James Fucks Everybody Ep. 01

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James Fucks Everybody Ep. 01

By: DickThePimp

Fake… Fantasy… Fiction… Fetish Based Fuckery And Shenanigans With Tons Of Kinky Sex In It… And Me… Get Your, James Fucked Me shirt… It’s Easy… Just Bend Over, Spread ‘Em, And Say Mmmmmmmmmmmm

“So… how’s my baby?”

“I’m cool, mama.”

“That’s good…” Mom reaches her hand down under the covers and grabs my growing cock. Pumping it as she kicks my left cheek and purrs. “That’s soooooooo good. Hahaha.” She kisses my cheek, pumping a little faster on my cock. It keeps growing in her hand.

“Suck my dick, you nasty slut.” I laugh as I put my hand on top of mom’s blonde head and push it down under the covers.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hahaha. My pleasure, my hot stud. Haha. Yum.” Mom goes along for the ride. Snaking her way down my body. I can see her make her way down, under the covers. I light my blunt, take a big toke… and grin. Groaning happily as well as I feel mom’s slutty mouth magically engulf my entire cock. It’s half-hard, but still 12 inches long… and fat… and veiny… and tattooed. Shiny gold stars inked all over my giant cock and balls. A real, deep-dicking masterpiece.

“MMPH! GRUMPH! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh yeahhhhhh.” Mom’s very-happy reaction to tasting my tattooed meat once again makes me grab her head, over the covers, and start fucking her throat. Pumping up off of the bed and shoving that giant rod super-damn-deep down her meat-gulping throat every time I pump up.

“Hey, guys.”

“Hey, Max.”

Max whips off her tight, James Fucked Me tee shirt… red with white lettering… and jumps into bed with mom and me. Her DD braless titties jiggling so perfectly all the way there. Sitting beside me. Taking the blunt from my mouth, and… pulling my head down to her milky-white DD breasts. Rubbing them all over my happily-grinning face, and smoking. I ravenously suck each gorgeous tit as mom loudly and wildly bobs and slobs away on my now, fully-erect cock.

My chick’s best friend… and mine also… moans her extremely-happy delight at my titty sucking prowess as she smokes that blunt. Her eyes closed. Her naughty smirk, extra-naughty and wicked.

I’m feeling good, dude. Real damn good. It’s just another evening for me. Fooling around with two, big titty, hot bitches. Pimp-livin’ and swaggy feeling.

My phone rings. Max grabs it off of the nightstand and answers it. Still smoking and moaning mightily.

“Hey, Billie. What’s up? How’s the diner?”

I laugh as I suck the soul outta Max’s heaving left titty. A 34DD… same size as Billie… work of art. Awesome tits. Totally awesome. Just like my chick’s.

When I cum down mom’s throat, I growl really loud. That makes mom and Max both laugh. Max plays with my hair and grins at me, still smoking, as she talks to my chick on the phone.

Mom just sucks me faster. Bobbing her long blonde haired head faster as she drinks my hefty load. Her insanely perfect lips gliding up and down my fat, veiny shaft so smoothly as I very-excitedly ram my dick into her mouth. Mom drains me dry. Moaning so blissfully as she very-greedily swallows each sticky glob of sperm rocketing into her mouth and throat. Smacking her lips for me each time she loudly pops her mouth off of my crown. Fuck! I love that!

I lay back on the pillow and smile. Drained and grinning from ear to ear. Mom keeps sucking me. Wanting my next load. The warm yellow one. Yeah… I start pissing down mom’s throat. She deepthroats me again and just lets me do it. Her throat swallowing fast to make sure she gets it all. Drinking every last drop of piss I’ve got stored up in me. After four beers downed in the last hour, I’ve got quite a bit. Ha.

“I think he’s free. He just came and pissed down his mom’s throat. I want his next load up my butt, so be quick.” Max laughs. She hands me the phone. Smoking and smirking real wide as mom starts eating her pussy under the covers. Oh yeah. Keçiören Escort Freak city up in this bedroom, bitches.

“Hey, baby.”

“Hey, James. Love you.”

“Love you too. How’s work?”

“It was OK. I’ll tell you more when I get home. I got off a little early so I stopped by the liquor store to grab some wine. I’m getting ready to pay Hank for it. How’s my man?”

“Doing great, baby. Really great.”

“Yeah… I heard.” Billie and I both laugh.

Max leans over and dives her head under the covers. Finding my cum and piss drained cock and sucking on it as mom tongue fucks her juicy twat thrillbilly-silly.

I put my hand on top of Max’s head, over the covers, and watch her merrily bob away on my enormous, still-hard cock. Loving her super-gorgeous mouth dancing up and down my tattooed shaft. Her spit racing down the thick veins that cover it.

“Kim stopped by the diner. So did George.”

That makes me pause.

“Really? What did Kim want?”

“Yeah, nothing much. She just stopped by to say hi…” I relax and start back growling from Max’s mouth job on my dick. “… and show me her engagement ring that matches yours, supposedly.”

“That’s not what it sounds like, babe.”

“I know. I’m just teasing you, stud. Haha.”

“Yeah. Ha. Don’t forget… I love you more than her.”

