt her nod.

“I thought so. Now, let’s see that ass.” With James’ help, I spread and raised her legs. Together we admired her shapely, plump ass. I touched my finger to her rosebud and she let out a sexy moan. “And here, Ariadne? Has a man put his cock up in here?”

She said nothing, but she closed her eyes and ground her ass against my finger. I leaned forward and thoroughly tongued the area enjoying the little shriek she gave as the raspy surface made contact with the highly sensitive skin.

I let her legs down and crawled back up to maul her Beylikdüzü escort tits and suck and tweak those amazing puffy nipples. Then I straddled her chest and lowered my own tits toward her mouth. She hungrily took a nipple in her mouth to such and chew. I let out a moan as the pleasure shot straight to my cunt. We locked eyes as she sucked one nipple and then the other as I ground my cunt in little circles against her large, firm breasts.

“You just like sex, don’t you baby?”

Her dark eyes were half lidded and bespoke of her state of intense arousal. “I think you’re a dirty little Greek goddess who likes taking cock anywhere she can. Tell me I’m wrong, Ariadne, tell me you don’t love taking a big fat cock anywhere you can?”

She didn’t tell me that. She writhed a little and her eyes were imploring as she said, “Touch me.”

I laughed. “Oh, we’re going to touch you alright. First, I’m going to eat that pretty pussy of yours while James sucks your tits. Would you like that? Do you want my lips and my tongue on that pretty little cunt while James watches and his big fat cock gets harder as he thinks about how hot we are and how much he is looking forward to fucking you and fucking you and fucking you again?”

Every time I said the word “fucking” I felt her body shiver beneath me. Her excited groan indicated that she was definitely on board with my plan. Lining myself up between her legs, I licked the outside of her vulva with big, flat-tongued laps. Then I drew apart the lips of her cunt and leaned in to run my tongue down one side of her cunt flesh and up the other side before I flicked my tongue at the base and found the opening and thrust the raspy little muscle in as far as it would go. Her hips raised to meet the insertion and the movement had my face pressed right into her pussy. I kind of liked it. I pulled my tongue out and fucked it back in again then flicked it around the base of her pussy and reached down to give her rosebud a slash of my tongue before trailing my tongue through her wet cunt flesh up to the clitoral area.

Her hips lifted as if she was trying to encourage me to touch her clit. I laughed. “Anxious are we? Does our dirty little goddess need some attention given to her clit?”

“Oh, Theos, suck it, flick it, make me come.”

I took a moment to watch James avidly sucking one of Ariadne’s gorgeous tits. He chewed the nipple gently and I felt her hips bob. His eyes met mine. We eye fucked for a moment and then I lowered my head and ran my tongue in circles around Ariadne’s clitoris. Her hips bucked and circled as if she was trying to force contact between my tongue and her clit. After teasing her for another moment, I took her whole clit into my mouth and sucked it. She moaned and quivered. After a moment I went back to circling her clit again and then parted the lips even farther and began to tongue-flick her clit rapidly.

Crossing my index and middle fingers, I gently inserted them and used them to fuck into Ariadne in a twisting fashion and then went back to alternating between sucking on and tongue-flicking Ariadne’s clit. It was not long before I felt some jerks and quivers and she pushed her hips up towards me. I kept flicking her clit and finger fucking her until she bucked and pulled her hips away from my mouth to lie back against the mattress.

She continued to experience little convulsions for several moments. I waited for her to settle and then slowly withdrew my fingers from her cunt and licked them. Her juice tasted different from my own. Less tart maybe? I decided to have another taste and gently ran my tongue back into Ariadne’s cunt and probed her opening.

I pulled away and met James’ glittering eyes. I leaned towards him and felt his tongue run across my chin and over my lips cleaning up Ariadne’s cunt juice.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” I pointed out.

Laughing, James swatted my ass and got up, but I stopped him before he could strip off his trousers.

“Wait. I think our little love slave here should do that for you. Don’t you Ariadne? Go over there and get those pants off him and then sink to your knees in front of him because I want to see that fat cock of his fucking your mouth.”

I gave her a little push and was pleased to see her go to James and undo his trousers and draw them down and off of his body. Then she sank to the floor and looked up at him.

“Suck it.”

I spread my legs and flicked my clit as I watched this Grecian beauty grasp the stalk of James’ cock and take the crown between her lips.

James’ hands came to rest on Ariadne’s head as she worked her tongue around the glans and down the shaft to lap gently at his balls before coming back up to engulf the head again to suck while she slowly jacked the lower shaft.

James’ hands moved from the back of her head to the sides.