“I know, my love. And, I love you even more. MWAH! I better go, stud. Hank’s giving me a real impatient look. I better pay him already. Ha.”

“Ok, gorgeous. See you when you get here. Have that pussy nice and wet for me. I need it real bad.” I smirk, playfully roaring through the phone. My big titty, blonde-beauty bitch always has me excited. So does mom and Max at the moment, so I’m REALLY ready for Billie. Ha.

“Ok, stud. I can’t wait. Love you. MWAH!”

“Back atcha, baby. Later.”

Over at the liquor store…

“Now…” 85 year-old Hank walks up to Billie in the stock room. Grinning very-mischievously. He grabs her big, soft tits through her tight waitress uniform and squeezes them. Licking his old, wrinkled lips, lusting over those gorgeous knockers. He then unzips Billie’s already half-unzipped minidress top. Grinning away. Billie’s big, beautiful cleavage bulging out the more Hank unzips. Billie smirking as he goes. Holding the expensive bottle of red wine. “About that wine…” Hank laughs. So does Billie.

Back at home…

“Ok, stud. Stick it in.” Max looks over her shoulder at me and wickedly bounces those eyebrows at me.

She’s spreading her cheeks wide, and wiggling her sexy-ass butt at me, ready for a good ol’ deep-butt dicking. And, she’s definitely gonna get it.

I move up behind her on my hands and knees, slap that ass and slide right in. Max is already lubed up. Her anus winking, “hey there, big boy” to my enthusiastically-throbbing dick. Ha.

“God!!! What a fucking cock!!!” Max smiles from ear to ear as my mighty dong inches it’s way up her tight, but lubed-up anus.

“Oh yes it is. Hahaha.” Mom chimes in. She kisses me as I ass-fuck my best buddy on the bed. Kissing my mom and butt banging Max. This day is going really freaking well so far. (Big thumbs up to that)

Back at the liquor store…

“You’re really good at that Hank. Yeahhhhhhhh. Really good. Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

Blonde beauty Billie closes her beautiful eyes as ol’ Hank sucks her boobs like a true pro. Deep sucking. Then pulling back and lightly grazing his teeth across the rock-hard nipples, sucking extra-hard on them, then burying his wrinkled, old, smiling face in each DD boob and sucking away.

Billie sticking the tip of her tongue out and moaning blissfully. Smiling with her eyes closed as she rides out the intensely-stimulating suck job Hank is doing on her absolutely gorgeous, milky-white, heatedly-heaving breasts.

She opens her eyes and giggles. Hank has most of her right boob stuffed in his Etimesgut Escort mouth. He’s sucking away on it like He’s totally famished. Pulling on it with his mouth and sucking mercilessly on it.

Billie looks down and sees Hank’s extremely-large cock bunched up in his pants. It’s so damn big and thick, it looks painful like that.

“You’re looking kinda uncomfortable there, Hank.” Billie giggles.

“Oh… yeah. It really wants to get in between these beauties, doll.” Hank mischievously smirks. He loves over to Billie’s left breast and repeats his work from her right one.

Billie decides to help Hank… and his old, wrinkled cock… out. She unzips his pants and his giant old dick springs out like it was shot out of a cannon. Billie looks at it. And smiles. So very impressed by it. Everyone is. They can’t believe a short, only-slightly-chubby 85 year old man like Hank can have such a huge piece of meat hanging between his old, very-white legs.

“WOW! Congrats on that, Hank!” It’s not the first time Billie has seen Hank’s dick, but it still amazes her.

“Thanks, doll. Congrats on these beautiful, tasty boobs of yours. Yum, yum.” Hank’s perverted smirk is beaming with titty-sucking-bliss.

Billie giggles. She also reaches down and grabs that old, wrinkled rod. It may be wrinkled, but it’s still huge and strong. 12 and a half inches long and really-thick. A real piece of formidable fuck weaponry for sure. It’s almost as big as he is.

Billie wraps her right hand around it and strokes it. Staring at it. Feeling it throb in her soft hand.

She smiles. Loving the feel of it in her hand. She keeps pumping it as Hank keeps on sucking the living fuck out of each of her 34DDs.

“Any chance I could fuck these beauties, sweetheart?” Hank takes his shot. A very-playful grin plastered on his face. “I mean… I’m giving you the wine. And… it is a really expensive bottle of Chardonnay.” His horny, playful grin is so wide. Billie laughs.

Billie looks down at Hank’s mighty dick throbbing in her hand as she pumps it. Then, she looks back up at ol’ Hank grinning at her. She laughs again.

“Well… like you said… it is an expensive bottle of wine.” Billie grins very-playfully right back at Hank as she keeps on pumping his enormous, mature dick.

Oh well, looks like Billie is gonna be awhile at the liquor store. Ha.

Back at home…

“GOD!!!! OH GOD!!!!! OHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!” Max is screaming and squirting. I’m slapping her plump booty and deep-dicking it. And Mom, is laying under us in the bed, slurping away on my hanging balls as Max rubs and fingers her pussy a million miles an hour.