“Grab on, Ariadne, you’re about to get your face fucked,” I warned.

Ariadne gripped James’ thighs and he gripped the sides of her head and began thrusting his hips and pulling her head forward at the same time. As his cock drove Escort Beylikdüzü in and out of her, Ariadne groaned and gargled and drool began dripping from her cupid’s bow lips.

I moved up to sit against the headboard and gently played with myself as I wanted the action. Suddenly James took his cock from Ariadne’s mouth and told her to get on the bed on her hands and knees.

“Eat Fi’s cunt. Make her come.”

I happily spread my legs and enjoyed Ariadne’s tentative tongue swipes along the valley of my cunt while watching James getting set to fuck her from behind. I enjoyed watching his face as he slowly sank his fat cock into the tight pussy of our Grecian fuck toy. He grasped her hips and fucked her mightily. The bed rocked and the thrusts sent Ariadne’s face and tongue deeply into me. She did her best to finger my clit while the tongue fucked me. It was arousing as all hell and it did not take long for me to come all over Ariadne’s face and fingers. She pulled her tongue out to lap my cunt lips.

I was still coming down from my orgasm when James quickly pulled out of Ariadne and stepped off the bed, drawing her with him.

“Kneel. I’m going to fuck that face some more.”

Ariadne did as James bade and fell to the floor. She opened her mouth and he inserted his cock again and once again drove it into her slack mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the noises Ariadne was making as James’ big cock hit the back of her throat time and time again. He wasn’t silent either and I was equally enjoying the manly grunts and “ahs.”

Soon Ariadne was leaned over a low backed arm chair over by the window, and James’ big cock was back in her cunt. I glanced over, noting the open curtains and turned the bedside light on so that anyone looking into the room from either the street below or from a higher vantage point might see the action. Then I walked over to stand naked in front of the window to look out and just see if anyone was out and about to watch.

Sure enough, a man, looking to be a tourist, stood on the street corner staring up in our direction. He seemed to say something to someone and then there were two men watching James fuck Ariadne and fuck her hard.

“We have an audience” I announced.

Ariadne’s eyes opened and she tried to look, but James held her in place. His pace picked up and his face looked very serious. I was pretty sure he was about to come. Sure enough a moment later he pulled his big cock from Ariadne and jacked it furiously a few times before spewing jets of come on Ariadne’s fine, olive skinned ass.

I sank to my knees and drew James’ cock into my mouth to clean it up. After a moment he pulled out of my mouth and went to the bed to sit for a spell. Ariadne had stayed bent over the chair. I’m guessing she had come at some point and was still recovering from that brisk pounding her pussy had taken.

I looked out and noted that our audience of two was still there. With a little wave at them, I swung the chair that Ariadne was still draped over around so that her ass faced the window and then I set about licking James’ come from her delicate skin. When I was done, I encouraged her to sit in the chair and spread her legs. I sank back to the floor to gently tongue her cunt. She moaned and I knew that if I gave it some effort I could make her come again, but the poor woman appeared to be exhausted, so I drew her over to the big bed and settled her between James and myself and decided maybe we had better take a nap.

I woke up some time later to find James sitting up against the headboard gently stroking his cock.

“You’re hard again,” I said, noting the obvious.

“I want that ass of hers.”

I rose and went to the bathroom and came back with a couple of condoms and a bottle of water-based lube. I set one condom next to James and then popped the other packet open and inserted my middle finger in the well and rolled it down. Grabbing the bottle of lube, I gently woke Ariadne up with a kiss and told her to roll over on her stomach.


“Because I’m going to open your ass up a bit so that you can take that big prick without it hurting too much. You want it don’t you? You want that big cock up your ass, don’t you baby?”

Ariadne said nothing, but she rolled over, spread her legs, and raised her ass. That certainly did not say no.

I coated my condom-sheathed finger in lube and then dribbled some on her ass crack. Ariadne hissed as the cold liquid hit her hot flesh. I gently inserted my finger into the tight opening using a corkscrew motion; once I gained entrance, I fucked the finger in and out. Then I pulled my finger out and slid my index finger into the condom as well and applied more lube. Without much trouble, I slithered the two fingers into Ariadne’s anal passage and once again set up a slow and gentle fucking motion.

The sounds she was making clearly indicated how much Ariadne liked what I was doing. She was taking my fingers and liking, but James’ cock was another matter. She need to be opened a little more, so I started to curve my fingers and pull at the opening to widen it. Ariadne hissed a time or two, but soon the muscle was quite relaxed and the opening stretched sufficiently to let James’ rammer enter without too much difficulty or pain. I squirted some more lube into her ass and worked it around.

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