Now mom’s cumming too. Max fingers her even faster as mom’s milky sex honey shoots putt her milf pussy like it’s erupting from a volcano. Max has already drenched me three times. I’m dripping with pussy jizz… and fucking loving it.

My giant, tattooed dick is bulging and lurching constantly inside Max’s still tight rectum as I drive it right down her hershey highway… my way. Deep, hard, and fast. There’s no speed limit, so no pesky cops to be found. Ha.

I yank back hard on Max’s long, dark brown hair. She wickedly smirks over her shoulder at me. Blowing me a huge, hot kiss, as I pound her booty hole right. Deep intense thrusts in. Faster and faster…. And faster…. Yeah… I start jizzing her dumper.

“OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!” Max’s big titties flop around under her, rubbing all over mom. She screams out as my boat load of creamy, gooey seed rushes up her pleasurably-aching ass. Soothing it. Driving Max wild with hardcore-cum-desire and butt fucking whore-delight.

My cock slips out of Max’s ass before I finish cumming… my doing… and it falls right into mom’s waiting mouth. She sucks me dry. Ravenously gulping down the last drops of semen in me. Mom’s moaning with such Demetevler Escort sweet-love and cum-drinking bliss.

I slap and rub Max’s sore booty, then pull her back to me and kiss her. So intensely passionate. I love Max. I’m living with Billie, but I still love Max. We have a bond that I don’t really have with another chick. Not even Billie.

Max smiles as we kiss. Sucking on my tongue and softly rubbing my face. My left hand’s playing with her big, wildly-heaving, left titty, while my right one is pulling mom’s long blonde hair up as she sucks me clean. Damn, I love my life. Ha.

Back at the liquor store…

“WOO-HOO!” Hank is having a blast in the stockroom with Billie. He’s banging those big, soft boobs silly as Billie hugs his huge, hard-humping dick tight with them. She’s giggling. Hank’s grinning from ear to ear, howling away happily.

His massive old meat is lurching and twitching mightily in between those beautiful knockers. Precum is pouring out of his gaped-out piss-slit, lubing up Billie’s tits for more intense, titty fucking fun. She smiles as she looks at all of it oozing all over her luscious breasts. She pumps that wrinkled old weiner nice and fast as Hank bangs her boobs even harder. All of it brings ol’ Hank right to the brink.

Billie looks up at him in his wide open, pink Hawaiian shirt, smoking a blunt, and laughs, flattered by how much fun he’s having fucking her tits.

“Here it cums, baby! Yeahhhhhhhh!!!” Hank lets loose. His 12 and a half inch monster lurching and pumping out one fat balls of cum after the other. Each one splattering my chick’s perfect, milky-white tits. Running all over them. His cum isn’t watery at all. Not even slightly. It’s still think and creamy… and bountiful. Dude keeps on jizzing. Smoking, smiling, WOO-HOOING… and cumming. Some of it splashes Billie’s below-shoulder-length blonde hair. Another ball splashes her chin and throat. Another one even hits her decadently-gorgeous, pink-lip-gloss-covered lips, her nose, and all the way up to her right eye.

Hank finally stops jizzing. He checks out his work. Grinning proudly.

Billie’s on her knees. Smiling. Wiping her eye. Her big, beautiful breasts covered in 85 year old man cum. Her lips and nose too.

“Wow! That’s a lot of cum, Hank. You really got me with that one.” Billie laughs as she makes sure her eye is clean of cum.

“Yeah. Sorry, doll. Here…” Hank walks over to the table across from them and grabs a hand towel. He hands it to Billie to clean up with.

“Thanks.” Billie wipes her eye, and her nose, then her lips. “Wow! You really covered my boobs.” Billie checks out her tits. She’s impressed by how much cum the old guy had in him. He must’ve REALLY wanted to fuck her boobs. She tells herself. She wipes up her boobs as Hank watches, grins, and smokes.

He passes to Billie, who puffs, then passes back to Hank.

“There. I think that’s all of it.” Billie looks over her boobs.

“You missed some.” Hank points to a small strand of cum hanging from Billie’s right nipple.

“Oh yeah…” Billie lifts up her boob and sees it. She winks at Hank, grinning herself. Then, she lifts her nipple up to her mouth and licks the small strand of cum from it, letting it lay on her tongue. She smiles again, then gulps it down and smacks her lips and smiles once again after she swallows it.

Hank just shakes his head and grins so damn wide. He’s hooked on my chick now. He passes the blunt to Billie again. She smokes, grinning the whole time.

She stands up, stuffing her boobs back into her bra, and zipping up her tight, yellow and red waitress uniform. She passes back to Hank and blows a big smoke ring up towards the ceiling.

“Thanks for the wine, Hank.” Billie grabs the bottle of Chardonnay from the box beside her and blows Hank a kiss, giggling too, then she heads out.

Hank watches her leave the stock room. He’s grinning and smoking. His enormous dick still dangling between his legs.

“You gotta love these honeys around here.” Hank just laughs. He puts his dick away and zips up. Time to get back to work.

Tune in next episode to meet more of my family and a few kinky friends that need a big tattooed dick in their holes, a, James Fucked Me shirt… and more. Peace.

By: DickThePimp

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